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  Press release October 2016   LASELEC CELEBRATES 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY WITH ELECTRICAL HARNESS AUTOMATION AT NBAA 2016 Founded in 2001, LASELEC designs and manufactures cutting-edge electrical wire processing equipment: UV laser wire markers, laser wire strippers, interactive harness assembly boards, harness braiding machines. This wide range of products demonstrates the company’s willingness for continuous innovation and leadership in the latest trends in aircraft electrical harness manufacturing – And that latest trend is AUTOMATION ! LASELEC will present its automatic solutions in a special presentation at the NBAA 2016 show:   The RAPIDSHARE Automated Wire Processing Line Prior to RapidShare being launched, the first step in the manufacturing process of an aerospace electrical harness started with the marking and cutting of wires. Next the operator had to manually group the batch of wires. Then the operator would label and sort those batches for production processing before sending them to the shop floor for assembly on a form board. Laselec has initiated the new trend in the harness manufacturing with GE Aviation being the first customer to experience an unprecedented level of automation. RapidShare is a solution designed to automate wire processing production.   The RapidShare robot arm, attached to the ULYS Modena laser wire marker, is able to perform automatic tasks such as:   labelling, stripping, crimping, bundling and kitting processes.   The operator is now free to handle multiple tasks/machines instead of operating a single marking machine for an entire shift. RapidShare’s compatibility with the ULYS Modena line of laser wire markers has allowed companies, such as Airbus Group which owns several Laselec’s markers, to   upgrade to the automated production system that has increased their competitiveness. Also on display during NBAA 2016, is the ALL NEW Sylade 7 laser wire stripper . The Laselec patented laser cutting technology is a safe solution for jacket stripping of MIL-SPEC cables. This all new version features a trigger sensor, auto-select strip lengths and a faster cutting process. With SYLADE, jacket stripping becomes SAFE, QUICK and FUN! The EasyWiring interactive harness form board will be on display at NBAA 2016 as well.   This digital wiring harness board replaces the traditional wooden boards. The embedded software provides a step by step guided assembly processes to increase manufacturing productivity and reduce cabling errors. In addition to Rapidshare, LASELEC has also launched its new over-braiding machine. The BRAIDO series provides complete automation for the production of overbraiding. The software, developed by LASELEC, offers many functions allowing a significant increase in productivity. BRAIDO customers especially appreciate the simplicity of the braiding operation as well as the machine’s impressive speed and low noise reduction. By networking different BRAIDO machines the operator can begin the work on one machine and transfer the job to another machine and still maintain the continuity of the traceability data. LINK BELOW FOR COMPLETE PRESS RELEASE. For further information: Frederick Viaut, Sales Manager Richard Hinegardner, Sales Representative Phone: 817-460-7830          

PRESS RELEASE: Dassault Introduces the Falcon 2000LXS

Dassault Falcon - 29-oct.-2012 19:07:28
(Orlando, Florida, October 29, 2012)   – Dassault Falcon today launched the Falcon 2000LXS offering improved airport performance, payload and cabin comfort compared to the Falcon 2000LX which it will replace in 2014. The 4,000 nm Falcon 2000LXS will allow operators to access more airports because of new full-length inboard slats which give the aircraft category-leading airport performance and balanced field length. “Customers are demanding more of their business jet and that’s what Dassault is delivering in the Falcon 2000LXS.  Like all Falcons, the 2000LXS will offer the best fuel economy and the lowest operating costs in its category,” said John Rosanvallon, President and CEO of Dassault Falcon.  “But, what also needs to be recognized is the continuous evolution and robustness of the Falcon 2000 platform which has set the highest of standards for comfort, reliability and efficiency in business aviation.” With full fuel, the Falcon 2000LXS will have a payload of 2,190 pounds; a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 42,800 lbs with a balanced field length of 4,675 feet, which is over 1,000 feet better than some aircraft in its category. At M.80, the Falcon 2000LXS will offer a range of 4,000 nm (standard aircraft, full fuel, 6 pax, NBAA IFR reserves, 85% Boeing Annual Winds).  It will climb directly to 41,000 feet in 19 minutes, reach a mid-cruise altitude of 45,000 feet and have a certified ceiling of 47,000 feet.  With a typical end-of-flight profile, the Falcon 2000LXS will need just 2,260 feet of runway, no longer than that needed for a turboprop aircraft. To read the complete article, click here.

Laselec Invents New Marking Process for Aluminum Wire

Ubifrance Press USA - 08-mars-2011 22:20:23
Laselec has recently developed a marking process specially designed for aluminum wire. Produced at the request of Airbus, this new process uses laser technology to pre-mark dots. Because the crimp contacts for aluminum wire are waterproof and have no openings, the dots are required to ensure that the crimping operation took place correctly. A high degree of precision is required in order to position the dots. In order to meet current weight reduction constraints, aluminum wire is being used extensively in the latest generation of aircraft. An A380 requires more than 500 kilometers of various kinds of wires and cables, and each section must be clearly identified in order to facilitate maintenance. Further to requests from Airbus, Laselec has designed and developed a specific process for the marking of aluminum cables, which consists in a pre-marking of the spots by laser. Until recently, the wire and cable companies used felt-tip markers instead. "The main disadvantages of this manual method were related to the imprecise and non-permanent nature of the resulting markings precluding any verification thereafter of the crimping operation. Pre-marking with laser-printed dots solves these problems, guaranteeing secure work and the satisfactory crimping of the contacts," explained Laselec’s CEO Eric Dupont. The process, which has resulted in several submitted patents by Airbus and Laselec, will be deployed shortly by aerospace wiring and cabling companies. The use of a laser system guaranteeing a permanent marking solution that does not damage the insulation represents a real breakthrough in the cable- and wire-marking sector. Widely used in both civil and military aerospace programs, this technique has proven to be very successful in a number of other sectors, including the automotive industry for commercial, luxury or competition vehicles. The models available in the ULYS Modena range are upgradable to meet all marking requirements. Designed for low-volume production requirements, the basic ULYS 110 unit can be adapted to achieve the unrivalled productivity levels offered by the ULYS 990 equipped with two lasers. The MRO 200 was developed to meet the specific requirements of aircraft maintenance, modification and repair centers. The Ulys Modena and MRO 200 are computer-controlled and fully automated, making them easy to use and guaranteeing a high level of productivity while limiting production costs. LASELEC has also designed a sample tester (MT 200) to verify the UV markability of cable and wire types currently under development and to carry out periodic inspections during production. The new EN 4650 standard underlines the manufacturer’s responsibility for the composition of wires and various characteristics which must remain unchanged after undergoing laser marking. More than ever before, the MT 200 is emerging as a vital tool for verifying contrast level after UV laser marking. The COMET system completes the MT 200, offering the ability to check the contrast of the markings on the cable. Its software performs a real-time analysis of data obtained from a digital camera and a dual fiber-optics sample lighting system. Laselec worldwide: Laselec cable and wire marking equipment is widely used by major aircraft manufacturers including: Agusta Westland, AIRBUS, BAE Systems, Bell Helicopter, BOEING, Bombardier Aerospace, Cessna Aircraft, Changhe Aircraft, EADS, Embraer, Eurocopter, Gulfstream Aerospace, HAL, Hawker Beechcraft, Honda Aircraft, I.A.I., MD Helicopters, MIG, Sikorsky Global Helicopters, Shanghai Aircraft and Tusas Aerospace. With more than 80% of its turnover generated internationally, Laselec is focusing extensively on Asia and the North American continent in 2011. Well established in North America, the company provides its clients with high-quality products and customer service from its main facilities near Dallas, Texas, and its customer support office based in Queretaro, Mexico. Laselec has also made a successful entry into the Brazilian market with a growing customer base.  Laselec’s American team will be exhibiting at four trade shows this year. Laselec will present its latest projects and technologies at the following shows in 2011: •Feb. 9 to 13: AERO INDIA – Bangalore, India •March 5 to 8: HELI EXPO – Orlando, Fla. •April 17 to 20: Army Aviation Association of America/Quad-A -  Nashville, Tenn. •May 18 and 19: Wire Processing Expo – Milwaukee, Wisc. •June 20 to 26: Salon Aéronautique du Bourget (Paris Air Show) – Paris, France •October 10 to 12: NBAA – Las Vegas, Nev. For more information, please contact: LASELEC INC. Marc Ruddy-Thimon Business Development & Sales, North America 2605 N. Forum Dr. Grand Prairie, TX 75052 Tel.: (817) 460-7830 E-mail: Web:  

Meet French Aerospace Experts During NBAA this Month

Ubifrance Press USA - 05-oct.-2010 21:29:16
NBAA 2010: MEET FRENCH AVIATION EXPERTS AT NETWORKING RECEPTION ON OCT. 20   Chicago, October 5, 2010 (word count: 673) The French business aviation sector is a strong market, led by two airplane manufacturers: Dassault Aviation (turnover: €3.42 billion in 2009, 71%of which is thanks to the Falcon Jet) and Daher Socata (turnover: €744 million in 2009).   Thus the French business aviation sector is very dynamic as Dassault and Daher Socata but also other airframe manufacturers worldwide rely on a large number of skilled French suppliers support (Zodiac Aerospace, Snecma, Labinal, Thales, E.S.P.A.C.E., Liebherr Aerospace, etc.). Many of these suppliers are already established in the U.S. and others are willing to. As France is a major country concerning aviation, French companies are already used to the highest standards of the business aviation market.   Come and meet the French delegation to learn more about the French aviation technology excellence during the French Networking  Reception on Wednesday, October 20, from 6 to 8 p.m., on the rooftop of the Metro Atlanta Chamber (235 Andrew Young International Blvd. NW, Atlanta, Ga., 30303).   The French Delegation attending NBAA 2010:   Detampel: Detampel is part of Nimrod Group which is dedicated to the aerospace industry. Detampel is a sheet metal company well known for its ability to develop and produce complex sheet metal part using forming, welding, riveting, 5 axes laser cutting, and heat treatment. The company is also able to develop any type of tooling for deep draw.   Easy-METRIC: Easy-METRIC just revolutionized the world of diameter gauging. Not only the patented Carbon Technology it uses makes the instruments light and easy to handle, but also they are robust and chemical resistant. It also eliminates all the complicated calculations thanks to the virtually 0 temperature dilatation. Its complete product line from horizontal setting bench to diameter gauges, including the Factory Master, makes Easy-METRIC the one-stop company for all your needs in medium to large piece measurement.   Industria: Industria near Paris, France, is part of CIRCOR Aerospace and designs and manufactures check valves, pressure relief valves, solenoid valves, pressure switches, manifolds, electro-pumps and pneumati
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