“Augmenting decision-makers’ capabilities with a Human-Supportive A.I taking the form of a distributed Cognitive Operating System.”

Catherine Ryall - 07-nov.-2018 20:03:00
BRAINCITIES LAB bridges the gap between humans and their ever-changing environments by making ecosystems such as cities, cars and businesses responsive. We are augmenting decision-makers’ capabilities with Human-Supportive A.I taking the form of a distributed Cognitive Operating System. Founded in 2013, BRAINCITIES LAB is a French Startup based in Paris, specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The company creates dynamically evolving knowledge bases to train, then fuel predictive models and measure the readiness of evolving processes. This architecture enables the mining of meaningful stories from heterogeneous data sources. Decision-makers need A.I that Understands Human Behaviors to enable frictionless interactions between environments, technology and people. Inspired by this foreseeable reality, Braincities builds and provides the first human-supportive Artificial Intelligence endowed with judging and empathy capabilities. This unique technology helps decision-makers solve structural problems like: • The human inability to quickly identify trends and patterns • The lack of business self-serviceability • Top management needs to make informed decisions when and where it matters • The increasing volume of unreliable data flooding in the Global Datasphere (163 Zb by 2025) BRAINCITIES LAB combines a proprietary semantic data refinery with a deployable decentralized infrastructure as a service. Such Data Analytics Infrastructure and its related universal personal Datawallets comply with European GDPR regulations. The associated services and protocols secure the data used by our A.I algorithms to provide accurate and reliable recommendations to individuals, businesses, governments and even, smart-devices like autonomous cars. The described Data Analytics Infrastructure is powered by a scalable network of autonomous computation units (the Datawallets), that ultimately will enable us to release the first Distributed Cognitive Operating System . By 2025 our technology will endow all computerized equipment with judging and empathy capabilities drastically improving the machine’s ability to deliver accurate and contextualized services and recommendations to humans. Looking for ways to grow your business with AI? Contact us to discover our use-case in HR, Finance, Smart Cities, Automotive.   Antoine BRUEL | Head of Growth Key Account Manager Email. Mob. +33 601 642 742   BRAINCITIES LAB 21 Bvd Haussmann 75009, Paris Tel. +331 56 03 67 52 Tel. +447 413 341 581  

Senstroke: Use any object as a drum kit! Play, record and improve your drumming anywhere

Catherine Ryall - 11-oct.-2018 11:08:12
Our first product: Senstroke Created by drummers for drummers, Senstroke is a revolutionary solution that lets you play drums anywhere, anytime. The goal of Senstroke is to revolutionize drumming by becoming an indispensable tool for percussionists. Senstroke is designed for non-musicians and drummers of any level. Senstroke makes drumming natural, accessible, and fun Senstroke is the first connected solution device for drummers. Using the impact of the drumsticks and feet position, the sensors can reproduce the real play of a drummer. This allows users to : - Play on any item and emulate the sound of a real drum element - Easily record the drummer playing and share as an electronic file - Improve drumming with interactive lessons Senstroke breaks all barriers of standard drumming To take advantage of the Senstroke experience, all you need is a smartphone (iOS or Android), Senstroke sensors, and drumsticks. The patented technology developed for this product transforms everything a drummer touches into an interactive drum kit. You no longer need to own a drumset to play drums. You can now play drums on whatever you want : your legs, cushions, table, books etc … This is a smart product : thanks to AI, it adapts to your playing environment, and is compatible with all classic drumsticks on the market. The company behind Senstroke: Redison Redison is a French startup based in Lens (1hr from Paris, 1hr from London, 1hr from Brussells). Redison brings you innovative solutions to make your daily life easier. Experts in new technologies, we develop projects in the world of music and health. Contact the team  for more information.  

Whoz at this year’s Web Summit?

Catherine Ryall - 09-oct.-2018 10:43:10
Whoz  will be attending the  Web Summit in Lisbon from 5th to 8th November 2018 With 70,000+ attendees expected, 1,200+ speakers, and influencers from every industry, the 2018 Web Summit is set to be, yet again, the world’s largest tech conference. Thought leaders from around the globe will gather to discuss topics ranging from Deeptech to blockchain or even Edtech. Jean-Philippe Couturier, CEO of Whoz , said, “We are really proud to attend Web Summit for the first time, as we will be representing French Tech under Business France’s banner. It is, without a doubt, the best way for us to showcase our AI and B2B solution . Millions of resumes, job openings and available trainings are analysed every day by our AI to connect people within companies to work opportunities and projects based on their current skills, expertise, and past experiences. We truly hope that you will enjoy witnessing the power of our Skills Intelligence , as much as we enjoy building it.” With breakthrough developments made within the past year, our team has the answers to today’s burning question: how can the skills of your company be managed and leveraged to overcome upcoming challenges? This year we have drastically improved our neural network to continuously analyse and deeply understand the job market. We can now determine in real-time, which skills need to be reinforced or acquired to help organisations in the design of their strategic HR processes. If you want to find out how we can help you support your HR strategies this year, come meet two of our co-founders: Nicholas Mandelbaum , Chief Experience Officer, and Vincent Palita , Lead Developer, during the summit or schedule a meeting now. Going to the Web Summit 2018? Let’s meet:   About Whoz : The right person, at the right place, at the right time. Whoz AI reveals your workforce skills and finds positions, assignments, and trainings that suit them best.   - Skills Intelligence

#ConquerTheSummit: French Tech is back in Lisbon

Catherine Ryall - 04-oct.-2018 10:49:47
Bringing together over 170,000 visitors from more than 170 countries, as well as 2400 journalists, 1200 speakers and 21 startups on the  French Tech / Business France  pavilion, it can only be the most wonderful (tech) time of the year again,  Web Summit . This year’s edition in Lisbon, taking place from 5 th to 8th November , is widely expected to be the biggest yet. For tech companies, both big and small, it’s a chance to network, eye up the competition and meet investors. Find out all about the French exhibitors in this Web Summit 2018 catalogue . A jury of experts carefully selected the  20 best startups to represent France at the fourth edition of the event. They will join the Business France Pavillon and will proudly represent La French Tech at the event. Find out more in the catalogue . - Arianee - Blue Whale Company   - Braincities - Brennus Analytics - Clustaar   - ForePaaS - Foxy Nerds Studio - Glowbl -  KeeeX - Listen - Ogo Security - Play Play - Pocket Result  (Data Legal Drive) - Securibox - Redison   - Silent Space   - Skapánê - Toguna - WHOZ - Wiidii More information on all the exhibitors in the catalogue . D o get in contact  for any further information: Business France UK: Samy Kheloufi Business France HQ: Lorena Paz-Vilas Press enquiries: Catherine Ryall 

With latest version of Artificial Intelligence platform, Tellmeplus packages intelligence with every asset

Manon Cabrol - 07-nov.-2017 13:04:30
Predictive Objects’ minimal footprint runtime enables predictive models to run inside or close to the asset it supports while preserving consistency with global deployments Tellmeplus , the specialist in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to Big Data, released today the latest version of Predictive Objects, the first AI platform for asset efficiency that packages intelligence with every asset. In version 1.4, Predictive Objects leverages a new deployment capability for predictive models, that features a nano-footprint option capable of running on memory- and CPU- constrained connected objects and devices. Using the same technology stack as the one deployed on edge computing gateways and cloud servers, Predictive Objects run seamlessly and consistently on all types of assets, regardless of their level of computing power or their state of connectivity. "Thanks to the use of innovative scalable time series oriented data storage, we were able to reduce the footprint required by Predictive Objects to a few hundred kilobytes only," explained Jean-Michel Cambot, founder and chief strategist at Tellmeplus. "With its transparent scalability from very large and dense time series to smaller ones, the same technology stack is deployed on light embedded systems and on much more powerful systems, guaranteeing complete consistency across platforms." Packaging intelligence with every asset Thanks to their ability to get deployed and embedded on any platform or runtime, Predictive Objects 1.4 packages intelligence with every asset, providing a combined view of the asset, its performance and evolution over time. "Asset intelligence drives the strategy of any organization, regardless of industry or focus," indicated Benoit Gourdon, chief executive officer of Tellmeplus. "Being able to closely package predictions with the asset itself requires the ability to run predictive models in any type of technical environment, but also to gain a deep understanding of the characteristics of the asset and to associate these particular attributes to the produced predictions." True multi-cloud deployment In this new release, Predictive Objects also added the capability to provision and deploy predictive models concomitantly on several cloud platforms, but also to manage and monitor these deployments from a centralized, single front application. Models can run inside Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, as well as a number of private cloud deployment platforms. About Tellmeplus Founded by Jean-Michel Cambot, the original inventor of Business Objects, Tellmeplus leverages 5 years of research in the field of artificial intelligence applied to predictive analytics. Predictive Objects leverages Big Data & Meta Active Machine Learning to provide Automated Embedded Artificial Intelligence. Tellmeplus’ technology enables to put the intelligence where decisions need to be made: in the objects and at the edge of the network. For additional information please visit or follow  @TellMePlus on Twitter.  

Brennus Analytics raises €500K in funding to finance growth

Manon Cabrol - 06-nov.-2017 16:50:57
Brennus Analytics , a start-up that specializes in Artificial Intelligence-based price optimization for industrial manufacturers and B2B distributors completed a €500,000 funding round this summer. The ZTP investment fund and several private French investors have now acquired a stake in the start-up.  Founded in 2015, the start-up has developed Brennus ™, a SaaS solution powered by leading-edge artificial intelligence technology. The solution evaluates or predicts customer behavior based on data analysis, and recommends optimal sales prices while taking into account each company’s specific strategic objectives and commercial constraints. The solution uses lifelong learning to deliver real-time, highly dynamic pricing with total transparency. This funding round will enable the start-up to grow commercially. “We are delighted to welcome ZTP and our new private investors. This funding strengthens the tremendous commitment of the Brennus Analytics team. With the support of our new investors, we have the opportunity to continue our work on R&D while remaining continuously engaged with our market” , said Grégoire Saint-Guily, Brennus Analytics CEO. Primarily self-financed by its founders since its inception, Brennus Analytics has also received an interest-free loan and a grant from the BPI, the French public investment bank, and is co-financed by an industrial manufacturing company through a commercial partnership. ZTP, "Ze 12th Player" in reference to soccer, is a private investment fund of the Mulliez family that supports companies, and which is active in several areas: •  International development through a market intelligence office in San Francisco and a presence in Shanghai. •  Accelerating innovative start-ups by supporting them and connecting them with a network of companies with capital  •  A start-up studio designed to develop cross-sectoral projects around data, customer experience, and employee experience.     About Brennus Analytics:  Founded in 2015 by several artificial intelligence researchers, the start-up Brennus Analytics allows companies in industrial manufacturing and B2B distribution to increase profits while optimizing sales prices. Its Brennus™ SaaS solution is based on leading-edge artificial intelligence technology. The solution evaluates or predicts customer behaviour based on the analysis of data, and recommends optimal sales prices while taking into account each company’s specific strategic objectives and commercial constraints. The solution uses lifelong learning to deliver real-time, highly-dynamic pricing with total transparency. Brennus Analytics was incubated by Telecom Paris Tech from 2016, and then joined the accelerator programs BPI The Hub and BNP Paribas’s WAI Boost in September 2017. It was been supported by Wilco (previously Scientipôle) and the BPI since it was founded, as well as by several private investors. The company is also part of Microsoft’s BizSpark+ program.   Press contacts: Emilie Dèbes - Yucatan +33 (0)1 53 63 27 34   Emilie Gariel - Brennus Analytics +33 (0)6 51 65 63 23

Achieving New Year’s Resolutions thanks to automated time-tracking

Manon cabrol - 06-nov.-2017 11:21:42
Half the American people have a go at New Year’s resolutions. But only 8% of them succeed: motivation is short-lived when you have no way to evaluate your progress. Smarter Time , the new automated time-tracking app, wants to help users by providing them with a comprehensive baseline and empowering them to track their progress. Smarter Time’s intelligent brain learns from all available data sources and guesses everything the users do, online and offline: their app usage on the phone and the computer, but also the time spent cooking, running, sleeping or with their families. Manual input is only needed at the very beginning – after a short while, Smarter Time tracks everything automatically and provides a detailed timeline and precise analytics. Even modest progress is easy to spot: thanks to a minute precision, Smarter Time takes in account every little effort. No more lying to ourselves about our time use, no more shame and guilt when we, often wrongly, feel we’re not doing enough.   Seeing objectively what our time is spent on, readjusting our view of ourselves and fixing ourselves goals that matter to us and we can actually achieve: that is the only way to make real progress. Smarter Time is meant to accompany users on their path to fulfilment and to become their trusted assistant, low maintenance and always at hand. Smarter Time has launched on Android in November. An iOS version is currently in the works and should hit closed Beta in the next couple weeks. A companion PC and Mac client is available for comprehensive tracking. More information is available on Smarter Time’s website, A press kit can be found at Contact: Anna Winterstein - CMO +44 (0) 785 6066 071
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