PRESS RELEASE - 17-oct.-2016 18:06:52
  Press release October 2016   LASELEC CELEBRATES 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY WITH ELECTRICAL HARNESS AUTOMATION AT NBAA 2016 Founded in 2001, LASELEC designs and manufactures cutting-edge electrical wire processing equipment: UV laser wire markers, laser wire strippers, interactive harness assembly boards, harness braiding machines. This wide range of products demonstrates the company’s willingness for continuous innovation and leadership in the latest trends in aircraft electrical harness manufacturing – And that latest trend is AUTOMATION ! LASELEC will present its automatic solutions in a special presentation at the NBAA 2016 show:   The RAPIDSHARE Automated Wire Processing Line Prior to RapidShare being launched, the first step in the manufacturing process of an aerospace electrical harness started with the marking and cutting of wires. Next the operator had to manually group the batch of wires. Then the operator would label and sort those batches for production processing before sending them to the shop floor for assembly on a form board. Laselec has initiated the new trend in the harness manufacturing with GE Aviation being the first customer to experience an unprecedented level of automation. RapidShare is a solution designed to automate wire processing production.   The RapidShare robot arm, attached to the ULYS Modena laser wire marker, is able to perform automatic tasks such as:   labelling, stripping, crimping, bundling and kitting processes.   The operator is now free to handle multiple tasks/machines instead of operating a single marking machine for an entire shift. RapidShare’s compatibility with the ULYS Modena line of laser wire markers has allowed companies, such as Airbus Group which owns several Laselec’s markers, to   upgrade to the automated production system that has increased their competitiveness. Also on display during NBAA 2016, is the ALL NEW Sylade 7 laser wire stripper . The Laselec patented laser cutting technology is a safe solution for jacket stripping of MIL-SPEC cables. This all new version features a trigger sensor, auto-select strip lengths and a faster cutting process. With SYLADE, jacket stripping becomes SAFE, QUICK and FUN! The EasyWiring interactive harness form board will be on display at NBAA 2016 as well.   This digital wiring harness board replaces the traditional wooden boards. The embedded software provides a step by step guided assembly processes to increase manufacturing productivity and reduce cabling errors. In addition to Rapidshare, LASELEC has also launched its new over-braiding machine. The BRAIDO series provides complete automation for the production of overbraiding. The software, developed by LASELEC, offers many functions allowing a significant increase in productivity. BRAIDO customers especially appreciate the simplicity of the braiding operation as well as the machine’s impressive speed and low noise reduction. By networking different BRAIDO machines the operator can begin the work on one machine and transfer the job to another machine and still maintain the continuity of the traceability data. LINK BELOW FOR COMPLETE PRESS RELEASE. For further information: Frederick Viaut, Sales Manager Richard Hinegardner, Sales Representative Phone: 817-460-7830          

PRESS: Weighing the Importance of Setting a Date

Eric Asimov - 30-juil.-2012 19:08:13
 THE other night I opened a couple of bottles of Cuvée Ste.-Anne, the nonvintage brut of the excellent Champagne producer Chartogne-Taillet, which I had recently purchased on the Upper West Side. What was immediately clear was not their similarities but their differences. One wine seemed taut, austere and airy, as if you were licking rocks, or seashells. The other was broader, with a deeper, more resonant note. The family resemblance was strong, but these were siblings, not twins. If I hadn’t seen the bottles, I might have assumed I was drinking two different Champagnes. In fact I was, as was confirmed by some helpful information I found on the back labels of each. At a glance I learned that both wines were 60 percent chardonnay and 40 percent pinot noir , and that while each was a blend of multiple vintages, 2007 was the predominant year. Then a significant difference: one bottle was disgorged in November 2011, the other in December 2010. How meaningful was this information? Simply noticing it in the store would not have told me what to expect. It did not suggest one bottle would be fresher or better or more complex. Yet it did tell me that they would not necessarily be identical. Afterward, it let me interpret the experience, and over time it might allow me to calibrate my tastes and expectations. For me, the disgorgement and vintage information was added value. Not everybody thinks that way: whether producers should provide such information is one of the more contentious issues in the famously closemouthed Champagne region right now. Wine writers and sommeliers tend to favor full disclosure and have been pressing their case. Antonio Galloni, who reviews Champagne for Robert M. Parker Jr.’s Wine Advocate , went so far this year as to announce that he would no longer review nonvintage Champagnes that do not list disgorgement dates. Read the full article on the New York Times website , and follow us on twitter .

Sixth Annual "French Food Connection" Kicks off this April

Sarah Nguyen - 12-avr.-2012 19:55:31
The French Food Connection returns for its sixth annual edition in April, showcasing gourmet French products on a road show across the United States. Touring three cities this year, the French Food Connection will stop in Hoboken, NJ (4/16), Miami (4/17) and Los Angeles (4/18) to introduce its French food & beverage items to local importers, distributors, restaurateurs, specialty food buyers and the press. Approximately 15 French food brands, selected by the New York French Trade Office-UBIFRANCE, will showcase a wide range of specialty foods and beverages from artisanal cheese and chocolates to savory caviar and frozen goods. The last five editions of the French Food Connection have proven to offer great business opportunities for the US trade looking for fresh new products, as well as for French companies seeking business development in the US. UBIFRANCE aims to introduce French products to the American market, highlighting both their traditional quality products as well as their progressive approach to US labeling requirements, consumer trends, distribution circuits and U.S. importer, distributor and buyer needs. This is a trade exclusive tasting.   Visit for a list of exhibitors and the complete schedule as well as to register to attend the event. Follow us on twitter or join our French / North-American Food & Beverage Business Group on LinkedIn  
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