Corsican Sun to Shine at Summer Fancy Food Show 2014

Geoffroy Thaumin - 16/06/14

Did you know Napoleon was born on an island? Located right between France and Italy, Corsica has been one of France’s greatest prides for centuries. Its many beaches and mountains have given her a unique nickname: the Isle of Beauty. And beautiful it is. And sunny. So sunny its ground bears gorgeous and delicious fruit every year. Olives, figs, mandarins, chestnuts, wheat… the Island produces numerous fruit varieties and thrives on many specialties: charcuterie, traditional goat and sheep cheeses, jams as well as cookies and beer to pair with them!

The South Corsica Chamber of Commerce is accompanying 5 companies to the Summer Fancy Food Show (June 29 – July 1 / Level 3 – booths 620-626) along with samples of their food. If you plan on attending, you will be able to check the following facts with your taste buds:

1. Corsican cheeses show much, much character.

Two different cheese producers will be attending the Show: Fromagerie Pierucci and Fromagerie Ottavi. Both fromageries have been making traditional cheeses for more than a century. Both have also developed their own unique recipes. For instance, Ottavi’s star cheese, Fleur du Maquis, is rolled in herbes de Provence to give it a unique, fresh taste.

2. Corsica does brew craft beers, and those beers have a twist.

Have you ever heard of White Beers? Winter Beers? What about Chestnut Beer? Interested in learning more? Pietra’s recipe, unique in the world, gives it a lingering subtle bitterness. Powerful and delicate, robust and smooth, it possesses a beautiful amber color, and a strong, exquisite chestnut head. More information

3. As small as it is, Corsica offers about as many fruit varieties as the entire state of California.

With more than 20 years of experience, Charles Antona is a leading Corsican specialty-foodstuffs producer.  Specialist of Corsican delicacies, mixing ancestral traditions and innovation, the brand knows how to blend original flavors and aromas to produce unique, flavorful pates, soups, nougats, chutneys, jams & jellies. For a better, healthier experience, all –their products are elaborated without added colors, preservatives or artificial flavors. More information.

4. Not all French cookies are colorful sandwiches filled with almond cream.

Biscuiterie d’Afa has been specialized in the production of Canistrelli (traditional Corsican cookies originally made with white wine) for decades. Their products are created with tradition in mind-meaning no preservatives, no added colors, no hydrogenated fats and no GMO. Although their original recipes don’t always include white wine, they have developed many flavors such as fig, clementine, chestnut, myrtle… Yes: myrtle. More information.


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