Monbana, French Chocolatier, Debuts New Cookie and ’Sparkling’ Chocolates at SCAA in Houston this April

Ubifrance Press USA - 06/04/11

Monbana is a French chocolate maker with one of the broadest ranges of fine chocolates on the market. This summer, the company will showcase its range of chocolate drink mixes for shakes, smoothies and cocktails, "sparkling" chocolates, as well as a brand-new product: an almond cookie with an Italian twist. Monbana will present these collections at the 2011 SCAA in Houston, from April 29 to May 1. The company will be found at booth 1045.

Monbana, created in 1934, is the expert of chocolate drinks and the leader of the coffee accompaniment products such as chocolate squares. Its strong image is based on a premium quality product, adapted for the HoReCa market, including a large range of drinking chocolate as well as a large line of coffee accompaniment products. Also available as part of its regular offering to the gift and candy industries, Monbana has a selection of gift boxes and chocolate drinks in a variety of sizes and packaging for a variety of occasions.

Items at the SCAA in Houston:

The Amaretti, the cookie that comes from Italy
In 2011, Monbana steps out of the box to highlight a new cookie. The Amaretti cookie is slightly sweet with taste of almond. Individually wrapped, it is a perfect table companion for hot or cold drinks, as well as ice cream. Available for restaurants and retailers in cartons of about 200 individually wrapped cookies.

Monbana, Expert of Chocolate Powders
With the widest range of chocolate drinks on the market, Monbana can meet every consumption need in every season, and has products adaptable to all of the various consumption patterns around the world. A variety of textures and flavors, to be enjoyed hot or cold, makes for a host of different pleasures.

Trésor de Chocolat
This 32% cocoa powdered drink mix gives a velvety and intense chocolate flavor to hold or cold drinks. This high-quality chocolate has a long shelf life of one year and comes in either single-serving packets - a convenient and essential addition to a chocolate lover’s pantry - or 1-liter (35.28-ounce) cardboard boxes for food service applications.

Chocolate Frappé – Mix with cold milk for a cool summer treat
This assortment of instant drink mixes has been specially formulated for deliciously smooth iced chocolate drinks. Each 28-ounce tin contains about 40 individual servings. Ready to drink in less than 10 seconds, the Chocolate Frappé line is perfect for refreshing summer cocktails. Available in cocoa, cappuccino or white chocolate.

Sparkling Chocolate: The treat fit for a celebration
The Sparkling Chocolate squares evoke joy and festive sensations, containing a popping-candy that sparkles on the tongue. The chocolates are sold in a variety of gift bags and boxes for any gift-giving or retail application. Available in 60% dark chocolate, 33% milk chocolate or dark chocolate-mandarin orange for a gourmet assortment. The Sparkling Chocolate squares have been awarded the "Taste of the Year 2011" in the catering category (Saveur de l’Année Restauration 2011).


For more information, please contact:

Alexandra Kiefer
Communications & PR Manager
Rue Alain Colas - P.A. de la Hainaud
53500 Ernée
Tel.: +33 2 43 05 42 48

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