Reasons to invest in France

LAVIGNE Cecile - 23/08/16

The facts prove it: France brings in more than 1,000 foreign investments every year and is Europe’s premiere starting block for production projects.

Hard to believe? Not that hard for companies that took advantage of France’s highly-skilled workforce and research tax credit program, not to mention our infrastructures, energy mix and prime location in the heart of the Euro Zone and a marketplace with 500 million consumers.

Contact us to learn how foreign companies make one-third of French exports in France and why France is attracting an increasing number of investments targeting markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. And it goes without saying your environmental commitments are always a priority. You can even reduce your carbon footprint by manufacturing in France!


What our customers are saying about us and what we’ll be telling you about our line of business:

  • France is a powerful, open, modern and profitable market,
  • France is a founding member of the European Union and the Euro Zone,
  • France is the perfect springboard for conquering markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa,
  • France is productive and attractive,
  • France is a wellspring of talent and skills,
  • France is a “safe” country (money, intellectual property safeguards, reputational risk, excellent supply and distribution networks),
  • France has world-class technology clusters and is the top-rated host country among multinationals worldwide,
  • France is capable of hosting any kind of investment project with its highly diversified economy and country-wide educational and training system,
  • France is a non-stop innovator and pioneer in environmental investment,
  • Starting a business in France means joining a strong exporter that develops extremely competitive overseas acceleration programs to help companies expand globally.
  • Lastly, the quality of life you can offer your employees in France is second-to-none: special expat tax program, international schools, excellent housing, healthcare, high standard of living, a wealth of heritage, culture, sports, tourism and fine cuisine.


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