Trade Mission in Thailand in December

Chutima CHANKUNASUKA - 14-nov.-2014 08:14:32
The objective is to discover the potentials of these markets where agricultural development projects are in progress.  Several AXEMA’s members will join us for this travel. From 15th to 16th, AXEMA will be in Bangkok to meet farm machinery importers and distributors. If you are interested to meet us during our travel, please contact Valérie LESCAUT: And before this meeting, clic here to follow us on our website    

Increased French presence at VIV ASIA 2013 Bangkok – BITEC – March 13th to 15th, 2013

Ratchaneekorn Mekchai - 21-févr.-2013 04:16:12
France will be out in strength at VIV ASIA 2013, the tradeshow for livestock farming and animal health materials, food supplements and equipment, to be held from March 13 th to 15 th , 2013 at the BITEC in Bangkok (Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre). This edition will feature a record attendance at the French Pavilion, with 40 companies specialised in livestock farming equipment and animal nutrition come to promote French know-how among the region’s professionals. France is the world’s 5 th exporter in food industry equipment with a 5.8% market share, and the country exports 40% of its production. As a showcase for the livestock-farming/meat sector, bringing together buyers and suppliers from the entire chain, ranging “from Feed to Meat”, the VIV ASIA 2013 tradeshow will be an opportunity for those French producers to initiate or develop their presence on the Asian market. Broken down into two sections, animal feed and health on the one hand, and livestock farming equipment for meat processing and packaging on the other, the 11 th edition of this highly professional and booming biennial tradeshow will help French businesses to demonstrate their know-how and innovations in the following:    -          Machines to feed swine and cattle, hatching devices and vaccination equipment -          Liquid or solid food supplements, replacement milk for young animals and health products for livestock. As it was in 2011, the French Pavilion is organised by UBIFRANCE, the French Agency for International Business Development, in partnership with BRETAGNE INTERNATIONAL, an association in charge of promoting the development of Breton businesses. Located in Halls 102 and 105, French companies will cover 496 m² in total, representing 61 m² more than in 2011. With every passing edition, the VIV ASIA tradeshow attracts growing numbers of exhibitors and visitors. The last edition saw close to attire 29,000 visitors hailing from about a hundred countries, and out of the 700 exhibitors, 8% were French. France was the 4 th -ranking nation represented at the tradeshow, behind the United States and just ahead of Thailand. UBIFRANCE, the French agency for international business development , comes under the aegis of France’s Ministry for the Economy, Finance & Industry. UBIFRANCE lies at the heart of France’s public-sector export support framework. With 65 Trade Commissions in 46 countries , UBIFRANCE offers a comprehensive range of products and services aimed at accompanying French-based companies in their development on export markets: • knowledge-based products and services, from business information to consultancy and monitoring services, in order to help companies elaborate a strategy for international expansion • promotional operations in order to foster partnerships with companies outside France For more information about UBIFRANCE: For more information about BRETAGNE INTERNATIONAL: For more information about VIV Asia 2013 :     Press contacts : Ratchaneekorn MEKCHAI French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE French Embassy Charn Issara Tower, 25th Floor 942 Rama IV Road Bangkok 10500 - Thailand Tel. : +66(0)2 352 41 19   Adrienne GENTIL BRETAGNE INTERNATIONAL 16C rue Jouanet - CS 20834 35708 Rennes Cedex 7 - France Tel. : +66 (0)2 99 25 04 37    

SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE celebrates 20 years!

Ratchaneekorn Mekchai - 24-août-2011 11:40:50
Held in the heart of the Massif Central mountain range, inside Europe’s prime cattle meat livestock farming region, the SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE is a business crossroads giving a predominant place to genetics and livestock presentations. This year, there will be no less than 2,000 animals from 64 breeds on display for the 75,000 visitors hailing from five continents. Over the years, the SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE has become a major meeting place for livestock farming professionals. The 20 th edition of this French trade fair should feature over 1,250 exhibitors. It will be held from October 5 th to 7 th , 2011 at the “Grande Halle d’Auvergne” Exhibition Centre in Clermont-Ferrand (France). An exceptional showcase for French livestock farming, the SOMMET DE L’ÉLEVAGE 2011 will over 3 days host close to 2,000 animals of very high genetic quality, either on display or competing, broken down as follows: 850 beef-breed cattle heads (Hall 3), 450 dairy cattle heads (Hall 2), 400 sheep (Hall 5) and 300 workhorses and riding horses (Hall 4). This year, the spotlight will be on the French Limousine beef breed, with over 450 animals entered into the national competition. As for dairy cattle, the Brown Swiss breed will hold its major EUROBRUNE European competition featuring 80 cows from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France.   Extending across 150,000 m² exhibition area , the SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE will also provide its 75,000 visitors with a comprehensive offer aimed at all livestock farming sectors: farming machinery , facilities , supplies and livestock farming services . As it did last year, the trade fair will also host the farming job forum organised by VetAgro Sup (an agronomist and veterinarian school) and APECITA (Association for Farming Managers’ Employment).   Every year, the SOMMET DE L’ÉLEVAGE increases its international appeal : 380 international exhibitors from about thirty countries and 2,500 visitors hailing from about sixty countries are expected in Clermont-Ferrand in 2011. The International Business Club , headed by the ADEPTA (Association for the D evelopment of International Trade in Farming Products and Techniques), will offer a VIP welcome to foreign delegations, as well as organising guided tours of the trade fair, meetings with exhibitors and a presentation of France’s offer in terms of livestock farming, know-how and genetics. Moreover, as part of the Year of Mexico in France, a specific reception procedure will be put in place to receive delegations of Mexican livestock farming managers.   It will also be possible for foreign visitors to take part in a host of professional side-events:   Ÿ   Close to twenty tours of livestock farms and food industry technical facilities (an insemination centre, a slaughterhouse, a meat sector research centre, etc.); Ÿ   The 3 rd edition of the France/Africa encounters organised by the AFDI (French Farmers and International Development) and focusing on the relationship between food autonomy and family farming, in the presence of the Minister of Livestock Farming for Mali. Ÿ   The France-Maghreb Forum, to be held over 2 days on the topic of “France, a partner for Maghreb countries in the development of their cattle meat sector”. This new event is organised by FranceAgriMer in partnership with France TERRE D’ELEVAGE.   Also marking the three days of the SOMMET DE L’ÉLEVAGE, there will be a number of visits by politicians and some international symposiums. Many topics will be featured in those conferences , including: the latest advances in genomic research, the tenderness of meat, the impact of rising and volatile raw materials costs on cattle birthing and fattening, etc.   As always, the “Sommets d’Or” competition will reward those exhibitors whose materials, products or services are the most innovative in the farming/livestock farming sector.   For more information:       Press contact: M. Benoît DELALOY International Manager SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE Cité Régionale de l’Agriculture 9, allée Pierre de Fermat 63170 Aubière - France Tel.: +33 4 73 28 95 13    
                       Business France Thailand, Myanmar and Laos With offices and branches in Bangkok, Yangon and Vientiane , Business France -The French Trade Commission of the Embassy of France- assists French companies who want to export to Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and local companies who want to invest in France. Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the V.I.E international internship program. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in

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