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Senstroke: Use any object as a drum kit! Play, record and improve your drumming anywhere

Catherine Ryall - 11-oct.-2018 11:08:12

Our first product: Senstroke Created by drummers for drummers, Senstroke is a revolutionary solution that lets you play drums anywhere, anytime. The goal of Senstroke is to revolutionize drumming by becoming an indispensable tool for percussionists. Senstroke is designed for non-musicians and drummers of any level. Senstroke makes drumming natural, accessible, and fun Senstroke is the first connected solution device for drummers. Using the impact of the drumsticks and feet position, the sensors can reproduce the real play of a drummer. This allows users to : - Play on any item and emulate the sound of a real drum element - Easily record the drummer playing and share as an electronic file - Improve drumming with interactive lessons Senstroke breaks all barriers of standard drumming To take advantage of the Senstroke experience, all you need is a smartphone (iOS or Android), Senstroke sensors, and drumsticks. The patented technology developed for this product transforms everything a drummer touches into an interactive drum kit. You no longer need to own a drumset to play drums. You can now play drums on whatever you want : your legs, cushions, table, books etc … This is a smart product : thanks to AI, it adapts to your playing environment, and is compatible with all classic drumsticks on the market. The company behind Senstroke: Redison Redison is a French startup based in Lens (1hr from Paris, 1hr from London, 1hr from Brussells). Redison brings you innovative solutions to make your daily life easier. Experts in new technologies, we develop projects in the world of music and health. Contact the team  for more information.  

Whoz at this year’s Web Summit?

Catherine Ryall - 09-oct.-2018 10:43:10

Whoz  will be attending the  Web Summit in Lisbon from 5th to 8th November 2018 With 70,000+ attendees expected, 1,200+ speakers, and influencers from every industry, the 2018 Web Summit is set to be, yet again, the world’s largest tech conference. Thought leaders from around the globe will gather to discuss topics ranging from Deeptech to blockchain or even Edtech. Jean-Philippe Couturier, CEO of Whoz , said, “We are really proud to attend Web Summit for the first time, as we will be representing French Tech under Business France’s banner. It is, without a doubt, the best way for us to showcase our AI and B2B solution . Millions of resumes, job openings and available trainings are analysed every day by our AI to connect people within companies to work opportunities and projects based on their current skills, expertise, and past experiences. We truly hope that you will enjoy witnessing the power of our Skills Intelligence , as much as we enjoy building it.” With breakthrough developments made within the past year, our team has the answers to today’s burning question: how can the skills of your company be managed and leveraged to overcome upcoming challenges? This year we have drastically improved our neural network to continuously analyse and deeply understand the job market. We can now determine in real-time, which skills need to be reinforced or acquired to help organisations in the design of their strategic HR processes. If you want to find out how we can help you support your HR strategies this year, come meet two of our co-founders: Nicholas Mandelbaum , Chief Experience Officer, and Vincent Palita , Lead Developer, during the summit or schedule a meeting now. Going to the Web Summit 2018? Let’s meet:   About Whoz : The right person, at the right place, at the right time. Whoz AI reveals your workforce skills and finds positions, assignments, and trainings that suit them best.   - Skills Intelligence

#ConquerTheSummit: French Tech is back in Lisbon

Catherine Ryall - 04-oct.-2018 10:49:47

Bringing together over 170,000 visitors from more than 170 countries, as well as 2400 journalists, 1200 speakers and 21 startups on the  French Tech / Business France  pavilion, it can only be the most wonderful (tech) time of the year again,  Web Summit . This year’s edition in Lisbon, taking place from 5 th to 8th November , is widely expected to be the biggest yet. For tech companies, both big and small, it’s a chance to network, eye up the competition and meet investors. A jury of experts carefully selected the 21 best startups to represent France at the fourth edition of the event. They will join the Business France Pavillon and will proudly represent La French Tech at the event. - Arianee - Blue Whale Company - Brennus Analytics - Clustaar - E-Tipi Learning - ForePaaS - Foxy Nerds Studio - Glowbl -  KeeeX - Listen - Ogo Security - Orange Cloud For Business - Play Play - Pocket Result - Securibox - Redison - Silent Space - Skapánê - Brainlinks - WHOZ - Wiidii More information to follow. D o get in contact  for any further information: Business France UK: Samy Kheloufi Business France HQ: Lorena Paz-Vilas Press enquiries: Catherine Ryall 

TK’Blue Customer Survey Results: Why Reducing The Environmental Impact Of Goods Transportation Pays Off

Catherine Ryall - 12-sept.-2018 15:36:36

TK’Blue   is an accreditation and rating agency which specialises in goods transportation. Its service platform measures the environmental performance of the carriers, shippers and freight forwarders in a company’s supply chain. It covers all modes of transport: road, rail, sea, river and air. TK’Blue conducted a survey of 50 of its customers on the effectiveness of its platform in mid-2018. The results revealed: • Almost a third of respondents have lowered their transport costs as a result of using TK’Blue’s platform • A fifth of respondents have reduced their social and environmental footprint: CO2, pollution, etc. • 15% have improved their compliance with transport regulations Why does TK’Blue have over 1000 users? • 70% of shippers and freight forwarders’ main requirement is to measure CO 2 /GHG emissions and then reduce them. • Shippers’ require a reliable third party to take detailed measurements of emissions produced by freight transportation. This is because initial studies are usually carried out internally, relying on national averages and estimated ratios, not providing shippers with enough concrete information for change. • Shippers also use TK’Blue’s findings to choose more efficient vehicles, change modes of transport, and control the transport cost per ton-km. TK’Blue provide key information for decision makers The survey demonstrates the value of sustainability efforts undertaken by shippers which are communicated to transport providers (57%), to their top managers and in CSR reports (28%). What role do the respondents play in the supply chain? • 86% shippers, 14% freight forwarders • Decision makers: Transport Directors (31%), CSR Directors (23%), Logistics Managers (15%), QHSE Managers (8%), Supply Chain Vice-Presidents (23%). Shippers and freight forwarders use a range of tools from TK’Blue’s platform: • CO2/GHG report (26%) • analysis via the monitoring on-line dashboard (21%) • annual rating report (28%) • monthly activity reports (25%). The TK’Blue team will be able to demonstrate the benefits of using the platform at upcoming conferences: •  eWorld Procurement & Supply , London, 3rd October, 3pm: Chris Hinfray, Vice President of TK’Blue, will lead a 40-minute workshop on ’Sustainable Transport: a pain or a gain’, during which a TK’Blue client will share their experience of using the platform and the benefits the solution has brought to their company. •  Responsible Supply Chain Summit Europe , London, 10th-11th October: Christine Roucher, UK Director of TK’Blue Agency, will take part in a panel discussion on ’delivering smart, clean, agile delivery systems’. About TK’Blue TK’Blue is a transport accreditation and rating agency operating as a service platform. It measures, rates, and values the environmental performance of each carrier, shipper and freight forwarder in compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements regarding CO2 emissions and CSR at a European level. Its European governance, composed of more than 70 representatives in the supply chain guarantees in the long-term, legitimacy, credibility, development and independence. The platform is available on the cloud as SaaS and is free for carriers of any transport mode. TK’Blue has over 1,000 users, including major enterprises such as Michelin, Samsung, Procter & Gamble, Carrefour, XPO Logistics, Metro, Galeries Lafayette, Saint-Gobain Glass Logistics. All enjoy significant benefits in Transport, Compliance, CSR and Brand Image. To find out more, watch this   video   or visit   TK’Blue’s website For more information, or to arrange a meeting with the TK’Blue teams at  eWorld Procurement & Supply  & Responsible Supply Chain Summit , contact: Marcia Assuncao, Head of Communications & Marketing marcia.assuncao@ tkblueagency. com + 33 (0) 1 71 39 80 71 / + 33 (0) 6 30 04 97 60

French Tech back for round 2 at IFA 2018

Catherine Ryall - 16-août-2018 16:23:22

For the 2 nd  consecutive year,  Business France will accompany 18 French Tech start-ups to  IFA in Berlin. Selected by a jury of experts to exhibit on the French pavilion, their products are available for immediate sale. The French Pavilion will be based in  IFA Next , the area devoted to startups and innovation, in hall 26, stands 360-381. France is sending the biggest foreign delegation again this year The goal: to win contracts with distributors before the the Christmas shopping season. A selection of the French talent at IFA: •  Snips   has launched its own platform offering manufacturers and consumers an independent interface to create voice assistants for connected devices. Having already raised over $20m, Snips is about to launch 2 new devices as part of its Snips AIR network of AI home assistants. •  Ledger   is a leader in security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. The company develops a variety of products and services to safeguard cryptocurrency assets for individuals and companies, including the Ledger hardware wallets line already sold in 165 countries. •  Divacore , a wireless audio specialist, will launch its new generation of 100% wireless headphones, Nomad and Nomad+, at IFA. Combining great design and a state-of-the- art musical experience, they are available in a ’+’ version for travellers and feature a new ’outdoor sports’ mode. •  R-PUR has developed R-PUR NANO, an anti-pollution mask, made in France and specially designed for two-wheel users. It is equipped with a patented nano-filtration®  technology that allows users to breathe clean air by filtering toxic particles, fine particles, pollen, etc. in the air. The R-PUR NANO mask can be connected to a mobile app that tells the users when to replace their filter according to their personal use and the real-time air pollution rate. French Tech’s not just from Paris A number of the exhibitors hail from the Hauts-de-France region, which will have its own stand (hall 26, stand 362). The northern French region is home to startup incubator and accelerator, Euratechnologies , currently supporting over 300 companies and 300 projects. A developed IoT ecosystem… France provides a vibrant digital research environment including a host of innovation clusters: Systematic (Paris), CITC (Lille), IoT Valley (Toulouse) and SCS (Nice). Companies established in France that develop connected devices can benefit from a research tax credit. …with local appetite In 2017, 5.2 million connected devices were sold in France, generating turnover of more than €1 billion, a third more than in 2016, according to GfK. France’s connected objects market is expected to grow by 60% a year until 2020. ’It meets demand from clients we already accompany to Las Vegas’ ’ Start-ups go to CES to create buzz, exist and validate their products, while they go to IFA to sell and sign contracts ’. Eric Morand, Head of Business France’s Tech department and jury member believes the 2 events are complementary. A catalogue with further information on all the French exhibitors is available upon request. For further information about the French pavilion at IFA 2018, please contact: Maxime Sabahec, Business France Project Manager maxime.sabahec@ For more information about this press release, please contact: Catherine Ryall, Business France UK

Offre de stage : Assistant Press Officer

Catherine Ryall - 13-août-2018 19:20:58

Opérateur public national au service de l’internationalisation de l’économie française, résultant de la fusion au 1er janvier 2015 d’UBIFRANCE et de l’AFII, Business France valorise et promeut l’attractivité de l’offre de la France, de ses entreprises et de ses territoires. Qu’il s’agisse d’exportation, d’investissement ou de partenariats internationaux, Business France accompagne les entreprises françaises et internationales du début jusqu’à l’aboutissement de leurs projets, dans une démarche clairement orientée efficacité et résultats. Grâce à son réseau et à son équipe dynamique de 1500 professionnels sur le terrain, en France et dans 70 pays, Business France intervient du montage opérationnel des actions jusqu’à leur suivi à long terme. Mission Le stagiaire, Assistant Press Officer, contribuera à la bonne réalisation de prestations de communication individuelles ou collectives pour l’activité presse de Business France Londres. Cette activité est partie intégrante du Pôle Tech Services et Presse mais couvre tous les secteurs d’activités. Principales attributions Le stagiaire, dans le cadre de sa mission, effectuera des tâches multiples et variées : Utilisation de l’outil CRM interne et logiciel de relations publiques Contact avec les clients Business France qui souhaitent développer des actions de communicationsau Royaume-Uni Ciblage de journalistes et blogueurs britanniques Poster les communiqués de presse sur les sites de distribution de contenu Suivi des médias britanniques et des parutions Rédaction de documents de restitution aux clients Business France Mise à jour de base de données médias Relances téléphoniques de journalistes britanniques Organiser des voyages de presse Participer à des salons et évenements profesionnels et accueillir les journalistes britanniques Répondre à des besoins ponctuels du Pôle Tech Services et Presse Qualités requises De formation supérieure, étudiant niveau bac +2 / +3 minimum (formations universitaires), la polyvalence ainsi que le sens de l’organisation et du contact seront des atouts indispensables pour réussir cette mission. Un fort intérêt pour les métiers de la communication et de la presse est requis La maîtrise de l’anglais (écrit et oral) et des outils bureautiques sont indispensables. La maitrise de la Suite Créative Adobe serait un réel avantage (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Première) Compéhension de l’usage des réseaux sociaux dans un contexte professionnel (Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram/blogs) Modalités : Merci de bien vouloir envoyer votre candidature (CV + lettre de motivation en anglais) à l’adresse email suivante : Nombre de postes disponibles : 1 Date de début du stage : 1 octobre 2018 Date de fin de stage : 31 mars 2019 Durée : 6 mois Lieu : Londres Gratification : Vous bénéficierez d’une gratification mensuelle convertie en Livre au taux de chancellerie en vigueur au moment du paiement. Vous serez payé par virement (il faudra donc ouvrir un compte bancaire anglais). L’indemnité ne pourra pas être inférieure à 15 % du plafond horaire de la Sécurité sociale, 3,75 € par heure travaillée. La gratification est mensuelle : elle est versée chaque mois, et non pas en fin de stage. Exemple pour un stage à temps plein pour octobre 2018 (35 heures par semaine) du 1er octobre au 31 octobre 2018, pour un total de 140 heures effectuées (si aucune absence n’a été constatée), la gratification totale due = 140 x 3,75 € = 525 €. Stage conventionné uniquement.

New French Cidre 330mls win Gold, Silver & Bronze at ICC Awards 2018

Catherine Ryall - 08-août-2018 19:51:50

-   6Somewhere 330ml Semi-Dry cidre “Coup de Foudre” has won 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards in the cider category - It was one of only 2 French brands to receive 3 stars out of all the 180 sub-categories, and the only French cider. - In addition, 6Somewhere 330ml Sweet cidre “Afternoon Delight” won 2 stars - Making 6Somewhere the only cidre producer to win both 3 and 2 stars - There were 12, 634 entries in this years event, which is recognised as the "epicurean equivalent of the Man Booker prize" - The awards, run annually by the Guild of Fine Food’s, are recognised worldwide due to the robustness of the judging process. In that all the products were tasted blind, ensuring branding and packaging do not influence the result. The judges include food writers, food critics, journalists, social media influencers, as well as chefs, restaurateurs, and producers. - The judges said it was “an extremely creditable cider, at 4% a remarkably complex aroma and body fullness with good acidity balancing sweetness with sharpness, all supported by the carbonation. Brings a lot to the cider party for a 4% bottle”. - Owner of 6Somewhere, Rik Roberts, said “We are immensely proud, not only of the fact that our Semi-Dry cidre has won 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards 2018. We have worked really hard with our French partners to produce what we thought was an outstanding cidre, and it’s extremely rewarding to be recognised by others. Our Cidre is made from 100% apples, with no added sugar, and is gluten free, whilst they are now available in a 330ml bottle meaning they are more accessible from a price perspective too!” - The brand is aimed at anyone who wants a great-tasting, natural apple cider – it’s always 6 Somewhere, don’t forget! Nothing but apples and craft 6Somewhere Ltd are working with the Huet and the Dupont families from Normandie. These two cideries have been crafting their cidre for more than 125 years and have created four delicious gluten-free cidres for the UK market, made from 100% apples. Why not pair meals with cider? The sweet cidre is a perfect aperitif, and at 2.5% ABV, an attractive alternative to fizzy wines for those who want to reduce their alcohol intake. The semi-dry cidre, at 4.0%, goes fantastically with pork (sausages, ribs and chops) and also chicken, and due to its premium packaging would be a great alternative to wine when going to some friends for dinner. COMPANY BIO 6Somewhere was founded by Rik Roberts who worked at PepsiCo and Red Bull looking after several consumer channels and supermarket customers.   FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: RIK@6SOMEWHERE.COM  / +44 7890 275420 /               

Business France - The French Trade Commission in the UK  is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy in the UK. It is responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating the UK’s investment in France. Business France promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE Programme in the UK. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 members of staff, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners. In September 2015, Patrick Manon was appointed the new Director of Business France in the UK. Prior to this appointment, Patrick was the Human Resources Director at Business France in Paris, which manages the recruitment of t


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