"Tastin´France” in the Nordic countries 2017!

Cecilia Ekfeldt - 26-sept.-2017 16:29:23
Business France is organising its yearly wine tasting « Tastin´France” in the Nordic countries! Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm will welcome talented winegrowers from France main wine regions eager to find new business opportunities in the Nordic markets. Come and taste a wide range of wines, organic and biodynamic, from Fronton, Pic Saint Loup, Saint Chinian, Terrasses du Larzac, and many others ! In Stockholm, the event will take place at the Résidence de France on 7th November 2017. Please register here Hope to see you there ! List of producers for this edition : Bergerac - CHÂTEAU MONESTIER LATOUR ( https://www.chateaumonestierlatour.com/ ) Bordeaux - MAISON RIVIERE ( http://www.maisonriviere.fr/ ) Bordeaux – VIGNOBLES BOUILLAC ( http://vignoblesbouillac.com/accueil/ ) Bordeaux - VIN SADEL ( http://www.vinsadel.fr/ ) Champagne - CHAMPAGNE EMILE LECLERE ( http://www.champagne-leclere.com/ ) Champagne - CHAMPAGNE COLIN ( http://www.champagne-colin.com/ ) Champagne - CHAMPAGNE BOEVER ( http://www.champagne-boever-et-fils.com/ ) Champagne  - CHAMPAGNE DEROUILLAT ( http://derouillat.pagesperso-orange.fr/ ) Champagne – CHAMPAGNE ANDRÉ ROBERT ( http://champagne-andre-robert.com/ ) Languedoc - DOMAINE DE MALAVIEILLE/LE MAS DE BERTRAND ( http://www.domainemalavieille.com/ ) Languedoc - DOMAINE DU BOSC ROCHET ( http://www.domaineduboscrochet.com/ ) Languedoc  - CHÂTEAU CAPION ( http://chateaucapion.com/ ) Languedoc - PRIEURÉ SAINT SEVER -MAS GABINELE ( http://www.masgabinele.com/ ) Languedoc - SIEUR D’ARQUES ( http://www.sieurdarques.com/public/index.php ) Languedoc - VIGNOBLES VELLAS ( https://www.vignobles-vellas.com/ ) Loire - DOMAINE GIRARD ( https://www.domainegirard.fr/ ) Rhône  - CAVE DE TAIN L’ERMITAGE ( http://www.cavedetain.com/ ) Roussillon - DOMAINE TRELOAR ( http://domainetreloar.com/fr/index.htm ) Roussillon - THUNEVIN-CALVET ( http://www.thunevin-calvet.fr/ ) Sud-Ouest – VINOVALIE ( http://www.vinovalie.com/ )

PcVue is seeking partnership in the Nordic markets

Soline Guerinet - 25-août-2016 12:11:43
ARC Informatique , headquartered in Paris, France, is an independent global leader in advanced HMI / SCADA software . Founded in 1981 and certified ISO 9001 and 14000, the company has an international presence through direct technical and sales offices in the America, Europe and Asia. Tens of thousands of licensed copies of its SCADA PcVue are installed all around the world, working for the biggest players in Industry, Building Management System, Energy Management System, Infrastructure… PcVue Solutions provides a flexible solution for supervising industrial processes, utilities and infrastructure. PcVue innovates with products that facilitate exchanges between people, connected objects and the SCADA system by taking advantage of the latest mobile and geolocation technologies: NFC, Bluetooth LE Beacons, etc. It has been the culture of the company from its beginning to invest in and cultivate long term relations with its partners and customers including system integrators, resellers and end customers. The global SCADA provider is now looking to expand its expertise to Nordic markets , searching for Swedish partners. Business France Stockholm is helping ARC Informatique in its business development on the Swedish market. ARC Informatique Export Sales Engineer is coming in autumn in Sweden in order to meet some potential partners . Should you wish to contact ARC informatique or receive more information about their activity, kindly contact Soline Guerinet at the Business France Stockholm office: soline.guerinet(@)businessfrance.fr       Not familiar with their solutions, explore the many benefits of PcVue in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSLnUCv_jBk For more information, please visit the official website: www.pcvuesolutions.com


Amelie Argenti - 10-mai-2016 13:39:54
Natural and organic cosmetics from France: Cosmetic professionals and press are invited to the French Embassy in Helsinki on Tuesday 7th June 2016 and the French Embassy in Copenhagen on Thursday 9th June 2016 to meet a number of natural and organic cosmetics brands from France not yet represented on the nordic markets, but all looking for local partners. Amongst the French brands present during the event are:                For more details or to attend the event in Helsinki, please contact Tiina Sounela from the Business France office in Finland: Tel: +358 09 75 99 45 14 Email:  tiina.sounela@businessfrance.fr For more details or to attend the event in Copenhagen please contact Annemette Jensen from the Business France office in Denmark Tel: +45 33 37 61 78 Email:  annemette.jensen@businessfrance.fr    

LAFON searches for partners on the Nordic markets

Amelie Argenti - 10-mars-2016 13:24:45
LAFON Technologies   was created in Bordeaux in 1959 and is, since 2006, part of the MADIC Group. With over 300 employees and an annual turnover of 40 million EUR, LAFON is currently looking to increase their presence on the Nordic markets through new partnerships. LAFON Technologies is a leading manufacturer designing, developing, producing and marketing all oil sector downstream equipment.  LAFON has a recognized know-how in terms of systems and payment terminals, dispensers, storage tanks, mobile stations and petro-equipment. More information about the company: · Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as a proof of its commitment to reduce the environmental footprint · Constant improvement of products and processes for better human and environmental safety · All the LAFON solutions are developed in compliance with European standards, with a high reliability and durability of functioning · The most complete range of products in the market: with over 2,500 products, it provides a complete solution for service station and oil depot managers · Long-term client satisfaction · A fast and uninterrupted service: 45 mechanical, software, electrical and normative engineers · Assistance & training: a specialised team serving oil sector installers · 7% of revenue invested every year in research and development          In the last five years LAFON has developed an electric vehicle charging system called PULSE. The innovative system has been created to function like a fuel dispenser for electric vehicles, with a number of distinguishing features including: rapid charging rate, design and safety features, and easy integration into existing payment and information systems. A more detailed presentation of LAFON Technologies can be downloaded here ; more information about their mobile tanks systems can be found here and details of the PULSE system can be downloaded here . Should you wish to contact LAFON or receive more information about their activity kindly contact Nicolas de Moucheron in the Business France Stockholm office: nicolas.demoucheron (@)businessfrance.fr  

Workshop on the nordic markets during the Energivie Summit

Soline Guerinet - 28-oct.-2014 16:52:38
                                                                                            THE ENERGIVIE SUMMIT IS A UNIQUE EVENT IN EUROPE Take part in the first edition of Energivie Summit on the 3, 4 and 5 November 2014 in Strasbourg. Energivie Summit is an international symposium organised by the Alsace Energivie Competitiveness Cluster at the initiative of market-leading industrial players and internationally-renowned academics. The event is intended for stakeholders all along the build On the agenda: conferences , practical workshops , B2B one-on-ones and site visits . The Summit programme allows plenty of informal time for visiting partners’ stands , networking with other delegates and discovering Alsatian culture.   More information on the newsletter  or the  webbsite .                                                                   Ubifrance (the French Trade Commission) will organise two workshops during the Energivie Summit, on the Nordic and German-speaking markets. 10.00-11.30am : Informations and key success factors on the Nordic markets led by Ida Rouyer , Ubifrance Project Manager for building and light work, and Yves Chantereau , Partner and Senior Architect, Equator Stockholm AB. 1.00-1.45pm : Informations and key success factors on the German-speaking countries led by Marion Mazacz and Holger Hahn , Ubifrance Sustainable Building Officers in Switzerland and Germany. To register : Please contact Jacqueline.HAYE@ubifrance.fr  
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Business France är en organisation som har till uppgift att stödja franska företags internationella verksamheter och stärka Frankrikes attraktionskraft. Business France skapades den 1 januari 2015 och är en sammanslagning av franska exportrådet (Ubifrance) och myndigheten för utländska investeringar i Frankrike (Invest in France Agency). Organisationen arbetar med följande tre huvuduppdrag: - Franska företags internationella utveckling och export - Främjande av och stöd till internationella investeringar - Frankrikes attraktionskraft och bilden av Frankrikes ekonomi, företag och regioner Kontoret i Stockholm har 16 medarbetare som samtliga är experter på sina områden och talar både franska och svenska. Vi publicerar rapporter och studier, erbjuder ett stort antal skräddarsydda tjänster, såsom förmedling av affärspartners och kontakter, marknadsanalyser, information o

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