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Ratchaneekorn Mekchai - 18-avr.-2011 10:21:07
  Paris – April 18th - Kerneos announces two key product developments providing drymix mortar manufacturers with new technologies:   1. TERNAL® EV – when used in combination with calcium sulfate, enables the development of a range selfleveling compounds from high performance to cost-effective products. 2. TERNAL® RG-S – based on a patented technology that dramatically increases the shelf-life of  Calcium aluminates based dry-mixes.   These innovations will be Kerneos’ showpieces at the European Coatings Show to be held in Nuremberg from March 29th to 31st 2011. Kerneos will also feature its full TERNAL® range and its Peramin® additives range, on stand 327 in Hall 9.   1. Developing Ranges of Flooring Compounds with TERNAL® EV Reliable performance during application across a whole range of floor leveling compounds is perhaps the most difficult feature to achieve in this application. Each leveling compound in a range is formulated using multiple binder components each introducing a significant degree of complexity and variability. With TERNAL® EV, an innovative calcium aluminate binder, drymix producers can efficiently develop an entire range of self-leveling compounds with reliable and consistent performance. Each of these products is developed on a single “core binder” composed of a combination of TERNAL® EV and a suitable calcium sulfate according to local availability. With this “core binder” a wide range of compound performances can be created cost effectively and whole ranges of self levelers developed quickly by the adjustment of its quantity added to the fillers that make up the bulk of typical formulations. The usual range of additives should still be used to fine tune specific performance. TERNAL® EV based self leveling underlayments and overlayments provide also an answer to the major trends in the flooring products industry such as environmental issues, fast return to service and durability of materials.   2.  Extended Shelf-life of Calcium Aluminates based Drymix Compounds with TERNAL®RG-S Calcium aluminates are typically used to produce drymix mortars with demanding time-defined performance, often relating to quite precise reactivity profiles, mechanical performance or dimensional stability. It is widely observed that such performance can vary as function of the time from the date of production of the drymix batch to the installation date of the product – a phenomenon widely referred to as drymix ageing.   In an effort to dramatically reduce this phenomenon Kerneos has developed a patented technology applied to its calcium aluminate based products. This technology is now available with TERNAL® RG-S. Drymix compounds based on this new product demonstrate an improved stability of performances with time, i.e. better ageing. Extended-life mortars will be also valued by producers exporting mortars or those with products where stock rotation is low due to its specialist nature or perhaps during the launch phase of a new mortar.   Kerneos is a partner of choice for innovating in drymix applications. Kerneos strongly commits to support the development in building and construction markets.   *****   Kerneos offers to drymix mortar formulators a wide range of calcium aluminate based solutions with the trademarks TERNAL® and ALAG® as well as additives with Peramin® name. These products are specifically developed to meet the needs of building and construction applications. They contribute toachieve a set of key performance in the final formulated products. TERNAL® range is offering a wide choice of calcium based binders with controlled characteristics which contribute toachieve a set of key performance in the final formulated products such as rapidity, aesthetic performance, durability, mechanical performance, robustness, enhanced workability and long service life. Through its Peramin® range of focused powder Superplasticizers, Defoaming Agents and Shrinkage Reducing Additives forthe Building Chemistry, Kerneos offers further levers to formulators in order to drive drymix mortar applications and performance properties. Combining the benefits of a global industrial presence with a world wide supply chain network, Kerneos provides its customers with tailored services including dedicated local technical support, as well as reliable and rapid supply on all continents. For more information :   Kerneos is part of Materis group.   MATERIS , a world leader in Building Construction Specialty Chemicals, is organized into four businesses: admixtures, aluminates, mortars and paints. MATERIS employs 9,000 people in 35 countries, with a turnover close to 1, 800 M€.   For more information :   Contact: Elodie Letellier Tel : 33 (0)1 46 37 90 03      /     33 (0)6 79 98 16 40  
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