BONILAIT PROTEINES exhibiting at VIVAsia 2011 – Stand 02H011

Ratchaneekorn Mekchai - 25/02/11

On that occasion, BONILAIT PROTEINES will present its range intended for animal feed, sold under the following brands:

-Pictalac : sweet whey powder enriched with 40 to 55% vegetal oil intended for the manufacture of cattle feed
-Pictacid : acid whet powder enriched with 20 to 40% vegetal oil intended for the manufacture of piglet feed;
-Vegetalac : Hydrolised grain-based milk powder, enriched  with 20 to 50% vegetal oil intended for making foods and products to substitute animal mother’s milk.

BONILAIT PROTEINES will also be exhibiting its range intended for making maternalised milk for rearing you animals (heifers, lambs, kids and piglets)

-        Vodor : Intended for veal farming;
-        Solvor : Intended for veal farming as well as for kids, young nanny goats and lambs;
-        Rosalac : Intended for piglets.
BONILAIT PROTEINES was certified HACCP in 2002, and ISO 22000 since 2005. Ongoing quality control audits ensure perfect food safety. A recently-deployed automated storage unit has succeeded in strengthening traceability and customer service.
BONILAIT PROTEINES is also established on the food industry market, designing and commercialising dairy ingredients intended for bakery, biscuit, pastry, chocolate, ice-cream and dairy beverage products, as well as for ready-made meals.
On the strength of 50 years’ experience, BONILAIT PROTEINES is one of the worldwide leaders in fat-filled whey powder. All BONILAIT PROTEINES products are made of dairy and non-dairy products combined with vegetal fat. BONILAIT PROTEINES is established in over 55 countries in Europe, Russia, Asia (Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Korea, the Philippines, Bangladesh), the Middle East, Africa as well as Latin America.
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