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HANNOVER MESSE 2016 - The French industry 4.0 area

Business France Marketing - 19-avr.-2016 12:53:36

HANNOVER MESSE 2016 - The French industry 4.0 area   Date begin :  25 avril 2016 Date End :  29 avril 2016 https://goo.gl/maps/RskVuGw2SPx A host of product innovations and the latest technology With the leading trade fairs taking place in parallel, HANNOVER MESSE covers a wider range of themes and exhibits than any other event – R&D, industrial automation and IT, industrial supply, production engineering and services, as well as energy and environmental technology. The opportunity to develop new sales leads in other sectors, unique access to new products and technologies and a huge international presence attract exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Discover a host of product innovations and the latest technology. Welcome to the French industry 4.0 area Acknowledged for its deep industrial roots and a highly open economy, the Alsace - Champagne-Ardenne - Lorraine Region welcomes you to the French industry 4.0 area, with the presence of ten innovative SMEs. These companies offer technological solutions for industries to increase flexibility and connectivity:    * CRSI (servers and IT solutions) 3D MORPHOZ (additive manufacturing services) ACCELINN ( Innovation Management  and Unified Efficiency ) BIOPTIMIZE (data mining) CPC ANALYTICS (big data) DIVALTO (Business management, mobility and collaborative portal solutions) IMAG’ING (laser scanning specialist) OPTA LP (optimization of logistics and production) VISUOL TECHNOLOGIES (defect detection solutions) VIZE SOFTWARE (visual analytics software).       HANNOVER MESSE in numbers   • Over 5 000 stands from 70 countries in16 halls and 250,000 m2. • More than 200 000 visitors from 100 countries (68% of decision-makers). • More than 100 conferences , themed events and Innovation Awards (Hermes Award, Robotic Award).     Official website : www.hannovermesse.de Alliance pour l’industrie du futur : http://allianceindustrie.wix.com/industrie-dufutur Business France : http://www.businessfrance.fr/              

Interview de Véronique Cuziol, UBIFRANCE / octobre 2014

Aysel ÇERKEZ - 20-oct.-2014 16:16:01

  Véronique Cuziol, project head at Ubifrance, believes that the French mechanical engineering sector shows the best of the French manufacturing: “No, not all French industries are in decline. Some sectors are successful. For example, the mechanical engineering industry.” What exactly is this stellar industry all about? Mechanical engineering firms are diverse in products and services, but broadly they service and produce valued added products for the automobile, aerospace and railway industries. The French mechanical engineering industry has a turnover of 113 billion euros annually, of which 45.6 billion are exported. These figures rank sixth worldwide and third within Europe. Overall there are over 50000 companies in the industry, including a few large players (Fives, Alstom, Areva and Air Liquide) and a healthy majority of smaller companies: 95% of all firms are  SMEs and start-ups.   Besides the USA and China, European markets are the traditional destinations of French exports in this sector. Germany remains by far the biggest importer. Therefore it’s not surprising that a great part of French mechanical engineering companies can be found at the world’s biggest industrial fair in Germany, the Hannover Messe.   French companies, and in particular SMEs, have been exceptionally effective in leveraging the country’s research clusters, some of the best in the world, into innovative solutions. A great example is the Mont Blanc Industries cluster, which specializes in precision machining, mechatronics and other advanced industrial techniques. There is a collective, national interest in creating what is being called the “Factory of the Future”: disruptive investments in technologies such as energy efficiency, 3d printing, and advanced robotics that will redefine the future of manufacturing through increased efficiency and reduction in costs.   Some of these French start-ups are making big splashes with innovative products. For example the French Expliseat, founded in 2011, produces the world’s lightest seat while also offering an innovative and ergonomic design, the “Titanium Seat.” Expliseat has recently received certification from the FAA (Federal American Aviation Administration) and can therefore supply the US aircraft industry.   Another example of a successful subsector is the textile machinery manufacturing: French firms offer extremely targeted and innovative products and an excellent customer service, as well as a highly skilled workforce.   The top 100 French subcontracting companies include a number of large businesses such as the LISI Group, which has a turnover of over one billion euros. There are also a myriad of smaller but nevertheless very ambitious companies such as Manoir Industries: specializing in metal forging and foundry, their objective is to become the world’s leader in the production of metals for the nuclear, oil & gas, petro-chemistry and construction sectors.   One must remember that France is one of the most attractive countries in Europe in terms of foreign investments, ranking 4th in the world in terms of industrial FDI. This is no surprise give that foreign investors have access to the second biggest economy in Europe, third highest hourly labour productivity, excellent infrastructure, and a central geographic position. Furthermore, France ranks second in Europe for the number of patent applications, with one in ten of these patents being the result of collaboration between a French and a foreign company.   Ubifrance, the French agency for export promotion, has 80 offices overseas. Its role is to help French companies in marketing their products abroad, as well assist foreign companies in finding French suppliers or partners.   More information about French companies : French exporters directory mechanical engineering  

Irak, Azerbaycan, Gürcistan ve Türkmenistan’da değerlendirilecek iş ortamı ve ticari fırsatlar

Anouchka UNEL - 05-juil.-2012 15:28:51

6 Temmuz 2012 Cuma günü, İstanbul’da Fransız Sarayı’nda, Fransa Büyükelçisi Ekselansları Sayın Laurent BİLİ’nin yüksek himayelerinde, konuşmacılar, ülke uzmanları ve Türkiye’de yer alan Fransız firmaları temsil eden katılımcılar biraraya gelecekler. Konferansta, Türkiye’yi üs olarak kullanarak Irak, Azerbaycan, Gürcistan ve Türkmenistan’da değerlendirilecek iş ortamı ve ticari fırsatlar hakkında detaylı bilgi verilecek. Seminerde, Fransa Başkonsolosu Sayın Hervé MAGRO tarafından yapılacak açılış konuşmasının ardından, konuşmacılar deneyimlerini paylaşacakları sunumlarını gerçekleştirecekler. Öğle yemeğinin ardından ise katılımcılar Ubifrance yetkilileri, Ekonomik Servisi ve Gürcistan Fransız Ticaret ve Sanayi Odasının temsilcileriyle görüşme olanağı bulacaklar.         Bu seminer Fransa Başkonsolosluğu Ticaret Müşavirliği - Ubifrance ve Türk-Fransız Ticaret Derneği tarafından, DEİK ve MÜSİAD’ın aktif katılımları yanında TEB, Bureau Veritas ve Altavia’nın destekleriyle düzenlenmiştir.  

Véronique PRIOUR – Business France  Türkiye "Altyapı, Ulaşım, Sanayi" bölümü sorumlusu – ekibi ile birlikte Fransız şirketlerinin aşağıda belirtilen sektörlerde Türkiye’deki partner arayışlarına eşlik ediyor:   Altyapı-Ulaşım Bayındırlık hizmetleri/Yol yapımı Havalimanları Kara yolları taşımacılığı Limanlar ve ekipmanları/Deniz güvenliği Sanayi Otomobil Plastik malzemeler Mekanik Havacılık Denizcilik Enerji-Çevre Kimya Business France Tükiye bürosu, “Altyapı, Ulaşım ve Sanayi" ekibi tüm sorularınıza yanıt vermeye hazırdır. İletişim bilgileri: Alper Ü NAL E-posta : alper.unal@businessfrance.fr Burhan CAGLAR E-posta: burhan.caglar@businessfrance.fr       


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