Innovative French Delegation Back at RSNA 2016

Laura LANDRY - 09-nov.-2016 23:41:48
  With less than three weeks away from the RSNA annual meeting, the ten French companies that are part of our delegation this year are gearing up to exhibit among 55,00 attendees among 140 countries across the globe in McCormick Place in Chicago.  The French delegation will represent France with their cutting edge technologies in the radiology industry. Read more about their technologies below and how these companies can impact the radiology and medical industry. Don’t forget to stop by their respective booths to meet the delegation! DMS Imaging DMS Imaging is a high-tech French company specialized in medical imaging diagnostics.  With over 30 years of experience, the brands that make up DMS Imaging: Apelem , DMS , AXS Medical and Medilink offer a complete range of innovative solutions in radiology, bone densitometry, stereo-radiography and posturology, all of which are adapted to the demands of the global marketplace.  Our network of distributors in 140 countries across the globe contribute to the international dimension of our products’ quality.   NGI With over 1,200 private and public, mono and multi-site customers, NGI is the French leader in support dedicated to radiology groups and imaging centers. As a developer/publisher, distributor and integrator, NGI is the only group in France that offers a fully-integrated one stop solution: - Radiography System - Women’s imaging - Ultrasound - Dental Imaging - RIS (Radiologic Information System) - PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication System) - Diagnostic - Transmission (patient booklet printout, web distribution, etc.) Fiber Metrix Fibermetrix propose innovative solutions for real-time dose monitoring of ionizing radiations within the medical field. Based on fundamental research, its first patented sensor provides automatic feedback of patient dose (including two major dose indicators : CTDI and DLP) to increase radiation awareness during a computed tomography (CT) exam. Already used for research purposes, this optical fiber sensor, full integrated in the CT patient couch, will be available during 2017 Nicesoft Nicesoft has been developing innovative and creative solutions for Medical Imaging professionals since 1998, combining cloud computing technology and a high specialization in Nuclear Medicine. The complementary and fully-integrated range of products is composed entirely of zero footprint web-based solutions: - Venus RIS - Venus Explorer - Venus Archive - Venus Share Oscadi Oscadi is proud to present you his connected ultrasound: Oscult - The ultimate diagnosis tool. OSCULT is a handheld ultrasound imaging device interfaced with the Apple iPad. Its smart design, intuitive interface and exclusive new features will definitely change health professionals everyday diagnosis. With OSCULT, you are always connected and you can at any time collaborate with a specialist that will help your diagnosis. The network capabilities of OSCULT also allow you to securely save your images and patient data on the cloud. Schiller Medical SCHILLER Medical is a Swiss, Family owned company build in 1974. Designing, manufacturing and distributing high-end medical electronics. Worldwide expert in cardiopulmonary diagnostic systems, rescue devices, it is also a leading company in MRI compatible vital sign monitoring since 1980. Sonoscanner Sonoscanner presents at RSNA 2016 its new ultrasound scanner : U-Lite™. U-Lite ( is the new generation of Ultrasound scanner. High-end image features on hand-held device, now FDA Approved. Its subsidiary, Sonoscanner US LLC is in charge of U-Lite™ commercial development in the US MammoRisk MammoRisk  is an innovative software tool for assessing breast cancer risk. It provides clinical decision support to establish personalized screening plans. MammoRisk was developed in collaboration with Gustave Roussy, the biggest comprehensive Cancer Center in Europe, and the Breast Cancer Screening Consortium (BCSC) in US. MammoRisk is a product of Statlife, an innovative company specializing in statistics and data miningapplied to Predictive and Preventive Personalized Participative (4P Medicine). Medsquare Medsquare provides innovative solutions for the medical imaging environment. Our solutions (burning, printing, archiving, secured web image distribution) are currently being used in most of the university hospitals and private clinics in France and around the world. Medsquare is also a leading player in the DACS (Dose Archiving & Communication System) market. Our Radiation Dose Monitor – RDM – is a multi-modality software solution that helps healthcare organizations optimize radiation dose and clinical practices. In 2016, all DACS public tenders were awarded to Medsquare. Toutenkamion Toutenkamion is a specialized coachbuilder supplying a wide range of customers active in a variety of fields. It specializes in creation of units for medical support, mobile medical units on light or heavy trucks, trailers or semi-trailers for blood donation, digital mammography, audiology, ophthalmology, surgery, dentistry, polyclinics, dispensaries… Each mobile unit, with or without extension, is designed specifically. Design, manufacturing and interior layout are entirely and exclusively carried out in toutenkamion workshops. The company has delivered highly complex units to over thirty countries, mostly in Europe, Asia, Africa and Far East.                      

French Startups are saying OUI to Innovation. Meet the Ubifrance Delegation Attending CES 2015 !

Michael SALAS - 22-déc.-2014 23:22:31
What is La French Tech? France is undergoing a start-up renaissance driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, and other talented people. It is a new Start-up Republic, home to vibrant tech hubs and a hotbed talent, impregnated with a strong entrepreneurial culture. The name of this movement is “La French Tech”, a banner shared by French startups and the French government which supports them. Launched in 2013, the €200 million initiative promotes French startups under a single brand, both in France and abroad. It also offers mentoring, funding, recruitment advice and other resources to ensure the ecosystem has the right tools to grow. La French Tech at CES 2015 At CES 2015, France will be the best represented nation in Europe with 120 French exhibitors from a wide range of sectors, from healthcare to wearable tech, 3D sound and vision systems, to green tech. France ranks far ahead of the UK and Germany, and the fifth in the world (behind China, the USA, Taiwan and South Korea). In the Eureka Park, the startup marketplace at CES designed to launch new products and services, France ranks second behind the U.S. It accounts for 25% of all exhibiting startups , unlike China which will be poorly represented at the Eureka Park. The success of the French presence in 2014 is demonstrated by massive return in force: in 2015, there will be 66 companies (up from 38 in 2014), a 73% increase . The French representation includes: • Globally renowned startups : Withings, Netatmo,, etc. • Big French companies using the digital economy to transform their business: La Poste, L’Oréal, Pernod Ricard …. • In the Eureka Park: 66 French startups, including 18 companies supported under the Ubifrance banner. The CES Unveiled event series In recognition of France’s role as a hotspot of global innovation, CEA held CES Unveiled Paris for the first time in 2013. The CES Unveiled event series brings the CES community together in different regions of the world to showcase new products and tech trends leading up to the International CES. Due to the success of its first edition, CEA returned to France in 2014, showcasing some of France’s most innovative companies. Awards were claimed by Giroptic for its 360cam, the world’s first true 360 HD video camera, Citizen Sciences and its D-Shirt (Digital T-shirt), Withings and its new-generation Activité watch and Withings Home monitoring system, as well as two young startups Lima et Voxtok. For the complete list of the delegation and the innovation they will be exhibiting at CES 2015, click on the link below !

CES 2014 is just a few days away - Check out the state of the art electronics coming from France for this year’s show!

Michael SALAS - 02-janv.-2014 20:09:33
The most innovative and hi-tech gadgets coming from France is about to take over the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in just a few days. CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Held in Las Vegas every year, it has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years – the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace (cite: ). This year, UBIFRANCE is bringing eleven state-of-the-art companies with that will help shape the future of consumer electronics. Read below for company bios and their cutting-edge technologies that they are bringing in Las Vegas: Paris, France. 2006. We start building innovative technologies to tackle new aspects of digital communication as a side project. 4 years later, Aerys was launched and now prides itself on having a privileged situation with its clients and an awesome team of engineers and designers. Virtual entertainment is what we live by, technology being the heart of it. Communication events are made to leave their mark on the mind, Aerys will turn them upside down.   ALphaUi’s product, The Twiky pilot pad, is a cross between keyboard and gamepad which clips onto the back of a tablet. It offers enriched interactions for navigation, entertainment and communication. Utilizing finger detection technology to display on-screen feedback, the Twiky allows you to easily and efficiently pilot your entire digital world. Recognized leader in digital audio processing, Arkamys provides software solutions and acoustic expertise for digital content companies and for the consumer electronics industry including tablets and mobile phones, multimedia players, TV sets and set-top boxes, as well as car audio. Cityzen Sciences is a French company founded in 2008, specializing in conception, development and design of smart clothes and associated services. Cityzen Sciences is the leader of ‘Smart Sensing’, a French industrial program carried out by a consortium of French companies. It combines the skills of several experts in various fields (electronics, textile, sports, distribution …) to provide a new generation textile able to monitor people’s temperature, heart rate, speed, and acceleration. IONOSPHERE is a smart object that protects digital identity of its owner. It recognizes it through biometric characteristics.   Once heavily protected with IONOSPHERE identity, one can confidently store information about its identity such as logins, passwords, permissions, subscriptions, tickets, etc ... ((sounderbox)) changes the access to music in public places. It is a real user experience innovation : a collaborative playlist that allows clients and users to do the musical programming of the public place. Optinvent provides a wearable computing smart glass platform - ORA. ORA enables many evolving new hands free mobile applications like Augmented Reality, Geo-Localization (GPS) and Search applications, as well as Vertical and Enterprise applications such as medical, logistics/ warehousing, sports, maintenance, industrial, tourism etc. It can be connected via a standard Blue tooth or Wi-Fi connection to a smart phone or tablet and will function as a hands-free wearable computer. Allmyapps is the first App Store for Windows. Since its launch, we have over 3 million users who have downloaded 30 million applications. The aim is to enable millions of Windows users worldwide to discover, install, update and reinstall all their applications. Allmyapps improves the lives of Windows users and reduces frustration associated with the discovery and application management.   Kolor offers 360 °: panoramic video solutions :   - Kolor Autopano Video: A video-stitching software that allows you to create 360 ° videos from multiple video sources,   - Kolor Eyes: 360 ° video reader available on the internet, iOS, Windows, and Mac application. Meg has created pots equipped with the best technology to keep plants healthy. With integrated sensors,  Meg pots detect and analyze continuous the vital needs of plants: water, light and temperature.   Meg pots feature a water reserve of 4 liters and an innovative and optimal automatic watering system. They are also bright pots to alert people on the need for the plant through its color schemes.   Qobuz is the first music service to offer online access to all Hi-Fi music labels (labels and independent) and all artists in all musical genres.   Qobuz offers: • Subscriptions unlimited music streaming in true CD quality (16 bit / 44.1 kHz) • Secure download entire catalog in true CD quality (16 bit 44.1 kHz) • An HD download up to 24 bit/192 kHz for more 4000 albums "Qobuz Studio Masters".   Qobuz also provides a comprehensive documentation of its content, including thousands of books, biographies, interviews with digital artists and exclusive written content. Qobuz mission is to provide the best music service in the world! The Qobuz applications are available on IOS, Android, Kindle, Windows 8    

PRESS: Boom Go the Millenials

Jeff Siegel - 26-avr.-2013 19:16:41
John’s Grocery in Iowa City is an upscale wine retailer whose customers include doctors and employees of the nearby University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. As such, says wine buyer Wally Plahutnik, his customers are knowledgeable and service oriented, regardless of age and demographic. Except for one very intriguing thing.   “I can’t get the older ones to use the camera on their phone to take a picture of the wine label,” he says. “The younger ones, no problem. But the older customers still come in and tell me they had a bottle of wine, but can’t remember the name. And when I ask them why they don’t use the camera, they just sort of look at me.”   In this, Plahutnik is in the middle of one of the biggest changes the wine business has ever seen—the revolution in consumer demographics, of which the role of new technology is just one small part. The Baby Boomers, born between 1948 and 1962 and widely regarded as the best friend that retailers and restaurateurs ever had, are becoming increasingly less important in the marketplace. Their replacement? The Millennials, two generations behind them but already numerically more significant among core wine drinkers, according to the 2012 Wine Market Council report. Though the Boomers make up 38% of wine drinkers, they consume only 32% of the wine. The numbers for Millennials are 29% and 38%.   For more information, read the full article here and follow us @UBIwinespirit  and on our Facebook page .

Meet the French Delegation at Gas & Oil Expo

Loic Leroux - 24-avr.-2013 21:45:17
Once again, UBIFRANCE will be present on the Gas & Oil Expo in Calgary in June. Come and visit our French Pavilion on the largest Canadian O&G show in 2013! Our booth will be held in the main hall and will present French expertise and savoir-faire. Companies from different sectors such as shackles, anti-wear hardfacing products, and water treatment will benefit from high exposure and will have the opportunity to meet with their potential clients and showcase their products or services. Some key facts about Gas & Oil Expo? Canada’s largest gas and oil show of the year, among the biggest in North America More than 600 exhibiting companies Over 23,000 registered visitors are expected Outdoor displays of oilfield equipment and specialized technology Business presentations by featured exhibitors and associations When and where is it? Gas and Oil Expo North America 2013  from June 11th to the 13th at: Stampede Park 20 Roundup Way S.E. Calgary, Alberta Canada French Pavillion’s location: hall A, booth 1468 Are you a French company operating in North America ? Only a few more days to register ! Some good reasons to be there :   - 4 in 5 attendees are able to make buying decisions for their company   - Top 3 job roles represented include Senior Manager/ CEO (37%), Engineer/Technical (34%) and Consultant/Resources (29%).   - Top 10 companies represented among registered visitors are Husky, Encana, Suncor, WorleyParsons, ConocoPhillips, Shell, Cenovus, ERCB, Nexen . Have a look on the others here . Your company can expect to :   - Source suppliers for your own supply chain   - Pinpoint areas for business development   - Establish new leads   - Identify commercial opportunities Exhibit with us and receive a very competitive rate ! For more information please contact:  Loic Leroux +1 514 670 3985 or  Thomas Varela  +1(604) 639-0926 We’ll be happy to answer your questions and for the latest news about the Energy Sector, follow us on Twitter @UBIEnergy

PRESS: Airbus’ “game-changing” U.S. A320 Family final assembly line comes to Alabama

Olivier Pourchet - 09-avr.-2013 22:15:07
Today’s groundbreaking ceremony for the new A320 Family final assembly line at Mobile, Alabama underscored how this new facility will further enhance Airbus’ presence within the key U.S. airline marketplace, while also broadening the company’s global footprint and providing additional flexibility to its worldwide industrial network. At a capacity-crowd event attended by approximately 2,000 invitees, area residents and others, the final assembly line’s creation was hailed as a “game-changing” development in Airbus’ relationship with the United States – where it already is the largest export partner for the country’s aerospace industry, and has evolved as a major aircraft supplier to its customer airlines.  Outlining the new facility’s significance were guest speakers that ranged from the top executives of a major U.S. A320 airline operator and a key avionics supplier for Airbus to a young Mobile student who spoke about opportunities in her community that will be created with the final assembly line.  JetBlue Airways CEO and President David Barger gave his perspective on how Airbus’ $600 million investment in the new Alabama industrial site is viewed by its U.S. customers: “It demonstrates the level of Airbus’ commitment of being close to its important American operator base for A320 aircraft.”  He also announced that JetBlue will receive the very first A320 from the Mobile final assembly line – which is targeted for delivery in 2016.  For more information, please consult the full article here and follow us @UBIaero and on our Facebook page . 

International Home and Housewares

Geraldine Simonis - 27-févr.-2013 23:42:27
Global Design Points is a sub-category of the Global Marketplace representing high design and innovation from nations all across the globe. Outstanding craftsmanship and design-focused products are at the center of Global Design Points, strategically positioned throughout the Show. France is the intersection where innovative products and time honored traditions meet! Please check this video out and watch some of our previous exhibitors! For more information please follow us @UBIdecor and using the #IHHS13 . You can also follow us on Facebook and Pinterest ! 
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