Invest in France Seminar

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Investin France Seminar, January 19th


Uniqueinvestment and innovation partnerships opportunities


For the 2nd Edition of the Invest in France’s Month, the Embassy of France inThailand, Business France, Board of Trade of Thailand and the Franco-ThaiChamber of Commerce held a successful seminar at the French ambassador’sResidence to promote investment and innovation opportunities in France.


More than 100 participants coming from major Thai Companies attended the event andcould learn and exchange on how to invest in France thanks to key speakers fromBNP Paris bank and KPMG Thailand Consultancy Company. One panel on Frenchsectors in France and opportunities allowed Thai participants to better understandstrengths of France in key sectors like Tourism and Hospitality with AccorHotels, the food industry with French CEO of Central Food Retail, Energy withEngie Group and Innovation/Technology with Dassault Systemes. A second panel permittedto share experience with already Thai investors in France or linked to Francevia technological partnerships: PTTGC, Thai Union Group, Double A, Sea Value,Mitr Phol.


Thai investments in France represent more than 40% of ASEAN investments in France,that’s to say Thailand ranks second after Singapore.


France is the second European trade partner of Thailand and Thailand is the secondtrade partner in ASEAN for France. The two countries share a long relationshiphistory as this year will be celebrated 160 years of diplomatic relationshipbetween France and Thailand. More than 300 French companies have set up abusiness in Thailand and employ more than 30.000 people.


The French economy is opento foreign investors


More than 30,000 French companies have set up business in foreign countries, while more than 20,000foreign companies have made job-creating investments in France.


With over 960 investment decisions that created ormaintained nearly 33,700 jobs, in 2015 Francewas Europe’s second leading recipient of job-creating investment (source:Business France Europe Observatory) and has been the leading destination in Europe for job-creating foreign investment projectsin industry for the last 15 years (EY, 2016).


Foreign companies invested primarily in production/manufacturing operations, which accounted for 30% ofall foreign investments in France. The number of R&D, engineering anddesign projects remained high, amounting to 9% of all foreign investmentdecisions. Foreign-owned subsidiaries in France were responsible for 28% of allbusiness enterprise R&D expenditure nationwide, spending €8.6 billion, andmore than 30% of French exports.


Over 140 ASEAN companies are established in Franceincluding PTTGC, THAI UNION FROZEN, DOUBLE A and SEA VALUE. Investments fromASEAN come mainly from Singapore and Thailand. More than 4000 jobs created ormaintained since 2010, mainly decision-making centers, most of which were firsttime investments, and production/manufacturing operations. The agri-food sectorrepresented more than half of overall ASEAN investment in France in 2015.


France is an attractivecountry


France has a numerousadvantages for attracting foreign investment:


  • Market size and location: France was the world’s fifth largest economy in2015 after the United States, China, Japan, and Germany. France’s location,combined with first-class multimodal transport infrastructure, makes it anideal springboard to other countries, continents and world regions acrossEurope, Africa and the Middle East.

  • A highly productiveworkforce: France is a country inwhich education is a key priority. Labor productivity is high in France on botha per-employee and hourly basis: France is ranked seventh in the world forhourly labor productivity. The competitiveness and tax credit (CICE) has helpedmanufacturers in France to enhance their cost-competitiveness.

  • A land of innovation: France outstripped all its European counterparts inthe 2015 Technology Fast 500 de Deloitte for the number of fast-growingtechnology companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. France was alsoranked first in Europe and third in the world in the Thomson Reuters Top 100Global Innovators. The French tax system offers the most generous R&D taxtreatment in the world, thanks to France’s research tax credit.

  • A land of enterprise: France is a very buoyant market for net enterprisecreation. In 2015, a total of 526,060 companies were founded, including nofewer than 10,000 startups.

In addition, France’s attractiveness as aninvestment location is also enhanced by its robust high-quality financialsystem, the strength and diversity of its industrial base, and high quality oflife.






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