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A Global startup competition

margaux.papasian@businessfrance.fr - 16-août-2016 08:11:10

  Apply to the global competition and get a chance to grow your startup in a booming ecosystem!   70 selected startups will be awarded a full package of benefits including a 45,000 Euros prize money, 1-year incubation, a dedicated masterclass programme… and much more!   Your startup project is in BioTech, Mobile/Web, Big Data, FinTech, Social Innovation or any other industry? With over 40 partner incubators all over France to choose from, you’ll find the right one to lead you to success!   The competition is open to entrepreneurs from all over the world and there’s only one month left to apply!   Check out the French Tech Ticket website for more information and apply online before August 24 th ! www.frenchtechticket.com    

CES Las Vegas 2015

Martine Joly - 15-févr.-2016 03:11:16

  At CES 2015, France was the best represented nation in Europe with 120 French exhibitors from a wide range of sectors, from healthcare to wearable tech, 3D sound and vision systems, to green tech. France ranks far ahead of the UK and Germany, and the fifth in the world (behind China, the USA, Taiwan and South Korea).   In the Eureka Park, the startup marketplace at CES designed to launch new products and services, France ranks second behind the U.S. It accounts for 25% of all exhibiting startups, unlike China which will be poorly represented at the Eureka Park. The success of the French presence in 2014 is demonstrated by massive return in force: in 2015, there was 66 companies (up from 38 in 2014), a 73% increase.       Download the catalog “ La French Tech at CES Las Vegas ”:   http://export.businessfrance.fr/Galerie/Files/Divers/Catalogue_CES_Las-Vegas_Janvier-2015.pdf  

France - World Innovation Competition

Thomas Vial - 21-janv.-2014 03:21:55

In 2013, Mr. François HOLLANDE – President of the Republic of France – launched the Innovation 2030 Commission . France wants to promote innovation to better communicate and live thanks to the digital revolution. In order to do so, we identify and support the growth of French and foreign entrepreneurs with innovative and impactful projects for the French economy. This is an opportunity to develop your technological and business activities in France and Europe. www.innovation.2030.org/en provides further information about this initiative. The 7 French innovative ambitions and goals are: - Energy storage - Recycling materials: rare metals - Promoting the value of marine resources: metals and seawater desalination - Vegetable proteins and phytochemistry - Personalised medicine - Silver economy, innovation serving longevity - Promoting big data Do not hesitate to forward this post to the department in charge of innovative projects, your startups/spin off or other parties which are interested to take part in this competition. For technical assistance: - Jean-Claude CARLU tel: +33 (0) : jc.carlu@bpifrance.fr - Taline KARCH tel: +33 (0) : taline.karch@bpifrance.fr Many thanks and happy new year ! Thomas Vial Head of New Technologies, Innovation & Services Department thomas.vial@ubifrance.fr

The NTIS department of the French Trade Commission - Business France in Singapore strives to help the French ICT & Services companies develop their business in Singapore. Our areas of knowledge & expertise cover the following industries: IT: Hard & Software, Consultancy and related Services (Enterprise solutions, Applications, IT for the Finance and Healthcare industry). Electronics : Semiconductors, RFID, NFC Telecommunications : Network equipment and services, Mobile technology Media : Audio/Video production, Digital media, Gaming, Advertisement Services : Banking & Finance, Tourism, Health services   With this simple goal in mind, Business France also aims to connect with Singapore institutions and companies, providing them with  opportunities to get to know the French market better and link up with French counterparts and potential partners.    Local Partners Our


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