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Start-up turque Sentio Sports Analytics

LAVIGNE Cécile - 10-mars-2017 07:52:45

Nous sommes ravis d’annoncer que la start-up turque Sentio Sports Analytics est lauréate de la saison 2 du French Tech Ticket. Félicitations à son fondateur Serdar ALEMDAR qui a porté ce projet jusqu’au bout. Nous lui souhaitons de rayonner à l’internationale depuis l’incubateur qui l’accueille :  Le Tarmac, à Grenoble. Le bureau de Business France à Istanbul, partenaire de ce programme, peut vous renseigner sur la saison 3 du French Tech Ticket, à venir très bientôt

Türkiye İnovasyon Haftası - Ankara

Business France Marketing - 04-mai-2016 11:07:58

Türkiye’de inovasyon ekosisteminin gelişmesi için çalışmalarını sürdüren Türkiye İhracatçılar Meclisi (TİM), ‘Türkiye İnovasyon Haftası’ etkinliklerini 4-5 Mayıs 2016 tarihlerinde Ankara’ya taşıdi. Ekonomi Bakanlığı’nın koordinatörlüğünde TİM ve Orta Anadolu İhracatçı Birlikleri (OAİB) organizasyonu ile düzenlenecek ‘Türkiye İnovasyon Haftası Ankara Buluşması’ etkinlikleri için geri sayım başladı. Arçelik, TEB, THY, Ankara Kalkınma Ajansı ve Ankara Büyükşehir Belediyesi’nin sponsorluğunda düzenlenecek etkinliklere öğrencilerin, akademisyenlerin, iş dünyasının ilgi göstermesi bekleniyor. Partner ülke Fransa’nın da destek vereceği etkinlikler, “Art of Innovation” kitabının yazarı Dimis Michaelides’in konferansı ile başlayacak. Ayrıca EBAN’in kurucusu Candace Johnson, Thales İnovsayon Başkanı Walid Benzarti,  mucit Nicolas Huchet ve işadamı Nihat Özdemir’in de konuşmacılar arasında olacağı etkinliklerde inovasyonun şifreleri verildi.      

Bauma 2016 - Munich

Business France Marketing - 24-mars-2016 11:14:09

Bauma 2016 - Munich   Start date - 04/11/2016 End date - 04/17/2016   Google Map Link   31st edition of the world’s leading trade fair forconstruction machinery, building material machines, mining machines,construction vehicles and construction equipment.   Baumais the heartbeat of the industry.   It allows you to meet internationalmarket leaders and see the latest pioneering innovations from around the world.It allows trade visitors to find the right suppliers and solutions that meettheir exact needs.   Your perfect solution directly atthe fair Bauma truly features everything related to construction, building-material andmining machines as well as construction vehicles and equipment. This is theplace to find perfect solutions—for every need, every company size and everyapplication. Profit from the global network Manufacturers, trade visitors and experts from around the world gather inMunich. They meet colleagues, acquaintances and customers. Enhance yourbusiness with international contacts. Meet French exhibitors :     -   ABLLIGHTS   -   Acreos   -   ACREOS   -   AGS BTP   -   BaIndustry   -   BIORETAGRI   -   BRIDGIN   -   CONTINENTALARAMINE   -   EXSTO   -   GEMINDUSTRY   -   GYS   -   HYDRAUMATECENGINEERING   -   Lumiair   -   OUTINORDST AMAND   -   RIVARD   -   SNDC   -   STEARIADIS …     Official website: http://www.bauma.en/     2015 , UBIFRANCEand INVEST IN FRANCE AGENCY join forces to create BUSINESS FRANCE  

Mobile World Congress Barcelone 2015

Business France Marketing - 03-févr.-2016 10:01:34

Mobile World Congress Barcelone 2015 France at Mobile World Congress The French Tech pavilion has enable several partner regions, such as Brittany, Ile-de-France, Languedoc Roussillon, Midi-Pyrénées and Provence-Alpes-Côted’Azur to be represented at the trade show. Additionally, two high-technology clusters will have stands of their own: Systematic Paris Region and Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées (Secure Communicating Solutions). All these different actors share the same determination and efforts to promote the quality of innovations “made in France”. Ms Axelle Lemaire, France’s Minister of State for the Digital Industry, will visit MWC to help promote French excellence. This brochure presents some of the most innovative and promising French startups and companies that will be exhibiting at this year’s Mobile World Congress. They embody the amazing talents and opportunities France can offer. Getting to know them will change your perception of a country that is fast becoming reputed as much for its technology as it is for fashion and cuisine.  

Alcatel Lucent Enterprise kokteyli

POYRAZ Murat - 08-déc.-2015 08:20:44

Business France olarak,2 Aralık 2015 aksamı, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise onuruna gerçeklesen Networking Kokteylini organize etmekten mutluluk duyuyoruz.  Tarihi Fransız Sarayında, Istanbul Fransa Başkonsolosu Muriel DOMENACH’ın  huzurunda, Türkiye’de bulunan Fransız şirketlerinin ve Türk şirketlerinin yüze yakın  IT Direktörünü ağırlamış bulunuyoruz. Başkonsolos ve Business France ülke Direktörü Eric FAJOLE Bey’in açılış konuşmasından sonra, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise’ın Güney Avrupa, Orta-Doğu ve Afrika grup Müdürü Moreno CIBOLDI, ALE’ın yeni yapılandırması ve bölgedeki vizyonunu paylaştı. Sonrasında, ALE’ın Türkiye ve Iran ülke Direktörü Nur CAGLAYAN, Türkiye’deki faaliyetlerinden bahsetti ve etkinliğe katılan misafirleri  güzel bir ortamda Büfe’ye davet etti  

Two companies to build a High Throughput Satellite system using dedicated broadband capacity on Spacecom AMOS-6 satellite

Business France Marketing - 09-nov.-2015 07:51:21

Two companies to build a High Throughput Satellite system using dedicated broadband capacity on Spacecom AMOS-6 satellite     Paris, 5 October 2015  – Eutelsat Communications (NYSE Euronext Paris: ETL) and Facebook today announce they are partnering on a new initiative that will leverage satellite technologies to get more Africans online. Under a multi-year agreement with Spacecom, the two companies will utilise the entire broadband payload on the future AMOS-6 satellite and will build a dedicated system comprising satellite capacity, gateways and terminals. In providing reach to large parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, Eutelsat and Facebook will each be equipped to pursue their ambition to accelerate data connectivity for the many users deprived of the economic and social benefits of the Internet.   Spot beams for community and Direct-to-User access   Scheduled for start of service in the second half of 2016, the Ka-band payload on the AMOS-6 geostationary satellite is configured with high gain spot beams covering large parts of West, East and Southern Africa. The capacity is optimised for community and Direct-to-User Internet access using affordable, off-the-shelf customer equipment. According to the terms of the agreement, the capacity will be shared between Eutelsat and Facebook.   State of the art satellite technology to meet pent-up demand   Using state of the art satellite technology, Eutelsat and Facebook will each deploy Internet services designed to relieve pent-up demand for connectivity from the many users in Africa beyond range of fixed and mobile terrestrial networks. Satellite networks are well suited to economically connecting people in low to medium density population areas and the high throughput satellite architecture of AMOS-6 is expected to contribute to additional gains in cost efficiency.   Eutelsat steps up Internet activity in Africa   The capacity will enable Eutelsat to step up its broadband activity in Sub-Saharan Africa that was initiated using Ku-band satellites to serve professional users. Eutelsat is establishing a new company based in London that will steer its African broadband vision and business. The company will be led by Laurent Grimaldi, founder and former CEO of Tiscali International Network, and will focus on serving premium consumer and professional segments.   Commenting on the agreement, Michel de Rosen, Eutelsat Chairman and CEO, said:  “We are excited by this opportunity to accelerate the deployment of our broadband strategy and to partner with Facebook on a new initiative to provide Internet access services in Africa. Eutelsat’s strong track record in operating High Throughput Satellite systems will ensure that we can deliver accessible and robust Internet solutions that get more users online and part of the Information Society.”   Eutelsat sur :   Eutelsat, website :   Source :                      

the French Delegation, the biggest delegation of the G20YEA 2015

Ludovic Huitorel - 09-sept.-2015 13:14:23

The French Delegation, the biggest delegation of the G20YEA 2015 Turkey and France have been having diplomatic and business relations for more than 500 years. More recently, between 1980 and 2000, France was the biggest investor in Turkey. These last years however, trade ties  have somehow decreased as France is today only the 5th exporting country into Turkey. The Istanbul G20YEA (Young Entrepreneurs Alliance)  summit gathers  400 entrepreneurs across the G20 countries to foster entrepreneurial values and promote the entrepreneur as  a major driver of innovation, growth, job creation and social prosperity. By sending a delegation of 35 entrepreneurs to the G20 YEA, Citizen Entrepreneurs (French member of the alliance)  wants to actively participate in the elaboration of the recommendations which will be presented to the G20 Leaders summit in Antalya mid-November. But as the G20 and the G20 YEA take place in Turkey this year, the objective is also to increase ties between growth companies of both countries.  Ludovic Huitorel, member of the delegation and CEO of the Feralco Group, strongly advocates in favour of increasing business ties. "Feralco is the second European water treatment chemicals producer in Europe, but had no sales in Turkey. For any European company, Turkey is a fantastic opportunity: gateway between Europe, Middle East and Asia, young, strong and educated population... It would be silly not to invest there! We decided first to look for the right partner and we created a Joint Venture with the Akkok Group, Akferal. Today with 3 production units in Turkey, Akferal is the leader in the country. We are so satisfied with the strong partnership with Akkok that we now wish Akferal to grow out of Turkey and become a regional leader. I know  that other French companies present at the G20 YEA  are currently investigating   the potential of Turkey and the possibility to team up with Turkish local partners with Business France (French government state owned agency for investments abroad). "   About FERALCO :   The Feralco Group is a leading supplier of performance chemicals for water treatment in Europe. Present in 15 countries, its products contribue to the production of drinking water for 130 Million people.     About Citizen Entrepreneurs :      Citizen Entrepreneurs objectives :   •       Popularize the entrepreneurship culture in France and in the world by promoting the role of the entrepreneur for growth, innovation and job creation (especially for the youth)   •       Promote the SMEs business scale-up abroad by mobilizing all strategic resources   •       Gather in an open architecture all private and public stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem      

Dilek BARCIN – Business France Türkiye "Bilişim, Inovasyon, Hizmet" bölümü sorumlusu – ekibi ile birlikte Fransız şirketlerinin aşağıda belirtilen sektörlerde Türkiye’deki partner arayışlarına eşlik ediyor: Bilgi ve İletişim Teknolojileri (BİT) Elektronik Bilgisayar Telekomünikasyon ve internet Audiovizüel, multimedya Perakende Perakende ve pazarlama için ekipmanlar ve çözümler E-ticaret Reklam ve iletişim Banka, sigorta ve eğitim Hizmetler Business France Türkiye bürosu, “Bilişim, Inovasyon, Hizmet" ekibi tüm sorularınıza yanıt vermeye hazırdır. İletişim bilgileri: Dilek BARCIN E-posta:  


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