Corsican Sun to Shine at Summer Fancy Food Show 2014

Geoffroy Thaumin - 16-juin-2014 22:00:43
Did you know Napoleon was born on an island? Located right between France and Italy, Corsica has been one of France’s greatest prides for centuries. Its many beaches and mountains have given her a unique nickname: the Isle of Beauty. And beautiful it is. And sunny. So sunny its ground bears gorgeous and delicious fruit every year. Olives, figs, mandarins, chestnuts, wheat… the Island produces numerous fruit varieties and thrives on many specialties: charcuterie, traditional goat and sheep cheeses, jams as well as cookies and beer to pair with them! The South Corsica Chamber of Commerce is accompanying 5 companies to the Summer Fancy Food Show (June 29 – July 1 / Level 3 – booths 620-626) along with samples of their food. If you plan on attending, you will be able to check the following facts with your taste buds: 1. Corsican cheeses show much, much character. Two different cheese producers will be attending the Show: Fromagerie Pierucci and Fromagerie Ottavi. Both fromageries have been making traditional cheeses for more than a century. Both have also developed their own unique recipes. For instance, Ottavi’s star cheese, Fleur du Maquis, is rolled in herbes de Provence to give it a unique, fresh taste. 2. Corsica does brew craft beers, and those beers have a twist. Have you ever heard of White Beers? Winter Beers? What about Chestnut Beer? Interested in learning more? Pietra’s recipe, unique in the world, gives it a lingering subtle bitterness. Powerful and delicate, robust and smooth, it possesses a beautiful amber color, and a strong, exquisite chestnut head. More information 3. As small as it is, Corsica offers about as many fruit varieties as the entire state of California. With more than 20 years of experience, Charles Antona is a leading Corsican specialty-foodstuffs producer.  Specialist of Corsican delicacies, mixing ancestral traditions and innovation, the brand knows how to blend original flavors and aromas to produce unique, flavorful pates, soups, nougats, chutneys, jams & jellies. For a better, healthier experience, all –their products are elaborated without added colors, preservatives or artificial flavors. More information. 4. Not all French cookies are colorful sandwiches filled with almond cream. Biscuiterie d’Afa has been specialized in the production of Canistrelli (traditional Corsican cookies originally made with white wine) for decades. Their products are created with tradition in mind-meaning no preservatives, no added colors, no hydrogenated fats and no GMO. Although their original recipes don’t always include white wine, they have developed many flavors such as fig, clementine, chestnut, myrtle… Yes: myrtle. More information.   More information & floor plan  in our press release 

French Food Connection Showcases French Gourmet Items during North American Tour

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The French Food Connection 2013 just wrapped up a successful four-day tour across North America, traveling to Montreal and Chicago from October 21 to 24. This seventh edition of the event included companies with a range of unique items including, among others: rillettes, piment d’espelette spice, and premium organic flour. Each stop on the tour included seminars for the French suppliers and trade-only tastings for importers, distributors, brokers, retailers, chefs and journalists. The participating French exhibitors at the French Food Connection 2013 included: ·         Biscuiterie d’Afa , traditional Corsican cookies and pastries. ·         Corsica Gastronomia , a specialist of Corsican specialties such as jam, chutney and nougat. ·         Fromagerie Pierucci, Corsican goat cheese and sheep cheese. ·         GIE Corsic’Alive, Premium, extra-virgin, AOP-designated olive oil from Corsica. ·         GP Pays Basque/ Maison In’ona , Espelette chili spice in dried-whole and powder form. Other variations include sauces, purées, coulis, jelly, compote. ·         Les Salines de Guérande , gourmet sea salt in various forms, including flavored. ·         Louise Bon, gourmet lentils, lentil spread and chocolates filled with Champagne liqueur. ·         Moulins Decollogne , premium and organic flour dedicated to high-end foodservice users and retailers. ·         Provence Olives , fresh and pasteurized olives, tapenades, condiments, olive oil. ·         Rillettes & Cie , pork rillettes—a happy marriage of paté & tender morsels of meat (in 4 flavors: bergamot, white wine, green peppercorn, scallops). In addition, these companies also exhibited in Montreal: ·         Charcuterie Folacci, traditional Corsican charcuterie ·         Le Vallon des Auffes by Fonfon, bouillabaisse, fish soup, garlic mayonnaise, and rouille (mayonnaise with saffron) The French Food Connection is a professional food event organized by UBIFRANCE/the French Trade Office to help French food producers find the right buyers and develop their business in North America. Now in its seventh year, the French Food Connection continues to serve as a catalyst for the introduction of new French goods on the North American market. From artisanal cheeses and chocolates to gourmet salt and condiments, products for diverse pockets and palates are the de rigueur for each edition. To know more about this event, please visit our website , follow us on twitter , facebook and Pinterest    

UBIFRANCE - Big hit for the French Food Connection 2011

Ubifrance Press USA - 22-avr.-2011 00:46:06
The French Food Connection in the media!  The French products had a great success for their quality and their good presentation.If you want to know more, read the articles in the following trade magazines: the Fancy Food Magazine was the first one to comment on the tastings, but if you’re curious, check out the others articles in  Eating Las Vegas and also the Art and Entertain me blog. Finally, click on each logo for a high resolution photo of the tastings.                   UBIFRANCE  thanks all the visitors and magazines who attended the show - with special thanks to the French participants and our sponsors.

French Food Connection Brings French Gourmet Items on U.S. Tour

Ubifrance Press USA - 21-avr.-2011 18:19:27
The French Food Connection just wrapped up a successful three-stop tour across the United States. This showcase of French gourmet food products traveled to Chicago, Las Vegas and San Francisco from April 11 to 15, 2011 . The 29 participating French exhibitors at the French Food Connection 2011 included companies from a diverse range of food items including: baked goods, beverages (non-alcoholic), cheeses, condiments, chocolates and sweet and savory snacks. Each stop on the tour included presentations and tastings. This fifth edition of the event saw a great success in terms of attendance and quality of available items from the exhibitors, and several orders were placed during the event. Please see the complete list of companies and their descriptions below. More than 170 importers, distributors, buyers, retailers, chefs and journalists attended. Chicago: 66 people Las Vegas: 50 people San Francisco: 55 people The French agrifood industry employs 420,000 people and is the second-largest employer in France after engineering. This industry is comprised of 13,000 companies, with 30% having more than 20 employees. The largest slice of sales for French products goes to cheese (115 million EUR), followed by mineral water (62 million EUR) and chocolate (27 million EUR). Overall, French food sales in the U.S. totaled 2.5 billion EUR in 2010. The 29 participating French exhibitors at the French Food Connection 2011: Albert Menes Range of almost 400 products of authentic regional specialties and French gourmet cuisine such as condiments, cookies, jams André Laurent The French leading manufacturer of sauerkraut, provided products of exceptional quality, particularly soft and light Bonbons Barnier Family company providing boiled sugar products: hard and soft fruit candies, soft butter caramels, lollipops, mini candies, unwrapped candies Bovetti Chocolats A company combining modern and traditional methods with hand-made, fashionable and original chocolates in innovative packaging Choc Mod Delicious and creamy chocolate truffles that have been on the U.S. market for about 20 years Chocolaterie de l’Opéra A family company that produces high-quality chocolates and praline pastes for B2B professionals Corsica Gastronomia The undisputed specialist of Corsican specialties such as jams, chutneys and nougats Covinor One of the leading vinegar-makers in France which also provides sauces, mayonnaises and mustards Crusty Bakery 100% natural French bakery products Des Lis Chocolat Very famous thin chocolate bars with flowers, fruit or vegetable purees in the center Deveurop A new natural energy drink made from 100% natural ingredients Fallot Traditional mustard manufacturer since 1840: Dijon mustard, seed-style mustard and more than 10 aromatized mustards French Cheese Club An association of five family-owned French dairies specialized in the production of traditional French cheeses Jean Hénaff  The French market leader of authentic pâtés and other succulent meat-based products such as duck mousse and farmhouse terrines Interval 30 year-old company exporting 3,000 tons of specialty cheeses and butters all over the world Isigny Sainte-Mère Authentic gourmet butter and cheeses such as the traditional Camembert, Brie and Mimolette Produits Jock Wide range of very innovative ready-to-bake cakes batters Biscuiterie La Mère Poulard Traditional French gourmet cookies from Normandy Les Chevaliers d’Argouges Year-round, seasonal and organic chocolates from top-quality ingredients Le Manoir des Abeilles Selection of the best honeys of France for 3 generations: creaminess and unique taste Confiserie Léonard Parli 130-year traditional know-how of famous Calissons d’Aix, crystallized fruits, nougat, Kirschbescue (fruit cake made with kirsch) and crème of Calissons Leroux Chicory made in France with a unique roasted and caramelized taste Les Trois Abeilles Family company specialized in original nougat from Montelimar and Calissons from Provence Mag’m Frozen French macarons and puff pastries Malongo High-end coffee specialist Michel et Augustin Large range of exquisite, all-natural cookies SMA Diffusion Colorful syrups, flavored oils and vinegars, salt and pepper mills, lemonades and salty or sweet mustards in tubs Thiercelin Natural oils, vinegars, syrups, spices and ingredients Inov’Chataigne Cooked and peeled chestnuts   About the French Food Connection : The French Food Connection is a professional food event organized by UBIFRANCE-French Trade Commission to help French food producers find the right partners and develop their business in the U.S. This trade show reunites suppliers of gourmet French products on a week-long road show across various U.S. cities. Now in its fifth year and despite small obstacles like a 100% tax on Roquefort, the French Food Connection continues to serve as a catalyst for the inclusion of new French goods on the American market. From artisanal cheeses and chocolates to gourmet coffee and chicory, products for diverse pockets and palates were presented in each city. Local importers, distributors, hoteliers, buyers, and specialty-food press were in attendance. For information, please visit .  

UBIFRANCE - The French Food Connection is back for the 5th edition!

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  UBIFRANCE - The French Trade Commission is organizing the 5th annual edition of the French  Food Connection from April 9 to 16, 2011 . This year, the tour will hit Chicago, Las Vegas and San Francisco.    With a focus on traditional quality products, UBIFRANCE has selected about 25 French Companies for the occasion. They will showcase gourmet French food products such as cheeses, condiments, pastry or chocolate. Seminars and group meetings are also scheduled, in order to provide the French companies with an overview of the American market – consumer trends, distribution network, buyers’ needs -  as well as better insights on the different procedures; labeling requirements, distribution channels.   The fifth edition is pleased to present these following companies: Albert Menes   Interval   André Laurent   Isigny Sainte-Mère   Bonbons Barnier   Jock   Bovetti   La Mère Poulard    Choc Mod   Le chevalier d’Argouges   Chocolaterie de l’Opera   Le manoir des Abeilles   Corsica Gatronomia   Leonard Parli   Covinor   Leroux   Crusty Bakery   Les Trois Abeilles   Des Lis Chocolat   Mag’m   Deveurop   Malongo   Fallot   Michel et Augustin   French Cheese Club   SMA diffusion   Hénaff   Thiercelin   InovChataigne           RSVP to meet them from 1 pm to 5 pm on April 11th at Chicago, April 13th at Las Vegas, April 15th at San Francisco. See the video of the previous edition here and join us this year!  Visit  or contact us  for more information.

UBIFRANCE presents the French Pavilion at Cruise Shipping Miami Next Week

Ubifrance Press USA - 11-mars-2011 21:36:11
UBIFRANCE - French Trade Commission is bringing 25 companies to the Cruise Shipping Miami Trade Show next week! From March 14 to 17, 2011, come and discover the diversity of products and services provided by the French Delegation, composed of the following companies: Engineering: AIA Architectes DL Services   Equipment suppliers: Converteam Enodis Manitowoc Group Vauconsant Zodiac Solas Ports of call and cruise clubs: The Bastia and Upper Corsica Chamber of Commerce of Industry The Ajaccio & South Corsica Chamber of Commerce & Industry French Atlantic Ports French Riviera Ports Marseille Provence Cruise Club Tourism offices: Atout France is Le Havre Office of Tourism   Please click here to download the press release for a detailed description of the companies or contact us for more information.

French Pavilion at Cruise Shipping Miami Will Host 25 Companies this March

Ubifrance Press USA - 31-janv.-2011 20:06:37
  See the Best of French Ports of Call and Cruise Equipment Manufacturers on the French Pavilion at the Cruise Shipping Miami show in March  Please click the thumbnail below to open a high-resolution image. Photo: French Pavilion poster Chicago, January 31, 2011 (word count: 688)  French business is returning the top trade show in the cruise industry, Cruise Shipping Miami from March 14 to 17, 2011. The French Pavilion, organized by Ubifrance, will bring 25 participants on 500 square meters and will be accompanied by GICAN ( Groupement Industriel des Constructions et Activités Navales ), which counts 140 members and accounts for 5 billion EUR of annual turnover. Also present on the French Pavilion will be Atout France, the agency for developing French tourism and several French regional chambers of commerce and industry, who will join the numerous equipment manufacturers from their regions. The list of participating engineering firms, equipment manufacturers, ports of call and tourism offices continues to grow. The following are the current companies registered to exhibit on the French Pavilion. Engineering: AIA Architectes is an association of architects and engineers that specialize in interior design for cruise ships. It is currently working for the biggest ferry lines such as Brittany Ferries, Scandlines, SEA-France, SNCM and CMN. DL Services designs, coordinates, and supervises new building and modernization/refit projects for cruise ships, putting together food flow concepts, layout designs with itemized budgeted equipment specifications, turnkey specifications, and installation supervision. Equipment suppliers:   Converteam is a worldwide specialist in power conversion to improve and secure customers’ process performance while lowering environmental impact. Marine is one of its main operating markets. Enodis Manitowoc Group specializes in tailor-made cooking equipment for the marine industry. It performs both rebuilds and new construction. It offers a large range of products including griddles, bratt pans, kettles, fryers, combi-ovens, blast chillers, microwave, meat slicers, mixers and more. Vauconsant  is the specialist in the manufacture of servery counters for the catering sector. For 2011, it releases a new collection of more energy-efficient counter modules. Zodiac Solas produces live-saving marine equipment including lifeboats and life rafts. Ports of call and cruise clubs: The  Bastia and Upper Corsica Chamber of Commerce of Industry has the cruise activity among its strategic axes and federates four ports of Upper Corsica, located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea and offering numerous possibilities of tourist and cultural activities in magnificent regions. The  Ajaccio & South Corsica Chamber of Commerce & Industry runs the ports of Ajaccio, Propriano, Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio. New services provide an increased berthing capacity with a cruise dedicated pier in Ajaccio for ships up to 340 meters alongside and an extended quay in Propriano for ships up to 280 meters. French Atlantic Ports includes the ports of Bayonne, Bordeaux, Brest, La Rochelle, Lorient, Nantes Saint-Nazaire, Rouen and Saint Malo. After 10 years, the association strengthens its offer of French cruise destinations with the introduction of the ports of Le Havre and Cherbourg. Now, the English Channel and Atlantic coasts are completed, and ports can work together to promote the Western French destination towards the cruise companies. French Riviera Ports has recently added two new ports of call: Antibes and Golfe-Juan. These two ports join the mainstays Cannes, Nice, and Villefranche, making the French Riviera Ports the best way to access the region’s heritage and cosmopolitan culture. Marseille Provence Cruise Club: Marseille is one of the most important ports in The Mediterranean Sea and ideally located at the heart of the western Mediterranean. It welcomes 700,000 cruise visitors each year and will host Seatrade Med in 2012.  In 2013, Marseille-Provence will have the title of European Capital of Culture. For 365 days, the territory will host a rich artistic and cultural program, providing and ideal opportunity for tourists to discover the Provence and Marseille, its lifestyle, its heritage. Tourism offices: Atout France is the official French government tourism office. The office’s website includes practical travel information for visitors, destination guides, event listings, and much more. Le Havre Office of Tourism promotes Le Havre, the premier French cruise port of the European west coast. The port of Le Havre has the capacity to host the biggest cruise ships in service in the world, round the clock. From Paris to Le Havre, river cruise ships take the impressionist itinerary of the Seine Valley. For more information, please contact:   UBIFRANCE Brice Ortole Trade Advisor, Pavilion Organizer Tel.: +33 1 40 73 35 75 E-mail: Web:
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