Silver Lining in French Economy

martine.joly - 27-nov.-2014 10:41:55
Silver Lining in French Economy   France’s Silver Economy is turning into a precious commodity, growing at 4% during the past few years and projected to create 300,000 jobs by 2020. The high value resource behind the silver economy is expected to grow healthily, providing an abundant market for French and foreign business. However, the most shocking element of this market is that it has nothing to do with metals.   Products for consumers over the age of 65 In fact the silver economy is a term that refers to the economy that produces products for consumers over the age of 65, who require services tailored to their specific tastes and needs, from accommodation to health and leisure.   According to demographic projections, 23 million French people or simply one third of the population will be over 65 by 2030 . Many other European and Western countries are experiencing similar developments in their demographics and their retirees are searching for communities across the continents that are very specific. Furthermore, wealthy retirees from Eastern countries are also looking for lifestyles with a certain quality that they may not be able to find so readily back home.   In France : a focus on health and quality of living Amina Sambou, project manager of the Silver Economy at Ubifrance, is confident that France can excel in servicing the domestic and foreign market: “in France, we have a focus on health and quality of living which has already created a market with a strong infrastructure for retirees who are interested in quality of living.” Therefore it is not a surprise that French companies are experiencing interest from consumers in countries like Japan, South Korea, and China who, according to Mrs. Sambou, are “interested in the French way of ageing.”   New French companies are already popping up in anticipation of vast opportunities in the next decade. Silver Valley is the French answer of California’s Silicon Valley, combining technology and location to create a future for the Silver Economy. Less than 10 kilometers from Paris, this collaboration of French businesses will create a nexus for all sides of the market: research facilities for innovation partners, a business park for product and service oriented businesses, and attractive real state for retirees.   The older market segments will become more relevant for all businesses in the next decade Demographics, such as longer life expectancy, decrease in birthrate and retirement of the ‘baby boomer’ generation are certainly reasons why the older market segments will become more relevant for all businesses in the next decade. However, this is not the only reason why businesses need to stay ahead of the market: seniors in France represent 43% of income, 60% of real estate and 72% of financial investments. Therefore, it’s not just the size of the market but also its focus on high value products, which make it a priority for all business strategists. The French organization in this market is unparalleled.   Six French regions have been chosen to lead the Silver Economy in France Six French regions have been chosen to lead the Silver Economy in France, with each producing its own nexus similar to that of Silver Valley. Another example is Toulouse’s aptly named campaign “So Toulouse.” The 4 th city in France has been recently made famous for being recession proof – a beacon of private sector growth in France over the last decade. Part of the success of this city and region has been its focus on education and technological innovation. This has translated into smart services for seniors, including smart homes, e-health services, and a hospital solely dedicated to the elderly. Also, the region’s status as the 2 nd most popular agro food region in France does not hurt its already fantastic pitch.   So far it seems that a large part of the French know-how has to do with elements rooted in France itself. However, much of the French advantage is exportable, and French companies have been finding successes in such events as last June’s Silver Economy connection in Atlanta.   Two pilot programs with two large senior living and homecare organizations… Sandrine Sauvage-Mack, Senior Trade Advisor at Ubifrance, recounts how the French multi product and service conglomerate La Valeriane was able to secure two pilot programs with two large senior living and homecare organizations: “After a great first impression with Leading Age, the American Federation for the ageing populations, they were certain to add more pilots and clinical trials with American universities and research centers.” Ubifrance, the French agency for export promotion with 80 offices over seas , will continue promote French companies at events dedicated to the French Silver Economy abroad and at home.   Clic here for more information about French companies   Or contact The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in your country.

UBIFRANCE Silver Economy Connection 2014

Michael SALAS - 17-juin-2014 23:49:00
This year, UBIFRANCE launched the French Silver Economy Connection USA 2014.  For the first, a range of promising French companies providing innovative health service are set to meet big players of the American Silver Economy, with the likes of Brightstar, Orange Healthcare, the incubator Georgia Tech and the American association for elderly care LeadingAge.  The French Silver Economy Connection USA 2014 will take place on June 25-27 in Atlanta.                                 Meet the Delegation below:   CERELAB CERELAB®, Research and Development Center is specialized in the cereal sector and developed the G-NUTRITION® brioché bread, the first brioché bread to prevent and combat malnutrition. Compared to the other ONS available on the market, this brioché bread contains almost twice as many proteins for a similar volume of product and also combines vitamins and minerals suited to the elderly’s needs.    DYNSEO   Dynseo develops cognitive stimulation applications to improve and diversify the animations dedicated to seniors. Their programs allow users to have fun while being monitored through a web platform:  • Playful cognitive stimulation adapted to seniors  • Cognitive testing available to caregivers  • Web platform for adapted monitoring  Dynseo is addressed to both seniors with their full abilities (prevention) and seniors with mild to significant disorder (accompanying / monitoring). La Valeriane La Valeriane is developing and selling E-Health technologies and services dedicated to maintain and improve health capital. The web-based service ESAPAD allows to coordinate Homecare and health. It is an evaluation table identifying Senior needs and care at home. It considers autonomy in all daily needs at home: moving inside or outside, cleaning and grooming, feeding, following and managing health, psychology… It also provides a journal to report all important events, alerts, and decisive health parameters, or simple profile data.   Invest in Toulouse ‘Invest in Toulouse’ is a governmental agency that helps foreign companies to expand their R&D and business in France. They offer a free package of services: finding offices, recruitments, fundings, housing, schools for kids...The Gerontopole of Toulouse was created in 2007 to respond to the challenge of elderly’s dependence. First of its kind, this institution is fully dedicated to the Elderly, from clinical assays to domotic projects. TREENITY At Treenity we think that people deserve more and we can build a better life for them. We build a new way of life by creating the first CO-OPERACTIVE residence and social innovative workshop that allows senior citizens as well as their families to combine housing and services while developing social relations and autonomy.   Audencia Nates School of Management Established in 1900, Audencia Nantes School of Management is one of the most prestigious French Business Schools and is recognized worldwide. In September 2013, the school was ranked 31st by the Financial Times for its Master’s in Management program. In February 2015, Audencia will open an MBA specialized in Silver Economy. This program is designed for a small group of students with at least 8 years of professional experience       For more information on the Silver Economy Connection, please contact Sandrine Hart.

UBIFRANCE to Bring French Delegation at mHealth Summit in Washington, DC.

Sandrine HART - 18-sept.-2012 19:46:35
Faced with a reformation of the health care system, the U.S eHealth market represents a new opportunity in the American industry. Wireless access points multiply at a rate of 20% in 2011 in the U.S. health sector. The E-health industry is benefiting from the expansion, modernization and reformation with the Obama administration funding of about $ 20 billion to the resources and the development of a personalized medical record. Virtually ignored for two years, the market for mobile health or "M-Health" is growing rapidly. Since 2008 and the launch of the App Store, 17,000 m-health applications have already been developed via mobile devices and smartphones. Faced with an aging population, the strong development of chronic diseases and the rising cost of care, the development of m-health services today bring concrete answers to the expectations of patients and health professionals. The expected benefits are numerous for all stakeholders: public institutions, research laboratories, medical and social actors, service companies, mutual insurance companies, and industrial users. Quality and effectiveness of health care, remote monitoring, the market "M-Health" is a real opportunity for development at the intersection of the health industry and technology, innovation, and communication. UBIFRANCE will bring a delegation of French companies at the 2012 mHealth Summit in Washington DC on December 3 – 5 2012, offering a panel of products and services anywhere from wireless sensors, smartphones applications, secure cloud-based platforms for remote monitoring, and patient autonomy in the home environment, among others. For more information, contact Trade Advisor Sandrine Hart: (404) 495-1667 Follow us on Twitter , LinkedIn , and Facebook for the most up to date information.

New Compounds for Drymix Mortars from Kerneos Improve Flooring Formulations

Ubifrance Press USA - 20-avr.-2011 18:12:27
Kerneos announces two key product developments providing drymix mortar manufacturers with new technologies: TERNAL® EV to combine with calcium sulfate for self-leveling compounds, and TERNAL® RG-S to increase the shelf-life of calcium aluminate-based dry-mixes. Both products were exhibited at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, Germany, from March 29 to 31, 2011. Kerneos also featured its full TERNAL® range and its Peramin® additives range, on booth 327 in Hall 9. Developing Ranges of Flooring Compounds with TERNAL® EV Reliable performance during application across a whole range of floor leveling compounds is perhaps the most difficult feature to achieve in this application. Each leveling compound in a range is formulated using multiple binder components each introducing a significant degree of complexity and variability. With TERNAL® EV, an innovative calcium aluminate binder, drymix producers can efficiently develop an entire range of self-leveling compounds with reliable and consistent performance. Each of these products is developed on a single “core binder” composed of a combination of TERNAL® EV and a suitable calcium sulfate according to local availability With this “core binder” a wide range of compound performances can be created cost effectively and whole ranges of self levelers developed quickly by the adjustment of its quantity added to the fillers that make up the bulk of typical formulations. The usual range of additives should still be used to fine tune specific performance. TERNAL® EV based self leveling underlayments and overlayments provide also an answer to the major trends in the flooring products industry such as environmental issues, fast return to service and durability of materials. Extended Shelf-life of Calcium Aluminates based Drymix Compounds with TERNAL®RG-S Calcium aluminates are typically used to produce drymix mortars with demanding time-defined performance, often relating to quite precise reactivity profiles, mechanical performance or dimensional stability. It is widely observed that such performance can vary as function of the time from the date of production of the drymix batch to the installation date of the product – a phenomenon widely referred to as drymix ageing. In an effort to dramatically reduce this phenomenon Kerneos has developed a patented technology applied to its calcium aluminate based products. This technology is now available with TERNAL® RG-S. Drymix compounds based on this new product demonstrate an improved stability of performances with time, i.e. better ageing. Extended-life mortars will be also valued by producers exporting mortars or those with products where stock rotation is low due its specialist nature or perhaps during the launch phase of a new mortar. Kerneos is a partner of choice for innovating in drymix applications. Kerneos strongly commits to support the development in building and construction markets. Kerneos offers to drymix mortar formulators a wide range of calcium aluminate based solutions with the trademarks TERNAL® and ALAG® as well as additives with Peramin® name. These products are specifically developed to meet the needs of building and construction applications. They contribute to achieve a set of key performance in the final formulated products. TERNAL® range is offering a wide choice of calcium based binders with controlled characteristics which contribute to achieve a set of key performance in the final formulated products such as rapidity, aesthetic performance, durability, mechanical performance, robustness, enhanced workability and long service life. Through its Peramin® range of focused powder Superplasticizers, Defoaming Agents and Shrinkage Reducing Additives for the Building Chemistry, Kerneos offers further levers to formulators in order to drive drymix mortar applications and performance properties. Combining the benefits of a global industrial presence with a worldwide supply chain network, Kerneos provides its customers with tailored services including dedicated local technical support, as well as reliable and rapid supply on all continents. For more information: Kerneos is part of Materis group. MATERIS, a world leader in Building Construction Specialty Chemicals, is organized into four businesses: admixtures, aluminates, mortars and paints. MATERIS employs 9,000 people in 35 countries, with a turnover close to 1.8 million EUR. For more information: For more information, please contact: KERNEOS Elodie Letellier Tel.: +33 1 46 37 90 03 Cell: +33 6 79 98 16 40 E-mail: Web:  

UBIFRANCE - Elderly Services - French Delegation in Washington D.C.

sandrine.hart - 23-mars-2011 19:57:12
UBIFRANCE – the French Trade Commission is now working closely with innovative French companies specialized in the aging service industry. Service industries are changing worldwide, especially in the United-States, and it has now become a challenge for companies to adapt their products to this new trend. Increasing life expectancies are raising new major business opportunities , especially in the aging service industry . In 2009, 13% of the population was 65 or more and it is expected to increase by 16,1% between 2010 and 2015. Furthermore, the industry revenue is projected to rise at an average annual rate of 2.3% to $16.8 billion over the next five years. Seniors’ lifestyle is constantly evolving and they are facing new issues that haven’t been answered yet. As it becomes more and more difficult for seniors and more particularly for elderly people to communicate and maintain links with their families, there is a real need for new services and products which will secure and reassure the family . Advances in technology and new equipment are starting to emerge in this industry allowing more health care procedures to be carried out in the home but the elderly facilities and home-care services companies are not fully equipped yet. In France, both the government and the companies have come to realize the increasing needs of the population and measures have been taken to answer them. Indeed despite the economic crisis, service industries have remained in a strong position in France: the number of employees in the industry has increased by 15% over the last two years and over 25 000 associations have been created. French companies have proven to be very dynamic in this sector and have been developing cutting-edge services and innovative products for elderly care and wellness, such as new teleassistance solutions, interactive communication tools or geolocalization systems . And now for the first time ever, UBIFRANCE is bringing a delegation of French companies to the U.S . to enable professionals from both sides of the Atlantic to meet and share their expertise. For 3 days, on the occasion of the LeadingAge Annual Meeting & IAHSA Global Ageing Conference held in Wahington DC, from Oct. 16 to 19, 2011, UBIFRANCE and the French delegation will meet American elderly care providers, discuss their needs and offer them innovative services solutions made in France. UBIFRANCE will also organize a conference on the senior living services market, more information will be provided soon. Contact us for more information.  
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