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Lancement du Welcome Office de Business France pour l’accueil et l’information des talents internationaux en France

Phutachart Chaiwatana - 10-mars-2017 04:57:17

  Mise en ligne du site d’information ( ), site internet dédié à l’accueil des talents étrangers et de leur famille, et du lancement du nouveau service associé d’information et d’accompagnement de ces talents et de leur famille. La mise en place d’un centre de ressources pour l’accueil des expatriés étrangers en mobilité professionnelle avait été annoncée par le Président de la République lors d’un précédent Conseil Stratégique de l’Attractivité. Le Premier ministre a chargé Business France de la mise en œuvre de ce service en juillet 2016. Le site Internet ‘ Welcome to France – Helping you to settle in’  a pour vocation de renseigner les expatriés, services RH des entreprises et cabinets de conseil sur les thématiques suivantes : o    Visa/Titre de séjour/Autorisation de travail o    Fiscalité personnelle o    Protection Sociale o    Scolarité o    Logement o    Autres aspects de la vie quotidienne (permis, compte bancaire, …)   Welcometofrance propose également la réalisation d’un parcours en ligne permettant d’anticiper les démarches à entreprendre pour une installation réussie en France.  

New Business France Video

Jean-François Goumy - 07-oct.-2016 10:10:26

  “Maybe you’re thinking...” is the lead-in question to a new Business France video tackling a number of misconceptions about how France can sometimes be perceived abroad. In just over two minutes, a variety of clichés are dispelled through hard data and no little good humor.   So if you’re thinking that productivity isn’t great in France, maybe you weren’t aware that French employees actually work longer hours than the Germans! Perhaps you also think that the French aren’t born entrepreneurs? And yet France is one of the easiest places in which to found a company, and Europe’s leading country for new businesses!       Why not put the clichés to one side for a moment and just see for yourself what France really has to offer:       “Vous pensez peut-être que…” telle est l’accroche du nouveau film sur les idées reçues sur la France produit par Business France. En un peu plus de deux minutes, les clichés associés à la France sont confrontés à des chiffres concrets et contredits de façon positive et humoristique.   Si vous pensez que la France n’est pas productive, vous ne devez sûrement pas savoir que les salariés français travaillent plus que les allemands ? Peut-être croyez-vous aussi que la France n’aime pas entreprendre ? Mais saviez-vous qu’elle est l’un des pays au monde où il est le plus simple de créer une entreprise et le premier pays d’Europe créateur d’entreprises !   Oubliez donc ces clichés et laissez-vous convaincre en un clic que la France n’est pas celle que vous imaginez !  

Créative France

Business France - 17-mai-2016 10:52:55

CREATIVE FRANCE What if we were to cast aside current preconceptions of France? Creative France chooses to surprise, by immersing you into a landscape abounding in hidden treasures with unexpectedly ingenious features. To one side, a typical French-style garden reflects France’s recognized excellence and expertise. On the other, a France of creativity, innovation, disruptive technology, strong commitment and collaborative partnerships emerges. A French-style creative culture does indeed exist, fostered by a unique approach combining cutting-edge technology, savoir-faire and art de vivre , realism and innovative applications. This combination reflects change in a society inspired by its roots but driven by its entrepreneurial spirit. The flagbearers for this creative culture of surprises, technology, poetry and effective inspirations are mostly young businesses seeking a design edge. From an idea to its application, French creativity demonstrates its power to enrich our daily lives, to improve the quality and sustainability of products and services, and to play its part in advancing society. In this landscape, a musical instrument stands alongside surgical pliers, an exoskeleton meets an amphibious boat, and a wall plate hangs beside a photovoltaic film. French design embodies this bold blend of culture, economy and industry, by finding a creative balance all of its own that is recognized the world over. This creative melting pot owes nothing to chance, channeling its extraordinary ability and versatility into envisaging and initiating dialogue across different professional cultures. Projects both big and small presented in this exhibition showcase an impressive human adventure and reveal a message of optimism and confidence.   Powered by Business France Download: catalog Creative France, Le Bourget 2015:   Official website:

                       Business France Thailand, Myanmar and Laos With offices and branches in Bangkok, Yangon and Vientiane , Business France -The French Trade Commission of the Embassy of France- assists French companies who want to export to Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and local companies who want to invest in France. Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the V.I.E international internship program. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in

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