Launch of a new Master Station based MOV fieldbus control system

Ratchaneekorn Mekchai - 07-févr.-2011 09:53:10
Compared to traditional point-to-point connection, fieldbus enables to get much more information while optimizing the wiring on site and reducing the overall cost of installation. In many cases, the control architecture integrates a so called Master Station located between the DCS and the actuators.   BERNARD CONTROLS Master Station especially addresses 3 key advantages, of high importance for site engineers, but often neglected at the design stage.   Flexibility To manage fieldbus communication, there exist two types of buses. A “proprietary” system compels customers to use compatible devices supplied by the same manufacturer, whereas an “open” system allows to connect several brands of actuators or sensors to their fieldbus, and consequently, to choose freely the equipment supplier. Opting for an Open system then confers to user’s installation much more flexibility and eases site management. That is the reason why BERNARD CONTROLS chooses the open protocol PROFIBUS DVP1 for all its fieldbus solutions.   Reliability Most fieldbus systems clearly offer a good level of reliability: Availability rate higher than 99.99% are common on redundant PLC based fieldbus communication systems. The security is critical for complex process. Therefore, in some cases, security level has to be further raised by using a full redundant communication between the Master Station & slaves (by doubling the fieldbus lines and interfaces). However, there can be a case where the continuity of the two lines can be disrupted at the same time: when one actuator is being retrieved from the field for maintenance, the whole installation is affected since the signal cannot circulate anymore. It is therefore very important to make sure that, in such case, there exist a technical means to secure the line continuity. Combining PLC technology, full redundancy and bus continuity, BERNARD CONTROLS Master Station has been designed as a reliable system to protect your installation.   Efficiency Digital communication allows the user to retrieve a large quantity of information from the field units. This is all the more valuable as it is combined with high speed of communication. BERNARD CONTROLS Master Station needs only 1 to 3 second(s) to scan the entire installation while being able to send simultaneously multiple orders. Generally located close to the field units, the Master Station represents a good access point to the MOV data for the maintenance engineers. The availability of data such as valves’ torque curves, number of travels, running time, log of alarms, status of communication between the devices…, can be very useful to support preventative maintenance management and finally help reducing process down time and increase plant availability.  This release is an extract from an article firstly published in Valve World, November 2010.    About BERNARD CONTROLS   In 2010, L.Bernard - specialist in electric actuators and control technologies for the automation of industrial valves - gathers a great momentum and becomes BERNARD CONTROLS.   For this company, which counts 7 Subsidiaries in China, in Europe and in the United States, Representative offices in Bangkok, Dubai, and Moscow, as well as more than thirty agents throughout the world, this change represents a key step in the creation of a common global identity. “This new name is understandable everywhere in the world”, explains Etienne Bernard – BERNARD CONTROLS’ C.E.O., “It is loyal to the brand Bernard, whose reputation is firmly established in our business. Furthermore, it emphasizes a major technical element of both our activity and our customers’: the industrial control, the control of fluids, flows and energies.” BERNARD CONTROLS products are used for critical applications for which control is crucial, such as the nuclear field – where the group is the leader - , water treatment or oil & gas. This renewal thus stresses the commitment of the company, and its 350 employees, to take fully on its position as international leading actor of the actuation market and reliable partner of the most demanding industries. /  
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