Whaller: the startup which lets you take control of your digital life with private social networks

Adeline Perrault - 26-oct.-2016 15:27:03

Social networks are now ingrained into our daily lives and, over recent years, have changed the way we communicate and interact. These changes have also been accompanied by a loss of control with regard to our digital lives and data. Whaller, a private social network platform, offers a solution to this issue by providing individuals and businesses with a tool to create their own private social networks, for each group of people in their life. None of the information shared on the platform is transmitted from one network to another nor is it saved or indexed on search engines. Thomas Fauré, CEO and founder of Whaller, started working on the project with 3 friends in 2011. The goal was to allow everyone the possibility to benefit from the power and (usefulness) of social networks whilst retaining control of our communications and data. “ Whaller was born out of a desire to create a space of trust on the web where users could take advantage of the live nature of social networks without having to worry about the issues related to private life or protection of data. By default, Whaller protects its users”, explains Thomas Fauré. Whaller works according to a simple and intuitive idea: each registered member can create, or join upon invitation, one of several ‘spheres’ which makes up a private social network. For instance, a user can communicate on separate spheres, one used for their friends, another solely for their family, their job, their sports club or any other social group. The data is not collected, nor is it indexed by search engines. The app is secure by design: anything written in a sphere will not leave the sphere. In addition to sending messages within a sphere, members can also organise events, send or save files or even create a ‘kanban’ (task visualizer), to ensure quicker and greater productivity.   Another great feature: the platform has all the networks in the same place, meaning everything can be managed centrally. Whaller is not presented in a shared news feed format, so users are not swamped with information or incessant requests. Each user can take control of their communication and deal with it in a proactive way. ‘The power of the web can be successfully channelled through control and knowledge, the internet should be a tool and not an addictive and invasive technology’, adds Thomas Fauré. ‘The big social networks of today are a combination of the early web made up of blogs and chatrooms – they aim to connect individuals with as many people as possible and for them to share information with these contacts, without taking into consideration the diversity and nature of these relations. We, however, want to promote quality relations over quantity.’ Not only popular among individuals, Whaller is also an ideal platform for businesses, groups, schools and organisations of all sizes. To date, more than 4000 organisations have already chosen the platform as a secure and user-friendly space for their members to communicate. Customer testimonials ‘Our sales teams are spread out all over France, so we needed a secure and quickly operational solution to connect our salespeople. With varying levels of digital tool expertise among our staff, we needed something that would be easy to use. Whaller meets all of these criteria!’ Aurélie Bougereau, Group Digital Manager at La Martiniquaise ‘As part of our digital transformation, Caisse d’Épargne Rhône-Alpes (French Building Society) decided to set up a collaborative business network. We wanted every user to be able to express themselves freely, share information, publicise an in-branch event, their trade area and of course be able to collaborate on shared projects. The idea of the collaborative business network was to boost teamwork, communication and cooperation between staff. Whaller was perfectly in line with our plans, offering a flexible, collaborative and user-friendly solution.’ Cedric Veller, Innovative Project Director at Caisse d’Épargne Rhône Alpe s ‘Thanks to Whaller, our 350 volunteers and 6 employees based all over France have a dedicated space that encourages interaction and reinforces a sense of belonging to our association. This tool has become an important medium for internal communication and development, allowing us to encourage collaboration, cooperation and best practices between our branches, to communicate memorable moments and news from our ecosystem, or even enlist internal expertise for company-wide projects. The tool is ergonomic, easily accessible for novices and user feedback is used to improve the platform, something we particularly appreciate.’ Gilles Arbellot, General Representative at Passerelles&Compétences Price and availability There is a free version of the Whaller platform as well as Premium and Premium Plus versions which include various additional functions such as graphical customisation of a network, the creation of a an in-app shop for users or CMS. Schools can also benefit from a customised tariff to better satisfy their requirements. About Whaller   Founded by Thomas Fauré in May 2013, Whaller is a web-based platform which is aimed at families, associations, businesses and all organisations by allowing them to create and bring to life their own private social networks. The aim: to let the user regain control over their digital life and ensure better protection of data whilst conserving the benefits and interactivity of social media. To find out more, visit their  website or meet them at the Web Summit 2016 . Whaller has been carefully selected by a panel of expert judges to exhibit on the French Tech Pavillion at the Web Summit. Find them at Pavillon 1 Booth S845 on Tuesday 8th November . The Web Summit is Europe’s largest tech event, taking place in Lisbon from 7th to 10th November 2016 For further information on this press release, contact: Catherine Ryall, Business France UK Press Office Email: Web:

Look up from your smartphone and make eye contact!

Catherine Ryall - 19-oct.-2016 10:36:18

Have you seen that movie where two people cross paths, but then each person goes on their way, only to be reunited later in the film by sheer coincidence at which point they realise there is inescapable, sizzling chemistry between them and consequently embark on their happily ever after? You mean every rom-com ever made? Unfortunately, away from the silver screen it doesn’t seem to work that way: you see someone, feel a connection or a spark and for some reason or another don’t manage to swap details and then never see them again. This creates a strong sense of frustration followed by the strong desire to reconnect with the person directly…without having to go on a dating app. This is where the innovative mobile app iicontact comes in; it enables two individuals to REconnect in a simple way without providing any personal information or posting a personal ad.   Another online dating app? Nope!   •              iicontact is a reconnection tool for 2 people who have already felt a connection in real life Rather than an online marketplace where you have to sell yourself through a photo and a profile to be successfully matched (or not). No more repetitive strain injury from excessive swiping! •              iicontact works without personal information Rather than exposing personal information such as your photo, name and more on online profiles, you just need to tap a non-personal and non-public search into iicontact. •             iicontact is a technological tool Rather than a virtual public space where profiles can be accessed by anyone, spend your time meeting people in the real world and only use the app when you need to.   Available free of charge on the Apple Store and on Google Play in 10 languages .     “The aspiration to reconnect with someone we had good vibes with in real life is actually driven by complex cognitive, emotional and social neurobiological processes Such an aspiration is universal regardless of age or culture”   Dr. Francesco Bianchi-Demicheli Expert of Neurobiology of Human Close Relationship-Geneva University Hospitals   How does it work?   iicontact  has been carefully selected by a panel of expert judges to exhibit on the French Tech Pavillion at the Web Summit . Find them at Pavillon 1 Booth S845 on 10 th November . The Web Summit is Europe’s largest tech event, taking place in Lisbon from 7 th to 10 th November 2016.   Let’s look up from our smartphones and reconnect with the real world! UK Catherine Ryall +44(0) 207 024 3613 FRANCE Sandra Pacheco +33 6 21 61 68 11 sandra@hellolacom US Shereen Didie +1 610 457 4388

Monkey Tie: A New Approach To Finding The Best Talent

Catherine Ryall - 17-août-2016 13:53:10

London, 17/08/2016 - MONKEY TIE is a start-up that has developed the first cloud-based affinity matching software for HR professionals, applied to recruitment and internal mobility as well as learning and development programmes. The company will be launching in the UK this September. Only one position is on offer yet your inbox is cluttered with hundreds of identical CVs to muddle through to find the right person for the job. How much can a CV really tell us about a candidate and how well they would slot into a company? All too often not enough, believes disruptive start-up Monkey tie . It doesn’t really say anything about the person, their preferences, inherent strengths and true potential. Thus came about Monkey tie’s affinity recruitment concept. It matches a candidate to an employer or a job based on their mutual affinities, in very much the same way as a dating site. To establish their affinity ‘points’, the candidate answers a few questions about their personality and another set on their motivational drivers. Similarly, the employer fills in a questionnaire about the work environment and culture, and notes the type of personality generally suitable for the position in the job description. Based on this information and the traditional CV, Monkey Tie’s algorithm calculates a score that reflects the degree to which the job and candidate match.   Free to use for recruiters and employers alike, the services covered by the site are: job posting and candidate searches from the database. As of May 2016, the platform counts over 130,000 candidates signed-up to the site, over 1,600 recruiter accounts and over 20,000 new jobs posted. Affinity-Based Solutions for HR Professionals Having identified strong market demand, Monkey tie saw a gap in the market to license the same affinity-matching solution to companies for two different purposes: more criteria for screening new recruits, on personality and motivations improved knowledge of a workplace’s internal talent pool to better plan internal mobility, inform L&D decisions and new recruitment strategies Hence came about two principal B2B product lines : Monkey tie © Jarvis and Monkey tie © Career Profiler . Both are geared at increasing employee engagement and satisfaction, thus decreasing staff turnover. This is a gain in both time and productivity for the company.    A visionary yet human approach to HR Having been met with great success in France, Monkey tie has recently signed a deal with the French Ministry of Labour and is tasked with building a nationwide online portal for career orientation. Known as the " Guide d’Orientation des Métiers ", or Career Guidance Toolkit, this portal will make use of various data sources including Monkey tie’s own database and matching technology to construct likely career paths and suggest next career moves, such as training programmes to those wishing to boost their career. Monkey Tie’s strength as a team lies in its combined expertise in ergonomics, user experience design, psychometrics, cloud-based software development and data-driven algorithms. Always poised to push the boundaries in HR and social innovation and following on from this its achievements in France, Monkey tie is preparing to grow from 12 employees to 20 by the end of 2016, launching its more human-based approach, website and HR solutions in the UK in September 2016. Contact: MONKEY TIE Saoud Moco, COO Email:    Website:     Company presentation: For more information on this press release, contact: Business France UK (The French Trade Commission) Catherine Ryall, Press Officer Email: View other press releases at:  


Fran Lambert - 04-avr.-2016 17:23:50

Atout France is announcing the launch of its new ‘France as a modern tale’ video The video is a new twist on the classic fairy tale Cinderella, embodies key French destinations and pays homage to classic French hallmarks such as style, elegance, fashion and romance. The 1m40s video is hosted on the Atout France homepage  and will be distributed virally. Behind the story The film tells the modern story of one of the most famous fairy tales, Cinderella. Unbeknown to many, Cinderella is the creation of the French writer Charles Perrault. By taking a classic fairy tale and interpreting it in a contemporary way, Atout France portrays a tale that reflects modern France through creativity, its historical background, elegance and style. By using a glamorous Parisian setting, contemporary French designers and luxury standards synonymous with France, and subtle symbols, the film sets itself apart as a unique and original destination video. Watch the video in full here Partners and symbolism Through storytelling and Cinderella’s journey, the film incorporates key French partner destinations in a subtle and evocative way. This is achieved by carefully using renowned destination symbols and brand associations placed throughout the story. By portraying French hallmarks and destination associations, values such as culture, history, literature, food, wine, fashion and luxury aspire to appeal to British travellers. French partner   destinations involved and their associations are as follows: Paris – Iconic luxury setting Lyon – Festival of light Toulouse – Known as the pink city Bordeaux – Wine production Alsace – Gastronomy Provence – Flowers of Provence Champagne – Champagne production Alps-Mont Blanc – Mountains, snow, winter sports French Riviera – Glamour Biarritz – France’s leading surfing destination Normandy – Historical France such as the D-day landing beaches Brittany – The Breton stripes and shirts Behind the scenes The video is directed by Eric Beaupré, a Canadian filmmaker and graphic designer, and Laure Bernard, a French photographer and director. Both reside in Paris. Eric and Laure were inspired by French luxury brands, fashion photography campaigns and their artistic vision, echoing whimsical romanticism and a poetic mood. The video was shot at the famous Plaza Athénée Palace in Paris. The video is hosted online at  and on YouTube ,  and will be boosted via Atout France’s social media channels and sponsored posts. ‘What’s your Tour de France?’ campaign The film comes on the back of the launch of the 2016 edition of the ‘What’s your Tour de France?’ campaign. Now in its third year, the aim of the campaign is to increase awareness and strengthen the image of France in the UK, through creative elements such as print advertising and banner advertising on the platforms and escalators of the London Underground. Three radio spots were played on four radio stations across south-west England between 14–27 March 2016. The objective is to drive traffic to the  website. As per previous years, the regular  website has been completely dedicated to the campaign. This year the site been redesigned, and now stands out with a strong visual look and humorous and enticing category labels. Emphasis has been placed on carefully chosen, engaging images, which first of all aim to inspire visitors and redirect traffic to partner websites. There are approximately 70 destinations involved in the campaign and four main carriers: Brittany Ferries, PO Ferries, DFDS Seaways, and . New partners for 2016 are: Disneyland Paris, Novasol and Eurolines END For further information please contact: Anne Pedersen Head of Public Relations, Atout France Email: Tel: +44 (0)20 7061 6624 Web: Note to Editors Full-length video: 1m40s A shorter 30-second version will be used as a teaser and distributed online. Full biographies on video directors are available upon request. The ‘What’s your Tour de France?’ campaign launched on 14 March and will run until the end of June. About ATOUT FRANCE - France Tourism Development Agency Atout France is responsible for promoting the development of the tourism industry, the country’s largest economic sector. Atout France’s primary mission is to maintain a detailed and permanent system for monitoring and analysing supply and demand in the tourist market. Atout France is also committed to promoting destinations and works with its partners to further tourism in France. This is achieved through marketing campaigns, online promotion and working closely with the travel trade sector. Atout France works in partnership with public and private organisations and companies involved in the tourism industry both in France and within UK and Ireland. Atout France develops its missions internationally through a network of 35 offices located in 32 countries. Atout France is represented in the UK and Ireland from its office in London, which employs 16 staff. 

MWC 2019: Dawex to launch Private Data Exchange

Catherine Ryall - 22-févr.-2019 12:03:14

Dawex  will officially launch its  Private Data Exchange  service at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in hall 8.1D41, stand 10. Intended for users who wish to use the platform in private mode, the service allows companies to exchange internal data free of charge or for a fee, between divisions or subsidiaries but also with private or public customers, suppliers and partners. Dawex  is a global platform where companies can source, market and exchange data directly and securely, in compliance with current regulations. Dawex does not buy or sell the data - companies retain complete control over all transactions. Dawex has teams located in France, Canada and the US. Since 2017, more than 6,000 companies from more than 50 countries have registered on the platform. 10% of them are global companies, 45% are located in Europe and 35% in the US. They work across more than 20 sectors of activity. " We are launching Private Data Exchange at MWC because the show is a reference for companies in the IOT sector, which is generating ever increasing amounts of data. This event is an opportunity for Dawex, as a data marketplace, to showcase its technology and promote its Private Data Exchange offering " said Fabrice Tocco, Co-CEO of Dawex. The global market for data exchange and monetisation is growing rapidly via 4 main drivers: • the continuous increase in the volume of data generated (accentuated by the democratization of connected objects and IoT technologies for companies) • the maturity of data economies • the exponential increase in the number of companies developing "data-driven"  solutions and products and the emergence • democratization of technologies consuming massive volumes of data (AI, machine learning). It is expected to reach $500 billion by 2022 and $708 billion by 2025 according to Gartner, Forrester and McKinsey. The revenues generated by the data commercialisation can allow a company to increase its turnover by over 20% while increasing their value by up to 25% (BCG, McKinsey). In line with this growth, the market needs secure and organised environments such as the Dawex platform, where companies can meet, discuss, market and acquire data in total confidence, while at the same time reducing risk and costs. Dawex will be exhibiting at MWC on the French Tech pavilion , Hall 8.1D41, stand 10. For further information, please contact: Fabrice Tocco, For futher information about this press release, please contact: Catherine Ryall, Business France UK catherine.ryall@

Dynamic French creative agency Vision de Marques sets up in the UK

Fran Lambert - 08-mars-2016 17:45:32

Vision de Marques specialises in  Decorations & Indoor Animation ,  Outdoor Decorations & Displays  and  Outdoor Hoarding for Wallscapes . An innovative creative agency, it boasts an impressive portfolio of high-profile clients in France across the retail/shopping, architecture, interior design, fashion, luxury goods, beauty, tech/gadgets/mobile and restaurant sectors, such as Burger King, Etam, Galeries Lafayette, H&M, Kookai, Marks & Spencer, Samsung, Tag Heuer, Unilever, Prêt à Manger and Pizza Hut. Vision de Marques hopes to showcase its proven expertise in optimising point of sale to potential clients and experience a similar level of success in the British market. It is dedicated to setting its clients apart from the competition and transforming their retail point of sale into a vibrant place full of new experiences for the public. Vision de Marques is particularly keen to increase its profile in the UK and exchange with specialist British press and media. For more information on Vision de Marques, visit: Websi te: Twitter:  @VisiondeMarques Facebook:  Vision de Marques   For more information on the attached press kit, contact: Fran Lambert,Communications & Marketing Adviser Business France United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email: showcases its apartment rental platform on stand B912 at the Business Travel Show 2016

Alice Faure - 10-févr.-2016 12:29:47, a French start-up dedicated to peer-to-peer accommodation for business travellers, will showcase its reservations platform on stand B912 at the Business Travel Show, Olympia Grand London on 24-25 February 2016. Launched in 2014, is the leading peer-to-peer accommodation and service website exclusively dedicated to business travel. MagicEvent offers over 20,000 types of accommodation – studios, apartments, villas – in 60 cities across Europe and around the world, such as Paris, Cannes, London, Barcelona and Hanover. Providing a real alternative to hotels, business travellers are increasingly using apartment rentals for reasons related to cost, space and comfort. All accommodation on is selected to meet the needs of business travellers in terms of comfort and safety, and are in close proximity to exhibition and conference centres or in the centre of town. Accommodation is rated between 1 and 5 stars based on objective criteria related to comfort and amenities. “More and more business travellers have tested apartment rental on peer-to-peer websites for personal travel, and are looking to benefit from the same advantages for business travel,” explains Valéry Linÿer, CEO and Co-founder of “This type of accommodation provides savings of 30% to 60%, without including the costs saved on restaurants and transport.” MagicEvent also offers a mobile concierge app for reserving numerous services during a stay in Paris. Prior to their trip or while travelling, professionals will have access to room service, as well as car and laundry services and practical/tourist information to help with their stay. To facilitate the reservation and management of accommodation expenses by companies, has developed services that are 100% business-oriented: group agreements for large companies, an expenses monitoring and optimisation tool for travel managers, the Magic Business Card loyalty programme for executive assistants, the Pro Travel Agency offer for travel agencies, and white label sites for events organisers. “We have simplified the reservation method as far as possible to allow payment by bank transfer, or monthly invoicing,” adds Valéry Linyer. “Our tools perfectly meet the needs of companies looking to promote this type of accommodation and monitor the expenses and travel of their employees. Travel managers can have complete confidence in MagicEvent since our entire offer is adapted to business travel, in terms of location, comfort and safety.” Since its launch, the start-up has raised capital three times, to the sum of €3,000,000. It employs around 20 employees in France, Germany and Madagascar. About Launched in 2014, is the first sharing economy portal dedicated to business travellers. They can find accommodation next to exhibition and conference centres, and services in major European business cities. was founded by three partners: Valéry Linÿer, William Lecerf and Eric Christophe. Valéry has spent his career working in the events industry in France but internationally. He has set up events in Paris, Cannes, Hong Kong, Geneva, Abu Dhabi and Doha, and has attended many other events across all sectors. “It is often difficult to find somewhere to stay during these major international events. A shortage of hotel rooms leads to an immense increase in prices and extended transportation times. Business travellers have more and more budget constraints. Renting an apartment offers more space and sometimes more comfort for a better price.” William specialises in short term rental and related services in Cannes. He works on many events and conferences across the city. Eric Christophe, previously an Information Systems Director for a major financial group, is in charge of development and SEO. The start-up carried out fundraising in 2013 with several funders. Further fundraising to the sum of €1 million in November 2014 allowed to accelerate its development in Europe, setting up offices in Paris and Cologne. In September 2015, fundraised €1.5 million, which will allow it to develop its website for international clients and develop new services for business travellers. Among the start-up’s shareholders are Benoît Bassi, Partner and President of Bridgepoint Business in France, and board member for the Bridgepoint Group, and Michael Benabou, Co-founder of Vente‑Privé The Banque Publique d’Investissement (BPI) and other investment companies are also helping the start-up to develop further. For further information on Magic Event, go to or contact: Bérengère Bonnet Marketing/Communications Director 182 Avenue Charles de Gaulle 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine France Tel:  +33 (0)1 84 02 10 72 Mobile: +33 (0)6 86 86 37 12 Email: For a video on, go to: For further information regarding this press release, contact: Fran Lambert, Communications & Marketing Adviser Business France – The French Trade Commission in the UK Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email:

The Tech Services and Press Department assists French companies with their international development strategy and promotes trade between France and the UK. In order to maximise commercial opportunities between French and British companies, the Department organises French Pavilions key exhibitions in the UK as well as meet-the-buyer events, and offers individual prospecting trips and exploratory missions. We cover various industries including telecommunications, audiovisual/multimedia services and technologies, video games, software and IT services, Internet services/technologies and e-commerce solutions, together with B2B services in marketing, HR, real estate as well as the financial sector.   Isabelle Tibayrenc Manager isabelle.tibayrenc Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3634 Teresa Marshall Senior Trade Development Adviser   Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3644 Samy Kheloufi Trade Devel


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