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Meet Alizé RP - Business France Sponsor for the Upcoming BIO 2016 Convention

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  Alize RP is a multilingual PR agency  (French, English, German and Spanish) specialized in Innovation with 4 domains of expertise: Biotech / Medtech; Healthcare / Cosmetics; Cleantech; and FinTech / Digital. Alize PR represents innovative businesses (start-ups, high-growth companies, pre- and post-exit phases) and private or listed companies in emerging markets, as well as industry bodies and state-owned organisms. We offer a wide range of services including : global communications campaigns ; digital campaigns; media relations in France, Europe and the US; press document development; crisis communication strategy; events ; and Graphic Design. We are not just experts in PR – we are also experts in a specific sector: Innovation. Our sharp focus means that we know all the key media, institutional and industry players & stakeholders in this specific market. Based on our in-depth market & segment knowledge, we are able to offer a tailor-made solution to each of our clients.        

BIO International Convention - San Francisco - 2016

Martine JOLY - 22-mars-2016 22:56:25

Visit the BIO International Convention returns to the birthplace of biotech, San Francisco, California for 2016!     And meet the French exhibitors at the Pavilion France ( list below) 2,500 business leaders - 15,000 participants from 69 countries . The Bay Area region continues to grow and advance biomedical innovation while continuing to offer programs and services to support new medical advances. The BIO International Convention (BIO) attracts over 15,000 biotechnology and pharma leaders who come together for one week of intensive networking to discover new opportunities and promising partnerships. This event covers a wide spectrum of life science and application areas including drug discovery, biomanufacturing, genomics, biofuels, nanotechnology and cell therapy. For this event, Business France will gather under a French Pavilion more than a hundred companies, which for most of them are part of the major French competitiveness clusters of the biotech industry. Contact Business France*: Alexandre TE, Project Manager – Biotechnology and Healthcare - Official website: French companies in the medical sector : * 2015 , UBIFRANCE and INVEST IN FRANCE AGENCY join forces to create BUSINESS FRANCE French companies on involved in this event BIO 2016:   ATLANTIC BONE SCREEN GLOBAL CARE Inititative INSTITUT PASTEUR Invest in Toulouse IRIS PHARMA LILLE EURASANTE NICOX SA POIETIS TOULOUSE TECH TRANSFER  


Inès NICOLAS - 04-juin-2015 23:10:58

Business France was at the world’s largest BIO event in Philadelphia this year and was once again showcasing the French know-how in the sector of biotechnology , continuing to assert its position among the group of major industry players worldwide. Nearly 75 companies and 35 partners (non- profit organizations ,research institutes, universities and clusters ..) were on the national pavilion. This important mobilization demonstrated how the issue of this industry remains important in France. The sector is posting impressive results in recent years particularly the debut of Celletcis and DBV Technologies in the NASDAQ stock exchange. Additionally, the massive growth of the following companies have attracted substantial amount of foreign investors, such as the case of Adocia, 32M € (January 2015) of Erytech Pharma € 30M (November 2014), GENFIT: € 50M (June 2014) and € 21 million (December 2014) and Hybrigenics: € 4.6M (November 2014). These figures confirm that French companies are positioning themselves competitively in the global market. In 2014, 706 million € was raised by French companies in this sector, representing a growth of + 28% compared to 2013. The competitive clusters and some regional clusters were once again be the core of this event by bringing their companies, all under the umbrella of the French Pavilion and Business France (of which WSGR – Wilson Sonsino Goodrich & Rosati – and SERVIER Laboratories are the sponsors of the French pavilion). Created in 2005, the clusters are responsible for collecting and supporting the main players in their region to enable their businesses expand globally and foster research partnerships and technology development. Seven clusters, all present on BIO 2015 revolve around specific areas and have established relationships with many foreign scientific partners in recent years: BIOVALLEY Alsace - Strasbourg: French ATLANTIC biotherapy - Nantes & Angers Biohealth CANCER - Toulouse & Limoges: EUROBIOMED - Nice & Marseille & Montpellier in South of France: LYONBIOPÔLE - Lyon and Grenoble in Rhône-Alpes: MEDICEN REGION PARIS - Paris: HEALTHCARE NUTRITION Lightfastness CLUSTER - Lille: France also has regional clusters such as Biopôle Limagne Clermont in the Auvergne region, or Capbiotek in Brittany, specializes in marine biotechnology and focuses a large number of biotech companies. Regarding the current 446 biotechnology companies in France, there’s a total turnover of 278 million euros in 2013, an increase from the 251 million euros from the year prior. In 2013, 55 new companies  (+12% from 2012) were created. For 2 years, France has placed innovation at the heart of its economic and industrial policy in the framework of the plan "Better to heal." Implementation of the new government in 2013, it aims to support the creation of innovative companies and research through an enabling environment and policy support strong: - Strong University research  policies and the principle of future investments - A structured ecosystem (competitiveness cluster, IHU (University Institute Hospitalo-) SATT (Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies), PRES (Pole of research and teaching) - A high-level research: Institut Pasteur Genopole, CNRS, CEA, Inserm ... - Favorable tax environment: status JEI (young innovative entrepreneurs), Research Tax Credit All these measures have enabled France to file 13,000 patents in 2014 and to strengthen its positions in Europe. As for the US market, the 2015 France Pavilion will once again be an opportunity for the French biotech actors to continue the offensive. Watch the following videos to discover some of them during the showcase : -  Medicen Paris Region - Iris Pharma - Median Technologies

Medicen Paris Region at the 2014 BIO International Convention

UBIFRANCE HEALTHCARE - 05-sept.-2014 19:24:16

The biotechnology sector, a field of excellence in Paris Region, was represented on the French booth by organizations world-renowned and innovative companies come to show their skills, build partnerships and initiate new developments technology and business. In this context, the cluster Medicen Paris Region accompanied 10 SMEs members from the Paris Region area : 4Clinics, Ariana Pharma, Axenis, Cellvax, Equal Estro, Metabrain Research Nutrivercell, O4CP, Oncodesign and Texcell. These companies were fully satisfied with the support offered by Medicen, evidenced by the feedback left. The company Nutrivercell for instance, was "satisfied for the organization and the booth." O4CP, Equal Estro, Ariana Pharma, Nutrivercell and Cellvax felt very satisfy with Medicen financial support. Regarding Medicen accompaniment before and during the event, O4CP, Equal Estro, Nutrivercell and Cellvax were very positive. Mehdi Chelbi, Business Development Manager of the company 4Clinics showed his contentment : " I would like to thank Medicen Paris Region for the very good organization and excellent visibility offered to our society on this BIO International Convention, through financial, logistical and marketing help. The accompaniment, events and animation of the cluster’s team also allowed networking and business opportunities that we would never have had without this support. " Medicen Paris Region has also announced the result of the international call for projects created with BioMaryland Center for the development of an international project involving an American and a French companies with complementary technologies.                             Opticul Diagnostics of Rockville, Md. and Diafir of Rennes, France have been selected as the first two participants of a partnership that was created at BIO International 2012 to promote collaboration on products to improve and speed diagnoses and patient care. To read the press release, click here To watch the video of the announcement, click here

RECAP: The French Delegation at this year’s BIO International Convention

Milena SALCI - 16-juil.-2014 17:37:15

UBIFRANCE was at the world’s largest BIO event in San Diego this year on June 23rd-26th to showcase dynamic French biotechnology. The French Pavilion included 85 companies and 25 partners (non- profit organizations , research institutes, universities and clusters ..).  The seven competitiveness clusters and some regional clusters were the engine of this event by bringing their businesses, all under the umbrella of the government and UBIFRANCE. Created in 2005, the clusters are responsible for collecting and supporting the main players in their area to enable the business world and develop research partnerships and technology development.  Meet five of these clusters below:    -  BioSante CANCER - Toulouse and Limoges: Cancer: Prevention , Diagnosis , Treatment, Telemedicine -     - CAP BIO T EK  - Renens & Cesson-Sevigne: Green technologies, marine biotechnologies, agri-biotechnologies -       - EUROBIOMED - Marseille & Nice & Montpellier in South of France : Infectious , tropical diseases and emery rare and orphan diseases, medical devices and diagnostics , immunology , neurological diseases -     -  LYONBIOPÔLE - Lyon and Grenoble in Rhône -Alpes : Infectious Diseases, Cancer and Immune Disorders in the ¬ eld of vaccines , diagnostics, and delivery systems biotherapies -     -  MEDICEN PARIS REGION - Paris : Translational medicine , biological tools and digital biology -          

DISCOVER THE FRENCH INNOVATION at the 2013 AACC Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

Julie PITRAT - 18-juil.-2013 23:07:59

DISCOVER THE FRENCH INNOVATION The 2013 AACC Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo is the world’s largest gathering for laboratory medicine. More than 20,000 laboratory scientists from a broad range of specialties attend this meeting. This is your opportunity to connect with the global leaders in lab management and buyers of your IVD products. AACC has also many exciting session types to facilitate education, such as plenary sessions, symposia sessions, short courses, roundtable sessions, meetings with experts… France will be well-represented in Houston with a French Pavilion of 7 participants: - BIOLABO – BIOLEEN SOLUTION - BIOWEST – FAMECO MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS - I2A – ONCO DRUG PERSONALIZED MEDICINE - THERADIA - French manufacturers and distributors will present their latest innovations at the show. Come visit us between July 28th and August 1st during the show for a personalized tour of the Pavilion by one of our team members. For more details about the French exhibitors, please click here to download the Pavilion catalogue. To get the most up to date information, follow us on Twitter @UBIHealthcare.

The French Biotech Tour will be in Boston soon!

Charles-Henry Dion - 15-mai-2013 22:28:25

The « French Biotech Tour » is back on the East Coast! Register Now! UBIFRANCE is proud to announce the 8th edition of the French Biotech Tour. It will be held in Boston on June 6th and 7th. For this edition, we will explore the theme:  Oncology and Immunology .  The event will let you find your next partner among a French delegation composed of 14 Drug Discovery & Development companies offering cutting-edge technology platforms and innovative contract research services. By participating, you will attend company presentations, networking sessions and will meet individually with companies in oncology and Immunology and Bioclusters. Join us to discuss partnership and collaboration opportunities: REGISTER NOW, it is free for US based-companies. For more information visit our  French Biotech Tour website or contact Charles-Henry Dion . Make sure to follow us @UBIhealthcare and on our Facebook page for the latest news.  

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