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French-Thai Cyber Forum

Viparda Sombatwachara - 16-mars-2016 10:40:52

On the 1 st of April 2016, Business France and the French Embassy to Thailand will organize a special business forum dedicated to cyber-security. The morning session will be dedicated to conferences delivered by both Thai and French experts while the afternoon session will consist in workshops and B2B meetings between Thai and French potential business partners. Our Trade Commission recently received significant marks of interest regarding the Thai cyber market and has already started to mobilize major French players from the cyber ecosystem (experts, clusters, companies and officials) to bring them to Bangkok on the 1 st of April. Thailand is a promising cyber market currently facing severe threats (political hacking, financial cyber-criminality, etc.). We believe French firms offer powerful and trustworthy solutions that could efficiently support the development of Thailand’s cyber-security capacities as well as e-business infrastructures. Are you interested? Feel free to contact Ms. Viparda Sombatwachara, Trade Adviser – Tech & Services viparda.sombatwachara@businessfrance.fr


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French-based company UNOWHY has launched the English version of QOOQ, the first tablet computer that is made for the kitchen. The tablet is preloaded with 1,000 international multimedia recipes, ingredient fact sheets and useful meal-planning tools to help gastronomy lovers in the kitchen. “We saw an opportunity to merge technology and content to create a richer and more tactile form of recipe preparation. The QOOQ tablet offers users interaction with top chefs and allows them to learn every nuance of their favourite dish, helping them improve their own talents, making life simpler in the kitchen”, explains Jean-Yves Hepp, inventor of QOOQ, President and Founder of UNOWHY.  By combining interactive technology with exclusive culinary content, QOOQ, the first touchscreen tablet to be made for the kitchen, has now been launched in English by French-based company UNOWHY. The tablet, which serves as a cookery coach, enables users at any level to learn directly from some of Europe’s leading chefs including Michelin-starred chef Emmanuel Renaut of Le Flocon de Sel restaurant in Megève (south-eastern of France). Each QOOQ comes preloaded with 1,000 international recipes that can be accessed by cuisine type, difficulty level, preparation time and ingredients, helping to customise the cooking experience to suit the chef and his or her kitchen. At the touch of a button, users are also able to purchase additional recipes, which are available individually or in themed packs and are focused on such topics as a destination, an ingredient or a specific chef. There is a catalogue of over 4,000 exclusive multimedia recipes made for QOOQ by more than 100 chefs. QOOQ presents the recipes in a step-by-step interactive guide to create a variety of dishes through real-time high definition video, photos and text. The chefs explain in detail every step in the recipe preparation, guiding users through the preparation, from choosing ingredients to the inal presentation.     Video speed is controlled by the user, and videos can be paused while the user accesses separate tutorials that explain specific culinary techniques. There is also behind-the-scene footage of the chefs’ restaurants, as well as hundreds of ingredient fact sheets that detail how individual products should be chosen, kept and cooked. For the health-conscious, recipe pages detail the calories contained in a dish and the Meal Planner function allows users to monitor and vary their diets. “No matter the dietary requirements or preferences, restrictions or time constraints,   QOOQ is the multimedia culinary coach that can guide anyone, regardless of previous cooking experience”, says Jean-Yves Hepp. Users are able to build a culinary profile which contains a variety of information, such as allergy details. Based on the culinary profile, the QOOQ tablet suggests recipes to suit individual tastes and needs. Additionally, the Need Inspiration function provides users with dish ideas depending on time, calorie or produce constraints. QOOQ’s personalised features allow users to input their own recipes and share them with friends, create weekly menus and shopping lists, and automatically adjust ingredient quantities to suit the number of people per meal. Unlike any other computer, QOOQ is spill-proof, thanks to its 10.1-inch splash-proof mineral glass screen that is 60 % thicker than other touchscreens and designed to withstand use by flour or fat-covered hands. The tablet also has waterproof buttons and non-slip feet. Unlike classic tablets, that are often fragile, the QOOQ tablet resists humidity and heat and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.  For ease of use, QOOQ comes with a foldaway stand and an integrated timer. The tablet also has stereo speakers, a rechargeable lithium battery, high-speed USB 2.0 ports, 8 GB of memory, as well as an SD or SDHC memory card. Made in France, QOOQ is available in red, cream and black. The tablet retails at US$ 399 and can be purchased directly via the QOOQ website. Like an ordinary tablet, QOOQ allows web browsing via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet port, as well as access to email, social media accounts, and online radio stations. The tablet also has a built-in video and mp3 player, a weather application and a digital photo-album function.      About UNOWHY : UNOWHY is a French-based company specialising in digital media. The company was created in 2007 with the goal of advancing cooking practices and techniques in the home. Through the introduction of technological applications such as iDelices and iVideoCocktails for the iPhone and iPad, along with the tablet QOOQ, the company has highlighted the importance of eating and cooking well, while providing a more convenient way for consumers to achieve their culinary goals. For further information about QOOQ, or to purchase the tablet, please go to: www.qooq.com For further information, please contact: Press contact: UBIFRANCE – The Trade Commission of the French Embassy in Thailand Regional Press Office (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines) Ms. Ratchaneekorn MEKCHAI ratchaneekorn.mekchai@ubifrance.fr Tel: + 66 (0)2 352 41 19 www.ubifrance.com/th

Business and innovation at the heart of the trade show CARTES & IDentification 2011

Ratchaneekorn Mekchai - 10-févr.-2012 13:00:25

  With almost 20,000 visitors CARTES & IDentification confirmed its international influence and positioned itself more than ever as the major global event for digital security and smart technologies     CARTES & IDentification was in fine form, positioning itself more than ever as the sector’s key global event. From the Conference to the SESAMES Awards and the high numbers at the stands, the event combined innovations and dynamism. With a rising number of visitors (19,513 visitors in total against 18,768 visitors in 2010), this edition has once again been able to meet the high expectations of the profession. Building on this success the CARTES team has already announced the dates of the next edition: 6 to 8 November 2012 in Paris Nord Villepinte.   CARTES & IDentification, reflection of a dynamic market   The trade show confirms its international status with 430 exhibitors from 45 countries, and 19,513 visitors , with 69% visitors from outside France, representing 143 countries.   The 21 conferences tracks during the three days welcomed 1,225 participants , including 87%professionals from outside France.   Key industry issues were discussed at length, in particular during the conferences dedicated to mobile payment and financial services (NFC and contactless), the future of payments, security in a “cloud” ecosystem, multi-application, point of sales / point of interaction and e-government, which were a great success.   As every year, the high point of the Congress was the inaugural conference of the "World Card Summit", during which key leaders from the industry analysed major market trends and presented their strategic visions in front of a full house of 500 people. For the first time in Europe, Scott Mulloy the CTO of ISIS (joint-venture with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless) presented their mobile payment vision during a keynote. Eurosmart also presented a preview of the 2011 figures and forecasts of the global market, announcing an expected 13% growth in 2012 and 7 billion units for secure smart devices.     Mobile payment and NFC applications: key themes for this year   Visitors are aware of the deployment of contactless technology and the arrival of NFC terminals for mobile payment, with many demonstrations on the stands such as the NFC car by Oberthur or the e-bike by NXP. The pavilion dedicated to mobile payment companies hosted 12 solutions providers for mobile payment, transactions management, Trusted Service Management, smartphones, tablets and other smarts mobiles objects.   Many projects in Government Security and in E-health   The identity protection sector is booming and the technologies of identification and authentication presented by the exhibitors have been applied to many documents (biometrics passports, electronic ID, electronic driver’s license, health cards...). E-health has been in the spotlight this year with the Smart Health exhibition which presented innovations for electronic health record, health cards, or even applications for telemedicine that improve the quality of care services and patients comfort, but it also fights against fraud and inflation in health costs.   The SESAMES Awards: the excellence of the technology rewarded     The winners of the 2011 SESAMES awards were revealed in front of a privileged audience of 300 guests during a superb ceremony organised at the Automobile Club de France.   Here once again is the list of this year winners, which was particularly full of innovations:   -         BEST HARDWARE: DYNAMICS with Chips & Choice -         BEST SOFTWARE: NXP SEMICONDUCTORS with Open source NFC Host Software stack for Android -         BEST IT SECURITY APPLICATION: GEMALTO with Just4YourEyes -         BESTTRANSPORTATIONAPPLICATION: INSIDE SECURE with VHBR -         BESTBANKING/RETAIL/LOYALTY APPLICATION: SIMARTIS TELECOM with Bubble -         BESTSECURE INTERNET/AUTHENTICATIONAPPLICATION: HID GLOBAL with Next Generation Secure Identity Ecosystem -         BESTMOBILITY   APPLICATION: NXP SEMICONDUCTORS with PN65 Secure NFC module -         BESTeTRANSACTIONSAPPLICATION: VERIFONE with PAYware Mobile Enterprise -         BESTMANUFACTURING& TESTSAPPLICATION: OBERTHUR TECHNOLOGIES with ID One Digital watermark     See you at the 27 th CARTES Exhibition & Conference which will be held from 6 to 8 November 2012 at Paris Nord Villepinte.   Country Guest of honour: India   To access the latest news on CARTES & IDentification The website: www.cartes.com or the blog: www.blogcartes.com     Photos of the 2011 show can be obtained on request from LEWIS PR   LEWIS PR Lucie Robet – Karine Monsallier – Bérengère Deleage cartes@lewispr.com Tel : +33 (0)1 55 31 98 01 – Fax : +33 (0)1 55 31 98 09   Regional press contact: Ms. Ratchaneekorn Mekchai French Trade Commission – UBIFRANCE French Embassy in Thailand Phone: 02 352 4119 ratchaneekorn.mekchai@ubifrance.fr www.ubifrance.com/th

The growing market for cloud computing in France

Ratchaneekorn Mekchai - 10-févr.-2012 12:51:10

31 January 2012 – The boom in data transmission and storage capacity has given rise to cloud computing, where calculations and data are scattered in a universe that is no longer directly accessible to customers, who instead buy processing activities in the same way that one might buy electricity. Three levels of offerings are available: Externally hosted IT infrastructure (IaaS = Infrastructure as a Service); Ready-to-use environments (PaaS = Platform as a Service); and Standardized shared applications sold as services (SaaS = Software as a Service). Revenue from the global market for cloud computing services totaled US$68.3 billion in 2010, while in Europe, the cloud computing market surged 20% and may account for almost 15% of the European software and services market by 2015. The French market was worth €1.85 billion in 2010, of which €672 million were generated by SMEs, and continues to grow strongly. It is set to exceed €2 billion in 2011 and may account for more than 6% of the French software and services market by 2012 (estimate by Nexima).   Alongside international operators such as Microsoft, Google, HP, AT&T and IBM, France is home to numerous companies, including ATOS, Cap Gemini, Steria, Orange and SFR. ATOS has recently established Yunano , a joint venture with Chinese company Ufida, to market cloud-based management software and associated services. French software publisher Systancia , with bases in the Alsace and Ile-de-France regions, is a market leader in Europe for application/workstation user environment virtualization.   France provides new entrants with a growth-friendly environment. French legislation affords a high level of protection for data and data processing; in particular, regulations governing encryption (Act 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 and Decree 2007-663 of May 2, 2007) cover concerns relating to the sensitivity of data entrusted to cloud computing centers. New entrants include US company Joyent , established in Ile-de-France (Paris region) in 2010, which provides IaaS to LinkedIn, Disney, CNN, Facebook, Yahoo and vente-privee.com, and open-source PaaS to publishers, hosting companies and specialist computer services companies such as Dell and First Service. This pioneering cloud computing start-up is now competing with cloud-based offerings from companies such as Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azur. In 2010, Dell entered into an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreement with Joyent to use its “smart technologies” to offer “turnkey” clouds hosted on its servers.   France has eight innovation clusters involved in cloud computing: Cap Digital and System@tic (Ile-de-France), Elopsys (Limousin), Images et réseaux (Brittany/Pays de la Loire), Imaginove and Minalogic (Rhône-Alpes), Secure Communication Solutions (Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur) and the e-secure transaction cluster TES (Basse-Normandie).   In 2011, the French Government issued an initial call for projects dedicated to cloud computing R&D as part of its “National Investment Program” . Five projects will receive state aid (€19 million): a software engineering platform ( CloudForce project , Orange Labs), an application porting scheme ( CloudPort project , Prologue, an SME), a high-performance software infrastructure ( Magellan project , Bull), a community cloud ( Nu@age project , Non Stop Systems, an SME), and a higher education establishment cloud ( UnivCloud project , INEO). The French Federation of Software Publishers ( Association Française des Editeurs de Logiciels – AFDEL) has set up a website ( www.investirdanslenumerique.fr ) to simply the procedure for project owners when submitting project for “National Investment Program” funding.   According to David Appia, Chairman & CEO of the Invest in France Agency,   “France is a growth market for high-tech and innovative companies, particularly in the cloud computing sector, where the leading players are already here doing business. The French government’s “National Investment Program” is providing a boost to a dynamic network of partnerships created by France’s innovation clusters through its funding offers for projects involving IT system designers, telecoms operators, software publishers, technology integrators, research laboratories and innovative SMEs.”   The Invest in France Agency (IFA) is the national agency responsible for promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It also coordinates initiatives to promote France’s economic attractiveness. The IFA network operates worldwide. In France, the IFA works in partnership with regional development agencies to offer international investors outstanding business opportunities and customized services. For further information, please visit www.investinfrance.org   For more information: Mr. Duc NGUYEN ASEAN Director Invest in France Agency (IFA) office in Singapore Embassy of France in Singapore 101-103 Cluny Park Road Singapore 259595 T. +65 6880 7879 M.+65 9295 6036 F. +65 6880 7880 duc.nguyen@investinfrance.org www.invest-in-france.org Regional press contact: Ms. Ratchaneekorn MEKCHAI French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE French Embassy in Thailand Tel: + 66 2 352 41 19 Email: ratchaneekorn.mekchai@ubifrance.fr www.ubifrance.com/th       Note to Editors   Copyright - Our press office is waiving its copyright on the content included in this press release, which means that recipients are free to reproduce, modify and circulate it if they wish to do so and as far as copyright law is concerned. If a given publication such as a trade magazine goes ahead and publishes an article on the basis of this press release, we would like to be informed so as to retrieve the published material.   Reader responses - Please advise us of publication of this press release and continue to send reader responses to us. This is the only way we can ensure the follow-up is done efficiently.

Growth and innovation in the French smart card and identification industry

Ratchaneekorn Mekchai - 10-févr.-2012 12:26:15

  Contactless identification and transaction technologies (NFC, for “Near Field Communication”) have experienced rapid development in a global market that enjoyed accelerated growth in 2010 which has continued into 2011. According to Eurosmart, global use of “smart secure devices” in 2011 amounted to almost 6.1 million units (contactless smart cards), used in telecommunications (microprocessor cards – 4.6 million), financial and payment services (one million) and passports, identity and healthcare cards (e-government and e-healthcare – 0.22 million), with the remainder split between a variety of applications, notably in transport (tickets, tolls, etc.) and pay TV.   French companies with recognized expertise in the sector include Inside Contactless in Aix‑en‑Provence (Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region), a member of the TES (Secure Electronic Transactions) innovation cluster in Caen (Basse-Normandie region), which has acquired ATMEL’s SMS (Secure Microcontroller Solutions) division; Gemalto in Sophia Antipolis (Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur) ; and TAZ-TAG in Rennes (Brittany), which has entered into a partnership agreement with Toronto-based Canadian company Quand Medical , which specializes in medical information.   Foreign investors have been quick to seize opportunities in the French market, making use where possible of tax incentives supporting research and development (e.g. France’s research tax credit). For example, Japanese company SATO provides RFID solutions from its Lille site (Nord-Pas de Calais); U.S. coding and identification company Markem-Imaje has established a site in Bourg-lès-Valence, close to the SCS (Secure Communication Solutions) innovation cluster at Valbonne-Sophia Antipolis (Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur); German company Deister Electronics is a leading player in RFID solutions in the Île-de-France (Paris) region; while Maroc Traitement de Transactions (M2T) has also established an Île-de-France site, aided by the IFA and the Paris Region Economic Development Agency. Innovation clusters Novalog in St-Étienne-du-Rouvray (Haute-Normandie) and Systematic Paris Region, which both specialize in traceability, are home to many foreign companies.   The “ 2011 Cards and Identification ” show, due to be held in Paris from November 15-17, 2011, will focus on the contactless card and payment industry, the “object internet” and M2M, as well as the development of identification technologies. In this latter field, Bluelinea is preparing for the 2011 launch of an electronic bracelet to monitor Alzheimer’s patients in their homes. More generally, the ability to monitor any item, cargo, vehicle, animal or person requiring special surveillance will call for detection infrastructure to be installed at mandatory transit points. Furthermore, ethical considerations arising from monitoring and identifying people and goods will need to be considered. Other applications could quickly become widespread: till procedures (bar code scanners), toll points (RFID scanners) and ticketing (for metro systems, shows and performances, vehicle parking and day-to-day transactions).   In October 2011, the NFC Forum , a consortium of manufacturers responsible for defining NFC standards, updated the so-called SNEP (Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol) specifications for peer-to-peer sharing. This protocol enables two NFC-equipped phones to exchange data simply by touching the handsets together. This function can be put to a wide variety of uses: exchanging business cards, gathering special offers for use at a later time, contacting and following other people on social networks, and exchanging small amounts of money or travel tickets.   In May 2011, the French government issued a €20 million call for projects (“Rolling out NFC contactless mobile services”). Funding will be awarded to 20 to 30 contactless mobile telephony projects to be rolled out in several major French cities offering information and payment transactions.   The Invest in France Agency (IFA) is the national agency responsible for promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It also coordinates initiatives to promote France’s economic attractiveness. The IFA network operates worldwide. In France, the IFA works in partnership with regional development agencies to offer international investors outstanding business opportunities and customized services. For further information, please visit www.investinfrance.org ; For more information: Mr. Duc NGUYEN ASEAN Director Invest in France Agency (IFA) office in Singapore Embassy of France in Singapore 101-103 Cluny Park Road Singapore 259595 T. +65 6880 7879 M.+65 9295 6036 F. +65 6880 7880 duc.nguyen@investinfrance.org www.invest-in-france.org

How smart and contactless technologies are changing everyone’s lives

Ratchaneekorn Mekchai - 25-févr.-2011 12:07:23

Hong Kong, 16 February 2011. Imagine a world where there are no fake goods, no one needs to carry a wallet or where cars make meals. In just afew years, smart and contactless technologies such as NFC, RFID and the ‘Internet of Things’ could make this possible.    Wallets may become a thing of the past. According to a recent (February) report sponsored by Mastercard, mobile and contactless payments will experience immense global market growth over the next five years, reaching US$680 billion and US$320 billion, respectively.In Beijing,China Unicom launched its SIMpass in January, giving the public contactless mobile payment on thousands of buses, taxis and in businesses, including the car parks, supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, cinemas, public telephones. SIMpass has more than two million users in more than 20 cities and provinces of China, including Beijing, Hunan and Jiangsu. In the future, fake goods may become obsolete. All products including pharmaceuticals could be tagged with RFID (radio frequency identity) chips to prevent fakes. For example garment manufacturers such as Gerry Weber already implant chips into their care labels to stop copying. In just a few years, these RFID chips will be so small that they may be used to tag all manner of products to prove authenticity.    Machines will talk to each other to make peoples’ lives easier. When people arrive home by car, the car could potentially switch on the air conditioning unit, the air conditioner could switch on the TV and microwave and so on. According to Analysys Mason, the consumer ‘Internet of Things’ will grow to almost 16 billion connectable devices worldwide by 2020. Innovations such as these and many more will be showcased and discussed at CARTES in Asia exhibition and conference on 29 – 31 March 2011 at AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong. Over 170 exhibitors and more than 4,000 trade visitors are expected.   On Tuesday 29 March, 2011, the first day of CARTES in Asia, The Asian Sesames Awards will announce the most innovative smart technology application in Asia Pacific. Jury members include Frank Xu, chairman of the Smart Card Forum of China and Greg Pote, chairman of the Asia Pacific Smart Card Association. Last year’s winning product was Watchdata’s DBS Live Fresh 3-in-1 credit card that combined banking, transport and retail payments on a single chip dual interface smart card and used in Singapore.    Professionals from the fields of banking, security, IT, electronics, retail, telecoms, logistics and government who are responsible for innovation cannot afford to miss this trade show and conference.  Sources: BBC News, NFC News, Analysys Mason These topics will be covered in the following conferences: Mobile payments & financial services ( Wednesday 30 March – 10am-12.30pm)   Asian consumers as the largest mobile users are increasingly using their mobiles to pay. Smart phones are opening up new opportunities in mobile banking: NFC, payments & mobile financial services. What are the latest trends? What are the challenges to ensure security for consumers?   Chairman’s introduction: M. Sebastien TORMOS – Chairman, GlobalPlatform – USA Speakers: China Telecom Group, Watchdata, Gemalto, Sunward Telecom Convergence & Mobility ( Thursday 31 March – 2pm - 5.30pm) Whether it’s the world of identity, networks, mobility & contactless, convergence is evolving based on a more important cooperation between all the stakeholders to develop products and services with a better performance to increase the chance of success and uptake the market. This trend will be illustrated in the session.   Chairman: M. Gérard DE MOURA – Managing Director, Galitt – France Speakers: American Express, Multos International, Giesecke & Devrient, GlobalPlatform, Oberthur Technologies, RFI Global NFC & contactless applications ( Wednesday 30 March – 2pm-5.30pm) 2010 has been a good year for the take up and deployment of NFC and contactless services across the world. What types of NFC applications have to be developed to meet user’s needs? What are the technical challenges: Interoperability, multiple form factors including mobile phones? This conference will look at the many aspect of NFC development that will drive NFC adoption.   Chairman: M. Craig RICHMAN - Member, NFC Forum Speakers: DeviceFidelity, Gemalto, Giesecke & Devrient, Fime, Sony, Verayo   Internet of Things / M2M applications ( Thursday 31 March – 9.30am-01.00pm) Consumers and Citizens are definitively looking for more convenience and simplicity in their everyday life, with secure and personalized tools to protect their interaction with the digital world. The purpose of this conference about the Internet of Things is to look at what will be the main challenges and to anticipate what will be needed to satisfy the expectations of billions of Consumers and Citizens.   Chairman: M. Gerald SANTUCCI – Head of Unit, European Commission Speakers: CIITA, Giesecke & Devrient, Watchdata, Sierra Wireless, University of Paris Dauphine , Gemalto   CARTES in Asia is a regional Exhibition for the APAC market and a high-level Congress covering digital security and smart technologies. For its first edition in March 2010, CARTES in Asia brought together 116 exhibitors from the smart card and digital security industry and took its place among the major events dedicated to smart technologies worldwide. 2813 visitors from banks, telecoms, administration, IT security and retail sectors, had the opportunity to discover innovative technologies for card manufacturing, authentication solutions, payment solutions, mobile security and other innovative technical solutions.     25 years experience at high level, international card business events T he CARTES team organises the sector’s leading international event CARTES & IDentification in Paris which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2010 with 432 exhibitors and 18,768 international visitors . CARTES has promoted smart technologies and presented the main market trends and innovations through the most appropriate forms including conferences programme, S ESAMES Awards, animation areas, specific exhibition and demonstration areas. CARTES events are organized by COMEXPOSIUM, the leading French profesional trade fairs organizer, offering a high level of service and premium quality standards for exhibitors and visitors. Strong partnerships with main regional media and associations   CARTES in Asia will benefit from the strong support of major regional associations, authorities and local development agencies to gather all the components of the smart technology value chain in the Asia Pacific region.   Contact   For more information, obtain photographs or to arrange interviews please contact Mandy Queen at CRED Communications Ltd (English media) on +852 96847365 or email mandy@credcommunications.com and contact Otis Kung (Chinese media) on otis@credcommunications.com or telephone +852 96843926. About CARTES in Asia Date: 29-31 March 2011 Opening times: 29 March - 2.00pm to 5.30pm  /   30 & 31 March - 9.30am to 5.30pm Place: Hong Kong – AsiaWorld-Expo Organiser: C OMEXPOSIUM Website: www.cartes-asia.com For trade visitors only  


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www.BetAdvisor.com was launched in February 2010 and is the first European platform for the distribution of sports predictions. The sports covered include football, horse racing, rugby, tennis and basketball, as well as American football and ice hockey. Professional analysts offer pre-match predictions, and also live-betting sessions. The predictions and their results as well as their performance are verified by third-party organisations such as Sports-Tipsters.co.uk and RacingProofing.com.   www.BetAdvisor.com received ISO 9001 certification in April 2010 for its algorithms, the transparency of the information and its customer service. This was a world first for a sports predictions website. BetAdvisor is thus the most trustworthy and transparent market player, its objectives being Performance & Confidence.   “Faithful to our quality requirements, we take great care in advising our customers on their betting strategy. Besides publishing the information originating from the top tipsters worldwide, we guarantee our customer service, which is available 7 days, responsive and competent. For instance, our customers can contact us directly via our “chat” interface to request instant advice on a bet or on choosing a tipster,” comments Guillaume Pernette, Director of Operations at BetAdvisor.com.   “Furthermore, our strategy, centred on innovation, has led us to apply our service to mobile platforms. Our service will be accessible from any kind of smart-phone as of February 2011 which will allow bettors to be even more reactive in placing their bets adds Guillaume Pernette.   The BetAdvisor service offers unique functionalities :   -Reception of picks in real time on your cell phone by SMS or by email: as with the stock market, the speed with which you can make your choice is crucial, since the trading rate (here, the share index) can vary rapidly. The speed of reception of your information for betting is therefore a key element for your profit over the long term - The instant that one of our professional tipsters places his prediction, you will receive it on your phone. For tips published on matches in play (Live betting), this lapse in communication is reduced to under a second - You may place your subscription on hold at any time: if you are unable to bet for a given period (holidays, lack of internet connection etc), BetAdvisor offers you the possibility to put your subscription on hold for a maximum duration of 1 year. -Change your tipster for free: any subscription of over 1 month gives you the right to change your tipster for free once a month. You may therefore try up to 12 different tipsters in the course of a 1-year subscription.  -Evaluate and publish your opinions on the tipsters you are following - Monitoring of your performances: according to your choice of tipsters, we provide you with very precise simulations regarding the profits that you have made thanks to the tipsters you subscribed to.   The full service and all of its functionalities are provided in our 7-day free trial offer.   Contact: Guillaume Pernette, COO Guillaume.pernette@betadvisor.com

                       Business France Thailand, Myanmar and Laos With offices and branches in Bangkok, Yangon and Vientiane , Business France -The French Trade Commission of the Embassy of France- assists French companies who want to export to Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and local companies who want to invest in France. Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the V.I.E international internship program. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in

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