Vive la French Tech - 160 French Tech startups at CES 2019

Catherine Ryall - 02-janv.-2019 11:08:50
The 2019 edition of CES will see Business France once again organising the French Tech pavilion . With 160 startups in total, it will be the largest European delegation as well as being one of the largest at the show globally.    New for 2019:  26 brand-new startups selected by a jury of Business France-certified experts will be exhibiting their breakthrough innovations. These promising startups were handpicked for their ability to take advantage of their presence at the CES and for their commercial potential. Business France will be bringing together 9 French regions and 120 startups under the national banner of La French Tech. The French government agency will also play host to around 40 startups from other parts of the country   Back again for 2019   For the 2 nd year running, Business France will be running a French Pavilion for the automotive industry in the Central Plaza (LVCC, Central Plaza - CP-4), a space which will showcase how France is leading the way in the Auto Tech sector with connected and autonomous vehicles, intelligent transportation systems along with new mobility technologies. Additionally, Business France will support a dozen startups as part of a ‘Family & Friends’ delegation, made up of firms who have worked with the government agency previously and whose technology shows commercial potential. This year, the main innovative sectors showcased at the French Tech pavilion in Las Vegas’s Eureka Park will be: Health Mobility Voice Assistants  Who are the 26 startups selected for CES 2019’s French Tech pavilion? Archos will present solutions that bring AI and blockchain to a wider audience. The ARCHOS Hello personal assistant combines visuals and voice commands, while maintaining maximum privacy. The ARCHOS Safe-T is a hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies. Aveine has developed a connected wine aerator with a temperature sensor. The accompanying app allows the aerator to be adjusted by scanning the label on the wine bottle. It suggests an optimal aeration level depending on the wine in question. Snips is an embedded voice-recognition platform for connected devices. Snips’ vision is to fit a smart voice assistant to every device, making the technology so intuitive that it becomes invisible. The company has already raised over $20m. Carfit uses AI to analyse vehicle vibrations in real time and anticipate the maintenance requirements of coachwork parts without sensors (brakes, tires, wheels, shock absorbers, etc.). Chronolife ’s solution remotely monitors patients with heart problems using a connected t-shirt and app. The system offers continuous monitoring and alerts patients and doctors if required. R-PUR has developed R-PUR NANO, an anti-pollution mask, made in France and specially designed for two-wheel users. It is equipped with a patented nano-filtration® technology that allows users to breathe clean air by filtering toxic particles, fine particles, pollen, etc. in the air. The mask can be connected to a mobile app that tells the users when to replace their filter according to their personal use and the real-time air pollution rate. Vivoka  (NRF) specialises in voice recognition and AI. Their objective is to revolutionize man-machine interaction using the human voice. See the catalogue detailing the full list of startups selected by Business France’s jury to exhibit at the show. Business France is organising the French Tech pavilion at CES 2019 , with the support of Orange , BNP Paribas , the INPI ,  All Circuits , STMicroelectronics , Arrow and France Brevets . For further information, please contact: Maxime Sabahec / +33(0)1 40 73 31 39, +33(0)6 68 67 22 35/

#ConquerTheSummit: French Tech is back in Lisbon

Catherine Ryall - 04-oct.-2018 10:49:47
Bringing together over 170,000 visitors from more than 170 countries, as well as 2400 journalists, 1200 speakers and 21 startups on the  French Tech / Business France  pavilion, it can only be the most wonderful (tech) time of the year again,  Web Summit . This year’s edition in Lisbon, taking place from 5 th to 8th November , is widely expected to be the biggest yet. For tech companies, both big and small, it’s a chance to network, eye up the competition and meet investors. Find out all about the French exhibitors in this Web Summit 2018 catalogue . A jury of experts carefully selected the  20 best startups to represent France at the fourth edition of the event. They will join the Business France Pavillon and will proudly represent La French Tech at the event. Find out more in the catalogue . - Arianee - Blue Whale Company   - Braincities - Brennus Analytics - Clustaar   - ForePaaS - Foxy Nerds Studio - Glowbl -  KeeeX - Listen - Ogo Security - Play Play - Pocket Result  (Data Legal Drive) - Securibox - Redison   - Silent Space   - Skapánê - Toguna - WHOZ - Wiidii More information on all the exhibitors in the catalogue . D o get in contact  for any further information: Business France UK: Samy Kheloufi Business France HQ: Lorena Paz-Vilas Press enquiries: Catherine Ryall 

#ConquerTheSummit : French Tech shoots for the stars in Lisbon

Manon Cabrol - 03-oct.-2017 18:24:32
Bringing together more than 165 countries, 1500 startups, 60,000 visitors, 2200 journalists, 1300 investors, 1000 speakers and 20 startups on the French Tech / Business France pavilion, the figures pretty much speak for themselves for Web Summit . This year’s edition in Lisbon, taking place from 6th to 9th November , is widely expected to be the biggest yet. For tech companies, both big and small, it’s a chance to network, eye up the competition and meet investors. Last year, France was among the 5 most represented countries at the event, after the UK, the US and Germany. A jury of digital experts carefully selected the 20 best startups from a total of 65 to represent France at the fourth edition of the event. They will join the Business France Pavillon and will proudly represent La French Tech at Pavillon 4- Booth B503 . Read all about them below and do get in contact for any further information. Acorus Networks Acorus Networks ensures high availability of its customers’ infrastructures by protecting them against increasingly sophisticated denial of service attacks. @acorusnetworks   Botfuel Botfuel is a platform for developing chatbots for companies. From conversational trade to automated support, Botfuel lets you harness the power of conversations and AI. @botfuel   Braincities For the HR and finance industries, we develop an Artificial Intelligence with judgment and empathy capabilities that can collaborate autonomously with humans to help them make decisions based on data analysis and contexes. @BRAINCITIES   Brennus Analytics Brennus Analytics develops a SaaS solution to optimize prices for manufacturing and distribution companies that want to significantly boost their profitability.  @Brennus_A   Clustaar Clustaar, founded in 2013, is specialized in man-machine conversation to teach chatbots, robots and connected objects to have a conversation with customers.  @Clustaar   Data Respect Magush DataRespect has developed personal data management solutions for RGPD compliance as well as user consent management tools.  @MagushIO   Dreaminzzz Dreaminzz is the first hypnosis mask connected.  @DreaminzZzCrew   eJust eJust is a court that facilitates access to faster and cheaper justice.  @eJust_fr   Entr’Up Entr’UP helps you to set up and manage your teams according to the personalities, values and motivations of your employees.  @entr_up   Klaxoon Klaxoon is a platform that develops collective intelligence, at every moment and every place where people work together.  @KlaxoonFR   Ledgys Solutions Ledgys is a Blockchain startup, specializing in traceability and certification. Ownest, its award-winning solution at SITL 2017, enables you to trace and certify the entire lifecycle of a product throughout the supply chain (from its creation decision to the final customer and even the secondary market).  @ledgyssolutions   Nabl Nabl allows you to collect hot customer reviews directly from stores. We collect reviews 20 times faster than platforms like Trip Advisor. Once collected, we diffuse (or disseminate) the opinions on Google, on the site of our customers, the social networks, making a real tool of visibility.   Neotrope Neotrope is a Neuroscience and CogTech company specializing in Emotional Informatics. Our mission is to connect digital to human emotions.  @neotrope_fr   Pocket Result It’s an intelligent dashboard applications for all managers who need to drive their business and are overwhelmed by their data and their reportings.  @PocketResult   Quarkslab Quarkslab is a French company capable of providing sharp answers to complex information security issues. Its mission is to protect sensitive data from companies and organizations that face sophisticated attacks with bespoke solutions.  @quarkslab   Smarter Time What would you do with one more hour each day? Smarter Time is the artificial intelligence that helps us better understand and manage our time. Be more happy, efficient, and build the life you want at every moment.  @smartertime   SpeakShake SpeakShake allows you to improve your oral skills in foreign languages through discussions with native speakers from around the world. These exchanges by webcam / micro are assisted by playful subjects, on the culture and the actuality to progress effectively.  @speakshake   Tellmeplus Tellmeplus benefits from 5 years of research in the field of artificial intelligence applied to predictive analystics. Predictive Objects leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to automate the production of predictive models, thereby strengthening the skills of human experts for faster and more accurate forecasts.  @TellMePlus   Tilkee Tilkee revolutionizes your way of selling by analyzing the reading behavior of your business documents !  @tilkeeapp   WiserSkills WiserSKILLS is a smart data HR start-up whose particularity is to make the collaborator actor of his professional career thanks to the self declaration of the skills and motivations and thanks to Artificial Intelligence.  @WiserSkills Come and meet this handpicked selection of French tech trailblazers at the Web Summit 2017, Europe’s largest tech event, from 6th – 9th November at the French Pavillion, Pavillon 4- Booth B503. For more information on any of the French Pavillion exhibitors or Web Summit , please contact: Catherine Ryall, Press Officer, Business France UK Email:  / And/or check out the French Tech/Business France pavilion website . #ConquerTheSummit #FrenchTech // no name originaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM width 827 height 428 originaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM width 1280 height 960 originaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM width 1357 height 699