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Vodeclic | FeFAUR - 07/10/14

Vodeclic is similar to a corporate MOOC, or even an xMOOC, where learners can develop their desktop

computer skills little by little, through a structured approach, and resulting in certification. As we alluded to in the foreword, this similarity was, to a large extent, the impetus for drafting this White Paper.

This "all-in-one" (content and services) online platform, specializing in desktop computer skills e-learning 2.0, is used by 1.1 million individuals and employees (not too far off from Coursera and Udacity) who learn computer software in one of the 6 different languages offered by Vodeclic. Massive? Certainly. In sync with the almost universal use of office tools and the Internet. And that’s not all: one billion users willchange their desktop environment within the next 3 to 5 years, and half of them will need training. Their catalog is also massive: 18,000 how-to-videos, each lasting only a few minutes, developed in HTML5 so that they can be played on any device on the market, mobile or otherwise, and demonstrating how to use the features of the largest selection of software and internet tools. The videos, which are valuable on two levels – self-learning and performance support – easily adapt to the learner’s environment, mobile or otherwise, by virtue of their "responsive design".

Another MOOC trend is this credo: the "real customer" is the user. Their satisfaction is what matters, as it determines not only the training manager’s level of satisfaction, but also that of the company, who wants to reduce the direct or indirect costs of its employees’ lack of computer skills – a cost that grows as versions change, which are increasingly more frequent since online office tools are now collaborative (Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps): it’s obviously the Cloud way or the highway!

Yes, Vodeclic is 100% online. But it’s also an open platform, which means that the pricing is such that
companies don’t have to think about who they should enroll: the solution is readily available to all employees! This is a radical departure from many traditional off-the-shelf e-learning vendors who restrict access to their course catalog, leaving it up to the company to decide who should and shouldn’t be given training. True, the universal need for computer skills simplifies matters.

Vodeclic is furthermore patterned after an MOOC in the way they emphasize not only the assessment of computer skills at the most granular level, but also their certification, which is consistent with the most commonly used standards (ICDL, TOSA and MOS). Another useful feature is the ability to analyze
the most relevant answer, among the multiple ways of achieving the same result, by identifying internal
experts who could be helpful.

The platform will soon offer the ability to earn badges to further enhance users’ profiles. The social
function playing a broader role is one differentiator Vodeclic brings to the table: taking a cue, for example, from MOOCs and social networks, the platform allows users to customize their profiles and upload their pictures, and lets instructors "push" e-learning tutorials (each with their own URL) out to learners. IT help desks can even use this feature to quickly respond to users’ questions. And soon, Vodeclic tutorials will be available to share on social networks.

Particular attention is paid to how learners interact with each other on the platform. It is the basis for
ongoing improvements (Agile) to achieve the web industry’s Holy Grail: a rewarding user experience
(UX). For example, a user’s search activities returning zero results are used to add new keywords to the thesaurus, or notes taken by users in the system are used to improve searches in the Vodeclic module database.




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