Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017: 4 of the Nordic countries in the top 12 !

Maxime Krummenacker - 03-oct.-2016 09:41:24
Released on the 28th of October 2016, the Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017 gives an annual performance overview of 138 countries across the world. Nordic countries really stand out since they are all within the top 12 in both overall and innovation-based rankings ! Sweden comes in 6th position and has great assets to perform well in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with a strong technology readiness, high innovation capacities and an improving macroeconomic environment . On the contrary, France´s competitiveness is mainly driven by its market size and its infrastructure’s quality . The country´s rank remained stable this year (France moved one place up to the 21st rank). However, similarities can also be highlighted between France and the Nordic region since tax rates and restrictive labor regulations are still considered as the most problematic factors that weigh down their competitiveness. Find in the link below the 10 main reasons of why France is a good country to developp business with .


Business France - 12-févr.-2016 16:35:19
What if we were to cast aside current preconceptions of France? Creative France chooses to surprise, by immersing you into a landscape abounding in hidden treasures with unexpectedly ingenious features. To one side, a typical French-style garden reflects France’s recognized excellence and expertise. On the other, a France of creativity, innovation, disruptive technology, strong commitment and collaborative partnerships emerges. A French-style creative culture does indeed exist, fostered by a unique approach combining cutting-edge technology, savoir-faire and art de vivre, realism and innovative applications. This combination reflects change in a society inspired by its roots but driven by its entrepreneurial spirit. The flagbearers for this creative culture of surprises, technology, poetry and effective inspirations are mostly young businesses seeking a design edge. From an idea to its application, French creativity demonstrates its power to enrich our daily lives, to improve the quality and sustainability of products and services, and to play its part in advancing society. In this landscape, a musical instrument stands alongside surgical pliers, an exoskeleton meets an amphibious boat, and a wall plate hangs beside a photovoltaic film. French design embodies this bold blend of culture, economy and industry, by finding a creative balance all of its own that is recognized the world over. This creative melting pot owes nothing to chance, channeling its extraordinary ability and versatility into envisaging and initiating dialogue across different professional cultures. Projects both big and small presented in this exhibition showcase an impressive human adventure and reveal a message of optimism and confidence. Powered by Business France Download: catalog Creative France, Le Bourget 2015 Official website: http://creative.businessfrance.fr/     //

France in focus: the high-flying aerospace industry in ALPC

Amelie Argenti - 27-janv.-2016 19:44:16
Few regions in the world can truly boast of such a dynamic aerospace sector as Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes (ALPC). The region has a long history in the aerospace industry which has resulted in it positioning itself as a global leader and reference point in several subsectors of the field. Key figures of this sector in ALPC include: - 700 active companies - 40 000 jobs in the sector - 4 billion EUR in revenue Areas in which the region is a world leader include: turbines for helicopters, top of the range corporate jets, landing and braking systems, launch vehicles and propulsion and deterrent weapon systems to name a few. As a result of this know-how two important clusters have been created in the region. The first, Aerospace Valley  was created in 2005 through the close collaboration between the Aquitaine and the Midi-Pyrenees regions, and represents roughly one third of Frances aerospace workforce. The cluster has received funding for 450 R&D projects, representing 1.1 billion Euros. The second cluster AEROTEAM  situated in the Poitou-Charentes area was created in 2008 and has diligently promoted the partnerships, R&D and collaborations in the area. With over 150 companies in Poitou-Charentes, including large groups such as Thales, Zodiac Aerospace and Dassault Aviation, the merger with the Aquitaine region has created one of the largest gatherings of companies in the aeronautics industry. With such a large and specialized aerospace sector, it was a little tough to select just 3 companies to profile in this article. Nevertheless a selection was made, so we begin with the giant: Airbus. Airbus Defense and Space , part of the Airbus employs over 14 000 people and has a revenue of 14 billion EUR globally. The group has wide ranging expertise developing technology and programs for everything from defense and security to telecommunications and manned space missions. The site in Aquitaine was built in the 1960s and is made up of 70 000 m² of offices and workshops. It specializes in subassemblies, high-performance filament-wound and woven structures, thermal protection, atmospheric re-entry systems and complex testing. Dassault Aviation  has 4 sites in the ALPC region and over 2900 employees, almost a quarter of the groups global workforce of 11 700. The group produces falcon jets and military aircrafts and created the famous Mirage jets series. There is currently a partnership with northern Europe for the Dassault group in the form of the established collaboration with Swedish Saab AB as well as EADS in the creation of the nEUROn, an unmanned combat aerial vehicle. Zodiac aerospace founded in 1896, has been active in the sector for over 100 years with its earliest designs focusing on hot-air balloons and airplanes. Today the group’s activities are focused in three core segments: comfort and life on board aircraft, onboard systems, and safety on the ground and in-flight. With over 100 sites and a global workforce of over 30,000 people, the group retains an important presence in France and has five sites in the ALPC region alone. For further information on the aerospace industry in the Aquitaine Limousin Poitou-Charentes area, or to come into contact with the region to explore collaboration opportunities please contacte Amelie Argenti, amelie.argenti@businessfrance.fr Picture courtesy of Invest in Aquitaine //

Toshiba Lighting Products France is looking for new partners on the Swedish market

Amelie Argenti - 21-janv.-2016 16:25:02
Toshiba Lighting Products France , owned by Toshiba Lighting and Technology corp, has been established in the city of Nancy in France since 1987. The French branch of Toshiba Lighting has 12 employees and an annual turnover of 15 million euros. For further information please download their company profile here . Toshiba Lighting is currently looking for new partners on the Swedish market. The company well established globally and is a leader in the field of lighting and specializes in the production of automotive bulbs, IR halogen heater lamps and UV lamps. For a more detailed presentation of Toshiba Lighting’s range of products, download the company information on their Infrared Halogen Heater Emitters here and information on their Infrared Ruby SLIM Emitter here . Should you wish to receive further information on Toshiba Lighting or come into contact with the company, please email Thomas Lamouroux: Thomas.lamouroux(@)businessfrance.fr

The development of Finnish company Ensto on the French market

Amelie Argenti - 22-déc.-2015 16:23:27
Short interview with Timo Luukkainen, President and CEO of Ensto: Key Figures: Founded : 1958 in Porvoo, Finland Global Presence : Offices 20 countries Number of employees : 1,600, including 300 people in France What is Ensto’s core business? Ensto is a family business whose headquarters are located in Finland. We have subsidiaries in 20 other countries and employ, 1600 people in total. Our core business is energy efficiency through three main branches: - Ensto Utility Networks , which focuses on electricity distribution and network automation solutions; - Ensto Industrial Solutions , producing riskreduction industrial components; - Ensto Building Technology , which provides energy-saving products and solutions for the construction sector. In France, we have 300 people working at three production sites. Why did you choose France? France has several valuable key strengths. First of all, it is a big market, the second largest after Nordic countries for our company. France is a very technologically developed country, with compelling tax advantages for R&D and innovation investments, which are key points for our business. Given that we work a lot with Northern African countries, France’s location and the French language are also significant advantages. How has the IFA* helped you to expand in France? The IFA* has been very helpful to us as a partner and has always been there for us whenever we had questions about our development in France. We acquired two companies in 2010, and it has been a great success. Thanks to its thorough knowledge of the French business environment, the IFA assisted us during the entire process, which was much appreciated. What advice would you give to a company interested in investing in France? Don’t be afraid of France! French people are determined and reliable workers. France is a big market, is very developed technologically, and has compelling innovation and R&D promotion policies. It is also a gateway to other promising markets. * The Invest in France Agency and UBIFRANCE merged on the 1st January 2015 to form Business France For more information on French market opportunities contact Gilles Debuire, Deputy Regional Director of Business France Nordics: gilles.debuire(@)businessfrance.fr

COP 21 : French startups presenting "climate" solutions

Amelie Argenti - 02-déc.-2015 11:47:11
Up to 50% of the The CARREFOUR France space will be dedicated to the French Tech intitiative to highlight French startups presenting "climate" solutions. Meet French startups the 2nd December: ECHY ECHY designs, develops, fabrics and sells its hybrid lighting system. This system captures sunlight outside buildings and transmits it inside through optical fibers. When the sun does not shine, lighting will switch to the existing electric system thanks to a brightness sensor. Contact : Miss NGUYEN ESTELLE - Phone : +33650608070 / http://www.echy.fr/ UBI TRANSPORTS Transports and creativ mobility. Contact : Mrs AZOULAY NATHALIE – Phone : +33183648530 /  www.ubitransports.com HELIO PUR TECHNOLOGIES Recycling of water from the sun and without emitting greenhouse gases. Contact : contact@heliopurtech.com / http://www.heliopurtech.com/ INNOGUR TECHNOLOGIES (AQUAGREEEN) INNOGUR Technologies is an engineering and innovation consultancy organization focus on "eco-friendly" innovative products creation related to all digital, ecological and energy transitions. AQUAGREEN: connected solar platform for the depollution of water bodies. Contact : M. GARCIA THIERRY - Phone : 33 6 42 35 75 27 / http://www.aquagreen-tech.com/fr/ ECOV Ecov is a start-up expert carpool. ecov accompanies businesses and communities in achieving carpool solutions. Contact : contact@ecov.fr / http://www.ecov.fr/ Meet French startups the 3rd December… ECOV Ecov is a start-up expert carpool. ecov accompanies businesses and communities in achieving carpool solutions. Contact : contact@ecov.fr / http://www.ecov.fr/ QIVIVO Qivivo is an « energy savings provider » for individuals allowing them to regain control of its comfort and heating bills. Qivivo sells a connected thermostat and use predictive algorithms and Big data analysis. Contact : Mr LE MINH – Phone : +33240897589 / http://www.qivivo.com/ TERRADONA Terradona is specialized in sustainable development and technology and offers  innovative solutions to help our towns and cities save money when recycling waste. Contact Phone : +33 (0)4 42 61 67 97 - contact@terradona.com / http://terradona.com CORNIS Space technology for wind turbines blade security. Contact : http://web.cornis.fr/en/contact / http://web.cornis.fr/en/pages/home UBI TRANSPORTS Transports and creativ mobility. Contact : Mrs AZOULAY NATHALIE - Phone : +33183648530 /  www.ubitransports.com Meet French startups the 4th December… ALERTGASOIL AlertGasoil® is a combination of several pieces of technology that together can detect changes in fuel tank levels, either upward or downward. Contact Phone : +33 (0)4 96 13 02 70 / http://alertgasoil.com/ SAFETY LINE Safety Line is an innovative company, specialized in data management software solutions for aviation. With a team of highly experienced aviation experts (including former BEA investigators), data scientists and IT specialists, Safety Line is in a position to propose an extensive range of products able to match the world’s issues challenges in air transport. Contact : Mr PIERRE JOUNIAUX - Phone : +33155437571 / http://www.safety-line.fr/en/ TERRADONA Terradona is specialized in sustainable development and technology and offers  innovative solutions to help our towns and cities save money when recycling waste. Contact  Phone : +33 (0)4 42 61 67 97 -  contact@terradona.com / http://terradona.com OPENAIRLINES Software solution for eco-driving for fuel savings. By combining unique business and IT skills, OpenAirlines proposes innovative solutions to reduce costs and bring a competitive advantage to our customers. Contact : Phone: +33 (0)5 31 61 52 10 - email: info@openairlines.com / http://www.openairlines.com/ IDEOL The floating foundation : Ideols foundation, a ring-shaped platform developed and patented by the companys engineers, is a breakthrough technological development in the floating wind turbine market. Contact : M. BAYARD-LENOIR MARIE - Phone: +33486208050 / http://ideol-offshore.com/fr Meet French startups the 5th December… EEL ENERGY EEL ENERGY, the tidal machine with an undulating membrane. Our solution is based on what we call BIOMIMICRY-reproducing the natural properties of marine life. Our strategy is to exploit tidal, oceanic and even river currents. Contact : M. SYLVAIN FRANCK - Phone: +33661809030 / http://www.eel-energy.fr/en/ IPSIIS IPSIIS environmental friendliness, energy saving and safety for industry and buildings IPSIIS has developed innovative solutions for fire-resistant thermal insulation for buildings and industrial facilities. Contact : Phone : +33 (0) 1 60 68 25 61 - Mail :  information@ipsiis.com / http://ipsiis.com/ Meet French startups the 7th December… ATOLL Energy Atoll Energy designs innovative solutions for combined heat and power production supplying utilities for tertiary and industrial sector. Its latest developments of heat recovery systems raised to 30% the energy savings for off-grid systems operating under variable load.Contact : Mme BARBIZET ELENA - Tél : +33490774683 / https://atollenergy.com/en/ EEL ENERGY EEL ENERGY, the tidal machine with an undulating membrane. Our solution is based on what we call BIOMIMICRY-reproducing the natural properties of marine life. Our strategy is to exploit tidal, oceanic and even river currents. Contact : M. SYLVAIN FRANCK - Phone: +33661809030 / http://www.eel-energy.fr/en/ ADIONICS Adionics is a young innovative company developing the water desalination AquaOmnes technology. Contact : Mr DE SOUZA GUILLAUME - Phone : +33169194167 / www.adionics.com BOOSTTHEAT The revolutionary boiler which halves energy costs and your impact on the environment. Contact : Phone : + 33 (0)4 48 21 60 51 - Email :  contact@boostheat.com / http://www.boostheat.com/ BOOSTHERM Boostherm recovers 100% of the heat normally rejected by condensers of cooling systems to preheat sanitary hot water at 55°C and more. It can also be used for low temperature heating of buildings. Contact : Mr DECAESTECKER LAURENT - Tel : 333 80 48 60 16 / http://boostherm.com/ Meet French startups the 8th December… BOOSTHERM Boostherm recovers 100% of the heat normally rejected by condensers of cooling systems to preheat sanitary hot water at 55°C and more. It can also be used for low temperature heating of buildings. Contact : Mr DECAESTECKER LAURENT - Tel : 333 80 48 60 16 / http://boostherm.com/ ENOVEO Solving environmental problems : Polluted groundwater - Contaminated soil - Wastewater treatment Environmental Forensics - Drinking water - Natural ecosystems - Green energy... Contact : Phone: +33 (0)4 27 11 85 44 – Email:  contact@enoveo.com   / http://www.enoveo.com/ 3D EAU Engineering consultants for the design, diagnosis and instrumentation urban water management structures. Water drainage systems to 3D Contact :   Phone : +33 6 60 04 96 88 – Email : contact@3deau.fr / http://www.3deau.fr/ ENEKIO Enekio designs and develops innovative solutions in the field of energy efficiency for existing industrial infrastructure and communities. Contact : Mr ATHANE FLORENT - Tel : 334 67 59 36 21 / http://enekio.com/ EGREEN Energy saving in buildings through monitoring consumption and behavior change. http://www.egreen.fr/ Meet French startups the 9th December… AMPLIFYNATURE Professional land use and ecological engineering. http://www.amplifynature.com/ LCIS Orchestra LOW CARBONE INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. Orchestra is a complete service designed to offer its customers an optimised and energy efficient heating manager at home, and an additional range of extra services (security, devices managing). Contact : Mr DUBOIS GHISLAIN - Tel : +33491918125 / NENUFAR Nenufar designs and sets up a manure pit cover, which retrieves biogas for stock breeders.Simple and adaptable on all livestock farms, our patented product captures and uses biogas, strongly reducing energy costs.. Contact :  http://nenufar-biogaz.fr/contact/    ENERBEE EnerBee is a company developing a ground-breaking micro generator enabling to replace batteries in consumer and industrial smart objects using the power of motion. Contact: Mrs TABARIN MARIE. Phone : +33458005407 / http://www.enerbee.fr/ Site officiel : http://www.lagalerie-cop21.com/

Eutelsat and Facebook to partner on satellite initiative to get more Africans online

Amelie Argenti - 09-nov.-2015 14:23:06
Two companies to build a High Throughput Satellite system using dedicated broadband capacity on Spacecom AMOS-6 satellite. Paris, 5 October 2015 – Eutelsat Communications (NYSE Euronext Paris: ETL) and Facebook today announce they are partnering on a new initiative that will leverage satellite technologies to get more Africans online. Under a multi-year agreement with Spacecom, the two companies will utilise the entire broadband payload on the future AMOS-6 satellite and will build a dedicated system comprising satellite capacity, gateways and terminals. In providing reach to large parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, Eutelsat and Facebook will each be equipped to pursue their ambition to accelerate data connectivity for the many users deprived of the economic and social benefits of the Internet. Spot beams for community and Direct-to-User access Scheduled for start of service in the second half of 2016, the Ka-band payload on the AMOS-6 geostationary satellite is configured with high gain spot beams covering large parts of West, East and Southern Africa. The capacity is optimised for community and Direct-to-User Internet access using affordable, off-the-shelf customer equipment. According to the terms of the agreement, the capacity will be shared between Eutelsat and Facebook. State of the art satellite technology to meet pent-up demand Using state of the art satellite technology, Eutelsat and Facebook will each deploy Internet services designed to relieve pent-up demand for connectivity from the many users in Africa beyond range of fixed and mobile terrestrial networks. Satellite networks are well suited to economically connecting people in low to medium density population areas and the high throughput satellite architecture of AMOS-6 is expected to contribute to additional gains in cost efficiency. Eutelsat steps up Internet activity in Africa The capacity will enable Eutelsat to step up its broadband activity in Sub-Saharan Africa that was initiated using Ku-band satellites to serve professional users. Eutelsat is establishing a new company based in London that will steer its African broadband vision and business. The company will be led by Laurent Grimaldi, founder and former CEO of Tiscali International Network, and will focus on serving premium consumer and professional segments. Facebook continues Internet.org initiative Two years ago, Facebook announced Internet.org, an effort to accelerate the rate of connectivity by addressing the physical, economic and social barriers that are keeping people from getting online. For Facebook, this satellite system represents one of many technology investments to enable cost-effective broadband access to unconnected populations. Facebook plans to work with local partners across Africa to utilise satellite and terrestrial capacity to deliver services to rural areas. “Facebook’s mission is to connect the world and we believe that satellites will play an important role in addressing the significant barriers that exist in connecting the people of Africa,” said Chris Daniels, VP of Internet.org.  “We are looking forward to partnering with Eutelsat on this project and investigating new ways to use satellites to connect people in the most remote areas of the world more efficiently.” Commenting on the agreement, Michel de Rosen, Eutelsat Chairman and CEO, said: “We are excited by this opportunity to accelerate the deployment of our broadband strategy and to partner with Facebook on a new initiative to provide Internet access services in Africa. Eutelsat’s strong track record in operating High Throughput Satellite systems will ensure that we can deliver accessible and robust Internet solutions that get more users online and part of the Information Society.”   For more information from Facebook: Derick Mains, derickmains@fb.com   About Eutelsat Communications Established in 1977, Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL, ISIN code: FR0010221234) is one of the worlds leading and most experienced operators of communications satellites. The company provides capacity on 39 satellites to clients that include broadcasters and broadcasting associations, pay-TV operators, video, data and Internet service providers, enterprises and government agencies. Eutelsat’s satellites provide ubiquitous coverage of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, enabling video, data, broadband and government communications to be established irrespective of a user’s location. Headquartered in Paris, with offices and teleports around the globe, Eutelsat represents a workforce of 1,000 men and women from 37 countries who are experts in their fields and work with clients to deliver the highest quality of service. For more about Eutelsat please visit www.eutelsat.com Press Vanessa O’Connor Tel: + 33 1 53 98 37 91  voconnor@eutelsat.com Marie-Sophie Ecuer Tel: + 33 1 53 98 37 91 mecuer@eutelsat.com Investors and analysts Joanna Darlington Tel. : +33 1 53 98 35 30 jdarlington@eutelsat.com Cédric Pugni Tel. : +33 1 53 98 35 30 cpugni@eutelsat.com
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