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Defymed Enters Partnership with Semma Therapeutics

PRESS RELEASE - 13-déc.-2016 18:26:41

Defymed enters partnership with Semma Therapeutics Strasbourg, 12 December 2016 - Defymed, a Strasbourg biotech company specialising in the development of bio-artificial organs, announces a strategic collaboration with Semma Therapeutics, an American biotechnology company specialising in the development of cell therapies for the treatment of diabetes, with the goal of developing of an innovative solution for treating type-1 diabetes. The collaboration is aimed at pre-clinical validation of the MAILPAN® bio-artificial pancreas, a device developed by Defymed, in combination with stem-cell derived differentiated insulin-secreting cells developed by Semma Therapeutics. The combination will be evaluated for effectiveness and safety, at first in vitro and then in an animal model. MAILPAN® is a medical device in the form of a pouch made of bio-compatible polymer comprising semi-permeable membranes that allow glucose, nutriments and oxygen to pass through and hence to reach the pancreatic cells contained in the device, delivering the insulin required to regulate the patient’s blood-sugar level. The membranes are impermeable to the immune system and its antibodies, thereby protecting the patient from rejection of the implanted cells. If successful, the collaboration could be an important step in the fight against the global epidemic of diabetes. Diabetes affects more than 420 million people globally, accounting for around $700B in healthcase spending. Type 1 diabetes alone accounts for $14.9 billion in healthcare costs in the U.S., with 1.25M patients on insulin therapy for the disease. In France, it is estimated that 300 000 people have type-1 diabetes, and 2 000 new cases are diagnosed each year. This therapy would potentially offer the patient an unlimited source of insulin-secreting cells, unlike pancreatic islets which are limited by their availibility. Additionally, the device should obviate the need for immuno-suppression treatment, as its membranes as expected to protect the encapsulated cells from any risk of rejection. The patient would no longer have to think about multiple insulin injections each day, as the MAILPAN® combined with Semma’s cells should deliver the right amount of insulin. Defymed’s autonomous and long-lasting medical device thereby is hoped to substantially reduce the complications connected with diabetes. “Semma Therapeutics’ expertise could represent a major new source for cells usable in our medical device,” said Dr Séverine Sigrist, Founding President of Defymed. “It is vital in Defymed’s strategy to validate our medical device with what are currently the most promising cells. We believe the approach developed by Semma is the most advanced worldwide. Everything points to our collaboration being a great success. So I welcome this partnership, which looks very promising indeed!” “Defymed offers one of the most promising options available today in terms of a third party immunoprotective device,” said Robert Millman, CEO of Semma Therapeutics. “We’re excited for the collaboration and look forward to the results.” This exemplary cooperation was recognized as “Best innovative trial design leading to a quicker and better therapeutic outcome” at the MedStartup - Galien Award event on 27 October 2016 in New York. For Defymed, the collaboration follows just six months after concluding a financial agreement for half a million dollars with the JRDF, a global foundation that funds research into treatment for type-1 diabetes. Defymed also has the support and accompaniment of Business France for its development in the United States. The Strasbourg biotech company is keen to become established in this important market in the very near future. About Defymed Defymed, a spin-off of the European centre for the study of diabetes CeeD (Centre Européen d’Étude du Diabète), is a biotechnology company set up in March 2011; it specialises in the design and development of innovative bio-artificial medical devices. Defymed’s initial focus is on developing an application for treating type 1 diabetes. The first product it has designed is MAILPAN©, an implantable bio-artificial pancreas intended to re-establish the normal production of insulin in type 1 diabetics. The MAILPAN© prototype was produced with financial support from the European Commission. The company owns exclusive technology that enables it to produce medical devices for use in other therapeutic applications. Defymed’s strength lies in its network of French and international partners. For more information, please visit About Semma Therapeutics Semma Therapeutics was founded to develop transformative therapies for Type 1 diabetes patients. Work in the laboratory of Professor Douglas Melton led to the discovery of a method to generate billions of functional, insulin-producing beta cells in the laboratory. This breakthrough technology has been exclusively licensed to Semma Therapeutics for the development of a cell-based therapy for diabetes. Ongoing research at Semma Therapeutics is focused on combining these proprietary cells with a state-of-the-art device to provide a true replacement for the missing beta cells in a diabetic patient without immunosuppression. Semma Therapeutics is working to bring new therapeutic options to the clinic and improve the lives of patients with diabetes. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit COMMUNIQUE DE PRESSE DEFYMED 8 Avenue Dante 67000 Strasbourg - France Tel. +33 (0)3 90 41 04 46 www. defymed .com Further information and visuals available on request from our press service: OXYGEN | Press contacts 2 Rue d’Ingwiller - 67000 Strasbourg [France] Elise Cordier +33 (0)3 67 22 03 25 - Jérémie Lotz +33 (0)6 11 25 48 05 -  

A Look Back: MEDSTARTUP 2016

Elsa RIVE - 22-nov.-2016 23:01:16

  A Look Back: MEDSTARTUP 2016 Business France & The Galien Foundation were pleased with the Medstartup Partnering Day where: NETWORK with +200 Leaders in the EHealth/Pharma/Medtech industrie SOURCE INNOVATION Meet with +50 innovative French Health Tech companies            EXPAND Identify strategic partners to access to the European market     For the second consecutive year, Medstartup was honored to involve inspiring leaders in the industry and fantastic jury composed by Bernard Poussot, Director, Roche Holding, Former Chairman & CEO, Wyeth - Roch DOLIVEUX - Honorary CEO, UCB -Mikael DOLSTEN - Global R&D President, Pfizer -Jean-Pierre GARNIER – Former CEO, GSK -Franz HUMER - Former CEO, Roche -François MAISONROUGE - Senior Managing Director, EvercorePartners -Paul STOFFELS - Chief Scientific Officer, Johnson and Johnson -Elias ZERHOUNI - Global R&D President, Sanofi Key Figures & Facts: +20 New EU-US collaborations per year +65% of C-Levels +550 BtoB Meetings +250  Leaders Every year, MedStartUp Program organized by the Galien Foundation & Business France encourages and rewards transatlantic partnerships in the Healthcare industries. The MedstartUp brought together:   50 highly innovative French companies in the healthcare industry and 200 American leaders in the Pharma/MedTech /Digital Health industries.  Watch the videos of two of the many of the innovative French companies that were at this year’s MedStartUp: Metabolys: Metabolys is developing breakthrough treatments for metabolic diseases with a particular focus on Type 2 Diabetes and NonAlcoholic SteatoHepatitis (NASH)   Protec’Som: Laboratoire Protec’Som is a French medical devices designer whose core jobs are Respiratory Drug Delivery and Protections against allergens. LLTech: In the clinical setting, LLTech seeks to improve clinical practice, patient comfort and hospital economics by accelerating and improving the diagnostic process as well as avoiding repeat procedures.         For further information, visit our website                

PRESS: Defymed Receives Support from JDRF to Fight Type 1 Diabetes

PRESS - 13-juil.-2016 00:41:48

Defymed Receives Support from JDRF to Fight Type 1 Diabetes JDRF will contribute up to $500,000 in funds to finance preclinical studies on the MAILPAN ® bioartificial pancreas NEW YORK, July XX 2016 – Defymed, a French biotechnology company specializing in the development of bioartificial organs today announced a partnership with JDRF, the leading global organization funding type 1diabetes (T1D) research. This new investment gives Defymed the opportunity to advance its pre-clinical studies in order to demonstrate the MAILPAN ® immunoprotection properties, safety and function. This is an essential step before beginning the clinical trials on humans. " JDRF is known as the number-one worldwide public foundation fighting type 1 diabetes. We are more than honored to be working with them for the necessary pre-clinical tests before starting the MAILPAN® clinical phase ," explains Dr. Séverine Sigrist, CEO of Defymed. " More than financial support, JRDF brings to us considerable visibility within the U.S. market and also provides strategic support in regards to finding a solution to encapsulating insulin-secreting cells to derive the benefits offered by this therapy to patients suffering from type 1 diabetes." With this support, Defymed will move significantly forward with clinical trials in humans. This new project, scheduled to take up to 24 months, will be conducted simultaneously as other research and development programs currently in progress at Defymed. It will allow Defymed to test the MAILPAN® bioartificial pancreas designed for type 1 diabetics through the preclinical phase in order to: - Strengthen the results on MAILPAN ® ’s immunoprotection properties in combination with insulin-secreting cells. - Confirm collected data on the MAILPAN ®’s functionality and safety , also in combination with insulin-secreting cells. MAILPAN® , a disruptive technology for a better life Almost 25 million people around the world suffer from type 1 diabetes. MAILPAN®, an implantable bioartificial pancreas, is a serious alternative to existing treatments. This medical device is designed to restore normal and continuous insulin production in diabetic patients. Implanted in the abdomen, it takes the shape of a pouch containing insulin-secreting cells. The potential of MAILPAN® will bring numerous advantages in comparison to current treatments (e.g., no anti-rejection drugs in case of pancreatic transplants, absence of multiple insulin injections per day). The bioartificial pancreas’ underlying principle’ is to encapsulate insulin-secreting cells between membranes impermeable to the immune system, but permeable enough for oxygen, nutrients, glucose and insulin. A bioartificial pancreas must fulfill three prerequisite functions: to protect transplanted cells from the patient immune system, to protect the patient from transplanted cells, and to maximize the function of the transplanted cells. The goal of the project is to ensure the function and safety of the medical device, utilizing Defymed’s expertise in the biomaterial and cell transplant , as well as preclinical validation and non-invasive imaging technologies. This strategic step for Defymed confirms the therapeutic interest of the MAILPAN® and will generate preclinical data that is absolutely necessary to build strong regulatory documentation for the MAILPAN® , associated with insulin-secreting cells, which will be necessary to bring it to clinical trials in humans. "JDRF is excited to announce its support of Defymed as it seeks preclinical validation of its MAILPAN® device, a project which is well aligned with JDRF’s Beta Cell Replacement strategy," said Derek Rapp, JDRF president and CEO. "By funding this type of research, we firmly believe we are moving one step closer to our goal of creating a world without type 1 diabetes. Major challenges for Alsatian biotech JRDF support appears as a testament of confidence and represents an important opportunity for Defymed to make significant strides in the biotech world. It will indeed bring more visibility and awareness to French biotech on an international platform. From a strategic standpoint, this financial support will also allow Defymed to pursue its development in Europe but also to prepare its entry in its new target market, the U.S. Defymed has also become a member of the encapsulation consortium, a key JDRF initiative. Its goal is to accelerate the development of a bioartificial pancreas for individuals living with type 1 diabetes. For the complete press release, click the link below    

A Big Leap in Corneal Grafts for the EUROBIO Firm

PRESS - 01-oct.-2015 00:11:31

European market leader in the corneal graft preservative media, the Eurobio firm received marketing authorization in the US for its product CorneaCold™. Paris, September 1st 2015. Eurobio received the FDA authorization (510k) for its corneal graft cold storage medium, CorneaCold™. EUROBIO is a dynamic and innovative firm and the current leader in the European market. The range of its products includes organ culture preservative media for corneal storage at 31°C, which is widely used in Europe. In September 2012, EUROBIO received the European marketing authorization and commercialized Cornea Cold™, a medium for corneal storage at 4°C. “This medium is very innovative and comes from our Research & Development service. It distinguishes itself from the existing media due to a better conservation of the corneal tissue over time, and showed better results regarding quality of the preserved tissues”, says Denis Fortier, CEO of EUROBIO. The American market is very important and its number of available tissues is by far the biggest in the world. “Obtaining this agreement offers great perspectives for strategic and economic development. Our Cornea™ range is extending and we are about to widen it with a brand new complementary concept, the i-Glide™: a truly innovating system for transportation and conservation of DSAEK grafts” adds Denis Fortier. Thanks to its strong experience and reputation in Europe, Eurobio received the key approval and establishes its presence in the US with the support of Business France and BPI France. For more than 50 years Eurobio has been developing and distributing products for Laboratories and Research Diagnostic taking into accounts the evolution of science and technology. The specialized nature of these products demonstrates Eurobio’s commitment to delivering high-quality products, services and support. EUROBIO has 3 business units: - EUROBIO Life Sciences that specializes in molecular biology and cellular culture - EUROBIO Diagnostic In Vitro for biomarkers and screening tests - EUROBIO PTA CE-DM for the conservation and transportation of corneas  

MedStartUp Delegation 2015 Spotlight: C..TEXDEV

C..TEXDEV - 29-sept.-2015 23:17:59

C..TEXDEV, Communication Solutions for People with Language Disorders Founded in 2012 by Frederic GUIBET in Normandy, C..TEXDEV is a French start-up, specializing in the design and development of communication applications. Frederic, the father of a little girl with autism, quickly realized that a tablet for his daughter was like a wheelchair for a person affected by a motor impairment. For this reason, he launched an innovative communication solutions for people with language disorders. Today, nearly 8% of the population of all ages is affected by this kind of disorder, which causes disability in the field of communication, social interaction, which all leads to lack of independence. Today, C..TEXDEV offers five applications for the well-being of people with language disorders CommunicoTool Essential : Encourages the expression of children with an easy and innovative exchange too. CommunicoTool Children : Improves the lives of children through an application composed of a communication interface and schedule. CommunicoTool Adults : Guides adults in their quest of expression through a communication application. CommunicoTool Pro : Supports health professionals during their sessions with patients thanks to a working tool which promotes exchange and learning. Doloris : Helps professionals and individuals locate and assess the degree of pain. To learn more about CommunicoTool, please click on the link below. Follow C..TEXDEV on twitter @CommunicoTool and on   To learn more about the Medstartup program:

MedStartUp Delegation 2015 Spotlight: DietSensor

PRESS - 28-sept.-2015 17:57:19

Pioneer in automatic nutrient tracking, DietSensor brings a new level of simplicity and accuracy to diet trackers for people overweight or with food-related chronicle diseases. It analyses the food with a click of a button using a micro scale and SCIO, the first molecular sensor that fits in a hand.   The Problems A good nutritional monitoring is essential in prevention and management of food-related chronicle diseases (Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, dyslipidemia, overweight and obesity). Overweight and obesity is the first non viral epidemic with 1,4 billion people worldwide.In 2014, diabetes caused $550 billion in health expenditure worldwide, 5 million premature death and 1 amputation every 30 seconds. This diabetes epidemic will grow by 55% by 2035, affecting 600 million people. The only digital solutions today in foodintake tracking are declarative journaling apps. 40 million american adults used them last year whereas 60% say that they try to track their diet. It seems that the majority of potential users is still waiting for a convenient way to track food. The Solution DietSensor is the easiest and most accurate nutrient and calorie counter on the market, thanks to its automatic food logging capabilities with connected sensors. It embeds all classical functions of state of the art manual diet tracking apps, and adds two revolutionary options, in order to offer an outstanding customer experience to its users: a micro connected scale and a molecular sensor that fits in the palm of its hand. With these sensors, food logging becomes a lot more simple and accurate than manual entries from lookup tables. The user just drops the food on its plate, press a button to illuminate (scan) it and the food is automatically logged into its meal, with the accurate weight and nutritional values that do not come from a standard list. DietSensor will collect 170+ fitness and health sensors and apps datas (calories burnt, sleep) to intelligently track exercise activity and automatically adjust goal recommendations. Clients Our first goal will be to help overweighed people monitoring their food intake to reach their fitness and diet goals (575 million in 12 western countries). Our second goal will be to enter the e-health market and help people with type 2 diabetes (350 millions worldwide) and type 1 diabetes (38 millions worldwide). Proposition By simplifying nutrients (carbs, fat and protein) and calorie counting in food and beverage, DietSensors mission is to empower and inspire people to eat and live healthier and to help them achieve their fitness goals. To fulfill this mission, DietSensor adds nutritional advice features before meal, during meal and after meal. Less effort and more feedback will set DietSensor value appart from its competitors! Partners   SCIO: we are strategic development partners of Consumer Physic. This is our differentiator Fatsecret: the 40 million users food database is embedded in our app as an alternative to SCIO, when necessary; this brings Fact. to the level of our best competitors Undisclosed industrial : for the first pocket Bluetooth scale Astek : for the IT development We will sell and support customers online with a community based business model, to foster P2P coaching and discussions, do customer acquisition and even shape the solution: “the food tracker run by you”. Other revenues could come from third party’s usage of our technology.   For the complete document, please click the link below:   To learn more about the Medstartup program:

Leaders in the Pharma, MedTech, and Digital Health Industries Set for MedStartUp 2015

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Short description Business France and the Galien Foundation proudly partner around MedStartUp program to support innovation and collaboration between French and American life sciences and healthcare entities. Description MedStartUp program seeks to create and foster worldwide innovation and collaborations in the biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceutical and digital health industries, and improve EU market access. This initiative furthers the world famous Galien Foundation’s mission of recognizing and rewarding excellence in scientific innovation to improve the state of human health. For this edition we have proudly selected and constituted a delegation of 52 highly innovative French companies and expect +250 American leaders within the Pharma / MedTech / Digital Health industries.  The program kicks-off with the  MedStartup Days on October 27 th  2015, at the Alexandria Life Sciences Center in New York City . The event will be opened and attendees welcomed by  Bernard Poussot , current Director at Roche Holding, Former President & CEO at Wyeth, and President of MedStartUp jury.  Joel Marcus , Founder & CEO of Alexandria Real Estate Equities has decided to bring his enthusiastic support in his premises by moderating a panel gathering some of the main New York life science investors. The event will  facilitate matchmaking and help US-French innovators to connect and discuss about potential collaborations.   This partnership event will take place  in the same time than   the Galien Forum.  This scientific forum organized by the Galien Foundation will gather  prestigious Chairmen, CEOs and Nobel Laureates . Please   click here   to learn more about the  tremendous program. The second facet of the program will be the MedStartUp Competition where U.S. and French participants will apply as a team by submitting a joint proposal by Tuesday, May 31, 2016.  A panel of  world renowned expert judges  will review collaborative proposals and announce the nine most innovative and promising US-French projects. Four winners will be announced during the 2016 USA Galien Price also in New York on September 2016. The last phase of the program will be the implementation of the winning projects, with support and guidance provided by Business France North America. To register and learn more about Medstartup: By attending Medstartup, attendees will  get access to the prestigious scientific  Galien forum  on October 27th 2015. To RSVP please contact us at . About the Galien Foundation  The Galien Foundation fosters, recognizes and rewards excellence in scientific innovation to improve the state of human health. Our vision is to be the catalyst for the development of the next generation of innovative treatment and technologies that will impact human health and save lives. The Foundation oversees and directs activities in the USA for the Prix Galien, an international award that recognizes outstanding achievements in improving the human condition through the development of innovative therapies. The Prix Galien was created in France in 1970 in honor of Galen, the father of medical science and modern pharmacology. Worldwide, the Prix Galien is regarded as the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in biopharmaceutical and medical technology research. For more information visit . For the complete list of the French participants for this years MedStartUp, please click on the link below:  

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