25 hand-picked French Tech startups at CES 2018

Catherine Ryall - 21/12/17


25 start-ups have been selected to exhibit at the French Tech pavilion organised for the 5th consecutive year by Business France at next year’s CES in Las Vegas, on stand 50626, Eureka Park Hall.


Hand-picked from among 100 companies after a competitive selection process, these 25 highly promising start-ups will present an insight into future technological trends.  

"We prioritised innovative companies that display genuine international development potential and which have the capacity to ramp up their commercial development so as to spark the interest of decision makers visiting CES," declared Thomas Delouvrier, who will be running the pavilion for Business France. “The prototype presented at Las Vegas must be available later this year in order to fully benefit from the leverage effect of the show.”

At the last CES, France:

  •  had the 3rd largest international delegation (after the US and China)

  •  boasted the 2nd highest number of start-ups in attendance (200 at the 2017 CES), just behind the US and a long way ahead of Israel and China. 55 British companies exhibited at the event.

These figures reflect the maturity of French Tech’s ecosystems, all driven by globally-renowned talent, be it in the form of engineers, designers or mathematicians. 

It is expected that France will once again constitute the leading European delegation at the exhibition.

A tech scene in ascent
2017 is set to be a record year for French startups. In the first half of the year alone French start-ups have raised €1.7 billion in capital - about the same as in the whole of the previous year, according to
CB Insights.

5 of these companies received a “CES Innovation Award” at CES Unveiled Paris, the official event that previews some of the innovations to be presented at the next CES:

  • CamToy - robot fitted with a video camera to improve the well-being of dogs

  • Lancey Energy Storage - smart electric heater equipped with a battery and an energy management system. Lancey won a ‘Best of Innovations’ award.

  • myBrain Technologies - connected headphones with neuroscientific properties that measure stress levels and play appropriate relaxing music

  • R-Pur - first anti-pollution mask specially designed for people riding bicycles and motorbikes

  • Unistellar - telescope that amplifies light from stars

Who are the other hand-picked exhibitors selected by the jury?

  • AirNodes – Anna, the first smart mirror, already used in 5-star hotels in France

  • Aurasens - an armchair enabling a new type of sensory journey which combines music with massage

  • BladeShadow - Shadow, a high-performance cloud-based PC

  • Catspad - connected water and food dispenser designed to improve cats’ health

  • Caveasy – wine cellar management solution for storing wine bottles

  • Energy Square – a new wireless ‘power by contact’ charging technology

  • eXsens - a cabin that generates an individual’s digital double, a ‘3D avatar’, that can be animated and used for a range of applications - fitness, health, fashion (e-commerce), advertising, video games...),

  • Green Creative - smart robot that sorts and compacts drinks packaging, and tracks its collection in real-time

  • Hap2U – touch and feel what’s on your screen

  • Shapeheart – a range of heart rate monitoring armbands for sport

  • Jagger & Lewis - connected collar capable of recognizing your dog’s behaviour to help you understand them

  • Joy - connected watch for children, that emits no radio waves, with icons that help young children understand the concept of time

  • Lovebox - connected ‘lovebox’ that lets you send love notes via a mobile application

  • MainBot - smart robot for children aged 7-10 combining educative content and affective behaviour

  • Miraxess - extension that transforms a smartphone into a laptop computer

    Romy - technology used to formulate fresh facial treatments using active ingredients

  • Snips - voice platform for connected objects that allows businesses to incorporate a voice assistant into their products

  • Team8 - a connected watch for children aged between 5 and 12, that lets them create their super-hero - name, costume, super-powers ... but in order to play the children must engage in regular physical activity

  • Timescope - customised virtual reality terminals dedicated to spaces that are open to the public to offer them time-travel experiences

  • Vandelay presents Lokly its new generation USB key, with a smartphone application to control access to its data and transfer files from one key to another without a computer.

Business France will also take 10 other startups to the CES in a ‘Family & Friends’ delegation. In total, therefore, its delegation will consist of 35 companies that will take part in the leading worldwide consumer technology show from 9th – 12th January. 

For further information:
Visit the Business France CES 2018 website

Contacts in France
Thomas Delouvrier – thomas.delouvrier@businessfrance.fr
Maxime Sabahec – maxime.sabahec@businessfrance.fr

Contact in London
Catherine Ryall, Business France UK,

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