UbiMobility 2017: Business France and Bpifrance Accelerate 8 Innovative Startups and SMEs in the US Autonomous Vehicle Sector

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  UbiMobility 2017: Business France and Bpifrance Accelerate 8 Innovative Startups and SMEs in the US Autonomous Vehicle Sector - 8 startups selected by a jury of major actors in the connected and autonomous vehicle space in the United States - A 10-month acceleration program and 2 week immersion program in the automotive ecosystems of Detroit and San Francisco - It’s third edition underway, UbiMobility 2017 boasts two successful editions in its past March 13th, Intel announced the acquisition of the Israeli company Mobileye which specializes in driving assistance systems for 15 $ billion. The announcement boosts the race for new technologies in the autonomous and connected vehicle industries in the United States and opens up a major market for specialized startups.   Today, Business France and Bpifrance unveiled the 8 startups selected to participate in the 3rd edition of UbiMobility, an acceleration program in the connected and autonomous vehicle sector in the United States.    Beginning on June 3rd, the eight selected French companies will begin an intensive two-week immersion program presenting their technologies and developing partnerships with major U.S. players in the industry. UbiMobility will take the delegation to two major ecosystems in the automotive industry – Detroit/Ann Arbor and San Francisco / Silicon Valley.   Additionally, these eight startups will be part of a 10-month program where Business France will provide professional support, and guidance, in order to foster the relationships established between the French and American companies. For the third edition of UbiMobility, a jury comprised of representatives from key U.S. automotive companies selected the 8 startups from a pool of 20 pre-selected companies. The selected startups offer advanced technologies in the key areas of the connected and autonomous vehicles including advanced driving and safety, facial and vocal recognition, driver behavior and interaction, vehicle connectivity and software validation.   Supported by Bpifrance in their innovation efforts, most, if not all of these companies have made the United States their target market. Designed as a program to accelerate their integration onto the U.S. automotive industry, UbiMobility provides the opportunity for these eight companies to present their companies to the automakers, suppliers, VC, and research communities.   On site, each of them will benefit from personalized support from Business France. The goal is to build a lasting relationship with potential customers and strategic partners in the North American market.   The companies will receive coaching to adapt their message to the U.S. market. They will participate in targeted events bringing together the diverse members of the automotive / mobility communities and will benefit from a program of personalized BtoB meetings. While in the U.S., the UbiMobility delegation will meet with each jury member* and their autonomous and connected vehicle teams, including:   Ford Silicon Valley, Delphi, FCA, Valeo North America, The University of Michigan, WardsAuto, Magna International, The University of California – Berkeley and the Boston Consulting Group.    In addition to the jury, past meetings have included new automotive manufacturers and mobility companies such as Uber, Tesla, Faraday Future, Google, NVIDIA, venture capitalist firms and research institutions. This unique mixture of complete immersion and long-term professional support has demonstrated the program’s effectiveness of introducing French innovation onto the U.S. market.   Results from the first 2 editions of UbiMobility: - Coaching and development of 16 innovative startups and SMEs - 11 companies’ presence and expansion to the U.S. market (Actia, Vulog, Navya, Trust In Soft, - Roadeyes, Kronosafe, Optis, ESI Group, Prove & Run, Pradeo, Arkamys)   - Contracts or agreements signed for 75% of them (Actia, Vulog, Navya, Trust In Soft, Roadeyes, - Intempora, Krono-Safe, Optis, ESI Group, Prove & Run, Akoustic Arts, YoGoKo)   - 47.5 million euros raised for their international development   The stakes are high. Auto manufacturers, suppliers, Silicon Valley firms and local authorities are heavily invested in the development of autonomous and connected vehicles. The University of Michigan has developed Mcity, a unique test facility in the suburb of Ann Arbor, designed to test autonomous vehicles in real-life conditions. Thanks to UbiMobility, the 100 % electric and autonomous shuttle Navya was selected to be a part of the Mcity program. The integration of advanced technologies influences the emergence and deployment of the autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle. According to the Boston Consulting Group, a majority of urban consumers are mostly in favor of autonomous cars (58% in France, 52% in the United States). This new mode of transportation has considerable perceived benefits (parking, the possibility using travel time to accomplish tasks ...). Its generalization should have a major impact on mobility solutions. Nevertheless, this will only be possible if the safety of the user is guaranteed. As Hadi Zablit, BCG’s Senior Partner and Managing Director Paris, points out, security remains a concern for a significant portion of consumers and remains a major impediment. This reality opens up important market prospects for technological solutions that will contribute to the reliability of the autonomous vehicle. * The Jury for UbiMobility 2017:   Dr. Dragos Maciuca, Technical Director and Senior Technical Leader, Ford Research & Innovation Center, Palo Alto Mr. Drew Winter, Editor-in-Chief, WardsAuto World magazine, Senior Editor,, WardsAuto Ms. Françoise Colpron, Group President, Valeo North America Mr. Xavier Mosquet, Senior Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group Dr. Huei Peng, Director of the University of Michigan Mobility Transformation Center Dr. Gary O’Brien, Global Director of Avanced Engineering, Delphi   ·          Mr. Bret Scott, Head of Silicon Valley Future Technologies, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles   Mr. Ian Simmons, Vice President Business Development and Research and Development, Magna International Mr. Thomas West, Director of PATH - Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology, The University of California - Berkeley   The 8 startups selected for UBIMOBILITY 2017   Acapela Acapela Transport invents speech solutions to vocalize contents with authentic and ultra-natural voices in the transportation market. Over 100 synthetic voices in 34 languages are ready to give a voice to any content producing a natural and pleasant audio result, by turning written input into speech. Our natural voices are available on all main platforms (Cloud, Windows Server, Windows Desktop and mobile, Linux servers and embedded, OSX and iOS, Android…). By mixing two technologies (unit selections and concept-to-speech) we can now generate voices close to a human being in cars but also in other parts of multimodal transport (train, buses, planes…). Chronocam Chronocam is a Paris-based developer of biologically-inspired computer vision sensors and systems for autonomous navigation and IoT applications. Quite simply, its technology, which introduces a new computer vision paradigm based on how the human eye and brain work, significantly improves the performance and power efficiency of how computer vision can be implemented in a wide range of products and applications that improve the convenience and safety of our daily lives. CS Communications & Systèmes CS has developed an innovative technology that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the Verification and Validation (V&V) process for complex critical systems such as advanced automotive systems.   Its solution permits the generation of scripts of tests of hundreds of lines of code in several seconds, reducing significantly the cost of the tests. Dibotics LiDAR sensors are one of the key components of the Autonomous Car, as they allow for a precise 3D perception of the surroundings. However, they are still too expensive for mass-market adoption and are not giving keen resolution and detailed data compared to, for example, cameras. The real-time software of Dibotics permits the vehicle to know its precise location and to know its environment (obstacles, route, road markings…). Dynamixyz High quality facial analysis middleware which can be applied to a wide range of domains including the automotive industry. We have developed and showcased a car at the CES 2017 in partnership with Visteon which has the abilities to authenticate the driver, track its gaze and do simple expression analysis. This kind of technology is key to the development of ADAS. Neavia Technologies Neavia Technologies has more than 10 years’ experience in devices for ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems): smart cameras, wireless detection of transportation duration and communication vehicle to infrastructure (V2I). All these products for road infrastructure are contributing to better road management, more efficient traffic and to saving more lives. Pertech Pertech Solutions is a French company that designs technological and innovative solutions for Eye Tracking.   Eye Tracking consists of measuring the gaze direction of a subject in order to understand the interaction between the subject and his environment. The innovation is based on the development of high-performance algorithms and software, based solely on image processing techniques, without corneal reflection (without IR), enabling accurate, robust, fast pupillary tracking which is non-intrusive, simple too implement (a few seconds), not influenced by conditions of brightness and without any constraint related to the acquisition equipment (camera). Smart Me Up Computer vision deals with how computers can gain high-level understanding from digital images or videos. It can detect and identify any object in a scene. Vision intelligence goes beyond that definition by understanding the context of the scene and reporting the information (drowsiness detection, car accident detection, pedestrians crossing the road).   At Smart Me Up we bring vision intelligence into cars to create the autonomous car of tomorrow. In fact, it is a light and an affordable solution that can be embedded in any type of camera or OS.   CONTACT   For North America Business France: Mick SALAS: +1 312-327-7710 - Omar JANJUA : +1 (416) 903-1258 -                                                 For France: Business France: Clément MOULET: +33 (0)1 40 73 35 31 – Bpifrance: Nathalie POLICE: +33 (0)1 41 79 95 26 - About Business France: Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France.   Created by the fusion of UbiFrance and the French Agency for International Investments on January 1 st , 2015, Business France counts 1500 collaborators in France and in 70 countries throughout the world.   It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program . For more information:     About Bpifrance   : Bpifrance finances businesses through loans, guarantees, and equity during all stages, from the seed phase to transfer and listing on the stock exchange. In partnership with Business France and Coface, Bpifrance accompanies firms developing export activities and provides support for their innovation projects.   Bpifrance offers businesses the benefit of a powerful contact, one who is readily available and able to efficiently respond to their financing needs during For more information:  


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ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. –   A.Raymond Tinnerman Automotive, Inc. and Rayconnect, Inc., members of the ARaymond Network of companies, are preparing to celebrate the group’s 150th anniversary this year. Anniversary celebrations are planned at all of the network’s six North American facilities in the United States and Canada. In North America, Rayconnect manufactures fluid connectors and A.Raymond Tinnerman Automotive manufactures clips, fasteners and fixations. The two companies have sales, engineering and manufacturing facilities in the Detroit suburbs of Rochester Hills and Auburn Hills, other North American facilities are located in Brunswick, Ohio; Logansport, Ind.; Flemingsburg, Ky. and Hamilton, Ontario. The clips, fasteners and fixations offered by A.Raymond Tinnerman Automotive are used for various vehicle components including airbags and door systems. The company also provides assembly-line analysis, process development and increased automation as part of a comprehensive strategic approach for improving customer productivity. Fluid connectors offered by Rayconnect equip fluid-handling systems throughout a vehicle. Rayconnect also offers dedicated design and production solutions that help to meet simplification, weight reduction, automation and cost-reduction standards for fastening and assembly. A leading supplier to automotive manufacturers around the world the ARaymond Network is an industrial success story that started in France 150 years ago with the invention of a press-stud that fastened buttons onto gloves. The ARaymond Network is headquartered in Grenoble, France, and today employs 5,500 employees in 18 countries at 23 production sites and 11 design offices throughout the world. Started by Albert-Pierre Raymond and continued by four generations of entrepreneurs from the Raymond family (all with the first initial “A”), the ARaymond Network has become a leading global supplier to the automotive industry. In addition to the auto industry, the ARaymond Network also operates across a diverse set of industries such as heavy truck, consumer appliances, energy, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. The group’s core skills include: • Engineering and services within its customer networks; • Metal processing; • Plastic injection molding; • Production of adhesives, and • Automatic, high-speed assembly of parts made of metal, plastic or a combination of both. “We are an industrial family-run business, rich in 150 years of history,” said Antoine Raymond, president ARaymond.” And I am always impressed by the progress made since then. Our first innovations met the needs of regional manufacturers of gloves and shoes. We have, since 1865, combined our skills and knowledge to gradually acquire control in assembling and fastening technologies and to offer them to industries around the world.” Since its inception in 1865, the ARaymond Network has become a world leader in assembly technology with a history marked by defining inventions. A core value of the Network, innovation always has been encouraged and developed within the company. In its 150 years, four generations of the Raymond family have continued the pioneering spirit of the founder with determination to innovate and maintain its status as a family business. ### For more information, visit . Company Contacts: Amy Jacobs A.RAYMOND TINNERMAN INDUSTRIAL, Inc. Phone: + 1 734.934.2783 Email: Media Contacts: Jack Ferry or Merle Lueckens AutoCom Associates Phone: +1 248.647.8621 Email: or        

UBIMOBILITY 2015 : Connected Cars

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Ubimobility is a unique project which focuses on connected and autonomous vehicles. Business France worked with the French automotive, transportation and IT industries and clusters to identify up and coming French companies which had innovative technology related to autonomous and connected vehicles. The companies were evaluated and a panel of industry judges selected the 8 most promising companies. These companies participated in a 17 day mission to the U.S. to jump-start their entry onto the North American market. During their stays in Detroit/Ann Arbor, Chicago and San Francisco, the companies met automakers, suppliers, think-tanks, universities, potential partners and investors. ACTIA® Actia is a group with a global presence, specialized in Telematics platform, Diagnostics and EE Architecture. ACTIA presents the ACU-III (third generation connectivity platform), a cross segment telematics platform for Automotive, Fleet and Asset Management. ACU-III is a Scalable and Modular Telematics range for low-end, mid-end and high-end automotive requirement. The same SDK (GENIVI compliant and Diagnostics compliant) covers all the range. Watch their video here . XEE Eliocity has developed Xee , the first Open Platform for connected cars operating in Europe. Xee connects cars to offer motorists a panel of apps that make their driving experience smarter, safer, and cheaper. The Xee link is a high-tech device that locates the vehicle, detects impacts and movements, and reads all useful car electronic information. It transfers real-time car data to the Smartphones or directly to the Cloud onto a platform that is open to developers and to companies that want to create their own connected web and mobiles services.  Watch their video here . INTEMPORA Intempora provides the RTMaps technology, a modular software development and execution platform for the design of real time, heterogeneous multi-sensor applications and systems. It provides an easy-to-use, highly optimized, component-based environment for the development, testing, validation of your ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles software. Watch their video here . KRONO-SAFE The breakthrough technology of Asterios relies on: • A new formalism to express parallelism ; • A new algorithm to guarantee determinism ; • A new tool to automate software integration. With Asterios it is now very simple to get embedded software which is safe, efficient and flexible. Watch their video here . NAVYA Navya is a French company providing 100% Driverless & Electric transport solutions based on fleets of shuttles.Already more than 8,000 kilometers travelled and 11,000 passengers transported. NAVYA shuttles can operate on every closed-circuit, improving mobility on “first and last kilometers”. The NAVYA solution is very flexible because it does not require any infrastructure: the circuit can be changed easily and quickly. Watch their video here . ROAD EYES Improving road safety: this is the mission Road Eyes has set itself. Their products, under the name RoadEyesCams, use advanced technologies and long-lasting components to improve road safety. • Wide Angle camera: A set of four LEDs = perfectly recorded by day or night. • GPS Tracker chip: associated with Google Maps. • Gyroscopic sensor: The “G shock sensor” system records all your vehicle’s movements. • Auto-Rec: The recordings are saved in a loop on the preformatted SD card provided. Watch their video here . TRUST-IN-SOFT TrustInSoft publishes the award-winning TrustInSoft Analyzer, a source code analysis tool. Its unique value proposal is its ability to mathematically guarantee that a given source code is free from even the most insidious known flaws, significantly reducing risk and lowering security costs. TrustInSoft Analyzer’s differentiator is its ability to exhaustively detect all vulnerabilities of a given kind. Work with us to validate your custom software solutions and reduce your risk of product recalls, accidents, and lawsuits. Watch their video here . VULOG Vulog is a market leader in car-sharing technology, and has designed a turnkey vehicle-agnostic solution with frontend, backend, and on-board hardware aimed at mobility operators. Vulog has a core expertise on new generation car sharing service such as one-way and free-floating. Our ambition is to support our operator customers by implementing Car Sharing services that offer a high-quality user experience and ensure efficient management of the service. VULOG’s in-car technology was developed to comply with automotive industry standards and we work with car manufacturers to certify its vehicle installation process. Watch their video here .

PRESS RELEASE : IsoTemp®, the new line of refrigeration upfit solutions by GRUAU

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RECAP : Gruau presenting their products at this years Work Truck Show  here   Chicago- February 4, 2015 IsoTemp®, the new line of refrigeration upfit solutions by GRUAU GRUAU is Europe’s leading utility vehicle manufacturer and commercial van upfitter. On the occasion of the Work Truck Show, GRUAU is showcasing its unique IsoTemp® refrigeration solution. Part of the IsoVan® family of purpose-built commercial van upfits, this solution is already available for the full range of commercial vans sold on the U.S. market- including the new Mercedes Metris. Come experience the innovative temperature efficient, lightweight and form-fitting IsoTemp® system at GRUAU’s Work Truck Show booth # 3150 from March 4-6, 2015. Since 1889 GRUAU has developed and manufactured transportation solutions for public and private sector clients worldwide. Upfitting 45,000+ vehicles per year for clients across a wide variety of industries, GRUAU identified a need for high performance refrigeration and insulation upfit solutions. Using its extensive commercial van experience, the IsoTemp® and IsoChem® product series were born. IsoTemp® is a complete refrigeration upfit solution that includes lightweight, low-profile modules designed for efficient climate control while retaining maximum cargo space and preserving the vans exterior. Standard versions are available for MERCEDES (Sprinter, Metris), FORD (Transit, Transit Connect), RAM (Promaster, Promaster City), CHEVROLET City Express, NISSAN NV200, ... The IsoChem® series provides a purpose-built insulation and/or climate control solution. It also features an impervious and easy-to-clean finish that is ideal for transporting hazardous materials. In order to respond to the specific needs of its clients, from small businesses to large corporations, both IsoTemp® and IsoChem® can be customized for: IsoTemp : - Food Delivery - Biomedical Transport - Catering IsoChem : - Chemical Transport - Pest Control Vehicles - Pharmaceutical Transport About GRUAU: GRUAU is the N°1 Light Commercial Vehicle upfitter in Europe converting more than 45,000 vehicles per year for companies around the world. Under the umbrella of the GRUAU GROUP, the company is a referenced supplier to 34 international vehicle brands, and it designs, manufactures and commercializes more than 20 product lines. For more than 30 years under the leadership of Patrick Gruau, 5th generation, our family Group continues to grow. The companys 15 locations (including 3 abroad: Poland, Spain and Algeria) employ a total of 1,100 people. Press contact GRUAU: Laëtitia Chauveau PR & Communications Manager +33 (0) 6 31 51 40 75

Meet Exoes, Valeo, Mecatraction, and Scoma - SAE Comvec 2013

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The Truck Tech France delegation came to the U.S. from September 30 – October 3 to participate in the SAE Commercial Vehicle Show, attend key meetings with U.S. Truck Manufacturers and to network with industry professionals. The group, comprised of 10 French equipment manufacturers for the truck industry showcased innovative technologies to the North American Commercial Vehicle industry. This year, Ubifrance was thrilled to again present a diverse delegation of suppliers including: Valeo Compressors, Hutchinson, Exoès, Altran, IFP Energies nouvelles, Loiselet, Pernoud, Saft, Scoma, and Mecatraction. Exoès specializes in the reduction of vehicle fuel consumption through innovative Rankine waste heat recovery modules. Relying on exhaust heat recovery, their patented product EVE, Energy Via Exhaust, reduces fuel consumption by 5% for HCV’s and demonstrates a payback of 1 year. Mecatraction designs and manufactures electrical power terminals and connectors for the automotive, railway and aerospace industries. Their range of products include watertight solutions for copper and aluminum cables, busbars, polarized copper lugs, low resistivity eyelets, nickel-plated connecting plates for battery cell connections, and more. Mecatraction’s expertise with respect to choice of material, coating and especially the crimping design yields connectors with maximum efficiency that achieve high performance requirements. Valeo Compressors provides compressors for automotive and heavy duty air conditioning systems, including controlled air conditioning compressors with reduced energy requirements. Its broad product line includes both fixed displacement and variable displacement models, with several technology types, such as swash plate, vane rotary and reciprocating compressors. SCOMA offers tailor made and customized conception & production of security parts for commercial vehicle and special driveline technology. Its products range from tie rods, torque rods and drag links to stabilizer rods, V-rods and ball joints which are largely used throughout the automotive and truck industries.   For further information on our participants, please contact Georges Ucko.

UBIFRANCE at the SAE Comvec Show 2013

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The Truck Tech France delegation comes to the U.S. from September 30 – October 3 to participate in the SAE Commercial Vehicle Show, to attend key meetings with U.S. Truck Manufacturers and to network with industry professionals. The group, comprised of 10 French equipment manufacturers for the truck industry will showcase innovative technologies to the North American Commercial Vehicle industry. This year, Ubifrance is thrilled to again present a diverse delegation of suppliers including: Valeo Compressors, Hutchinson, Exoès, Altran, IFP Energies nouvelles, Loiselet, Pernoud, Saft, Scoma, and Mecatraction. To learn more about the delegation and opportunities for a meeting, please contact Brendon Perret at 312 327 5255, , or visit the group at Booth 212 at the SAE Commercial Vehicle show in Rosemont, Illinois.

PRESS: Advances in Carbon Composite Materials Technologies

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  NCMS Presents Highly Successful LAMP Program to French Delegation Ann Arbor, Michigan – June 24 th , 2013 – The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) hosted the French Lightweight Vehicle Partnership Delegation at its headquarters Wednesday, June 19th.  The purpose of the meeting was to present the outcomes of NCMS’ highly successful Lightweight for Automotive Materials Program (LAMP) to representatives from ten companies from France doing work in the same field, in return, NCMS and its members learned about the advances these companies were making throughout Europe and discussed collaboration opportunities. LAMP is a Department of Energy funded Program which spanned 5 years, included 9 collaborative projects with 32 participants and 1:1 industry cost-share.  A showcase program for NCMS, LAMP succeeded in laying the groundwork for the now launching and much anticipated Grid Initiative which is working to bring digital manufacturing tools, such as modeling and simulation to the Nation’s small and medium sized manufacturers, a collaborative effort proven by LAMP. NCMS members Dow Chemical, MAG-IAS, Wayne State University, University of Massachusetts – Lowell, Dassault Systemes Simulia, Michigan State University and L&L Products were all in attendance and presented on their respective research and technologies. “Since 1986, NCMS has been the leader in collaboration”, stated Matthew Sakey, Global Brand Manager, “we’ve never limited ourselves to technologies found solely here in the U.S., and with this event, we learned there are many ways in which the U.S. and France can work together to advance carbon composite materials technologies and look forward to moving the relationships we began this week, forward.” The French Trade Commission in the USA, UBiFRANCE, coordinated the visit of the French Technologies for Vehicle Weight Reduction delegation which included representatives from Cetim, Chomarat, Ellium , Hutchinson, IFP Energies nouvelles, Loiretech, Laboratoire Ondes et Milieux Complexes (LOMC, a joint-lab between Le Havre University in Normandy and the French National Center for Scientific Research, CNRS), Pinette Emidecau Industries, LUTB Transport and Mobility Systems, and MOV-EO. “The opportunity to meet and exchange with the members of the LAMP consortium provided the French lightweight vehicle delegation a much broader appreciation of the types of composite research, simulation and production being conducted in the U.S.”  stated Molly Swart, Senior Trade Advisor – Automotive at the French Embassy Trade Office, UBiFrance, “Members of the delegation have indicated an interest to further the dialogue in additional areas of research including exotic metals, aluminum, and resin injection used in multi material assemblies.” The French Lightweight Vehicle Partnership Delegation is a consortium of companies working in the fields of advanced materials and innovative processes for vehicle weight reduction. The delegation includes suppliers, research laboratories, universities and representatives of the French automotive clusters seeking collaborative research partnerships and commercial opportunities in the U.S. and in Canada.  For more information visit About the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, the largest cross industry collaborative Research & Development consortium in North America, is dedicated to driving innovation in commercial, defense, robotics and environmentally sustainable manufacturing. NCMS has over 26 years of experience in the formation and management of complex, multi-partner collaborative R&D programs, and is backed by corporate members representing virtually every manufacturing sector.  For more information on NCMS, visit NCMS rolled out its plan to revitalize American manufacturing in 2011, forming the Digital Manufacturing Strategic Interest Group (DM SIG), a collaboration of hardware and software providers, industry, and academia, collectively advising development of a national grid for manufacturers, a physical and virtual collaborative environment to drive adoption of essential 21 st century tools. For more information on NCMS’ digital manufacturing initiative please visit . Complete article:

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