French Food Connection Brings French Gourmet Items on U.S. Tour

Ubifrance Press USA - 21/04/11

The French Food Connection just wrapped up a successful three-stop tour across the United States. This showcase of French gourmet food products traveled to Chicago, Las Vegas and San Francisco from April 11 to 15, 2011. The 29 participating French exhibitors at the French Food Connection 2011 included companies from a diverse range of food items including: baked goods, beverages (non-alcoholic), cheeses, condiments, chocolates and sweet and savory snacks. Each stop on the tour included presentations and tastings. This fifth edition of the event saw a great success in terms of attendance and quality of available items from the exhibitors, and several orders were placed during the event. Please see the complete list of companies and their descriptions below.

More than 170 importers, distributors, buyers, retailers, chefs and journalists attended.

Chicago: 66 people
Las Vegas: 50 people
San Francisco: 55 people

The French agrifood industry employs 420,000 people and is the second-largest employer in France after engineering. This industry is comprised of 13,000 companies, with 30% having more than 20 employees. The largest slice of sales for French products goes to cheese (115 million EUR), followed by mineral water (62 million EUR) and chocolate (27 million EUR). Overall, French food sales in the U.S. totaled 2.5 billion EUR in 2010.

The 29 participating French exhibitors at the French Food Connection 2011:

Albert Menes
Range of almost 400 products of authentic regional specialties and French gourmet cuisine such as condiments, cookies, jams
André Laurent
The French leading manufacturer of sauerkraut, provided products of exceptional quality, particularly soft and light
Bonbons Barnier
Family company providing boiled sugar products: hard and soft fruit candies, soft butter caramels, lollipops, mini candies, unwrapped candies
Bovetti Chocolats
A company combining modern and traditional methods with hand-made, fashionable and original chocolates in innovative packaging
Choc Mod
Delicious and creamy chocolate truffles that have been on the U.S. market for about 20 years
Chocolaterie de l’Opéra
A family company that produces high-quality chocolates and praline pastes for B2B professionals
Corsica Gastronomia
The undisputed specialist of Corsican specialties such as jams, chutneys and nougats
One of the leading vinegar-makers in France which also provides sauces, mayonnaises and mustards
Crusty Bakery
100% natural French bakery products
Des Lis Chocolat
Very famous thin chocolate bars with flowers, fruit or vegetable purees in the center
A new natural energy drink made from 100% natural ingredients
Traditional mustard manufacturer since 1840: Dijon mustard, seed-style mustard and more than 10 aromatized mustards
French Cheese Club
An association of five family-owned French dairies specialized in the production of traditional French cheeses
Jean Hénaff 
The French market leader of authentic pâtés and other succulent meat-based products such as duck mousse and farmhouse terrines
30 year-old company exporting 3,000 tons of specialty cheeses and butters all over the world
Isigny Sainte-Mère
Authentic gourmet butter and cheeses such as the traditional Camembert, Brie and Mimolette
Produits Jock
Wide range of very innovative ready-to-bake cakes batters
Biscuiterie La Mère Poulard
Traditional French gourmet cookies from Normandy
Les Chevaliers d’Argouges
Year-round, seasonal and organic chocolates from top-quality ingredients
Le Manoir des Abeilles
Selection of the best honeys of France for 3 generations: creaminess and unique taste
Confiserie Léonard Parli
130-year traditional know-how of famous Calissons d’Aix, crystallized fruits, nougat, Kirschbescue (fruit cake made with kirsch) and crème of Calissons
Chicory made in France with a unique roasted and caramelized taste
Les Trois Abeilles
Family company specialized in original nougat from Montelimar and Calissons from Provence
Frozen French macarons and puff pastries
High-end coffee specialist
Michel et Augustin
Large range of exquisite, all-natural cookies
SMA Diffusion
Colorful syrups, flavored oils and vinegars, salt and pepper mills, lemonades and salty or sweet mustards in tubs
Natural oils, vinegars, syrups, spices and ingredients
Cooked and peeled chestnuts


About the French Food Connection: The French Food Connection is a professional food event organized by UBIFRANCE-French Trade Commission to help French food producers find the right partners and develop their business in the U.S. This trade show reunites suppliers of gourmet French products on a week-long road show across various U.S. cities. Now in its fifth year and despite small obstacles like a 100% tax on Roquefort, the French Food Connection continues to serve as a catalyst for the inclusion of new French goods on the American market. From artisanal cheeses and chocolates to gourmet coffee and chicory, products for diverse pockets and palates were presented in each city. Local importers, distributors, hoteliers, buyers, and specialty-food press were in attendance. For information, please visit

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