Senstroke: Use any object as a drum kit! Play, record and improve your drumming anywhere

Catherine Ryall - 11-oct.-2018 11:08:12
Our first product: Senstroke Created by drummers for drummers, Senstroke is a revolutionary solution that lets you play drums anywhere, anytime. The goal of Senstroke is to revolutionize drumming by becoming an indispensable tool for percussionists. Senstroke is designed for non-musicians and drummers of any level. Senstroke makes drumming natural, accessible, and fun Senstroke is the first connected solution device for drummers. Using the impact of the drumsticks and feet position, the sensors can reproduce the real play of a drummer. This allows users to : - Play on any item and emulate the sound of a real drum element - Easily record the drummer playing and share as an electronic file - Improve drumming with interactive lessons Senstroke breaks all barriers of standard drumming To take advantage of the Senstroke experience, all you need is a smartphone (iOS or Android), Senstroke sensors, and drumsticks. The patented technology developed for this product transforms everything a drummer touches into an interactive drum kit. You no longer need to own a drumset to play drums. You can now play drums on whatever you want : your legs, cushions, table, books etc … This is a smart product : thanks to AI, it adapts to your playing environment, and is compatible with all classic drumsticks on the market. The company behind Senstroke: Redison Redison is a French startup based in Lens (1hr from Paris, 1hr from London, 1hr from Brussells). Redison brings you innovative solutions to make your daily life easier. Experts in new technologies, we develop projects in the world of music and health. Contact the team  for more information.  

#ConquerTheSummit : French Tech shoots for the stars in Lisbon

Manon Cabrol - 03-oct.-2017 18:24:32
Bringing together more than 165 countries, 1500 startups, 60,000 visitors, 2200 journalists, 1300 investors, 1000 speakers and 20 startups on the French Tech / Business France pavilion, the figures pretty much speak for themselves for Web Summit . This year’s edition in Lisbon, taking place from 6th to 9th November , is widely expected to be the biggest yet. For tech companies, both big and small, it’s a chance to network, eye up the competition and meet investors. Last year, France was among the 5 most represented countries at the event, after the UK, the US and Germany. A jury of digital experts carefully selected the 20 best startups from a total of 65 to represent France at the fourth edition of the event. They will join the Business France Pavillon and will proudly represent La French Tech at Pavillon 4- Booth B503 . Read all about them below and do get in contact for any further information. Acorus Networks Acorus Networks ensures high availability of its customers’ infrastructures by protecting them against increasingly sophisticated denial of service attacks. @acorusnetworks   Botfuel Botfuel is a platform for developing chatbots for companies. From conversational trade to automated support, Botfuel lets you harness the power of conversations and AI. @botfuel   Braincities For the HR and finance industries, we develop an Artificial Intelligence with judgment and empathy capabilities that can collaborate autonomously with humans to help them make decisions based on data analysis and contexes. @BRAINCITIES   Brennus Analytics Brennus Analytics develops a SaaS solution to optimize prices for manufacturing and distribution companies that want to significantly boost their profitability.  @Brennus_A   Clustaar Clustaar, founded in 2013, is specialized in man-machine conversation to teach chatbots, robots and connected objects to have a conversation with customers.  @Clustaar   Data Respect Magush DataRespect has developed personal data management solutions for RGPD compliance as well as user consent management tools.  @MagushIO   Dreaminzzz Dreaminzz is the first hypnosis mask connected.  @DreaminzZzCrew   eJust eJust is a court that facilitates access to faster and cheaper justice.  @eJust_fr   Entr’Up Entr’UP helps you to set up and manage your teams according to the personalities, values and motivations of your employees.  @entr_up   Klaxoon Klaxoon is a platform that develops collective intelligence, at every moment and every place where people work together.  @KlaxoonFR   Ledgys Solutions Ledgys is a Blockchain startup, specializing in traceability and certification. Ownest, its award-winning solution at SITL 2017, enables you to trace and certify the entire lifecycle of a product throughout the supply chain (from its creation decision to the final customer and even the secondary market).  @ledgyssolutions   Nabl Nabl allows you to collect hot customer reviews directly from stores. We collect reviews 20 times faster than platforms like Trip Advisor. Once collected, we diffuse (or disseminate) the opinions on Google, on the site of our customers, the social networks, making a real tool of visibility.   Neotrope Neotrope is a Neuroscience and CogTech company specializing in Emotional Informatics. Our mission is to connect digital to human emotions.  @neotrope_fr   Pocket Result It’s an intelligent dashboard applications for all managers who need to drive their business and are overwhelmed by their data and their reportings.  @PocketResult   Quarkslab Quarkslab is a French company capable of providing sharp answers to complex information security issues. Its mission is to protect sensitive data from companies and organizations that face sophisticated attacks with bespoke solutions.  @quarkslab   Smarter Time What would you do with one more hour each day? Smarter Time is the artificial intelligence that helps us better understand and manage our time. Be more happy, efficient, and build the life you want at every moment.  @smartertime   SpeakShake SpeakShake allows you to improve your oral skills in foreign languages through discussions with native speakers from around the world. These exchanges by webcam / micro are assisted by playful subjects, on the culture and the actuality to progress effectively.  @speakshake   Tellmeplus Tellmeplus benefits from 5 years of research in the field of artificial intelligence applied to predictive analystics. Predictive Objects leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to automate the production of predictive models, thereby strengthening the skills of human experts for faster and more accurate forecasts.  @TellMePlus   Tilkee Tilkee revolutionizes your way of selling by analyzing the reading behavior of your business documents !  @tilkeeapp   WiserSkills WiserSKILLS is a smart data HR start-up whose particularity is to make the collaborator actor of his professional career thanks to the self declaration of the skills and motivations and thanks to Artificial Intelligence.  @WiserSkills Come and meet this handpicked selection of French tech trailblazers at the Web Summit 2017, Europe’s largest tech event, from 6th – 9th November at the French Pavillion, Pavillon 4- Booth B503. For more information on any of the French Pavillion exhibitors or Web Summit , please contact: Catherine Ryall, Press Officer, Business France UK Email:  / And/or check out the French Tech/Business France pavilion website . #ConquerTheSummit #FrenchTech // no name originaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM width 827 height 428 originaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM width 1280 height 960 originaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM width 1357 height 699

You can BETT on French companies in London 2017

Catherine Ryall - 17-janv.-2017 17:31:26
The French Pavilion at this year’s British Education and Training Technology (BETT) trade show will showcase 13 French companies at the cutting-edge of the educational-technology sector. One of the world’s leading events for educational technology, the BETT show is taking place from 25 th to 28 th January 2017 at the ExCel exhibition centre , in London. Visitors can find the French Pavilion at stand C-88 at BETT 2017 for the duration of the show. Gone are the days of overhead projectors or blackboards, technology is radically changing teaching; t he e-learning sector was worth $107 billion in 2015 and the annual growth rate has been estimated at 9.2% per year until 2020. In order to support French companies in the lucrative and growing tech industry, the French government set up its ‘Digital France 2012’ initiative and has invested €20 million in 50 ‘serious games’ projects. The companies that will be showcasing their EdTech solutions on the French Pavilion are listed below. Further details are available on request. AVITICE AviTice has over 20 years of experience in the distribution of high-added-value software in fields including hands-on, centralised remote shared learning, mobile device management (for tablets), mobile application management , user supervision for teaching solutions and more. Their software is aimed at users in the education sector as wekk as the professional training sector. AXEL AXEL’s Thin Client technology is unique in that the product is not based on an Operating System. Turn on the device and it immediately connects to Citrix or Windows Server. In terms of performance, cost, security, power consumption and reliability, there are huge benefits to be gained from not having an Operating System (i.e. no Windows or Linux). BAYARD-TRALAL ÈRE Bayard Youth Department has readers everywhere around the world, from Spain to Canada, China, Mexico, Belgium and many more countries. Through " Planète des Jeunes ", Bayard also supports youth magazines distributed in 25 African countries. Their digital contents and products dedicated to educational purpose are also devoted to helping children around the world to understand the fascinating world they live in, and encourage them to face the challenges of the future with a sense of wonder and curiosity. EDITIONS BELIN – GUTENBERG Belin is a pioneer in digital learning, having developed numerous innovative educational services to harvest the potential of new technologies in education. Ranking second on the French secondary school market in 2016 and having won awards for their products, Belin puts its expertise at the service of teachers and students via all forms of media, both paper and digital. EDUCLEVER Educlever has worked alongside leading French research laboratories to develop Cartographie des Savoirs (knowledge map), an adaptive-learning solution designed to increase pupil performance at school. This R&D project, supported by the French government, provides educators with a precise skills map to help them build a personalised, adaptive-learning strategy for each pupil. The solution is currently used by teachers and 4000 pupils in primary schools across France. GAYATECH Gayatech will be presenting Intelliquiz®, a unique system which can generate quizzes from the web or any database. Intelliquiz® was developed using Semantic Web and AI technology. The system can be adapted to suit any curriculum in any language. Quizzes can be downloaded to any mobile device, any OS.  Gayatech has its own 3D engine capable of developing 3D games as well as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications. ITOP Education Counting more than 4.5 million users, ITOP Education creates, develops and provides digital-school resources tailored to every stage of education, from primary school to sixth form. ITOP ÉDUCATION has a clear and strong innovation strategy: each year more than 20% of their turnover is allocated to research and development. They are proud to be presenting their ‘NIPIB’ project at the BETT show, a digital resource bank with detailed scientific and educational indices, a fruit of their innovation stategy. MASKOTT Maskott will be showcasing their learning platform Tactileo, an intuitive learning platform for academic and professional training. Tactileo allows teachers to create interactive multimedia content and to instantly share it on screen as well as on learners’ tablets, smartphones or PCs. Tactileo is a unique tool for creating and sharing multimedia content, to make teaching, training sessions and local or remote meetings easier and more interactive. OPEN DIGITAL EDUCATION Open Digital Education, provides innovative digital services for schools and universities. ONE is their secure web-based learning platform, designed for use in primary schools. With its intuitive, user-friendly design, ONE’s range of applications can be grasped in no time. 1800 schools in 12 different countries use ONE. For instance, in the Paris Region 177,000 students have access to it. This is complemented by Open Digital Education’s NEO platform, for students at secondary school and sixth form. UTELLME ‘Education is only real when shared’ is Utellme’s core belief. Their web platform creates a global network of schools, teachers, universities and professors who want to put international collaboration at the core of their students learning path. Utellme focuses on foreign language learning between native speakers of different languages in school with the supervision of the teacher/professor. The tools available on Utellme such as live video, project collaboration, shared resources or multiplayer online games, highlight their aim to promote live interaction between users and active learning. It is no longer just listening to a video or reading a message, but practicing and interacting with a real person in a different country in real time. XD PRODUCTIONS XD Productions is an animation studio and software developer specialised in real-time animation technologies such as motion capture, facial tracking and lip-syncing for the European TV market. They adapt and market these animation tools for the education sector with solutions ranging from preschool to University level. It is animation made easy for teachers, which can be recorded live or recorded for playback. Pupil benefits include enhanced writing and speech at a younger age as well as enhanced language learning through speech and movement. About Business France Business France, the French Trade Commission in the UK is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy in the UK. The French Pavilion is being organised by Business France , the French export-support agency, in partnership with the French Education Suppliers’ Trade Association (Afinef). The French Pavilion is also supported by the French Ministry for Education and is in collaboration with Copilot Partners . Meet 13 French-based companies at the BETT trade show on the French Pavilion ( Stand C-88 ). BETT 2017 , one of the world’s leading events for educational technology, will take place at the EXCEL exhibition centre in London from 25 th – 28 th January 2017 . For more information about the show, visit the BETT 2017 site. For more information on this press release and the French exhibitors, please contact: Business France UK (The French Trade Commission) Catherine Ryall, Press Officer Email: Tel: + 44(0) 207 024 3613 Website:

Look up from your smartphone and make eye contact!

Catherine Ryall - 19-oct.-2016 10:36:18
Have you seen that movie where two people cross paths, but then each person goes on their way, only to be reunited later in the film by sheer coincidence at which point they realise there is inescapable, sizzling chemistry between them and consequently embark on their happily ever after? You mean every rom-com ever made? Unfortunately, away from the silver screen it doesn’t seem to work that way: you see someone, feel a connection or a spark and for some reason or another don’t manage to swap details and then never see them again. This creates a strong sense of frustration followed by the strong desire to reconnect with the person directly…without having to go on a dating app. This is where the innovative mobile app iicontact comes in; it enables two individuals to REconnect in a simple way without providing any personal information or posting a personal ad.   Another online dating app? Nope!   •              iicontact is a reconnection tool for 2 people who have already felt a connection in real life Rather than an online marketplace where you have to sell yourself through a photo and a profile to be successfully matched (or not). No more repetitive strain injury from excessive swiping! •              iicontact works without personal information Rather than exposing personal information such as your photo, name and more on online profiles, you just need to tap a non-personal and non-public search into iicontact. •             iicontact is a technological tool Rather than a virtual public space where profiles can be accessed by anyone, spend your time meeting people in the real world and only use the app when you need to.   Available free of charge on the Apple Store and on Google Play in 10 languages .     “The aspiration to reconnect with someone we had good vibes with in real life is actually driven by complex cognitive, emotional and social neurobiological processes Such an aspiration is universal regardless of age or culture”   Dr. Francesco Bianchi-Demicheli Expert of Neurobiology of Human Close Relationship-Geneva University Hospitals   How does it work?   iicontact  has been carefully selected by a panel of expert judges to exhibit on the French Tech Pavillion at the Web Summit . Find them at Pavillon 1 Booth S845 on 10 th November . The Web Summit is Europe’s largest tech event, taking place in Lisbon from 7 th to 10 th November 2016.   Let’s look up from our smartphones and reconnect with the real world! UK Catherine Ryall +44(0) 207 024 3613 FRANCE Sandra Pacheco +33 6 21 61 68 11 sandra@hellolacom US Shereen Didie +1 610 457 4388

TECHnically speaking, France is the ‘crème de la crème’

Catherine Ryall - 12-oct.-2016 15:25:58
    From world-first medical developments to everyday yet life-enhancing technologies and transport advances, France has a growing reputation for creativity and innovation in diverse sectors. It is therefore no surprise that France will have a strong presence at this year’s Web Summit , Europe’s largest tech event. This year’s edition will take place in Lisbon from 7 th to 10 th November 2016 . 15 innovative French startups will be exhibiting on the Business France French Pavillion. You could call them the ‘crème de la crème’ of the current French tech scene as they were carefully selected to take part by a panel of expert judges, amid stiff competition. See more information about them below and further details are available on request. Agorize A multi-award winning startup, Agorize is the leading platform for online innovation challenges, they accelerate the transformation of companies and talent. A win-win for both new talent and established brands: the platform gives innovators the opportunity to win prizes and create new solutions for established companies, who in turn are introduced to new proven talent and can recruit accordingly.   CBien CBien is a web-based platform, also available on iOS and Android, which allows users to register, value and manage their belongings in a few simple clicks.  Users can have receipts, warranties, insurance agreements and more all in one place to ensure minimum worry or hassle in the event of the unexpected. Users can also re-sell, donate and rent their items on the platform.   CopSonic CopSonic enables secure communication between intelligent electronic devices and mobile phones using sound waves to interact or to transmit data. Their SDK allows the integration of their new ultrasonic codec as a complement or alternative to NFC or Bluetooth to achieve secured authentication, proximity detection or remote control on connected objects. The technology can be used on a smartphone to make secure ultrasonic cardless ATM cash withdrawals in less than 15 seconds as well as for peer to peer payments between smartphones, speedy online payments swiping personal data from your smarthone to the form, remote control of everyday electronic devices (lamps, plugs, switches etc.), contactless login to desktop computers and so much more.   iicontact iicontact makes us look up from our smartphones and interact with the real world around us! It is an innovative mobile tool that enables two individuals, who made eye contact and felt a good vibe in real life, but who didn’t or weren’t able to swap details, to REconnect in a few simple taps without providing or accessing any personal information (no profile, no photo, no personal data shared). The tool is already available in 10 languages.   GOLOD GOLOD wants to revolutionise sport at home. Designed by athletes and weighing less than 9kg, the product is fully transportable allowing users to work out anywhere. A fully wireless device, the user keeps the product charged by exercising and producing electric energy. Users can listen to and watch the videos to their favourite songs through the speakers and video projector while working out (or while relaxing afterwards). Golod has also developed an app to be used in conjunction with the product which has exercise videos for users, a tool to measure progress and energy produced, an area to chat to other users and Golod experts and management of the WiFi and Bluetooth connection to stream videos and music via the product.   Payabi Payabi is a French startup which aims to change the way companies manage invoices, eliminating paper and therefore boosting their green credentials as well as reducing their administrative costs. The startup puts managers back in control by helping companies to reduce invoice processing time by 80% and associated costs by up to 60%. is startup headquartered in Paris. Serving the web application market, large e-commerce and media sites, it offers a continuous-deployment high-availability cloud hosting solution that helps web applications scale effortlessly and serve the most demanding traffic. has been met with success having already signed exclusive deals with well-known companies such as Orange Business Services and Microsoft Germany.   Plussh Developed by 3 journalists, Plussh offers a unique B2B & B2B2C tailored solution that enables users to broadcast high-quality live videos. Already counting 5 French listed (CAC 40) companies as clients, the app has been developed especially for smartphones, with advanced features for professionals. Plussh values real-time smartphone video as the future of crisis management, smart cities and sustainability.   Pocket Result Pocket Result has developed the first data visualisation, data prescriptive and data decision platform fully tailored to managers’ individual needs in activity monitoring, performance management and decision-making. Pocket Result aims to change managers’ lives for the better with their ultra-smart dashboards and count L’Oréal, Adidas, SNCF and Renault among their customers.   SpeachMe SpeachMe’s peer-to-peer skills and knowledge transfer platform empowers users to create brief knowledge “capsules” to quickly transfer skills within a company. These short bursts of interactive visual content can be created by anyone in minutes and transferred to colleagues, empowering them with new skills and expertise.   Superprof Superprof, the marketplace for knowledge sharing in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Switzerland and the US, gives users the chance to learn about something new with expert teachers in over 500 subjects.  With classes offered face-to-face or via webcam, Superprof is the largest community of evaluated and trusted teachers and students.   Tilkee Tilkee is the online solution to optimise sales follow-up by analysing when, and for how long a prospective lead reads a business proposal. Tilkee converts users’ documents into a link which is inserted into correspondence with a client. Tilkee’s unique, predictive algorithm calculates the user’s chances of closing a deal by examining information on the user’s reading behaviour such as number of views, pages viewed and for how long. Thanks to these stats, that users receive in real-time by email, effective follow ups with prospective clients can be achieved at exactly the right time with an even more targeted approach! Predict sales, save time, and increase revenue!   Weenect Weenect is the leader in GPS family tracking, with a complete range of products connected to an app. With separate products for each member of the family, each product is tailored to different needs yet all deliver the same result: peace of mind. The GPS kids tracker means you always know where your child is. They can even alert you if there is a problem via the SOS button and can call you as the tracker also serves as a telephone. The GPS dog collar refreshes your pet’s location every 30 seconds and alerts you via the app if they’ve wandered out of the garden. The GPS cat tracker also has a phone function – your cat is only a call away if you are away from home. The startup is now ready to reveal its 3.0 Weenect Silver tracker for the elderly with no set-up required, functioning both indoors and outdoors.   Whaller Whaller enables you to create all your private social networks in one place. Most sites only allow you to create one profile, Whaller lets you set up a different profile for each group of people in your life. Since you don’t share the same things with your friends as with your colleagues or even family members, decide what information you wish to share with whom and start a discussion with people you know. Security is also a key element of Whaller; you own your own data so whatever you send will only reach the intended recipients, no one else.   Wired Beauty Technologies Founded by serial entrepreneurs and L’Oréal veterans, Wired Beauty Technologies combines skin and haircare science, smart sensors, IoT technology and data analytics to help consumers understand their personal skin and hair needs. Wired Beauty Technologies also provide cosmetic brand labs and retailers with scientific data to target consumers for innovation or marketing purposes. Thanks to this initiative, the company invented and patented MAPO®, a fully personalised, multi-function and easy-to-use beauty mask with an accompanying app which measures skin moisture in real-time and boosts product effectiveness.   Come and meet this handpicked selection of French tech trailblazers at the Web Summit 2016 , Europe’s largest tech event, from 7 th – 10 th  November at the French Pavillion, Pavillion 1, Booth S845 .   For more information on Web Summit or any of the French Pavillion exhibitors, contact: Mathilde Noir, Business France - Paris Tel: +33(0)1 40 73 34 21 Email: For further information on this press release, contact Catherine Ryall, Business France UK Press Officer Email: / Web:

What is “La French Tech”?

Fran Lambert - 26-oct.-2015 18:23:52
La French Tech refers to all the people working for or with French start-ups, in France or abroad. This includes entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, developers, associations, bloggers, media, large companies and government agencies; all the players working towards growing and promoting start-ups internationally. La French Tech: a vibrant ecosystem For some years now, La French Tech has shown incredible dynamism, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers and designers, among other talented people.  La French Tech comprises medical technology (medtech), green technology (cleantech), biotechnology (biotech), finance (fintech) and industrial enterprises. To find French companies specialising in the field of new technology and innovation, click here . For more information on La French Tech, visit:  

Karry: The innovative travel app that lets you make friends on your travels… before you’ve even left!

Fran Lambert - 16-oct.-2015 14:49:10
     French start-up Karry’s disruptive app, developed for iOS and Android systems, allows its users to access a community of travellers going to the same place at the same time as them. The Karry app is intuitive as it satisfies people’s natural desire to meet others and build new relationships when they are travelling around the world. Hailed as “disruptive, intuitive and innovative”, Karry is looking to forge new partnerships within the travel and tourism, travel tech, new tech, social media, community and digital sectors. The new Karry app optimises the way people travel, allowing users to meet other travellers and people living in their travel destination, prior to departure. Karry completely changes the way people look at travelling by allowing them to socialise before they have even left. This travel companion app has the following features: Karry Away:  Users who are about to travel can enter their destination/transit/departure time into the Karry app and be instantly matched with hundreds of others living in or travelling to that destination. Karry Event:  Users can find out who will be at the next major global event before it happens. This new feature was launched at Web Summit 2015 earlier this month, and is due to be redeveloped for upcoming events. Karry Home:  Using its in-built Google Maps function, Karry pinpoints the geographical location of users who are not travelling, who are then able to meet travellers and commuters to their hometown. Going to a major event? Karry lets you see who else is going and get in touch! Karry showcased its innovative new app at the leading trade show for digital start-ups, Web Summit 2015 earlier this month. Thanks to the exciting new feature, Karry Event, exclusively for people going to Web Summit, attendees optimised their participation at the trade show via the Karry app and were able to build relationships with other attendees. Karry aims to tailor its app for many more major social events, such as Coachella, Burning Man, New York Marathon, World Travel Market, Maison & Objet, Winter Wonderland, Weather Festival and the Geneva International Motor Show.  Karry is looking to raise between €200k and €300k to increase its presence in Europe and aims to hold promotional evenings in major tourist hubs, such as London, Paris, Moscow, Barcelona, Milan, Berlin, Ibiza and the South of France. The French start-up aspires to build new partnerships by proposing a tailored version of its travel companion app to international firms whose employees are frequently on the move. Karry is also looking to grow its B2B service for plugging the idea of displaying a Karry tab on booking engines and online travel agencies, thus promoting a travel process where travellers look at flights online, check reviews for the hotel they want to stay at, book a room and then potentially use the Karry app to see who else will be travelling to the same destination at that time or soon after. For a video demo of Karry, click here . To download the beta version of the Karry app, visit the  AppStore . About Karry The Karry app was founded in 2015 by Kevin Machefert and Martin Gunther. The official public beta version of the app was released in May 2015 and was made available on Apple’s AppStore. In the midterm, Karry aims to expand its app rapidly across Europe and North America by creating active hubs of users in major cities like Paris, London and New York. Karry’s Research and Development team is always working on new ways to make Karry even more innovative. By constantly improving its technology, Karry aspires to become an unprecedented leader in what is so far a practically non-existent market. It also hopes to disrupt the travel, tourism and hospitality industries by becoming the unrivalled travel companion app for travellers planning a trip. For further information on Karry, please visit   or contact: Kevin Machefert, Founder / Strategy & Communication: Martin Gunther, Founder / Strategy & Development: For further information on this press release, please contact: Fran Lambert, Communications and Marketing Adviser Business France (The French Trade Commission in the UK) Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email: View other press releases at:
Business France - The French Trade Commission in the UK  is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy in the UK. It is responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating the UK’s investment in France. Business France promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE Programme in the UK. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 members of staff, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners. In September 2015, Patrick Manon was appointed the new Director of Business France in the UK. Prior to this appointment, Patrick was the Human Resources Director at Business France in Paris, which manages the recruitment of t


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