Paris Landing Pack_Explore – March 2017

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    Paris Landing Pack_Explore – March 2017   Paris&Co launches a new call for applications for the next session of Paris Landing Pack_Explore! Foreign-based startups looking to expand into the French market are invited to apply to Paris Landing Pack_Explore, a business acceleration program organized by Paris&Co.   This 4 weeks program will take place in March 2017 . It will provide selected startups with a complete set of workshops on how to do business in France. It will give entrepreneurs the opportunity to validate their solution on the French market and explore business opportunities in Paris: how to make my startup visible? How to develop my business in Paris? How to make it in Paris, practically?   Based in a co-working space in the heart of Paris and surrounded by startups from all over the world , they will get the chance to dive into the thriving Parisian Tech Scene.   The laureates will also have the opportunity to attend the "Hacking of the City Hall" on the 16th of March. They will have the chance to meet startups,  investors, experts and corporates. The previous edition gathered three thousands of participants from all over the world. In a nutshell: fast-growing startups under 8 years old and looking to expand into France, preferably active in the following fields: IT / Medtech / Traveltech / Tourism /Sports / Foodtech / Mobility & Smart City / Circular Economy Application open until 13 th of January under :        

France is an attractive country for foreign investments and businesses

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Our country has an abundance of talent and business opportunities. Want proof? Let’s talk about French Tech. What is it? “La French Tech” refers to the various parties working for or with French startups, in France or abroad. This vibrant ecosystem is made up of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, developers, associations, bloggers, media, big companies, and government agencies… all the players who are working towards startups’ growth and international promotion. From Innovation to expertise, from culture to research, all the business fields are involved. Can you as a foreign start-up be part of it? YES YOU CAN! The French Tech is designed to attract international talents: A “Talent Passport” will be introduced to facilitate the movement of skilled professionals and workers to France. The “Talent Passport’ will offer its holders a shortened and simplified administrative process to obtain work visas as well as the use of a dedicated resource center. The French Tech Ticket will help foreign companies to settle and grow in France. Go to the French Tech Official Website to learn more about the community and to get acquainted with those who are already part of the project! By choosing France, you are guaranteed that you will be guided in order to make your business project succeed in our country. BUSINESS FRANCE , the new government agency, which supports the international development of the French Economy, will help your company to settle in France by providing you with customized support. Still not convinced? Please, click on the following links to learn why France is an attractive and innovative country: France is an attractive investment location France is at the heart of the EU single market France has an innovative economy France is a haven for talent

Paris, second best European city

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Paris, second best European city for investments Similar to 2014, Paris remains at second place in the LaSalle Investment Management ranking for the best place for investments. London, followed by the French capital and Istanbul, stays at first place in the ranking by LaSalle Investment Management. Bordeaux and Toulouse saw a progression. For this 16th edition of the list of 100 European cities which are good for investing in, published by LaSalle Investment Management (LIM), the podium remains the same as last year : London takes the lead once again over Paris and Istanbul. For France, Lyon continues at 24th place, but Toulouse (29th) and Bordeaux (55th) have made significant progress up the ranking. The objective of this tool is to assist property investors in their investment strategy in Europe and to guide them in their choice. For this purpose, the study undertaken by LIM takes into account the factors of economic growth, job market, demographic growth and market size. The ranking for 2015 confirms the dynamism of the European economy which depends mainly on its major metropolises, such as London and Paris. At its height three or four years ago, the gap between the two capitals seems to plateau in 2015. One can imagine that in the next two years, Paris gains more of the markets, according to Mahdi Mokrane, director of research and strategy at LIM. Istanbul, less predictable at third place in the ranking, produces an excellent breakthrough due to strong economic growth. Stockholm, Luxembourg and Oslo are next as well as major German cities such as Munich and Stuttgart, which are in 7th and 9th positions. The Consistent, the affluent, the movers and the aspiring This year, LaSalle Investment Management established for the first time, 4 categories for the countries : the "consistent", the "affluent", the "movers" and the "aspiring". The aim : to help investors to develop strategies adapted to each market. For the "consistent", they include mainly the Northwest European countries such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris and London. These cities, combine deep investment markets with long term timeframes, supported by a strong demography, an advanced technological economy and growing urban sectors. The "affluent" refers to markets which are harder to penetrate due to their small size and competition from local investors. These include Oslo, Copenhagen, Zurich and Stockholm. The investment strategies centred upon sectors based on consumption continue to be attractive in these cities where their high score is due to the affluence of their population. In the third category, that of the movers, timing is key for investing in these cyclical markets. "In this category, one can differentiate two sub-categories : cities which have changed structurally regularly over the past several years, such as Berlin, Toulouse and Manchester and those which are more exposed to macro-economic movements such as Dublin, Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao", Mahdi Mokrane explains in the LaSalle Investment Management study. Finally, the aspiring cities include Prague and Warsaw, which benefit from their entry into the European Union. "The outputs there are today close to the same levels as those in Western European cities", the study notes. "With 800 million inhabitants, Europe is a dense region where the investors have to analyse more by city than by country. This analysis appears to us to be more efficient in developing the investment strategy", Mahdi Mokrane concludes.

Success stories

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  “We recognize that we have a partner in France for whom the concept of ‘second best’ just doesn’t exist. In this respect, we see France as a country that can help in moving our entrepreneurial aspirations forward”   UMESH CHOWDHARY , Vice Chairman and Managing Director   TITAGARH WAGONS LIMITED  

Success Stories

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  “Our experience with the French market has been positive. We are delighted with the market potential in France, as it is Europe’s second largest consumer market with 65 million citizens”.     JEFF LORBERBAUM , CEO   Mohawk Industries, Calhoun, Georgia, United States.  

  “From setting up or expanding your business to takeovers, technology partnerships and portfolio investments, see how we can help you invest in France.   Your success is ours, too.” Business France is the government agency to help you set up or expand your business, complete takeovers, forge technology partnerships and make portfolio investments. We deliver tailor-made solutions to help you plan and decide when it’s time for the next step in Europe. Our services are delivered on a global basis – we have 91 offices around the world – by advisors of 50 different nationalities. We liaise in France with national and regional authorities, and we have at our fingertips all the information you could possibly want about French businesses (20,000 of which, by the way, are foreign-owned). We have a proven track-record: France attracts more than 1,000 new foreign investments every year and is Europe’s leading destination for for


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