French compounder Polytechs to unveil new product range at K-fair 2019

Penny Atkinson - 25/09/19



Polytechs, a independent French masterbatch & compound solutions company, has announced significant changes to their product line, with a new focus on speciality products. They will launch their new lines exclusively at K 2019 (Hall 5 / D04-01).  

Polytechs: investing for the future

In 2018, Polytechs’ annual turnover reached €35 million & the company invested €7.5 million in a new production machine, to complement their ‘reactive extrusion’ range, & in two new buildings, with the aim of increasing their storage capacity.

Polytechs has also invested in the complete restructuring of their product range, as well as the transformation of their communications. The company has undergone an intensive acceleration of their digital transformation, with changes to their brand strategy & product innovation.

  • Following a year of significant investment, Polytechs has introduced a new 3-pillar business model incorporating:
    • Masterbatches dedicated to polyolefins surface modification
    • Polymer production and processing industry productivity solutions
    • A range dedicated to 3D printing
  • Polytechs’ PW Product Range is a global reference in the Cling masterbatches market. At K-fair, they will announce a new release within this range.
  • Polytechs is also developing a complete range of agents to extend the shelf life of foods (fruits, vegetables, etc.) wrapped in monolayer polyethylene film.


New products for international markets

The new business model includes an international approach, which is exploited through Polytechs’ distribution network of over 30 global partners covering Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. The new ‘3 pillar’ structure covers new brands & products:

  • Masterbatches dedicated to the surface modification of polyolefins:
    Polytechs flagship brand, the Cling Masterbatch PW, range has increased.
    Polytechs has introduced the PW S, which offers a real increase to ‘clinginess’ and ‘noise’ for agricultural silage films. Polytechs is also developing a complete range of agents which extend the shelf life of foods (fruits, vegetables, etc.) wrapped in monolayer polyethylene film.



  • Productivity solutions for the polymer manufacturing and processing industry: 
    Polytechs is implementing 2 new solutions to boost productivity: Flow Xpress & Clean Xpress. 
    Flow Xpress covers 2 different technologies; the first is a viscosity modifier for PP (polypropylene), & the second is a combination of various process assistance products which reduce friction & pressure exerted on materials in the extruder. Clean Xpress is a result of Polytechs’ 20 years’ experience in the field which enables them to provide purge compounds with strong technical support. This has led to the most technical & efficient polymer purging solution on the market, especially in the case of materials & colour transitions.
  • A comprehensive range dedicated to 3D printing (in partnership with Francofil):
    Polytechs manufactures Olesteel 3D, a custom polyolefin-based compound, with strong mechanical properties & customisable functions. The filament form of this compound is produced by Normandy start-up, Francofil. With their combined skillset & expertise, the two companies have developed a printable solution to produce tools for OEM maintenance and production lines.

Polytechs will be exhibiting at the K 2019 Trade Fair, Hall 5 / D04-01, in Düsseldorf from 16th to 24th October 2019.



Mathieu RIOULT 

Export Sales Director / Tel: +33 (0)2 35 57 81 54


About Polytechs 

Polytechs is a specialty & high quality standard masterbatch & compound solutions company, based in Normandy, France. With 160 employees & over 39 years of experience, Polytechs has a well-established brand name and reputation thanks to their toll compounding activity (for polymer producers & converters) and their masterbatch & compound solutions for the entire plastic value chain – from polymer producers to post-consumer plastic recycling companies.

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