So French, so good! France adds zest to its gourmet exports!

Milena SALCI - 15-juil.-2014 16:14:29
Interview : Christophe MONNIER, the expert for the Gourmet sector at UBIFRANCE What else could you expect from France, where gastronomic quality is so vital? Yet cultivating taste buds the world over also pays off in economic terms; French Gourmet as a sector is worth 7 Billion Euros, covering 250 categories, amounting to 16% of the French food industry’s total exports. 1200 companies, 90% of them SMEs, are actively seeking and opening up export markets. What French people consider as “typical”, the rest of the world perceives as symbolizing culinary art that can only be “Made in France.” Christophe Monnier, the expert for the Gourmet sector at UBIFRANCE, describes a high-end market with a broad range of dynamic diversity. He starts with baked goods, biscuits and chocolate, accounting for 50% of French gourmet exports. In the vast feast of consumables to be delighted in, two characteristically French trends stand out. First, there is an absolute respect for authentic flavor and tradition – neatly summed up by the French word terroir. Each gourmet product has its unique story, and that is how they need to be marketed. Secondly, with health concerns and awareness coming to the fore, carefully prepared organic and eco-friendly brands coming from France engender recognition and trust all around the world. Major players in the gourmet sector like Valrhona (high quality chocolates),  Rougi é  (famous French foie gras), Bridor (French bakery), Boiron Frères (fruit and vegetable coulis) and many other French companies are learning to be more reactive in providing service for their foreign accounts, to be more organized in responding to demanding foreign markets, in following up on orders quickly. Reliable logistics is the name of the game. Experts at UBIFRANCE like Christophe Monnier help up to 830 prospecting companies leverage their efforts in such programs as Saveurs de France, where French exporters demonstrate their know-how in new markets, such as in Latin America or in Asia. He also sets up highly selective – and profitable -- encounters with Purchasing Agents. Naturally, French suppliers devote their greatest effort to the French domestic market, eventually moving on to satisfy demand in French-speaking zones. Yet growth in 2013 was hard to come by in countries such as Switzerland (0.4%) and Belgium (4.2%), which offer relatively saturated outlets. Encouraged by the French emigration to London, more intrepid companies crossed the channel to the UK (8.9%). The companies in the know moved beyond these traditional markets. This is where double-digit sparks fly, with Austria (17.1%) and Russia (13.5%) providing substantial growth in 2013. In fact, the further exporters go, the bigger the rewards are. In Asia, China weighed in at 33.3%, Singapore at 14.3% and Hong Kong at 12.8% growth. As far as the Middle East is concerned, companies marketing gourmet to Dubai and Saudi Arabia were rewarded by a growth rate of more than 20%. According to Mr. Monnier, there are three prestigious showcases for French talent. He mentions SIAL and EUROPAIN known to be  venues where deals get done, especially for consumer products. The ultimate culinary event has to be the Cuisine Summit at SIRHA in Lyon. All the French know-how is mobilized to create an exceptional experience in 40,000 square meters, capped by the prestigious prize, the “Bocuse d’Or”, a televised cooking competition among the world’s most renowned chefs representing their countries. Only creative excellence, fabulous ingredients and culinary brio stand a chance of winning! Further information about French companies – Gourmet Sector : > Bakery, Grocery, Baked Goods, Miscellaneous  

French Food Connection Showcases French Gourmet Items during North American Tour

Sue Whalen - 11-nov.-2013 22:01:32
The French Food Connection 2013 just wrapped up a successful four-day tour across North America, traveling to Montreal and Chicago from October 21 to 24. This seventh edition of the event included companies with a range of unique items including, among others: rillettes, piment d’espelette spice, and premium organic flour. Each stop on the tour included seminars for the French suppliers and trade-only tastings for importers, distributors, brokers, retailers, chefs and journalists. The participating French exhibitors at the French Food Connection 2013 included: ·         Biscuiterie d’Afa , traditional Corsican cookies and pastries. ·         Corsica Gastronomia , a specialist of Corsican specialties such as jam, chutney and nougat. ·         Fromagerie Pierucci, Corsican goat cheese and sheep cheese. ·         GIE Corsic’Alive, Premium, extra-virgin, AOP-designated olive oil from Corsica. ·         GP Pays Basque/ Maison In’ona , Espelette chili spice in dried-whole and powder form. Other variations include sauces, purées, coulis, jelly, compote. ·         Les Salines de Guérande , gourmet sea salt in various forms, including flavored. ·         Louise Bon, gourmet lentils, lentil spread and chocolates filled with Champagne liqueur. ·         Moulins Decollogne , premium and organic flour dedicated to high-end foodservice users and retailers. ·         Provence Olives , fresh and pasteurized olives, tapenades, condiments, olive oil. ·         Rillettes & Cie , pork rillettes—a happy marriage of paté & tender morsels of meat (in 4 flavors: bergamot, white wine, green peppercorn, scallops). In addition, these companies also exhibited in Montreal: ·         Charcuterie Folacci, traditional Corsican charcuterie ·         Le Vallon des Auffes by Fonfon, bouillabaisse, fish soup, garlic mayonnaise, and rouille (mayonnaise with saffron) The French Food Connection is a professional food event organized by UBIFRANCE/the French Trade Office to help French food producers find the right buyers and develop their business in North America. Now in its seventh year, the French Food Connection continues to serve as a catalyst for the introduction of new French goods on the North American market. From artisanal cheeses and chocolates to gourmet salt and condiments, products for diverse pockets and palates are the de rigueur for each edition. To know more about this event, please visit our website , follow us on twitter , facebook and Pinterest    

Terroir To Table trade tasting introduces NYC, Toronto to authentic French wines

Magdalena Rahn - 18-mars-2013 23:24:00
The idea of French food and wine paints images and evokes a desire to experience these wonders even in the most cosmopolitan cities. Terroir To Table, a trade event organised by Ubifrance, allowed industry professionals to come and discover such works of gourmet craftsmanship, in New York City and Toronto from 4 to 7 March 2013. The intimate trade show kicked off at Hearth Restaurant in East Village of New York City , thanks to the kind support of owner-sommelier Paul Grieco, owner-chef Marco Canora and wine director Jarred Roth. Two days later, in Toronto, Terroir To Table presented France’s drinkable and edible diversity at Toca at The Ritz-Carlton , with the support of head chef Bruno Lopez and head sommelier Taylor Thompson. The Ubifrance wine and food division teams welcomed more than 120 select wine and food professionals over both cities – importers, distributors, agents, LCBO representatives, restaurateurs, retailers and sommeliers – during the two 3-hour tastings. At the pre-tasting seminars on the US and Canadian markets , the Ubifrance teams presented the latest consumption data, what consumers look for in wines and food products and what to expect when doing business in North America. The participants thus had a basis for discussing their wines and foods with the visitors and how they would fit into a buyer’s portfolio, along with being able to use Terroir To Table as an opportunity to do some focused market research of their own. On the buyer side, many mentioned their appreciation of the high quality of the wines and food items , along with the manageable size of the trade tasting. Though only a week has passed since Terroir To Table, word from both importer and producer is that we should expect to see some of these wines and foods on the shelves of North American speciality shops in the near future. Seven French wine companies , many of which were new to the North American market, participated:   - Champagne Louise Brison , small family grower in Côte des Bar   - Champagne Philippe Glavier , small family grower in Côte des Blancs   - Domaine du Grand Châtelier , small family wine estate in Muscadet   - Château d’Astros , a range of the sunshine of Provence   - Jean-François Bouchard , representing niche Burgundy & Beaujolais domains   - Vignerons Ardéchois , a collective of historic Rhône vinegrowers   - Isabelle’s Wine Selections , representing a selection of wines from various French regions. Representing France’s culinary artistry were:   - Huiles des Orgues , AOP olive oils from the South of France   - Perles de Gasgogne , oils derived from walnuts and plum seeds   - Naturalissima , preserved & marinated foods (olives, artichokes...)   - Fruits Rouges de l’Aisne , fruit discs for tarts and pies, frozen fruit purées, aseptic shelf-stable fruit coulis   - Armor Plats Cuisinés , sous-vide and frozen, ready-to-eat meals, such as cod and black-tiger shrimp casserole   - Alpina , heritage pastas from the French Alps (crozets, taillerins)   - White Toque , a well-known distributor located in New Jersey, represented speciality and frozen products from CuisiNat, La Fruitière and la Ferme Nahia.

Inaugural French Pavilion at Sweets & Snacks showcases delectable French confections

Sue Whalen - 23-avr.-2012 19:51:13
Chicago once again welcomes Sweets & Snacks Expo, the largest U.S. tradeshow for confectionery and snacking, taking place May 8-10, 2012. New to the show this year is a collective French pavilion, organized by Ubifrance, giving attendees an opportunity to discover delicious new tastes coming straight from France.   The annual show is the ‘’can’t miss’’ event of the year for the category. Unparalleled in the Americas and recognized around the globe, Sweets & Snacks is uniquely focused on the needs of confectionery and snack customers across all major distribution channels. Approximately 14,000 people per year attend the show, discovering new and existing product via 500+ exhibiting companies.   Not only a great place for the French-pavilion participants to find the right buyers, the event provides a unique opportunity for the U.S. market to discover great new French products. Fabulous chocolates, truffles, macaroons, honey, cakes, nougat and caramels will all be in one convenient spot, clearly identified by a large “France” overhead banner.   Be sure to visit your favorite returning exhibitors as well as French Pavilion booths 421A - 421D in the West Building of McCormick Place: -        Les Chevaliers d’Argouges (gourmet chocolate specialties): -        Le Manoir des Abeilles (honey, caramels, nougat, small cakes): -        SALPA Group – Yves Thuriès (macaroons, truffles, chocolate bars & mendiants): -        Ubifrance   Follow us on Twitter and Facebook , and join our French / North American Food and Beverages Business Group on LinkedIn  

Sixth Annual "French Food Connection" Kicks off this April

Sarah Nguyen - 12-avr.-2012 19:55:31
The French Food Connection returns for its sixth annual edition in April, showcasing gourmet French products on a road show across the United States. Touring three cities this year, the French Food Connection will stop in Hoboken, NJ (4/16), Miami (4/17) and Los Angeles (4/18) to introduce its French food & beverage items to local importers, distributors, restaurateurs, specialty food buyers and the press. Approximately 15 French food brands, selected by the New York French Trade Office-UBIFRANCE, will showcase a wide range of specialty foods and beverages from artisanal cheese and chocolates to savory caviar and frozen goods. The last five editions of the French Food Connection have proven to offer great business opportunities for the US trade looking for fresh new products, as well as for French companies seeking business development in the US. UBIFRANCE aims to introduce French products to the American market, highlighting both their traditional quality products as well as their progressive approach to US labeling requirements, consumer trends, distribution circuits and U.S. importer, distributor and buyer needs. This is a trade exclusive tasting.   Visit for a list of exhibitors and the complete schedule as well as to register to attend the event. Follow us on twitter or join our French / North-American Food & Beverage Business Group on LinkedIn  

Housewares with a French Flair at IHHS 2012

Geraldine Simonis - 01-mars-2012 19:19:41
The final preparations are under way for the French Pavilion at the International Home & Housewares Show ( ) in Chicago March 10th to the 13th, 2012! UBIFRANCE United States is very excited to unveil the second edition of the French Pavilion and introduce the following new exhibitors to the American housewares community:   L’Atelier du Vin (Booth S4443): Since 1926, L’Atelier du Vin has specialized in products for the oenophile, accompanying the consumer from the wine cellar to the glass. A family-owned business, L’Atelier du Vin is focused on creating useful items to enhance the wine tasting experience, including exclusive books and games. Apilco (Booth S4449): Apilco, a leading French porcelain manufacturer since 1826, creates table and serveware combining tradition and modernity, from noble and authentic materials, a true reference within the professional and gourmet communities, Apilco has become the preeminent label of culinary porcelain. DAUDI (Booth S4445): For over 25 years, Jean Daudignac has been designing and creating baking tools and molds for both household and professional use, sold under the DAUDI name. A former French pastry chef, Daudignac simplifies the art of French pastry by offering kits including all necessary tools for creating and decorating your own pastries. FreezCube (Booth S4446) : FreezCube creates, designs, and markets its own innovations. Its most recent introduction, Spoiler Alert by FreezCube (Made in France), is a frozen food monitoring device which alerts consumers about hazardous changes in freezer temperature. Be sure to visit your favorite returning exhibitors as well at Booths S4443 to S4549 in the Dine & Design section of the South Hall in McCormick Place: Claude Dozorme Cultery, Fresh Mill, Ice.bag® by Gimex International, Laguiole en Aubrac, Opinel, Vauzy Chassangue, Siguret Concept, Thion-Arvix. For more information about our French exhibitors, please consult our press release (download right below) Follow us across the web on twitter and LinkedIn group French / North-American Home Decor business 

André Laurent’s French Gourmet Sauerkraut Comes to American Tables

Ubifrance Press USA - 03-mai-2011 17:51:43
Specialized in cooked gourmet sauerkraut that is particularly soft and light, André Laurent is the leading French manufacturer of sauerkraut. Since 1945, the company has been cultivating cabbages at Blignicourt, in the heart of the Champagne region in France. André Laurent will exhibit its food service and retail options including ready-to-serve sauerkraut portions in attractive packaging  at the 2011 Summer Fancy Food Show in Washington, D.C., from July 10 to 12, on the French Pavilion, booth 1854. André Laurent has three generations of experience and aims to redefine sauerkraut as a side dish thanks to wonderful recipes including ingredients such as duck fat, Champagne, onions, juniper berries and spices. In 2009, the family-owned company André Laurent started selling its sauerkraut in the United States through gourmet stores in New York City. Francois, the youngest sibling, in charge of sales, decided to investigate the American market. After validating the interest of the market both retail and food service, the company participated to the 2010 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City, organized the distribution network and developed the sales with their New York-based business developer and thanks to several events such as the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco and UBIFRANCE’s French Food Connection. On one hand, the food service range is now distributed nationwide in restaurants and hotels such as Brasserie les Halles in New York City, Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, and select Whole Foods locations. On the other hand, the retail range, and especially the three ready-to-serve recipes in pouches, has been welcomed with enthusiasm by several gourmet grocery stores including Fairway and Central Market. For more information, please contact: ANDRE LAURENT François Laurent Sales Manager rue Nicolas Appert 10500 Blignicourt FRANCE Tel.: +33 3 25 92 16 06 E-mail: Web: |  
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