Innoveox Develops New ’Cold Combustion’ Waste-Treatment Process

Ubifrance Press USA - 02-mai-2011 17:05:39
Innoveox is offering an innovative ecological solution to treat all organic waste called Supercritical Water Oxidation. This solution treats industrial waste cleanly, even when it is toxic, without producing any dangerous elements. The waste water contains no metals or minerals, and it can be discharged directly into the natural environment. This process is not only less expensive and more efficient than traditional treatment techniques, it is also environmentally friendly. This world exclusivity was presented at the AMERICANA trade show in Montreal, from March 22 to 24, 2011. Major waste treatment companies, oil and gas corporations and global engineering companies have already passed along positive feedback by sending samples to Innoveox to be tested. Supercritical Water Oxidation offers many advantages for environmental protection, because it does not produce or transfer any pollution or toxic by-products. It consists in “cold” combustion of organic matter, which it destroys, leaving only water. The waste, even if toxic, is subjected to a temperature of between 350°C and 550°C at a pressure of 221 bars, with oxygen present. This technique is particularly suited to liquid waste that is too concentrated to be broken down biologically or too diluted to be incinerated efficiently. All organic industrial waste can be treated: hazardous waste like pesticides, PCBs, used oils and solvents, petroleum waste or complex, corrosive, refractory and even explosive waste. This technique can also be used to treat the waste water from water treatment plants. It has a vast field of application that extends to nuclear and military fields, particularly to neutralize chemical weapons. Traditional procedures, like incineration, physical-chemical treatment (sedimentation, filtration, etc.) or burial only treat waste partially, despite a very high cost. “Supercritical Water Oxidation” on the other hand, with its extremely competitive treatment costs is extraordinarily efficient since it can treat 99.9% of the waste. It also permits recovery of minerals and metals for recycling. Another of its strengths is the speed of treatment (reaction lasting about one minute) and the system’s compactness. It can be installed directly in high-risk areas, to avoid transferring costly, dangerous waste. Innoveox has the world exclusivity on this French technology, developed and patented by the CNRS, which is now available to industry. Various applications are currently under development in various fields. In aerospace, for example, carbon fiber can be recycled with high added value in composite materials instead of incinerating it. In the biomass sector, this technique will be used to produce energy, bio-fuels and raw materials for green chemistry. It is now possible to greatly reduce the amount of waste produced by nuclear power stations. The scientific community and environmentalists agree that this new “Supercritical Water Oxidation” technology will gradually replace the other processes used in this field. For more information, please contact: INNOVEOX Jean-Christophe Lepine CEO Tel.: +33 1 40 06 07 06 E-mail: Web:  

LACROIX Sofrel Launches New Leak Detection System for Water Networks at AMERICANA 2011

Ubifrance Press USA - 16-févr.-2011 22:31:17
As the French leader in the telemetry market, the company LACROIX Sofrel will be attending the AMERICANA environmental technology trade show to present its solutions towards the improvement of water network efficiency. In addition to its offer in telemetry Remote Terminal Units (SOFREL S500), LACROIX Sofrel recently launched a new range of District Metering Area management products: SOFREL LS. Intended for deployment in a water network’s metering manholes, SOFREL LS Remote Terminal Units include a number of innovations. The company’s presence at the French Pavilion will provide an opportunity for water supply system operators and possibly distributors to discover a new product range well suited to their needs. LACROIX Sofrel will be exhibiting at AMERICANA 2011 at booth 1111. Crucial tools for leakage detection and in network monitoring, the SOFREL LS range was developed to meet specific installation constraints existing in metering manholes. Besides searching for anomalies through recording metering and flow data, it allows remote metering, both for network water meters and those of “heavy-use” customers. Easy to install and easy to use, this range of district metering units offers multiple benefits: o   A lithium-battery power supply, giving it up to 10 years’ operating autonomy. Consequently, this kind of equipment is ideal for deployment in sites that have no power supply. o   A GSM/GPRS communication mode via SMS, using a highly efficient built-in antenna specifically designed for underground installation inside a manhole. o   Guaranteed water-tightness (IP 68) using a secure locking design and military-grade connections, thus ensuring operation even when immersed. o   A Bluetooth communication interface and an operation diagnosis via LEDs to facilitate installation and product commissioning. This can help bypass any would-be accessibility problems within the water metering manholes. o   The possibility for users to access the SIM card and the battery to facilitate commissioning and replacements. This avoids having to send the equipment back to the manufacturer. As a genuine GSM/GPRS data logger, SOFREL LS permanently monitors and records data from water meters, flow meters or pressure sensors. The verification of average night-time flows makes it possible to improve the output and to quickly detect any possible leaks along the network. This range joins the SOFREL S500 range of modular and upgradable telemetry Remote Terminal Units, which ensured LACROIX Sofrel’s success as a provider of innovative solutions well adapted to the requirements of water network operators. About LACROIX Sofrel: LACROIX Sofrel is an electronics company specialized in the design and manufacture of remote-monitoring and remote-management products for water networks (drinking water and wastewater). On the strength of over 35 years’ experience, LACROIX Sofrel has equipped over 150,000 sites in France and abroad. A LACROIX Group (2,300 people, 230 million EUR turnover) subsidiary, it guarantees the stability of a lasting, industrial and international company. For more information, please contact: LACROIX SOFREL Roland Crambert Marketing and Communication Manager Tel: +33 2 99 04 89 00 E-mail: Web: or  
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