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The Restaurant at Noglu NY is Now Open

PRESS RELEASE - 26-janv.-2016 17:25:04

  For immediate release New York, January 26, 2016 – After 3 years of success in Paris and 3 months in Manhattan, Noglu NY is opening its gluten-free restaurant on the second floor of its Upper East Side location. Like the bakery, the restaurant will be all-gluten-free with lactose-free options, locally sourced, organic, and of course, French! On the first floor, the bakery will keep offering sweet and savory take-out options. Laying the groundwork Noglu’s New York restaurant opened last week. Initially announced for the end of last year, the team wanted to ensure the first floor bakery was running seamlessly before opening the restaurant upstairs. With extensive experience in French, Italian, American & gluten-free cuisine and a few months of training at Noglu Paris, the chefs spent the last few weeks creating the menu selections to capture Noglu’s spirit in the New York kitchen. Changing with the seasons Much like in Paris, the menu will not be set in stone and requires the team to be able to adapt very fast and often. Designed to go with the seasons and the changes in stocks available at their local, organic suppliers, the menu will change regularly, once or twice a week. Depending on market finds and on the inventiveness of the head chef, this ever-changing menu will offer the restaurant’s most loyal clients a constantly renewed array of choices. Here is the menu as it stands today, but don’t expect the same one in two days! 100% Gluten-Free, and so Much More Yes, Noglu’s menu is 100% gluten-free, organic, locally-sourced and 50% dairy-free. But most importantly: it’s absolutely delicious! Gluten-free is not a goal, for Noglu’s team, it’s only a base for their creations; the kitchen sources only gluten-free ingredients. The main concerns for the team are always taste and texture: nothing will make it to the menu unless it’s thoroughly tasted, perfected and approved. A late-diagnosed Celiac, Owner Frédérique Jules knows how difficult it is to live in a world without gluten and has worked for years with her chefs to create recipes that are as close as it gets to their gluten-loaded counterparts –if not even better! About Noglu Noglu opened in Paris in 2012. Frédérique Jules hired a Japanese chef, Mitsuru Yatanase, and an American pastry chef, Jennifer Hearting-Lepoutre, to experiment, explore and perfect an all gluten-free menu. A typical Parisian bakery and restaurant, the establishment offers various types of foods, from burgers, pizza and pasta to seafood dishes, risotto and quiches. On the sweet side, the selection is vast, almost dizzying: strawberry, lemon or raspberry pies, puff cream pastries and coffee classics, canelés, cakes, muffins... After 2 years of success, Frédérique Jules opened a take-out store across the street to better serve Noglu’s growing customer base. The Upper East Side restaurant is Noglu’s third location in the world. Noglu Paris built its following not only on its allergen-free menu, but also on the quality of their dishes and on their growing following on non-gluten-free followers… simply because the food is outstanding. Contact Jeff THAUMIN – Business France On behalf of Noglu +1 416 977 1257 ext. 211 Hours - Restaurant Monday to Saturday: Lunch : 11:30 AM – 3 PM Dinner : 6 PM – 9 PM Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays: 10AM – 4PM Hours - Bakery Monday to Saturday : 8 AM – 8 PM Sunday : 8 AM – 6PM Reservations & Private Events By phone : +1 (646) 895 9798 By email : Noglu is available for private events. Find Noglu on Twitter and Facebook Noglu, 1266 Madison Avenue Manhattan For complete press release and menu, please click on the link below:  

So French, so good! France adds zest to its gourmet exports!

Milena SALCI - 15-juil.-2014 16:14:29

Interview : Christophe MONNIER, the expert for the Gourmet sector at UBIFRANCE What else could you expect from France, where gastronomic quality is so vital? Yet cultivating taste buds the world over also pays off in economic terms; French Gourmet as a sector is worth 7 Billion Euros, covering 250 categories, amounting to 16% of the French food industry’s total exports. 1200 companies, 90% of them SMEs, are actively seeking and opening up export markets. What French people consider as “typical”, the rest of the world perceives as symbolizing culinary art that can only be “Made in France.” Christophe Monnier, the expert for the Gourmet sector at UBIFRANCE, describes a high-end market with a broad range of dynamic diversity. He starts with baked goods, biscuits and chocolate, accounting for 50% of French gourmet exports. In the vast feast of consumables to be delighted in, two characteristically French trends stand out. First, there is an absolute respect for authentic flavor and tradition – neatly summed up by the French word terroir. Each gourmet product has its unique story, and that is how they need to be marketed. Secondly, with health concerns and awareness coming to the fore, carefully prepared organic and eco-friendly brands coming from France engender recognition and trust all around the world. Major players in the gourmet sector like Valrhona (high quality chocolates),  Rougi é  (famous French foie gras), Bridor (French bakery), Boiron Frères (fruit and vegetable coulis) and many other French companies are learning to be more reactive in providing service for their foreign accounts, to be more organized in responding to demanding foreign markets, in following up on orders quickly. Reliable logistics is the name of the game. Experts at UBIFRANCE like Christophe Monnier help up to 830 prospecting companies leverage their efforts in such programs as Saveurs de France, where French exporters demonstrate their know-how in new markets, such as in Latin America or in Asia. He also sets up highly selective – and profitable -- encounters with Purchasing Agents. Naturally, French suppliers devote their greatest effort to the French domestic market, eventually moving on to satisfy demand in French-speaking zones. Yet growth in 2013 was hard to come by in countries such as Switzerland (0.4%) and Belgium (4.2%), which offer relatively saturated outlets. Encouraged by the French emigration to London, more intrepid companies crossed the channel to the UK (8.9%). The companies in the know moved beyond these traditional markets. This is where double-digit sparks fly, with Austria (17.1%) and Russia (13.5%) providing substantial growth in 2013. In fact, the further exporters go, the bigger the rewards are. In Asia, China weighed in at 33.3%, Singapore at 14.3% and Hong Kong at 12.8% growth. As far as the Middle East is concerned, companies marketing gourmet to Dubai and Saudi Arabia were rewarded by a growth rate of more than 20%. According to Mr. Monnier, there are three prestigious showcases for French talent. He mentions SIAL and EUROPAIN known to be  venues where deals get done, especially for consumer products. The ultimate culinary event has to be the Cuisine Summit at SIRHA in Lyon. All the French know-how is mobilized to create an exceptional experience in 40,000 square meters, capped by the prestigious prize, the “Bocuse d’Or”, a televised cooking competition among the world’s most renowned chefs representing their countries. Only creative excellence, fabulous ingredients and culinary brio stand a chance of winning! Further information about French companies – Gourmet Sector : > Bakery, Grocery, Baked Goods, Miscellaneous  

Corsican Sun to Shine at Summer Fancy Food Show 2014

Geoffroy Thaumin - 16-juin-2014 22:00:43

Did you know Napoleon was born on an island? Located right between France and Italy, Corsica has been one of France’s greatest prides for centuries. Its many beaches and mountains have given her a unique nickname: the Isle of Beauty. And beautiful it is. And sunny. So sunny its ground bears gorgeous and delicious fruit every year. Olives, figs, mandarins, chestnuts, wheat… the Island produces numerous fruit varieties and thrives on many specialties: charcuterie, traditional goat and sheep cheeses, jams as well as cookies and beer to pair with them! The South Corsica Chamber of Commerce is accompanying 5 companies to the Summer Fancy Food Show (June 29 – July 1 / Level 3 – booths 620-626) along with samples of their food. If you plan on attending, you will be able to check the following facts with your taste buds: 1. Corsican cheeses show much, much character. Two different cheese producers will be attending the Show: Fromagerie Pierucci and Fromagerie Ottavi. Both fromageries have been making traditional cheeses for more than a century. Both have also developed their own unique recipes. For instance, Ottavi’s star cheese, Fleur du Maquis, is rolled in herbes de Provence to give it a unique, fresh taste. 2. Corsica does brew craft beers, and those beers have a twist. Have you ever heard of White Beers? Winter Beers? What about Chestnut Beer? Interested in learning more? Pietra’s recipe, unique in the world, gives it a lingering subtle bitterness. Powerful and delicate, robust and smooth, it possesses a beautiful amber color, and a strong, exquisite chestnut head. More information 3. As small as it is, Corsica offers about as many fruit varieties as the entire state of California. With more than 20 years of experience, Charles Antona is a leading Corsican specialty-foodstuffs producer.  Specialist of Corsican delicacies, mixing ancestral traditions and innovation, the brand knows how to blend original flavors and aromas to produce unique, flavorful pates, soups, nougats, chutneys, jams & jellies. For a better, healthier experience, all –their products are elaborated without added colors, preservatives or artificial flavors. More information. 4. Not all French cookies are colorful sandwiches filled with almond cream. Biscuiterie d’Afa has been specialized in the production of Canistrelli (traditional Corsican cookies originally made with white wine) for decades. Their products are created with tradition in mind-meaning no preservatives, no added colors, no hydrogenated fats and no GMO. Although their original recipes don’t always include white wine, they have developed many flavors such as fig, clementine, chestnut, myrtle… Yes: myrtle. More information.   More information & floor plan  in our press release 

French Food Connection Showcases French Gourmet Items during North American Tour

Sue Whalen - 11-nov.-2013 22:01:32

The French Food Connection 2013 just wrapped up a successful four-day tour across North America, traveling to Montreal and Chicago from October 21 to 24. This seventh edition of the event included companies with a range of unique items including, among others: rillettes, piment d’espelette spice, and premium organic flour. Each stop on the tour included seminars for the French suppliers and trade-only tastings for importers, distributors, brokers, retailers, chefs and journalists. The participating French exhibitors at the French Food Connection 2013 included: ·         Biscuiterie d’Afa , traditional Corsican cookies and pastries. ·         Corsica Gastronomia , a specialist of Corsican specialties such as jam, chutney and nougat. ·         Fromagerie Pierucci, Corsican goat cheese and sheep cheese. ·         GIE Corsic’Alive, Premium, extra-virgin, AOP-designated olive oil from Corsica. ·         GP Pays Basque/ Maison In’ona , Espelette chili spice in dried-whole and powder form. Other variations include sauces, purées, coulis, jelly, compote. ·         Les Salines de Guérande , gourmet sea salt in various forms, including flavored. ·         Louise Bon, gourmet lentils, lentil spread and chocolates filled with Champagne liqueur. ·         Moulins Decollogne , premium and organic flour dedicated to high-end foodservice users and retailers. ·         Provence Olives , fresh and pasteurized olives, tapenades, condiments, olive oil. ·         Rillettes & Cie , pork rillettes—a happy marriage of paté & tender morsels of meat (in 4 flavors: bergamot, white wine, green peppercorn, scallops). In addition, these companies also exhibited in Montreal: ·         Charcuterie Folacci, traditional Corsican charcuterie ·         Le Vallon des Auffes by Fonfon, bouillabaisse, fish soup, garlic mayonnaise, and rouille (mayonnaise with saffron) The French Food Connection is a professional food event organized by UBIFRANCE/the French Trade Office to help French food producers find the right buyers and develop their business in North America. Now in its seventh year, the French Food Connection continues to serve as a catalyst for the introduction of new French goods on the North American market. From artisanal cheeses and chocolates to gourmet salt and condiments, products for diverse pockets and palates are the de rigueur for each edition. To know more about this event, please visit our website , follow us on twitter , facebook and Pinterest    

PRESS: FDA Cancels Registrations of Food Facilities That Were Not Renewed in Time

Robert A. Hahn - 11-mars-2013 23:00:29

Some foreign food makers have recently found themselves unceremoniously purged from FDA’s database of registered facilities, and their products stopped at the port. Under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), all food facilities required to register with FDA must renew their registrations every two years, during the fourth quarter of every even-numbered year.  The first registration renewal period ended December 31, 2012, but was extended by FDA until January 31, 2013.  Food facilities that did not renew their registrations in time have had their registrations invalidated by FDA and will need to complete new registrations and obtain new registration numbers. Read the full article at the Ag/FDA Blog and follow us @UBIfoodbev .

PRESS: Coconuts, Beer? Six Food Trends for 2013

Elisabeth Weise - 24-janv.-2013 21:12:12

SAN FRANCISCO -- The hottest food trends this year: all things coconut, exotic oils, beer-laced products, regional heritage foods, herby drinks and spicy sweets. That’s what 18,000-plus buyers found this week at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. Each year, buyers for upscale delicatessens, groceries and shops scope out the newest thing in the cavernous Moscone Center, which for three days turns into the biggest, most over-the-top snack party imaginable. More than 1,300 companies display and offer tastings of their wares, vying to entice buyers with Italian cheeses and California jelly beans, and making forays into Korean seaweed snacks and artisanal pickles from New Jersey. Buyers come from around the country to see what’s hot. Some are from farther afield. Rajeev Lee and Allen Smith were scouting out new products for Maybury deli-supermarket in Dubai. "We cater to a lot of ex-pats, and these are the foods they want," Lee said. To read about all those hot trends, please go to , and follow us on twitter for more food-related news!

PRESS: More Consumers Buying Specialty Foods - 05-oct.-2012 00:33:35

More U.S. shoppers are buying specialty foods this year as they look to better-quality foods like chocolate, cheese and yogurt to liven up their everyday meals. According to new research from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade Inc. (NASFT), nearly two-thirds of consumers said they purchased specialty foods within the past six months, an 11 percent increase over 2011, and a big jump from the 46 percent who reported buying these products in 2009. “Specialty foods are continuing to make gains as more consumers across all age groups and regions are cooking, eating and talking about new foods and updated classics like never before,” said Ron Tanner, NASFT’s VP of communications and education. “This is a good sign for the $75 billion specialty food industry.” Chocolate is the top specialty food purchase reported for the second year, but cheese and yogurt show big gains. Men are buying more specialty food than ever before, and social media is abuzz about specialty food, with Facebook the predominant platform. Read the full article at  and follow us on twitter!

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