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PRESS RELEASE - 26/01/16

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New York, January 26, 2016 – After 3 years of success in Paris and 3 months in Manhattan, Noglu NY is opening its gluten-free restaurant on the second floor of its Upper East Side location. Like the bakery, the restaurant will be all-gluten-free with lactose-free options, locally sourced, organic, and of course, French! On the first floor, the bakery will keep offering sweet and savory take-out options.

Laying the groundwork

Noglu’s New York restaurant opened last week. Initially announced for the end of last year, the team wanted to ensure the first floor bakery was running seamlessly before opening the restaurant upstairs. With extensive experience in French, Italian, American & gluten-free cuisine and a few months of training at Noglu Paris, the chefs spent the last few weeks creating the menu selections to capture Noglu’s spirit in the New York kitchen.

Changing with the seasons

Much like in Paris, the menu will not be set in stone and requires the team to be able to adapt very fast and often. Designed to go with the seasons and the changes in stocks available at their local, organic suppliers, the menu will change regularly, once or twice a week. Depending on market finds and on the inventiveness of the head chef, this ever-changing menu will offer the restaurant’s most loyal clients a constantly renewed array of choices. Here is the menu as it stands today, but don’t expect the same one in two days!

100% Gluten-Free, and so Much More

Yes, Noglu’s menu is 100% gluten-free, organic, locally-sourced and 50% dairy-free. But most importantly: it’s absolutely delicious! Gluten-free is not a goal, for Noglu’s team, it’s only a base for their creations; the kitchen sources only gluten-free ingredients. The main concerns for the team are always taste and texture: nothing will make it to the menu unless it’s thoroughly tasted, perfected and approved. A late-diagnosed Celiac, Owner Frédérique Jules knows how difficult it is to live in a world without gluten and has worked for years with her chefs to create recipes that are as close as it gets to their gluten-loaded counterparts –if not even better!

About Noglu

Noglu opened in Paris in 2012. Frédérique Jules hired a Japanese chef, Mitsuru Yatanase, and an American pastry chef, Jennifer Hearting-Lepoutre, to experiment, explore and perfect an all gluten-free menu. A typical Parisian bakery and restaurant, the establishment offers various types of foods, from burgers, pizza and pasta to seafood dishes, risotto and quiches. On the sweet side, the selection is vast, almost dizzying: strawberry, lemon or raspberry pies, puff cream pastries and coffee classics, canelés, cakes, muffins... After 2 years of success, Frédérique Jules opened a take-out store across the street to better serve Noglu’s growing customer base.

The Upper East Side restaurant is Noglu’s third location in the world. Noglu Paris built its following not only on its allergen-free menu, but also on the quality of their dishes and on their growing following on non-gluten-free followers… simply because the food is outstanding.

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Hours - Restaurant
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Lunch : 11:30 AM – 3 PM
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10AM – 4PM
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