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Smoove becomes the first operator to provide an African city with bike-sharing program

PRESS RELEASE - 07-nov.-2016 16:43:48

  Smoove to provide Marrakesh with self-service bike-sharing scheme   Smoove becomes the first operator to provide an African city with bike-sharing program     Marrakech will be the first city in Africa to implement a  bike-sharing scheme Launch of 300 self-service bikes for COP22 in Marrakesh (7 th -18 th November) Having already implemented self-service bike schemes in Moscow, Vancouver, Helsinki and Slough, Smoove aims to increase its international presence further and hopes to offer bike-sharing solutions in other parts of the UK. They are currently working on a ‘call for tender’ for a bike-sharing scheme in Brighton    Smoove won the tender organised by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) to roll out a fleet of self-service bikes for COP22, the UN Climate Change Conference, which is taking place from 7 th -18 th November 2016 in Marrakesh. Medina Bike , set up in partnership with local organisation ‘Estates Vision’, will be the equivalent of Boris Bikes in Marrakesh and the first city in Africa to benefit from such a scheme. The fleet, of 300 bikes and around 10 stations, will be installed in the most emblematic locations of the city, such as Koutoubia or Majorelle Garden. The service will be inaugurated for COP22 and will be maintained over time with a renewable contract for an initial term of five years. Similar to Moscow, Helsinki and Vancouver, the low-cost Medina Bike model will include the contribution of a sponsor, which has not yet been selected. Medina Bike is one of the ways to meet King Mohammed VI’s and the Moroccan Government’s goals on practical initiatives for sustainable development for COP 22. The project, which is an initiative of the Moroccan Ministry of the Environment, organised by UNIDO and funded by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), confirms Morocco’s commitment to the fight against the negative impact of climate change. The twenty-second session of the Conference of Parties (COP22) will bring together 197 states and, according to the organisers, will be the COP of action. “ Bikes were once one of the main means of transport in Marrakesh, but have gradually lost ground. We hope that Medina Bike will bring about a cycling revolution. We are very proud to have won this prestigious tender. It marks our commitment to promote self-service bike-sharing schemes for more pleasant, greener cities. Thank you Marrakesh! The so-called ‘red city’ has made Smoove the first  bike-share provider in Africa! " explains Laurent Mercat, CEO of Smoove. Smoove is one of the leading bike-share providers in the world thanks to its innovative solutions: robust, smart bikes with embedded communication technology (‘Smoove Box’) and light, free-standing stations powered by solar energy with no major or civil works required for installation. Smoove’s technological know-how has enabled it to offer an ‘overflow’ feature so that a bike can be returned even if the station is full. Thanks to these competitive advantages, Smoove has experienced accelerated international growth this year. “ This project in Marrakesh is the perfect way to end a very busy and successful year for Smoove. In spring, we installed a fleet of 1,500 bikes in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, followed by fleets in Vancouver, Canada, in July and in Shymkent and Almaty in Kazakhstan later in the summer. We also carried out the second phase of roll-out in Moscow where there are now more than 3,450 bikes !" comments Hélène Papa, Marketing and Communication Manager. Well positioned to renew fleets in major cities “ Our facilities in major cities across the world theoretically make us a strong contender for the renewal of all the first generation contracts, such as Vélib in Paris ," adds Laurent Mercat, CEO of Smoove. Competing for the tender alongside Indigo, Moventia and their new shareholder Mobivia, all experts in the field, Smoove has been selected in the competitive dialogue procedure to renew the “Vélib” fleet in Paris. Their bid is in progress and the operator will be chosen in April 2017. Smoove generated €8 million (around £7.2million) in revenue in 2016. This revenue, like the number of employees, has doubled every two years since the company was formed. Their 2017 objectives are even more ambitious. Fifteen per cent of the revenue is reinvested in R&D to meet the demands of the city of the future (E Bike, bluetooth connection, mobile application, IoT, etc.) to better ‘facilitate sustainable mobility’. For more information about MEDINA BIKE / ESTATES VISION , please visit: www.medinabike.ma For further information on SMOOVE, please contact :   Laurent Mercat , CEO of Smoove   l.mercat@smoove.fr   / +33 4 67 67 89 00   Hélène Papa , Marketing and Communication Manager   h.papa@smoove.fr / +33 6 75 64 96 68 / 04 11 57 01 19   @Smoove_Off     W    www.smoove.fr /newsroom   For further information on this press release, please contact: Catherine Ryall, Business France UK Press Office Email: catherine.ryall@businessfrance.fr Web: www.youbuyfrance.com/uk/      

TK’Blue, rating transport to improve its economic and societal performance

PRESS RELEASE - 23-sept.-2016 22:09:36

  Founded in 2011, TK’Blue is an accreditation and rating agency specializing in goods transport. It takes the form of a service platform for the sector’s various players – carriers, shippers and freight forwarders – covering all modes of transport: road, rail, sea, river and air. In line with EU directives, it allows organizations to evaluate and manage the societal and environmental impact of their transport operations, taking into account all the negative externalities engendered (greenhouse gases/CO 2 , particles, pollution, noise, congestion, accidents, etc.). TK’Blue accredits carriers based on an online questionnaire, awarding them a TK’T score in the process. The score is directly proportional to the quality of their equipment, their facilities and the training they offer their drivers. This accreditation is free of charge for road haulage firms. The analytical criteria used are tailored to the specificities of each mode of transport and were selected and validated by experts, scientists and European transport professionals. The TK’T score is the first to offer shippers an objective assessment of the performance they can expect from the transport fleets of their service providers, allowing them to identify any improvement areas to work on with the latter. Shippers can also take advantage of detailed and constantly updated environmental and societal information regarding their transport operations. This allows them to perfectly meet the latest reporting requirements in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and their CSR commitment. TK’Blue’s current clients are major shippers (Carrefour, Procter&Gamble, Sanofi, Castorama, METRO, Adisseo, BIC, Bekaert, Schneider Electric, Séphora, etc.) and thousands of carriers in Europe Philippe Mangeard, President and Founder of the agency, underlined its ambition to “Improve the economic and environmental performance of the transport services provided to shippers by raising the profile of carriers that offer the best equipment and personnel, thereby going beyond a rationale that focuses solely on the price of transport and boosting the reliability, security and punctuality of operations”. Bolstered by its success in France, the TK’Blue agency is now keen to place its innovative service platform at the disposal of international clients, particularly in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. It is currently seeking partners and customers who will act as early adopters in these countries.     About TK’Blue: TK’Blue is a non-financial transport rating agency that takes the form of a service platform. It evaluates, rates and values the environmental performance of every stakeholder in the chain – be they carriers, freight forwarders or shippers – in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements relating to CO 2 emissions and CSR, at both national and European level. Its cross-European governance, which includes more than 60 individuals representing the logistics chain’s various stakeholders, experts and operators, enhances its legitimacy, as well as its credibility, evolution, fitness for purpose and independence in the long term.   TK’Blue and environmental analysis specialists Vigeo Eiris signed a methodological partnership in 2016. For more information, visit: https://www.tkblueagency.eu   For more information:     TK’Blue Agency   Contacts:   In English: Karim Nemouchi – karim.nemouchi@tkblueagency.eu - +33 7 68 64 16 35 In German: François Mebs – francois.mebs@tkblueagency.eu - +33 6 78 60 37 42   info@tkblueagency.eu   www.tkblueagency.eu  

French Transport Tech Tour 2014 - Chicago & Toronto : French companies in the transportation and urban mobility sectors discover the specificities of the North American market.

Camille POYSAT - 25-juil.-2014 19:39:04

  Ubifrance North America organized a trade mission in Chicago and Toronto from June 17 th to 20 th , 2014 bringing France-based companies involved in the transportation and urban mobility sectors to discover the specificities of two key regions of the North American market (Chicago and Toronto are the 4 th and 5 th cities respectively in North America in terms of population). The delegation was composed of experts in the areas of passenger information systems, automation components and rail networks maintenance. In Chicago, they met companies such as the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority), Alstom TLS, Veolia Transportation or GE Transportation. In Toronto, the delegation was introduced to the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission), Metrolinx, the York Region Transit Agency and Thalès Canada. The visits were supplemented by information sessions about the North American transportation industry and networking receptions in both cities. This mission had many constructive exchanges and meetings in markets sometimes considered difficult to access, in particular due to issues related to public procurement procedures and local industrial benefit constraints, such as the “Buy American Act”. As seen in the video below, the French companies were very satisfied with the work done by Ubifrance North America. Some participants have already confirmed their interest in participating in the 2015 French Transport Tech Tour (location to be determined) or in pursuing their projects with Ubifrance on an individual basis. Chicago Contact: Camille Poysat Toronto Contact: Morgan Maison   Watch video below (French)    

France’s difference when it comes to Intelligent Transportation Systems

martine.joly - 20-juin-2014 12:39:12

  The trend, across cities around the world, is for ever-higher densities in urban population. Benoît Perino, UBIFRANCE’s expert on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs), says that, once a city reaches a critical size (i.e. a population density of up to 20,000 people per square kilometre), urban mobility becomes a paramount issue. Public-sector authorities need to solve such issues as to how to manage road traffic flows, give commuters up-to-the-minute information, and run efficient back-office payment systems to make these essential services financially viable.    High tech makes a difference, and France has been a precursor in ITS technology for over 40 years now, designing and building ‘the future is now’ solutions. The ITS market in France is worth €4 .5 billion per year, generating 45,000 jobs. Naturally, Paris is the premier showcase, although every major French city displays impressive achievements in urban transportation.   In Paris, the métro is being automated and ‘traditional’ tickets are on their way out, being replaced by dematerialized Near Field Electronic paid-entry systems such as Navigo that whisk passengers through the turnstiles. Navigo will soon to be deployed across Thalys services — the bullet train serving the high-speed line between Paris and Brussels. One of the key players behind these ultra-efficient, yet complex, ticketing solutions is ERG Transit Systems SA — a specialist company capable of designing ITS ticketing systems for target groups of users ranging from 10,000 to 10 million passengers a day, in cities such as Hong Kong, Melbourne, Rome, Singapore, and maybe San Francisco soon.   Managing environmental impact and highway safety is a prime concern, and French technology has met another ITS challenge on its highways (the country’s autoroutes ), providing traffic reports and free-flow tollbooth collection (or ETC, for Electronic Tolling Collection). This complex mix of infrastructure and back-office consolidation of on-line toll collection works now in the United States, while respecting each individual state’s strenuous and complicated guidelines for toll-collection management, yet still designing a reliable, interoperable system that makes financial sense.   Systems have also been designed to identify licence plates on trucks in order to apply the eco-tax, as the vehicles pass under electronic sensory equipment. Obviously, a variant of this multi-mode system is equipment that checks for vehicles exceeding the speed limit, combined with the processing of massive volumes of data in order to properly assess fines.   French players have developed solutions that are environmentally and user friendly. Autolib , introduced by Blue Solutions, Bolloré SA’s subsidiary, has put up to 1,800 electric cars on the streets of Paris and its region (with 59 suburbs of the French capital included in the scheme) – an environmentally friendly initiative soon to be launched in Indianapolis (USA), where the scheme will be known as Speedy Car .   Any visitor to Paris has seen, or perhaps even used, Vélib’ bikes to get around. The Vélib’ scheme, launched and managed by JC Decaux SA in 2007, maintains a fleet of 17,000 bicycles used by an average of 85,810 riders every day and extends to over 30 suburbs. The running of the Vélib’ scheme requires real-time back-office management software and a convenient, yet secure payment system — always the prime ingredients for a successful ITS.   What about the role of UBIFRANCE, France’s export-support agency ? UBIFRANCE interacts with the key players in the sector, such ATEC ITS France ( www.atec-itsfrance.net ), a professional association that brings all the ITS industry together in order to shape the public debate and lobby in favour of future land-based transportation projects. Another important player is TOPOS, an association that is particularly active in the south-west of France ( www.tops-aquitaine.org ) and has a special interest in developing geo-localization in the transportation field. In fact, a highlight with an international dimension for the entire sector will be the World Congress for ITS in Bordeaux (in south-western France), to be held from 5 to 9 October 2014.   As Benoît Perino of UBIFRANCE sees it, “There is a high potential for ITS in France and internationally. There are a lot of French SMEs with great, highly advanced technologies. Our role at UBIFRANCE is to accompany them, so that they can meet local operators and authorities throughout the world and have their technology integrated into turnkey projects.”   Further information about French companies:   BMIA COMATIS LOGIROAD MIOS Other companies in the field of urban transport Other companies in the field of transportation

Vivapolis : sustainable urban development

martine.joly - 07-mai-2014 14:48:11

Interview Caroline Olivier, Environment Project Manager - UBIFRANCE Imagine the city for tomorrow. That’s the daily challenge many French companies are ready to meet today, all of them re-grouped under the brand Vivapolis. French know-how in providing solutions definitely has takers elsewhere in the world. Today, major cities throughout the world are searching for very specific expertise when it comes to developing, renewing and re-inventing themselves. France certainly has the high caliber players -- Bouygues, Vinci, Eiffage, Alstom, Veolia, Egis – to go along with innumerable SME positioned on very technological niche markets that respond to crucial challenges for tomorrow. Initiated by French public authorities, Vivapolis regroups the wide range of expertise French companies have to offer to meet the needs of cities all around the world. “Simply because it is always easier to focus attention on a name everyone can recognize,” explains Caroline Olivier, Environment Project Manager at Ubifrance. More than 70 French enterprises focused on sustainable cities have risen to the challenge by joining Vivapolis. Certified know-how Demonstrations of their know-how abound: whether it’s the Grand Paris, Grand Lyon, the Euro-Mediterranean project in Marseille, the Urban Community of Bordeaux, among other initiatives. For all of these sites, there are several issues that need to be faced: mobility, managing energy, pollution… One common thread shared by all of these urban development projects involves improving the quality of life and social cohesion in these cities to make them more attractive. Several ambitious projects have been started to develop responses. One key example is the Auto-Lib system in Paris to reduce circulation in the city with non-polluting electrical cars. Bordeaux Euratlantique, an extensive construction endeavor, reveals the wide scope of action Vivopolis is capable of.   Relying especially on the development of eco-quarters, the project combines energetic efficiency, water recycling and a solar-energy plant. International markets lining up Vivapolis is ready for export. It’s already present in Morocco, where public authorities hope to benefit from French know-how to develop a new city of Chrafate in the region of Tanger-Tetouan. “They requested assistance from the French to help them carry out this ambitious project,” adds Caroline Olivier. The same thing is true for Turkey, with the youngest population in Europe. Turkish authorities expect French companies to help them integrate this youthful population more effectively in a cityscape that is constantly growing. As for China, its gigantic projects require showing up with turnkey proposals. Over the past 10 years, France has already carried out more than 200 projects in approximately fifty Chinese cities. Another highlight is the French eco-quarter that is going to be built in the Tiexi district in Shenyang. Alstom and its joint-venture, Satée, won a deal amounting to € 75 Million to provide locomotives for 550 wagons on Subway Lines 3 and 4 in Chengdu, the 5 th largest city in China. For Caroline Olivier, “Vivapolis involves a large number of French companies working on sustainable cities,” responding to key issues in urbanization for emerging countries as well as for renewal of major cosmopolitan areas worldwide. The latest scoop for Vivapolis ? France is getting cutting-edge, using state of the art technologies, proposing 3D simulations for these international projects to allow deciders to visualize different possibilities for a quarter or city. These virtual scale models showcase all of Vivapolis partners and their specializations. It is now being tested for initiatives in Astana and Santiago in Chile.   More information : Vivapolis powered by French creativity Cities : a collective adventure Directory of French companies

OCEASOFT announces Emerald, a smartphone-connected wireless temperature recorder for cold-chain monitoringlogger for Smartphone

PRESS RELEASE - 03-mars-2014 19:59:25

Montpellier - France - OCEASOFT, a leading designer and developer of temperature and environmental parameter monitoring solutions in the cold-chain, life science, and food safety fields, announces the release of OCEASOFT Emerald™, a wireless temperature tracker that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Slightly larger than a wristwatch, OCEASOFT Emerald monitors temperature-sensitive goods during transit and in storage. Emerald stores up to 4,000 temperature readings and does not require any dedicated computer equipment or complex installations. OCEASOFT’s free EmeraldView™ application for smartphone connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to program Emerald devices, view data, and optionally upload the information – including geolocation information provided by the smartphone – to the Cloud, where authorized parties can check the latest status in just a few seconds. Laurent Rousseau, president of Oceasoft, says: “Emerald solves a long-standing temperature monitoring challenge for the cold-chain industry. With temperature-sensitive goods transported by many different means, notably in trucks, airplanes, and refrigerated containers of all kinds, it is difficult to track temperature conditions and have access to the information during transit. Emerald leverages today’s widespread use of smartphones to read temperature data and push it to the Cloud. This provides a point-by-point tracking solution similar to those offered by national and international shipping services, without any heavy infrastructure or dedicated equipment.” OCEASOFT Emerald supports temperature ranges up to -40°C to +85°C and integrates Bluetooth Smart technology for low-power devices. The product will ship to customers in Q4 2013. About Oceasoft OCEASOFT designs and develops wireless datalogging systems for biomedical-pharmaceutical industries and cold-chain management. OCEASOFT’s flagship Cobalt™ wireless monitoring modules, sensors and control software help clients protect biological samples, vaccines, blood, food and other sensitive items during storage and delivery, with alerts sent by e-mail, voice-mail, fax, and text message if needed. Leading companies around the world use OCEASOFT solutions to monitor mission-critical temperature, humidity, CO 2 , voltage, and differential pressure conditions. Created for laboratories, clinics, storage facilities, and transportation equipment, OCEASOFT products are available in all major geographical regions through a qualified distribution network. More information and product images: info@oceasoft.com / www.oceasoft.com.

OCEASOFT - Providing complete & fully-integrated solutions to handle remote monitoring & traceability for temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and more.

PRESS - 05-févr.-2014 00:07:45

Industry overview In many industry sectors, there is an increasing need for monitoring temperature and other environmental parameters to ensure that products, ranging from perishable foods to blood samples to life-science research products, remain under tightly-controlled conditions. The requirement for reliable, traceable, monitoring is based many factors, including potential health dangers, financial risks, and regulatory constraints. Labs, cold-rooms, and storage facilities of all kinds can easily be equipped with a variety of sensors to monitor specific conditions that are important for each specific situation. Many types of sensors are available to track projects, products and research projects that require stable conditions. With automatic datalogging systems, these conditions can be tracked 24 hours a day, and alerts can be sent automatically in case anomalies are detected. Company overview Anomalies can occur even with the best storage and refrigeration equipment, cabinets, containers, and incubators. Nobody can prevent every power outage, freezer compressor failure, or defective thermostat. Addressing the absence of effective monitoring solutions in many life science research organizations, OCEASOFT was created in 1999 with the goal of providing technologies to help clients protect their temperature-sensitive goods and services. Today, OCEASOFT offers a complete line of sensor-based monitoring solutions, including flexible and robust client-server wireless networking and mobile applications, for hospitals, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, food services, perishable goods suppliers, as well as logistics, distribution, and shipping companies. OCEASOFT solutions represent a reliable way for clients to protect their goods and biological samples over the cold-chain in fixed and mobile situations. With its products distributed worldwide through a network of qualified distributors, and a growing portfolio of sector-leading clients, OCEASOFT meets monitoring needs by providing sensor-based solutions that respect the need for reliability and traceability. Key features of OCEASOFT solutions include: digital and analog sensor monitoring, programmable data transmission, a complete back-end data management, user access, and automated alert system. The company has its own ISO 17025 (COFRAC) certified laboratory for calibrating many types of sensors, including extreme temperature ranges. With increasing international presence, and ongoing R&D efforts in today’s fast-moving mobile, smartphone, and Cloud technologies, OCEASOFT engineers are constantly expanding the company’s pool of solutions available to clients. The company’s success 2 of 3 in serving mission-critical applications has helped transform the company from an ambitious startup to an international leader in its field. Products and Services OCEASOFT offers both advanced turn-key solutions for monitoring environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, and CO 2 , and easy-to-use products connected wirelessly to smartphones and tablets. Customers benefit from monitoring expertise that allows them to focus on their projects and products without having to also wonder about storage conditions. Cobalt ™ wireless monitoring system Cobalt modules are highly reliable wireless dataloggers that reads connected sensors at programmable intervals, stores the data locally, and then transfers it wirelessly to OCEASOFT’s ThermoServer back-end system, which manages the data as well as automatic alerts. With industry-leading wireless range, reliability and efficient power usage, the company’s flagship Cobalt 2 modules feature an informative LCD display with latest reading, alarms, easy setup, and a wide range of supported sensors. OCEASOFT Emerald, a smartphone- and Cloud connected temperature tracker OCEASOFT Emerald brings temperature tracking right to your smartphone. With its Bluetooth connectivity and small size, Emerald fits easily into nearly type of container or enclosure. A practical solution for tracking temperature at a fixed location, Emerald also offers specific features for mobile temperature tracking and data sharing via the Cloud. Place Emerald inside a crate or package and use the app to check it at different locations. Each time you read Emerald, the data – complete with geolocation information from your phone – can be uploaded to the Cloud and accessed from anywhere in the world.

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