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What France really has to offer

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  “Maybe you’re thinking...” is the lead-in question to a new Business France video tackling a number of misconceptions about how France can sometimes be perceived abroad. In just over two minutes, a variety of clichés are dispelled through hard data and no little good humor.   So if you’re thinking that productivity isn’t great in France, maybe you weren’t aware that French employees actually work longer hours than the Germans! Perhaps you also think that the French aren’t born entrepreneurs? And yet France is one of the easiest places in which to found a company, and Europe’s leading country for new businesses!     Why not put the clichés to one side for a moment and just see for yourself what France really has to offer:  


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  INDIA     Taking care of business   In India, the ‘Créative France’ campaign took off during French President François Hollande’s visit during the India-France Business Summit and the ensuing CEO Forum. The forum meets to discuss various business-related matters, such as immediate policy issues to encourage greater trade and investment, and acts as a way for business leaders to highlight their needs, interests and desired policy reforms for government consideration and action. It was here that ‘Créative France’ was formally launched in the country.   UNITED STATES     What happens in Vegas…   “La French Tech” was a major success at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, with 190 French startups taking part. As French Minister for the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs Emmanuel Macron points out, France created 1,500 start ups in 2015 alone, and boasts five so-called ‘unicorns’, rare startups valued at more than US$1 billion. Thirty percent of companies exhibiting at the startup venue Eureka Park at the CES this year were French, making France the third leading representative in this section of the show.       SWITZERLAND       Creativity for industry   The ‘Créative France’ campaign attended the World Economic Forum 2016 Annual Meeting last month in Davos. Centered around the theme “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, the WEF opened its doors to 2,500 participants, including entrepreneurs, heads of state and government, NGOs and academic representatives. Led by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, France turned the spotlight onto nine startups   and entrepreneurs: Famoco, Oledcomm, Devialet, Linkfluence, Digitsol / Zhor Tech, 10 Vins, Holi, Djit and Plume Labs. For Créative France, Davos was a celebration of France’s vibrant creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.     Powered by Business France   2015 , UBIFRANCE and INVEST IN FRANCE AGENCY join forces to create BUSINESS FRANCE       Official website:      

Créative France

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France as a country offers a combinations of things that are important for businesses to become a success. At the same time quality of life


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  Discover the story of Thierry Marx with Créative France : Avant-garde chef  

Creative France

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  Discover the story of a successful entrepreneurs: Edjing, bringing out the DJ in everyone  

Creative France

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It’s the story of Cédric Villani, an unrivalled mathematician whose unusual and anachronistic look sets him apart.

Creative France

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  It’s the story of Philippe Starck, a visionary designer who likes, as he puts it, “to open the doors to the human mind.”  

  THE STORY BEHIND CREATIVE FRANCE   Créative France is the story of accentuating the ‘creative’, both literally and figuratively.   It’s the story of a different approach, of the spark ignited by phrases and by words and images. It’s the story of an airliner that gains a second deck, of a coding school that becomes a nexus for learning, of a pastry that is coveted like a precious jewel. It’s the story of a strong visual identity that is at once bold, elegant, prominent, modern, dynamic, surprising, flexible and unifying. It’s the story of a creative, unconventional campaign that highlights our country’s full range of strengths, skills and savoir-faire. And for good reason – France is at the forefront of technology, design, industry and education, to name but a few sectors. It’s the story of France today: solid fundamentals enhanced by an outstanding ability to innovate and a const


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