9 French Companies Discovers the Most important Projects in the Shipbuilding Industry in Canadian History

Morgan MAISON - 10-déc.-2012 18:40:16
Montréal, Halifax, Vancouver - November 2012 Ubifrance North America has recruited nine French companies with specific know-how in the shipbuilding industry discovered the specificity of the Canadian market during a 3-day mission across the country, from Montreal to Vancouver, via Halifax. In collaboration with the GICAN  (French Marine Industry Group) , the Pôle Mer (Marine science and technology clusters located in Brittany and Provence), and the CACIMA, the French delegation with met the main Canadians playors involved in the program of the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS). This major program objective is to renew the fleet of the Canadian Royal Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard (military and civilian fleet). This key investment of 35 billion dollars over the next 30 years is the largest bid launched in the Canadian history. Thus, this program represents many business opportunities for French companies. During the mission, Ubifrance organized seminars with top level speakers from different organisations, including the Canadian Ministry of Industry (issues related to industrial and regional benefits); French groups already involved in the shipbuilding industry in Canada (Safran, Thalès, Dassault Systems, CS and STX) and major North American groups, such as L-3 Mapps, General Dynamics or DRS Technologies. Shipyards in Halifax and Vancouver, which will drive the construction of the vessels, have also present their projects and agenda. Finally, a visit of Zodiac Hurricane in Vancouver was also included in the program. This mission, a first-time event in Canada, whose objective was to encourage French companies to position themselves on majors projects, was a success: Canadian speakers and shipyards were very interested in the French know-how, and the exchanges were constructive. Thus, the members of the delegation were able to understand the market in order to position themself in the short, medium and long term on this major program. This mission doesn’t stop at this point, and individual support will be suggest by Ubifrance to participants and other companies who couldn’t attend. For more information about this mission and the shipbuilding industry in Canada, please contact: Morgan Maison, Trade Attaché - Ubifrance North America -     

From France to Table

Patricia Desvallons - 27-sept.-2012 19:11:52
UBIFRANCE and Les Ateliers d’Art de France are pleased to present a selection of hand-crafted ceramics for the home & table made by highly skilled French artisans, all new to the American market! The selected artisans do not currently exhibit at trade shows in the US or in Paris, so this is your opportunity to discover truly new products. The showcase will run 2 days in New York City and 1 day in Washington DC. (October 15th -18th, 2012). Able to delicately balance between contemporary & traditional pottery, France remains a trusted resource for quality, hand painted ceramics in the global marketplace.  Targeted to the trade and retail buying communities, this 3-day event features the artisans and their exquisite tableware and decorative objects, on exhibit and available for orders or purchase.  For more information, please visit our website , and follow us on twitter , Pinterest and Facebook.    

HELI-EXPO 2012: Dallas as the Center of the Helicopter Industry

Olivier POURCHET - 30-mars-2012 22:54:58
The HAI (Helicopter Association International) hosted its 64th HELI-EXPO annual convention and Exposition at Dallas Convention Center from February 11 th to 14 th . With 60 helicopters displayed on a 1 million square feet area, the 625 exhibitors formed the largest helicopter exposition ever. This year’s event showcased several world firsts, with Bell Helicopter unveiling the 525 Relentless and Eurocopter introducing the EC 130 T2 (with already 105 orders). Highly Innovative concepts (such as the Sikorsky X2 and the Eurocopter X3 ) were in every visitor’s mind, when anticipating the new era of vertical lift aviation. UBIFRANCE aerospace team was attending the exposition to interact with major French and American companies. In this recovering market, demand for innovative suppliers is growing fast from the entire industry. Companies accompanied by UBIFRANCE highly appreciated their meetings with American aircraft builders. Needless to say, the French helicopter industry has a very good reputation. SMEs from France can definitely benefit from the international recognition of world renowned companies like Turbomeca or Eurocopter . Mark your agendas: UBIFRANCE will be at HELI-EXPO 2013. See you in Las Vegas!

Jewels of France, a sparkling success in California!

Camille Wiart - 31-oct.-2011 21:31:58
The Jewels of France event sparkled over California this October with the attendance by some of Hollywood’s notable stars. This 5th annual event took place in San Francisco and Beverly Hills, which was hosted by Shreve & Co. and the General Consul of France respectively. Among the stars on the guest list were Desperate Housewive’s Teri Hatcher , Moneyball’s Stephen Bishop , James Bond’s very own Georges Lazenby , and former Miss France Mareva Georges.   The joint collaboration by Mark Kearney Group , Jewels by Nasrin Imani, and Hikes&Bikes Eco-tourism LA to put together this event created countless unforgettable moments. The models showcased spectacular collections from seven outstanding French jewelers that were invited to the event, ranging from breathtaking gowns to mesmerizing jewelry. And not only this event featured French fashion, but what one could argue that’s quintessential to the French : wine and chocolate. Champagne and wine from Nicolas Feuillate, L’Aventure, and Château Saint Jean added elegance to the celebration, as well as the presentation of chocolate creations from Madame Chocolat by Hasty Torres.   The reception was shortly followed by a 3-day trunk show at Jewels by Nasrin Imani showroom, where French Jewelers gathered to share their stories about their savoir-faire and jewels. Ten percent of the proceeds from this 3-day trunk show went to the Juvenile program of the Athritis Foundation.   The event concluded with another elegant soirée at the luxurious boutique Perrin Paris , where another ten percent of the proceeds went to the Dream Center.   To find out more, please click here  or consult our press review . Follow us on twitter @usa_ubi_MHS

Reminder: International Oil Spill Conference 2011 next week!

Maria Bolanos - 20-mai-2011 20:51:21
From May, 23 to 26, 201, UBIFRANCE – French Trade Commission is bringing a French delegation to the International Oil Spill Conference in Portland, Oregon. French companies will meet up during a 3-day conference at the Portland Convention Center : CEDRE Ecoceane Nymphea REP Thomsea Total Fluides   UBIFRANCE has organized two events around the conference: May, 24, 2011 : Meet the French Delegation of the International Oil Spill Conference at a special networking dinner. Click here to have more information about the networking dinner. May, 25, 2011 : Enjoy a French Breakfast on booth 413. Download the following invitation for more information.    Please contact us for more general information.  

French Video Game Innovation at E3 2011 Next Month

Ubifrance Press USA - 19-mai-2011 17:58:37
The French Pavilion will be hosting 11 video games sector companies at the E3 Expo trade show  in Los Angeles from June 7th to 9th, 2011. E3 Expo is the video games industry’s foremost annual meeting worldwide. By gathering in one venue all independent studios and multinationals in the sector, as well as their purchasing media and major industry analysts, E3 is the place to be to test the waters in new trends, whether in terms of business, innovation or creativity. This year’s French Pavilion, sponsored by UBIFRANCE - French Trade Commission, will host 11 French companies that include game designers, creative agencies and game testing services. In France, there are now over 15 million individuals who play video games. The players’ average age hovers around the 30 mark. France has many industry players (publishers, developers, game creators) who are acknowledged the world over for the quality of their productions. The turnover in France for the video games industry is estimated at close to €2 billion if one includes software and hardware sales for consoles and PCs. In 2009, there were about 400 companies in France working in the video games sector: 150 studios, 60 publishers, a number of engineering service providers (motion capture, game design, quality tests, localization/translation, communication) and middleware suppliers. Then about 15 wholesale distributors and 15 retail networks (brick & mortar and online stores) complete the picture. The Paris and Lyon regions alone host over three-quarters of sector players (including 60% just for Ile-de-France). Other job pool areas for the sector are the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Languedoc-Roussillon regions. Come and meet the 11 French companies in attendance at the French Pavilion who represent the video games industry in France. 1. Bug Tracker : Game and software testing agency 2. Bulkypix : Game developer for smartphones and tablets 3. Dynamixyz : 3-D facial analysis and synthesis 4. Epawn : Flat screen auxilary unit for smartphone and tablet games 5. Lexis Numérique : Independent game design studio 6. Nemopolis : Developer of family and educational multi-platform games 7. Playsoft : Develops games for molbile, tablet and Facebook applications 8. Smack Down Productions : Multi-platform independent game designer 9. Takeoff : Creative agency in design, video and interactive applications 10. Voxler : Voice interaction and transformation technologies 11. Wizarbox : Multi-platform video game developer Exhibitor catalogue available upon request. For more information, please contact: UBIFRANCE - FRENCH TRADE COMMISSION Nicolas Le Goff Technology Trade Advisor E-mail: Web:  

Get Instant Custom Clothing Measurements with the SYMCAD II Scanning System

Ubifrance Press USA - 10-mai-2011 17:12:14
Having taken the measurements of over a million people inside institutions and clothed them, TELMAT now releases the SYMCAD II, an unprecedented innovation in the measurement of the human body. Very easy to use, SYMCAD II provides boutiques and clothing store chains with an automated body measurement system that can determine clothing sizes and help produce made-to-measure clothes. SYMCAD II helps provide made-to-measure comfort and elegance for the cost of ready-to-wear. SYMCAD II is a free-standing private booth and scanning system that is  simple, autonomous and fun. Featuring automatic body positioning control, as well as a synthetic voice system that welcomes the customer into the booth, helps them find the ideal position, and then automatically triggers the measurement process. The person is inside a pleasant environment and a fun setting throughout. This system is ultra-fast and accurate. It takes less than a minute for the equipment to start up. The cycle includes an automatic scope calibration for measurement, totally free of any human intervention, with an acquisition time of 0.5 seconds for the entire human body. SYMCAD II is unequalled on the market. More than 110 measurements are completed and available within 30 seconds. Comfortable and fully preserving personal intimacy, SYMCAD II features an exceptional spectrum of measurement, impervious to undergarment color or skin pigmentation. That is yet another SYMCAD II functionality unmatched on the market. The realistic reconstruction of the human body and the software suite make it possible to collect any kind of special measurement. Measurements are automatically taken from characteristic body features. All measurements are based on raw data from the subject, free of any smoothing or data manipulation. SYMCAD II benefits are many. It obviously makes it possible to provide clothing that is perfectly adapted to the person’s morphology, without alteration. Its automation promotes improved hygiene and privacy by limiting the fittings with personnel to the bare minimum. Shops can also thus manage a morphological database that will help optimize stocks and customer loyalty. Retail chains can enjoy an identical measurement tool in all their shops. About TELMAT: TELMAT INDUSTRIE  is a company specializing in products and solutions for the fields of telecommunications, 3D vision and Internet security. For more information, please contact: TELMAT INDUSTRIE Gilbert Dudkiewicz CEO Tel.: +33 3 89 62 13 36 E-mail: Web:  
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