PRESS: Keeping an Eye on the Drones

PRESS - 26-août-2013 17:59:36
Earlier this month, UBIFRANCE brought a French delegation at the AUVSI show in Washington D.C., where six French companies presented their cutting edge technologies at the world’s largest unmanned systems and robotics symposium and exhibition. WorkFly , one of the French companies present during the event, exhibited their innovative  Flitting-Sensor , an aerial vehicle of E category (French standards) designed to fit the new RPA directive (Remotely Piloted Aircraft). WorkFly was recently featured on the Washington Post. Click  here to read the rest of the article on this innovative French company that’s starting to make noise on the drone industry.  

WORFKLY’s Flitting-Sensor-S3 in Full Flight at the AUVSI SHOW 2013

Michael SALAS - 13-août-2013 19:11:36
The AUVSI show is well underway in Washington, D.C., and our French delegation is amidst among the 8,000 attendees from over 40 countries and 600 exhibitors on the biggest exhibition of all things unmanned in the world. One of the French delegates, WORFKLY , is currently exhibiting their products and technologies at the UBIFRANCE booth. This innovative French company is exhibiting the Flitting-Sensor-S3 , an aerial vehicle of E category (French standards) designed to fit the new RPA directive (Remotely Piloted Aircraft). UAV-UAS drones are unmanned aerial vehicles with flight and tasks managed by an on-board computer. The RPA is controlled by an operator at any time with a redundant wireless secured link through a GCS (defined as Ground Control Station). The UAV can be equipped with a large panel of payload (camera for photography shots and movies, thermal camera for thermagrophay analysis or various other sensors). The Flitting-Sensor System is composed of two main parts, the flying structure and the ground device. The flying structure is made up of the aerial vehicle and its accessories (battery packs, payload, protection frame…). The ground device is the GCS with the Human Machine Interface that allow pilot to interact with the RPA and also include a set of chargers. The flitting-Sensor system works on the principle of two cyclic rotors in opposite rotation. This principle offers many advantages compared to other flying systems: ·          A much more secured flight ·          A reinforced safety ·          A good payload capacity ·          An excellent flight endurance ·          A better flight stability ·          A better resistance to hard winds and turbulences ·          A better reactivity in flight due to the symmetric conception For more information on Workfly’s Flitting-Sensor System, download the attachment below, and visit and their YouTube page to learn more about their specialty in the drone industry! Lastly, visit the UBIFRANCE booth 1726 & 1631 to meet the Worfkly team!    

WORKLY is set to attend the world’s largest Unmanned Systems and Robotics Symposium and Exhibition

Michael SALAS - 05-août-2013 19:59:24
AUVSI, the world’s largest Unmanned Systems and Robotics Symposium and Exhibition since 1973, is set to start next week in Washington, D.C. UBIFRANCEis bringing six French companies, along with the representative of the ministry of French Defense at the event, to meet the biggest influencers in the industry. One of the delegation that will be present at the AUVSI show this year is Workfly , an innovative French drone company based in Neuilly-sur-Marne in France. As Workfly is set to attend the AUVSI show next week, read more information about the company below to better understand their expertise and what they are doing to become one of the leading innovators in their industry. Social status The drone company Workfly is an SME created by MR. GUILHOT-GAUDEFFROY and his associates in June 2004. Based in Neuilly-sur-Marne, in the Parisian suburb, their social status is that of an SAS, a simplified joint stock company, and its initial capital was €37,000. Research and Development Division Workfly is developing applied research activity aimed at a wide range of versatile civil drones. The company currently specialises in rotary wings, and more specifically in counter-rotative blades. It uses expertise in the fields of aeronautics, aerodynamics, electronics, and computing. The first product developped by Workfly was the Flitting-Sensor drone, notably made for aerial observation. The advantage of this drone over its competitors is that its structure allows it to be totally streamlined, thus removing any risk of an accident linked to a collision with the rotating blades. Services and Operations Division Our drone company has decided to soon make their first prototypes available to clients interested by the development of aerial activity. Once the systems have been fully developped, said prototypes will be sold to clients who can carry the load of their choice. The Services and Operations division is therefore in charge of the setup of structurrs for exploration as well as the distribution and operation of the drones developped by the Research and Development division. Aims On the technical side of things, our drone company intends to make this first product, Flitting-Sensor, the test lab of all embedded control systems, as well as the test site of validation of all aspects linked to the complex mechanics of counter-rotative rotary blades. As soon as the drone is declared ready for industrialisation, it will go from a production unit to mass production. The business objective is to achieve a park in France, spread over several regional operating centers, while opening up the company on the European market.

French Crowd On The Largest Unmanned Show In The World

Olivier POURCHET - 23-août-2012 16:39:10
From August 6 th to 9 th , UBIFRANCE brought a French delegation to the AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems 2012, the major unmanned systems show in the world. Following two discovery operations in 2010 and 2011, 11 French companies trusted UBIFRANCE to get to the next step in the 2012 edition, taking place in Las Vegas. From SMEs to major Tier 1 suppliers, they all have chosen to exhibit on the French pavilion and to benefit from UBIFRANCE’s support. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International was very glad that France was the only country able to bring together a delegation on a unique pavilion. Ideally located between the entrance, the land demonstration area and the air demonstration area, the French pavilion showcased a wide range of technologies. Going from the most innovative UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicle) to major aircraft parts (engine, electrical solutions, interconnect parts, anti-vibration systems and cables) or services (training or complex systems engineering), the delegation received a great feedback from professionals that met with them. Besides setting up the pavilion, our aerospace team prepared a seminar with speakers from the UAV industry. The delegation was eager to learn more about the future US legislation on drones. The companies also enjoyed collective meetings with major US players, often leading to one-to-one discussions. In 2013, the AUVSI show will be back in Washington DC, and UBIFRANCE will be there! Follow us on twitter for the latest news, update, and information, and we look forward to seeing you in August 2013! :
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