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French Pavilion at Propak Event

Wilailak Lakdee - 05-juin-2017 04:39:01

  French Pavilion at Propak event Meet the French expertise Bangkok - Propak Asia 2017 - June 14 to June 17 Hall 102, Booth-BK 21-BK3 5   Business France will be running a French Pavilion at Propak Asia 2017, the 25 th International Processing and Packaging Technology Event for Asia. This event provides a not-to-be-missed annual meeting for the professionals of the Processing and Packaging industry.   Propak Asia 2017 will present 18 international groups with independent exhibitors from 45 countries. In this promising industry, France occupies a prominent position. French companies are particularly well known for their high standard quality service and their use of new technologies and innovations, which correspond to the current Thai market expectations. For the occasion, Business France will be running a French Pavilion with 16 French professionals specialized in the Processing and Packaging industry. They will bring their expertise from different areas, such as service provider, machine manufacturer and industrial integrator.   French innovation also concerns the manufacture of packaging machines, such as ANEOLIA - Manufacturer of instruments for packaging integrity, CLEXTRAL - Turnkey processing lines that integrate extruders, dryers and ancillary equipment and REVTECH - Specializes in custom-made industrial solutions for the heat treatment of dry ingredients.   This year French Pavilion is also hosting GEPPIA, a group of 85 of the most dynamic equipment manufacturers in France, which account for nearly 50% of their turnover in export.   GEPPIA presents an innovative animation at Propak Asia 2017 : a complete immersion of 3 minutes in virtual reality to follow the journey of a food product on a packaging line. This "serious game" is a playful way to highlight the ability of French manufacturers and equipment manufacturers to enforce and to integrate new technologies into their proposition at French Tech.   Virtual reality represents an incredible field of investigation: remote development of complete lines, multi-vendor design, maintenance and training. The French manufacturers intend to use these new technologies to maintain their level of excellence. All the innovations of GEPPIA can be found at         List of exhibitors in the Business France pavilion :   Aneolia: Gas instruments for packaging control Bipea : Provider of proficiency testing programs Boccard : Industrial integrator – Global process solutions Clextral: Turnkey processing lines that integrate extruders, dryers and ancillary equipment Gecitech : Hoses and fittings manufacturer Geppia : Packaging & Processing machinery – The French Trade Association Hydrolock : Continuous sterilizers for food, beverages and dairy industries Karlville Development: Pouch making & filling, shrink sleeve, tape handle & bundle equipment   Pakea : Converting and packaging machine manufacturer Quenard : Labelling – Coding – Identification – Filling – Capping Revtech : Heat treatment equipment for dry ingredient Sairem : Manufacturer of microwave & radio frequency equipment Scaime : Weighing and sensing for industry Socaps : Technical services providers United Caps : Development, production and sale of plastic caps and closures. I.C.E.  : water treatment solutions to the beverage industry   solutions to the beverage

French Pavilion at Propak Event

Jean-François Goumy - 16-juin-2016 11:37:49

  French Pavilion at Propak event   Bangkok - Propak Asia 2016 - June 15 to June 18       Business France will be running a French Pavilion at Propak Asia 2016, the 24 th International Processing and Packaging Technology Event for Asia. This event provides a not-to-be-missed annual meeting for the professionals of the Processing and Packaging industry.       In spite of a sluggish economy in Thailand, the Packaging and Processing industry stays dynamic. New trends and consumer behaviors constitute a challenge for the industry which constantly evolves and innovates. In response, international suppliers are establishing and expanding businesses to satisfy the demand. In this evolving environment, Propak Asia is a key meeting point to enable professionals to exchange and discuss business opportunities.       Propak Asia 2016 will present 16 international groups with independent exhibitors from 45 countries. In this promising industry, France occupies a prominent position. French companies are particularly well known for their high standard quality service and their use of new technologies and innovations, which correspond to the current Thai market expectations. For the occasion, Business France will be running a French Pavilion with 12 French professionals specialized in the Processing and Packaging industry. They will bring their expertise from different areas, such as service provider, machine manufacturer and industrial integrator.  

Trade Mission in Thailand in December

Chutima CHANKUNASUKA - 14-nov.-2014 08:14:32

The objective is to discover the potentials of these markets where agricultural development projects are in progress.  Several AXEMA’s members will join us for this travel. From 15th to 16th, AXEMA will be in Bangkok to meet farm machinery importers and distributors. If you are interested to meet us during our travel, please contact Valérie LESCAUT: And before this meeting, clic here to follow us on our website    

So French, so good ! France adds zest to its gourmet exports !

Chutima CHANKUNASUKA - 08-août-2014 09:10:14

  What French people consider as “typical”, the rest of the world perceives as symbolizing culinary art that can only be “Made in France.” Christophe Monnier, the expert for the Gourmet sector at UBIFRANCE, describes a high-end market with a broad range of dynamic diversity. He starts with baked goods, biscuits and chocolate , accounting for 50% of French gourmet exports. In the vast feast of consumables to be delighted in, two characteristically French trends stand out. First, there is an absolute respect for authentic flavor and tradition – neatly summed up by the French word terroir . Each gourmet product has its unique story, and that is how they need to be marketed. Secondly, with health concerns and awareness coming to the fore, carefully prepared organic and eco-friendly brands coming from France engender recognition and trust all around the world.   Major players in the gourmet sector like Valrhona (high quality chocolates), Rougie (famous French foie gras), Bridor (French bakery), Boirons ( and many other French companies are learning to be more reactive in providing service for their foreign accounts, to be more organized in responding to demanding foreign markets, in following up on orders quickly. Reliable logistics is the name of the game. Experts at UBIFRANCE like Christophe Monnier help up to 830 prospecting companies leverage their efforts in such programs as Saveurs de France , where French exporters demonstrate their know-how in new markets, such as in Latin America or in Asia. He also sets up highly selective – and profitable -- encounters with Purchasing Agents.   Naturally, French suppliers devote their greatest effort to the French domestic market, eventually moving on to satisfy demand in French-speaking zones. Yet growth in 2013 was hard to come by in countries such as Switzerland (0.4%) and Belgium (4.2%), which offer relatively saturated outlets. Encouraged by the French emigration to London, more intrepid companies crossed the channel to the UK (8.9%). The companies in the know moved beyond these traditional markets. This is where double-digit sparks fly, with Austria (17.1%) and Russia (13.5%) providing substantial growth in 2013. In fact, the further exporters go, the bigger the rewards are. In Asia, China weighed in at 33.3%, Singapore at 14.3% and Hong Kong at 12.8% growth. As far as the Middle East is concerned, companies marketing gourmet to Dubai and Saudi Arabia were rewarded by a growth rate of more than 20%.   According to Mr. Monnier, there are three prestigious showcases for French talent. He mentions SIAL and EUROPAIN known to be venue s where deals get done, especially for consumer products. The ultimate culinary event has to be the Cuisine Summit at SIRHA in Lyon. All the French know-how is mobilized to create an exceptional experience in 40,000 square meters, capped by the prestigious prize, the “Bocuse d’Or”, a televised cooking competition among the world’s most renowned chefs representing their countries. Only creative excellence, fabulous ingredients and culinary brio stand a chance of winning!   Further information about French companies – > Bakery, Grocery, Baked Goods, Miscellaneous  

Michel Chapoutier, King of the Hill of Hermitage

Ratchaneekorn Mekchai - 21-févr.-2013 05:06:08

Maison Chapoutier and Siam Gourmet Paradox recently presented a selection of wines awarded by outstanding ratings by both Robert Parker and Wine Spectator at the Wine Pub, Pullman Bangkok Kingpower hotel. The name CHAPOUTIER is present in the Rhône Valley since 1808. Seven generations later we find Michel, now in his forties, with a real passion for the expression of soils, at the head of this exceptional vineyard firmly anchored in history and traditions. For Michel Chapoutier, the most important thing is the expression of terroir . His winery’s recent performance is stunning: 38 of 46 Chapoutier wines reviewed in this year’s Rhône report, earned ratings of 90 or more points on Wine Spectator’s 100-point scale; 15 earned classic ratings of 95 points or better. According to a survey by Drinks International, M. Chapoutier is the World’s Most Admired French Wine Brand.  Michel Chapoutier, determined man and visionary, opting for breakaway solutions, has succeeded in combining the past with daring and creativity. When he decided to convert all his vineyards to biodynamics , few people encouraged him and many criticised him, yet he did not change his mind. Today this choice seems obvious, as is more than proved by the quality of M. CHAPOUTIER’s wines. The Maison M. CHAPOUTIER, based at Tain, boasts today one of the finest estates in the Rhône Valley between the Alps and the Massif Central. M. CHAPOUTIER vineyards have gradually spread and diversified at the heart of the best terroirs for labels of origin: Hermitage, Crozes-Hermitage, Saint-Joseph, Ardèche, Côte Rôtie, Condrieu, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Cornas, to name but a few.  Michel Chapoutier : “ lt’s easy to prove you can make a great bottle of wine for $150 from Hermitage. But to make a great bottle of wine for $20 from someplace else? That’s entirely different. When you have an entirely different margin for cost and price yet you still put that same effort in to make something great! That’s special, and not everyone is willing to do that.” Wines of M. CHAPOUTIER are available in Thailand through its exclusive Distributor: Siam Gourmet Paradox For more information please contact: Khun Vatchareeya Siam Gourmet Paradox Tel. 02 730 3790 E-mail : 246 The Curve, Office # 311-312 Soi Onnuch 17 Onnuch Road, Suan Luang Bangkok 10250 or Press contact: UBIFRANCE, The Trade Commission of the French Embassy Ms. Ratchaneekorn MEKCHAI Tel: 02 352 41 19, 02 352 41 00    

Increased French presence at VIV ASIA 2013 Bangkok – BITEC – March 13th to 15th, 2013

Ratchaneekorn Mekchai - 21-févr.-2013 04:16:12

France will be out in strength at VIV ASIA 2013, the tradeshow for livestock farming and animal health materials, food supplements and equipment, to be held from March 13 th to 15 th , 2013 at the BITEC in Bangkok (Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre). This edition will feature a record attendance at the French Pavilion, with 40 companies specialised in livestock farming equipment and animal nutrition come to promote French know-how among the region’s professionals. France is the world’s 5 th exporter in food industry equipment with a 5.8% market share, and the country exports 40% of its production. As a showcase for the livestock-farming/meat sector, bringing together buyers and suppliers from the entire chain, ranging “from Feed to Meat”, the VIV ASIA 2013 tradeshow will be an opportunity for those French producers to initiate or develop their presence on the Asian market. Broken down into two sections, animal feed and health on the one hand, and livestock farming equipment for meat processing and packaging on the other, the 11 th edition of this highly professional and booming biennial tradeshow will help French businesses to demonstrate their know-how and innovations in the following:    -          Machines to feed swine and cattle, hatching devices and vaccination equipment -          Liquid or solid food supplements, replacement milk for young animals and health products for livestock. As it was in 2011, the French Pavilion is organised by UBIFRANCE, the French Agency for International Business Development, in partnership with BRETAGNE INTERNATIONAL, an association in charge of promoting the development of Breton businesses. Located in Halls 102 and 105, French companies will cover 496 m² in total, representing 61 m² more than in 2011. With every passing edition, the VIV ASIA tradeshow attracts growing numbers of exhibitors and visitors. The last edition saw close to attire 29,000 visitors hailing from about a hundred countries, and out of the 700 exhibitors, 8% were French. France was the 4 th -ranking nation represented at the tradeshow, behind the United States and just ahead of Thailand. UBIFRANCE, the French agency for international business development , comes under the aegis of France’s Ministry for the Economy, Finance & Industry. UBIFRANCE lies at the heart of France’s public-sector export support framework. With 65 Trade Commissions in 46 countries , UBIFRANCE offers a comprehensive range of products and services aimed at accompanying French-based companies in their development on export markets: • knowledge-based products and services, from business information to consultancy and monitoring services, in order to help companies elaborate a strategy for international expansion • promotional operations in order to foster partnerships with companies outside France For more information about UBIFRANCE: For more information about BRETAGNE INTERNATIONAL: For more information about VIV Asia 2013 :     Press contacts : Ratchaneekorn MEKCHAI French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE French Embassy Charn Issara Tower, 25th Floor 942 Rama IV Road Bangkok 10500 - Thailand Tel. : +66(0)2 352 41 19   Adrienne GENTIL BRETAGNE INTERNATIONAL 16C rue Jouanet - CS 20834 35708 Rennes Cedex 7 - France Tel. : +66 (0)2 99 25 04 37    

MILLESIME BIO 2013: 20th edition of the world’s organic wine tradeshow

Ratchaneekorn Mekchai - 19-nov.-2012 06:37:08

In 2013, the Millésime Bio tradeshow will be celebrating its 20 th anniversary! Held in Languedoc-Roussillon, France’s largest organic wine-growing region, Millésime Bio has over the years become a major international event for the organic wine-growing sector, both in France and worldwide. At this 20 th edition, 700 exhibitors hailing from all producing countries and regions as well as about 3,500 visitors are expected. This success is yet another sign of the growing enthusiasm surrounding organic products. For the 20 th year running, MILLESIME BIO will bring together the entire wine “biosphere”: duly certified organic producers from 11 countries in Europe, North and South America and also Africa. Originally founded by a handful of Languedoc-Roussillon wine growers, MILLESIME BIO now gathers every year the main buyers in the wine market: wholesale merchants, brokers, retail wine merchants, wine waiters, hospitality industry professionals and importers from all 5 continents. The newcomers and the faithful : For this 2013 edition, the tradeshow will be hosting a new Chilean bodega from the Maipo region, as well as 5 more Portuguese and six more Austrian producers than last year. For their part, Lazanou and Waverley Hills from South Africa, Humbel from Switzerland, Egybev from Egypt and California’s Frey Vineyards – America’s first organic winery – will remain loyal to MILLESIME BIO, not to mention all of the French, Spanish and Italian producers, of course.  The awarding of the “ Challenge Millésime Bio 2013 ” medals during an anniversary party On the occasion of this 20 th anniversary, all tradeshow exhibitors and visitors will be invited to a cocktail party where they are sure to enjoy a friendly, festive ambience (at 7:00 pm in hall 7). To kick off the evening, Sudvinbio Chairman Thierry Julien, together with Michael Apstein, Jury President of Challenge Millésime Bio 2013, will hand out the competition’s gold medals. With close to 900 samples coming from numerous wine-producing regions from the world over, this event continues to assert its standing as a major international wine competition. This year, the tastings by a jury of wine professionals will take place on November 27 th , 2012.   Other key moments at the tradeshow There will be a host of events happening to foster dialogue: a roundtable organised by Agence Bio (Organic Farming Agency) about European winegrowing and about new European regulations. There will also be an International Business Convention organised by the Sud de France Développement wine Department . Highlights of the 2012 edition   At the previous edition, MILLESIME BIO hosted 588 producer exhibitors from 13 different countries and over 3,300 trade visitors, 22% of whom were foreign. Professionals from Benelux (16.7% of all foreign visitors), Germany (13%), North America (12.5%) and Scandinavia (11.5%) remained the tradeshows main visitors. A few markers in the organic wine market With over 61,055 hectares grown under organic production in France in 2011, against 50,268 hectares in 2010, organic vineyards have soared by 21%. Over the past 4 years, production surfaces have increased almost threefold. The amount of winegrowing farms climbed from 3,945 in 2010 to 4,692 in 2011. Leading the pack, 3 French regions stand out: Languedoc-Roussillon (19,907 hectares, up 21% in one year), followed by Provence-Côte d’Azur (13,788 hectares, up 23% in one year) and Aquitaine (9,498 hectares, up 23% in one year). On a worldwide scale, France is doing well, placing second after Spain. In terms of France’s consumption, 1 in 3 people drink organic wine on a regular or occasional basis (IPSOS survey), and France’s organic wine market stands at €359m.     Press Contact: Cendrine VIMONT +33 4 99 13 30 43 Sudvinbio Arcades Jacques Cœur – Bât C 75, avenue de Boirargues 34970 Lattes- France  

                       Business France Thailand, Myanmar and Laos With offices and branches in Bangkok, Yangon and Vientiane , Business France -The French Trade Commission of the Embassy of France- assists French companies who want to export to Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and local companies who want to invest in France. Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the V.I.E international internship program. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in

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