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    TRANSVALORTransvalor is a leading French company providing extensive simulation software for various manufacturing processes including metal forming(forging, stamping), metal casting and polymer [...]

  • GoodBarber

    GoodBarberGoodBarber is the leading French and European platform for building mobile apps. GoodBarber provides software designed so that anyone can create a Beautiful App, for iPhone, iPad and [...]


    CIFFA SYSTEMESCIFFA SYSTEMES distibutes flexible, floating and thermal cover. FLEXIBLE COVERS The range of AQUACIF ® and OLFACIF® flexible covers are designed to confine basins of sewage [...]


    POLYTECHS Polytechs is an independent company located in Cany Barville (Normandy, France). The company is specialized in the production of masterbatches, compounds, and compacted additive blends [...]

  • Laïta

    LaïtaLAÏTA is the largest dairy cooperative in Western France. LAÏTA collects 1.4 billion liters of milk every year from 3,750 certified farms to supply 8 production sites and sells over [...]

  • Subsea Tech

    Subsea TechSubsea Tech is a SME (SAS with capital of 60 000 €), founded in December 2005 and based in Marseilles. Subsea Tech is an engineering company (20 people including 12 engineers) [...]


    POM ALLIANCEPom'Alliance is a leading company in the French market and a major operator on the European fresh potato market. The company is a collector, storer, packer and trader of fresh [...]


    LES SALINES DE GUERANDELes Salines de Guérande is a cooperative of around 200 salt workers. The cooperative stocks, packages and markets the Guérande sea salt hand-harvested by the salt workers. Our stock [...]


    LIMAGRAIN CEREALES INGREDIENTSLimagrain Cereales Ingrédients (LCI)is a subsidiary of Limagrain, an international cooperative group created and directed by French farmers. As a creator and producer of plant [...]

  • CurisTec

    CurisTecCurisTec concern is to provide human and technical solutions to the industry in the fields of geomechanics and wellbore integrity: intellectual assistance, laboratory testing and [...]


    ACCESSREC EUROPEAccessrec designs and supplies accessibility products of the highest quality which provide accessibility, mobility and safety to people over all terrains. Our products enable everyone [...]


    HOWDEN SOLYVENT-VENTECHowden Solyvent-Ventec Involved in air handling since 1919, spécialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of industrial fans. Howden Solyvent-Ventec offers a wide range of [...]

  • Acc Ingenierie Et Maintenance

    Acc Ingenierie Et MaintenanceACC I&M designs, manufactures, installs and performs maintenance of positioners, pedestals and other servomechanisms that can support loads in RF and optoelectronic fields. Several [...]


    JPSA DECOBecause the history of furniture making is the essence of our business Since 2007, we offer a wide range of character furniture, fine decoration, glassware, lamps and objects of [...]


    DRIVECODesigner, builder, operator of charging stations for electric vehicles. With our two product lines we cover the needs of all types and models of electric vehicles : - The Parasol(R) [...]

  • SBM

    SBMFounded in 1991 and located in Lourdes (France), SBM is specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of orthopedic implants for bone reconstruction and healing. Present in [...]


    PRONAL GROUPEPRONAL, based in France, is highly specialized in design, production, and installation of flexible structures using elastomer, plastomer, and/or composite materials. Our 50 years of [...]


    IDSCENTSpecialized in innovative perfumed products for more than 10 years (for L’Oreal, LVMH, BPI, Disneyland Paris...), we have decided to develop our own range of product in order to offer [...]

  • FINGERTIPS( Spin-Off)

    FINGERTIPS( Spin-Off)VIKTOR™ is based on two factors. People with reduced autonomy, staying home or in special residence, suffer isolation and digital technology is able to break this isolation by getting [...]

  • Electro Shunt Industrie

    Electro Shunt IndustrieManufacturing of copper, tinned tubular copper braids, rope braids, conducting cable, earth bonding leads, earthing straps and various customized grounding flexible connexions. [...]


     MARTY SPORTSMARTY SPORTS is a French company created in 1979 specialized in the DESIGN, MANUFACTURING, MARKETING and INSTALLATION of sports equipment and accessories intended primarily for [...]


    CRYO CONTROLCryo Control is the leader in the design and manufacture of ice bath systems. Its founder, Bertrand AVIGNON, former rugby player, noticed the lack of professionnal equipment when it [...]


    BUREAU VERITASBUREAU VERITAS is control office both an international organization that works in areas such as: industry, the technical control of construction, inspections and audits servic, marine, [...]


    SPINEWAYSpineway is dedicated to improving implants and instruments in spine surgery. Our mission: listening to surgeons needs, and creating new devices based on surgical techniques. Our range [...]

  • SELA

    SELASELA is a leading supplier of cockpit and cabin lighting systems for civil and military aircraft. We offer state-of-the art lighting and made to measure solutions for Business jet [...]


    NOVASEPNovasep is a global provider of cost-effective and sustainable solutions to produce active molecules at the required purity. Novasep’s unique offering includes process development [...]


    PROTEM Manufacturer of tube and pipe end forming equipment One of PROTEM strenghts is to anticipate the needs and to meet quality and reliability requirements. Its flexibility, its [...]

  • Etablissements Fernand Brugere

    Etablissements Fernand BrugereBrugère is an industrial company dedicated to manufacturing peeled veneer and flat plywood. Our production capacity of 40 000 cubic meters per year and the specialist knowledge of our [...]


    LABORATOIRES DUJARDIN SALLERONSpecialized in the conception, manufacturing and distribution of precision instruments and analysis devices for enology, Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron are famous worldwide thanks to [...]


    GROUPE PSVA know-how as a manufacturer of machines, specializing in food processing equipment with the emphasis based on the meat industry. PSV GROUP is a French manufacturer of meat [...]

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