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Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018: French expertise takes off

Letizia Zitoli - 15-mars-2018 17:28:39

The 3 segments set to experience the fatest change are: • IFEC (In-Flight Entertainment & Connectivity – $5.8 bn in 2020) • Seating ($7.48 bn in 2015, $14.82 bn in 2020) • Floor coverings New aircrafts to cater for increased passenger number This growth has been driven in particular by the increase in air traffic and the record orders achieved in recent years. Over the next 20 years, Airbus expects to see passenger traffic increase annually by 4.5%. 7 billion people are forecast to travel by plane by 2034, which will generate        a need for approximately 33,000 new aircrafts each seating over 100 passengers, worth a total    of $5,200bn. In  addition  to  these  figures,  the  life  of  an  aircraft  is  generally  around  15  years, much longer than its interiors, which are often around a third of that  amount.  Consequently, an aircraft cabin is refurbished and  replaced  several times  in  its lifetime  since  the equipment has a shorter service life than the aircraft  itself. French expertise in this field enables airlines to respond the challenges they currently face: ·         To offer passengers  more space and comfort : a major challenge faced by airlines, for all types of cabin. Work carried out on cabin interior design accounts for approximately 30% of the price of a plane ticket. ·         To improve the  in-flight entertainment system , notably via the introduction of on-board WiFi and the development of BYOD Bring Your Own Device. ·         To ensure  ease of maintenance  - it must be possible to change a defective part very quickly. This means designing strong, reliable parts, that can be rapidly repaired or  replaced. ·         To optimise cabin configuration and reduce the weight of any materials used in aircraft interiors to  save on fuel consumption . This is of particular importance for low-cost  airlines. ·          Innovation -  in a highly competitive sector, each airline must set itself apart from its competitors by offering unique functionality features. The aircraft interiors market is a high value-added market, in which French companies stand      out   due   to   their   proven    expertise    and    the    specific    services    they    offer.    Exhibiting together on 2 pavilions, in Hall B6 (stands 6C51,  6C61,  6C50,  6C60,  6C70  and 6D70) and in Hall B3 (stand 3C40) dedicated to IFEs, the French exhibitors represent the expertise and sheer variety and of companies in the sector. The business activities of the French Pavilion exhibitors at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018 are explored in a press pack, which is available upon request: For further information about the French Pavilion: Contact in France Business France Samantha Douarin, Aerospace Project Coordinator Tel: +33 (0)1 40 73 33 52 Email:  samantha.douarin@ Contact in UK Business France UK  Catherine Ryall, Press Officer Email:  catherine.ryall@ Tel: + 44(0) 207 024 3613 Website: uk/

France to make waves at Oceanlogy International 2018

Catherine Ryall - 01-mars-2018 12:50:02

The French pavilion organised by Business France , the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy , will play host to 21 exhibitors at Oceanology International 2018 in London on stands J200, K200 and K300, in partnership with Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique and Pôle Mer Méditerranée. The maritime industry is the world’s second largest economic sector, currently worth $1.5 trillion to the global economy, a figure that is set to rise to $3 trillion in 2030 (OECD). Alongside more traditional sectors, new industrial sub-sectors will emerge over the coming decades. They will chiefly revolve around the technologies required to exploit resources, as well as activity monitoring at sea and maritime security of the areas in which they take place. France has a strong hand to play when it comes to capturing a significant share of these expanding markets.   The French companies in attendance at Oceanology are firmly positioned in these traditional industrial sectors, continually innovating to remain competitive on the global markets.   The seas and oceans are at the crossroads of every economic sector and are thus a key area of development. The sea meets many needs of both humanity and our societies’ lifestyles: food, the energy transition, health, minerals, transport and leisure. The development of maritime activities will also create new economic segments along our coastlines, which, along with growing coastal population densities, will translate into a new approach to coastal management and the interfaces between land and sea, one that will drive new areas of activity (floating port infrastructures, water production and treatment, etc.).  Oceanology International is the only event in Europe devoted to marine resource exploitation and its various sub-sectors. The French exhibitors are keen to meet key decision makers, seek out partners and showcase their innovative product and technologies to foreign businesses within the industry. BREST METROPOLE: Organiser of Seatech Week trade fair in Brest (8 th -12 th October 2018) CADDEN SARL : Sensors and systems for positioning, orientation, oceanography and navigation CISCREA : Underwater cameras and lighting, underwater terminal boxes and switches COMEX SA : World leader in underwater engineering, technology and human/robotic intervention D2C ENGINEERING : Engineering services for marine exploration EODYN : Real-time surface current measurement based on the data supplied by ship systems FLUIDION SAS : Automated sampling and measurement systems for environmental monitoring IFREMER : France’s national public institute for marine research KLEY FRANCE : Specialists in customised lifting and materials handling solutions LAPP MULLER : Designs, manufactures and supplies customised cable systems for maritime and underwater works MAPPEM GEOPHYSICS : Innovative maritime geophysical imaging tools NOVELTIS : Tailored environmental services for coastal areas (risk prevention, vulnerability assessments, operational monitoring of ocean dynamics and processes) OCEAN INNOVATION SYSTEMS : Innovative and modular robotic systems for inspections and interventions in hostile underwater environments OPEN OCEAN SAS : Online decision support solutions for maritime industries (on-demand meteocean studies) POLE MER BRETAGNE ATLANTIQUE and POLE MER MEDITERRANNEE : Organisations charged with enhancing companies’ capacity for innovation as well as boosting growth and employment in the maritime and coastal economy SATT OUEST VALORISATION : Enables the emergence of laboratory innovations and accelerates their transformation into innovative products SIG FRANCE : Marine seismic equipment SUBSEA TECH : Underwater cameras, underwater interventions and inspections, surface drones TECHNICAP : Measurement products and instruments for the maritime industry TOP INDUSTRIE : High-pressure autoclaves , specialist in ultra-high pressure equipment, controlled-flow syringe pumps, etc. Find out more about the  French exhibitors in the catalogue and m eet them on stands J200, K200 and K300 at the Business France pavilion from 13 th to 15 th March at London’s ExCel centre. For additional information : Business France Claude Menard, Project Manager / +33 (0)1 40 73 30 97 Business France UK Catherine Ryall, Press Officer / +44(0)20 7024 3613  

Smoove: new supplier for Paris cycle hire scheme with e-bike launch

Letizia Zitoli - 07-févr.-2018 15:40:56

After Marrakesh, Helsinki, Moscow, Vancouver and many more, Smoove  is now the official supplier of the Vélib’ network across the Paris region. Following a 3-month  pilot scheme at Kingston University  in London, the French capital is also where the firm is launching their new flagship product: shared electric assisted bikes. Smoove already runs public bike share schemes in 28 cities and 14 countries including a scheme in Slough  that they’ve run for the past 4 years. This year some 24,000 bikes and 1,400 stations will be rolled out in Paris. Around 30% of the bikes will be electric with a ‘Smoove box’ battery in the frame and a motor incorporated into the front wheel. 7,500 electric bicycles will help users to conquer Paris’ steep hills, get around the French capital and 68 spots surrounding the city.  A revolutionary service: electric and connected bikes For almost a decade, French firm Smoove has been offering innovative, smart and connected bike-sharing solutions to support the development of sustainable mobility and to contribute to making our cities greener. Once fitted with a ‘Smoove box’, the bike becomes smart and connected. There are various options for users to hire bikes: A preregistered RFID smartcard Smartphone app or with a secure code The Smoove box serves as a comprehensive information system including operations management, customer monitoring, operational reporting and more. Triple patented security system The embedded technology spells the end of saturated docking stations, because it allows users to park bikes even if no spaces are available, thanks to the ‘overflow’ feature. Docking stations not only lock the electric bicycles securely in place but also recharge their batteries. For security, all bikes are fitted with a Neiman steering lock as well as a cable incorporated into the handlebars to block steering. Optimal management of public spaces Smoove also supplies the high-density docking stations, requiring very little civil engineering work to install. The city and the operator retain the full control over the deployment and layout of their network, and are free to adjust the system to ensure optimal management of public spaces and smooth traffic flows. Robust equipment for public use in urban spaces Bikes are ultra-secure, tough and designed for optimal user comfort with: 26-inch wheels with puncture-proof tires double-wall aluminium frame and rims with tamper-resistant wheel nuts. a comfortable adjustable saddle customised front basket By the end of 2018, Smoove will supply more than 30,000 smart bikes worldwide. It takes 30 minutes to convert a manual bike into an e-bike: the addition of a Smoove box battery in the frame and motor into the front wheel. The French company is set to become the world leader in shared e-bike systems integrated into urban mobility networks, contributing to reduced CO 2 emissions. For more information about Smoove : Facebook:  Smoove SAS Twitter:  @Smoove_Off YouTube:  Smoove SAS For more information about this press release, please contact: Catherine Ryall Press Officer, Business France UK  / +44(0)20 7024 3613  

SIL4 certification for ClearSy’s its safety critical relay range

Manon Cabrol - 07-déc.-2017 16:36:50

The six safety critical relays developed by ClearSy France are the first self-controlled safety critical relays to guarantee opening of their NO contacts at SIL4 level. SIL4-certified since 2016, they are in compliance with the EN 50129 and EN 50155 standards.     Applications of these relays include: Tram level-crossing protection systems (Lyon, France) On-board tram control system (Nice, France) Tram SIL 4 signalling system (Luxembourg, France) The availability of these relays with NO contacts guarantee on opening and independently SIL 4 certified is a first on the railway market. Suited to the railway market’s needs RS4-range relays are available with different control voltages, from 24 to 110 Volts. Models have 2 to 4 make contacts (NO) and 2 to 6 (NC) break contacts. Available in two formats, a DIN rail box or a 3U card, these relays provide galvanic isolation between control and contacts. ‘ Our relays are designed for even the harshest environments (-40° C to +70°C) with high vibrations and/or shocks and salt spray. They are fit for all conditions ’, explains Patrick Péronne, project manager at ClearSy. The RS4 range constitutes significant technological progress for on-board and/or trackside critical control applications. ‘ A single RS4 safety critical relay provides galvanic isolation in a very compact format and reduces the number of contacts in safety applications without the need for auxiliary contacts for copying. It also provides contacts able to make even with very low current, an important aspect for all applications requiring an interface with PLC ’, points out Patrick Péronne. Technical specifications of the RS4 range SAFETY PRINCIPLES OF THE RS4 RELAY RANGE: Use of two internal relays. Each NO contact in the RS4 relay corresponds to two internal relay contacts placed in series. If a NO contact in one of the internal relays jams, the NO contact of the RS4 relay remains open.  Restriction of the RS4 control if a contact in one of the two internal relays jams. Accordingly, it is impossible to have the two internal relays of the RS4 relay with contacts jammed at the same time.  The restriction principle of the SIL4 control is validated by an official certifier (as per everything else concerned with the relay)  Internal relays with guided contact that meet standard EN 50205 (to guarantee checking of contacts and non-overlap between make and break contacts) Hermetically-sealed relays to guarantee that contacts do not oxidise  Diversifying of components to supress common modes.  Impossibility of a short circuit (insulation distance, hermetically-sealed internal relay boxes…)  IN ADDITION TO DESIGN PRINCIPLES, RS4 RELAY MANUFACTURE IS SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING:  PCB and assembly rule IPC 610 class 3  Full safety and functional test on each relay produced IRIS-certified manufacturing site  ClearSy and its ISO 9001-qualified service providers   More about ClearSy ClearSy develops and markets SIL1- to SIL4-certified safety systems. Established in 2001 and based in Aix-en-Provence (France), the independent company employs more than 100 people specialised in the production of SIL1 to SIL4 safety-critical systems and software. From design to commissioning, the company is unique in that it can have its solutions certified. This means that it can offer a high degree of safety and has worked on major projects in São Paulo (monorail) and Stockholm and in France with lines 1, 4 and 13 of the Paris metro. For these, it developed a control system for opening and closing the landing doors and ensuring the safe departure of driverless trains. Their clients include Ansaldo, Alstom, Bombardier, Siemens, the RATP Group and Thalès.   For more information, please contact: Thierry Servat, CEO   For more information on this press release, contact : Business France UK (The French Trade Commission) Catherine Ryall, Press Officer,

French suppliers fly the flag at the Inter Airport Europe exhibition

Catherine Ryall - 14-sept.-2017 17:49:12

For the 6th time, the French airport industry will have a strong presence at the  Inter Airport Europe trade show in Munich, with 25 companies representing different sectors of the industry. They will be grouped together in a pavilion organised by Business France , the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy. All the France pavilion exhibitors will be in hall A6, stands 610 to 637 and 710 to 714 for the duration of the leading global trade show. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) estimates that the number of air passengers worldwide will reach 6 billion by 2030. To handle this significant growth in air traffic, airports need to adapt quickly by increasing capacities and adopting smart, sustainable infrastructures. France, which benefits from numerous platforms and considerable know-how in all areas of the airport sector, is a major player in the global market. The French industry is organized into different sectors covering design, construction, equipment and systems as well as services divided into three clusters - air traffic control and ground traffic, airline stopovers and air terminals. Already benefitting from a strong presence on the global market, the French companies taking part in the Inter Airport Munich exhibition are representative of the diversity of the sector and French excellence. The French airport exhibitors will include: •    some of the world’s largest groups such as ADPI, VINCI, THALES to name a few •    a number of SMEs specialised in various market segments (such as ground support equipment, lighting, ticketing and passenger information systems) •    equipment and consulting businesses who will be showcase their services at Inter Airport Europe with Proavia, an association that promotes and provides information on French airport and air security technology. Meet all the French pavilion exhibitors in hall A6, stands 610 to 637 and 710 to 714 ; their participation at the Inter Airport Europe exhibition. Inter Airport Europe represents a unique opportunity for international decision-makers and buyers of the airport industry from around the world to discover French companies’ know-how and innovations. •     ADVEEZ (geolocation and fleet management) •     AEROPAX (deployable passenger boarding tunnels) •    ALPHA-AIRPORT (specialist in airfield equipment integration) •     ALSTEF (automated baggage handling systems) •     ATERMES (high-tech aviation equipment) •     ATEX SYSTEM (design office and designer of electric solutions for hazardous atmospheres) •     BROCHARD HANDLING (GSE equipment) •     CADDIE (airport leader in metal wire carts and equipment) •     DESCHAMPS (aircraft recovery equipment) •     ELAUL (autonomous lighting and lighting systems) •     FORTAL (docks and stepladders) •     GLOBALSYS (wireless communication systems) •     GPI FORANKRA (cargo restraint systems for the aerospace industry) •     HIFI FILTER (European filtration specialist) •     MANITOU (all-terrain or industrial forklift trucks, aerial work platforms, compact loaders) •     MARECHAL ELECTRIC (major player in low voltage LT electrical connection systems in industrial environments) •     MONROC (industrial manufacturer of axles, suspensions for industrial equipment) •     MUSTHANE (refueling system, lifting bags, recovery trackway) •     NAKSYS (airfield lighting photometry calibration equipment) •     PINON (ground support equipment for the aircraft industry) •     PROAVIA (showcase for French expertise in the airport industry) •     RESONATE MP4 (multimedia systems and intelligent transport solutions) •     SABENA TECHNICS (aircraft maintenance) •     SAINT-GOBAIN SOVIS (prisms and molded optical components for airport lighting) •     TITAN AVIATION (solutions for every step of the refueling process) For more information, please download the catalogue below with further information on all the French pavilion exhibitors, or contact: Business France Isabelle Duval, Project Manager Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 73 33 31 E-mail: Website:

Launch of Seligo, a new digital platform for the waste market at RWM

Catherine Ryall - 16-août-2017 11:30:34

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France’s Industry of the Future companies resoundingly present at Hannover Messe, the world’s largest trade fair for industrial technology

Laure Bidault des Chaumes - 21-avr.-2017 12:17:21

France’s Industry of the Future companies resoundingly present at Hannover Messe, the world’s largest trade fair for industrial technology For the second consecutive year, France will be represented at Hannover Messe, from April 24-28 2017, in Hall 8 dedicated to “Digital Industry”, to show off the industrial know-how and creativity of French companies to international audiences, under the banner Créative Industry . It was in Hannover that the Créative Industry banner was first unveiled, the culmination of a closely-concerted effort with  Alliance Industrie du Futur (AIF) to showcase French industrial technology innovation through 7 technologies: digitization of the value chain, the role of people, new materials and composites, additive manufacturing, monitoring and control, energy efficiency, automation, workflow management and robotics. Won over by the success of the 2016 edition, the Grand Est Region and leading corporation Orange Business Services have confirmed participation in the fair again, at the same space. For this 2nd edition, 2 new regions (Hauts-de-France and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) will be joining the Grand Est Region in the Créative Industry Area, a sprawling 350 m² space headed by Business France/AIF. Each region will be taking part alongside its solutions suppliers (see detailed list below). SMEs SAV RESO and Optim Data , which recently earned the AIF’s Technological Showcase label, will also be found at the Creative Industry space, as well companies  AMA (connected glasses),  Diota (augmented reality solutions)  Monixo (predictive maintenance), and Cetim . In total, more than 70 French companies of all sizes will be able to show their capacity to provide innovative solutions, all along the value chain . With the support of its international network, Business France will put together 4 days with 4 countries that have set out an Industrial Strategy for the Future, including Germany, the United States and China. The aim is to create opportunities for interaction between French exhibitors and major principals or SMEs from the featured countries. The French-German day, designed in partnership with SAP France and Bosch France , will offer the opportunity to extend the cooperation on the Industry of the Future, officialised in Hanover in 2016: digital standardisation, usage cases, scenarios and R&D platforms. --> 11 SMEs from the GRAND EST Region, offering innovative technological solutions for the Factory of the Future in the GRAND EST Region ( ) will be exhibiting at the Créative Industry Area organised by Business France for the 2017 Hannover Messe, in Hall 8, dedicated to the Industry of the Future. Their participation proceeds from the Region’s “Factory of the Future” Plan, designed to enable industrial companies to turn their production sites into smarter, more flexible, connected and environmentally-friendly units. --> 15 companies and business players supported by the HAUTS-DE-FRANCE Region ( ) will show off their know-how, in partnership with Business France to: o Highlight its pro-business image along with the advantages, infrastructures and tools which the Region boasts for the Industry of the Future; o Communicate about the Region’s policies with investors, purchasing officers, partners, etc. o Strengthen ties with partners through its presence at the Créative Industry space. This shared presence will be an opportunity for the Region’s companies and industrial players to introduce their products, know-how and operations, as business players engaged in the Industry of the Future. --> 8 companies from the AUVERGNE-RHONE-ALPES Region ( ). France’s leading industrial region intends to provide concrete assistance to its businesses so that they can stand tall in the face of the challenges raises by the Industry of the Future and boost their attractiveness. A collective of competitiveness clusters from all across the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and dedicated to the Industry of the Future ( Axelera , Minalogic , Mont-Blanc Industries , Plastipolis ,  Tenerrdis and ViaMéca ) will also be taking part. As to major corporations participation, ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES will be at the trade fair yet again, alongside Business France. A trusted partner to the industry’s key players in their digital transformation, ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES has positioned itself as the reference operator for the Industry 4.0. Thanks to its know-how as services integrator, its Datavenue offer, expertise in the field of cyber-security, and its partner ecosystem, ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES helps industrial companies take advantage of all the potential which Big Data and the Internet of Things – powerful drivers of growth and innovation – have to offer. Orange Business Services Beyond Hall 8, dozens of French companies will be featured at the France Pavilions in Halls 4, 20, 25 and 27, in particular in hydrogen technology, showcased by multiple players (businesses, laboratories, associations, competitive clusters) aspiring to speed up the development of hydrogen solutions to the benefit of the energy transition. Come meet all the French exhibitors with BUSINESS FRANCE: - Hall 4, A 44: Industrial sub-contracting (forging, smelting, sheet metal processing, machining) ADIAMIX , GUY DEGRENNE INDUSTRIE , PRECIFORGE, RAYMOND BARRE , WICHARD - Hall 8, F 09: Digital Factory Companies established in the Grand Est Region: 2CRSI , 3P - PRODUITS PLASTIQUES PERFORMANTS , ACCELINN , ALCHIMIES, ARPITEC , HAPTIC MEDIA , OPTA LP , SIRFULL , SYSTANCIA ,THURMELEC, VISUOL TECHNOLOGIES Companies established in the Hauts-de-France Region: FONDERIES DE SOUGLAND , PROSYST , EUROBAUT , GEOMNIA , SIF , STEREOGRAPH , TECHNIFRANCE Major corporation: ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES SMEs exhibiting individually: AMA , CETIM , DIOTA , MONIXO , OPTIM DATA , SAV RESO - Halls 20 6C 44: Motion Drive and Automation DOUCE HYDRO , EXAGO GROUP , DS DYNATEC , GEM INDUSTRIE , VMF HYDRAULICS ( ) - Hall 25 F 24: Motion Drive and Automation APPAREILS DE TRANSFORMATION DE VITESSE , INNOVATIVE TECHNOMICS EUROPE - Hall 27: Hydrogen fuel cells – power generation, renewable and conventional energy supply, transmission and storage AD VENTA , AFHYPAC , ALCRYS , ATAWEY , FRANCHE COMTE INNOVATION/H2SYS , MCPHY ENERGY , MAHYTEC , POLE TENERRDIS , POLE VEHICULE DU FUTUR   Contacts:   BUSINESS FRANCE Weng Si DUVERDIER, Industry Department Head Phone + 33 (0)1 40 73 30 67   Florence MASSENOT, Industry of the Future Head Phone + 33 (0)1 40 73 35 27

The Industry and Cleantech Department assists French companies with their international development strategy and promotes trade between France and the UK. In order to maximise commercial opportunities between French and British companies, the Department organises French Pavilions at a number of key exhibitions in the UK, as well as offering other networking opportunities and individual partnering services. We cover a range of sectors including the aerospace, defence, nuclear/energy, environmental, automotive, naval, construction, and sub-contracting industries. Industry and Cleantech Department Michael Yates Manager, Industry and Cleantech Department Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3636    Marie Bicrel Senior Trade Development Adviser Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3623 Environment, Aerospace and Security Jonathan Kazimierski Trade Development Adviser jonathan.kazimierski@businessfrance.f


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