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French Pavilion at Elmia Nordic Rail 2017, Scandinavia’s main railway exhibition

AH - 12-sept.-2017 16:39:39

Business France, the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, is organizing a French Pavilion at Elmia Nordic Rail 2017. Take the opportunity to come by and meet our exhibitors: Colas Rail, TSO, Vissal Manufacturing, Securlite, Techni Industrie and EMS Concept. Business France, with the support of the French rail industry association Fer de France, is hosting a Pavilion at Elmia Nordic Rail from 10 to 12 October in Jönköping, Scandinavia’s main railway exhibition. With a proposed plan of investment in transport infrastructure amounting 622,5 billion SEK (65 billion EUR) for the period 2018-2029, up by 20% from the previous plan, Sweden has become a hotspot for international rail actors. The French railway industry and its 1500 companies for a turnover of more than 4 billion EUR - 1,2 billion EUR in exports – is 2nd in Europe and has a recognized expertise which could benefit to the Swedish infrastructure projects. The 56 square-meter French Pavilion will allow our exhibitors to showcase their products, services and expertise covering diverse parts of the rail sector: engineering, construction and maintenance of railway infrastructures, manufacture of rolling stock components or equipment for transport facilities. More information about the exhibitors is available on the Pavilion’s catalogue . Visitors are welcome to discover more about the French exhibitors in Hall B, stand 02:60.   Listing of participants : COLAS RAIL « Draws upon a large experience in complex projects to offer turnkey solutions »   EMS CONCEPT -  more information « EMS Concept is a French creator and manufacturer of Compressors, DC/AC Motor for the railway industry » SECURLITE « Manufacturer of vandal-resistant luminaires and lighting solutions for urban, public spaces, and transport » TECHNI INDUSTRIE « Techni Industrie, your trusted partner for the manufacture of railway bogies for over 30 years » TSO « TSO, the specialist for Track & Catenary works, your partner for railway solutions » VISSAL MANUFACTURING -  more information « Vissal Manufacturing, a french leader in the production of railway fasteners » ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note to Editors Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. This press release is available in Word version. For more information, feel free to contact Business France Sweden: Aurélie DEVIDAL Head of Industry & Cleantech Department  Phone : +46 8 545 89 159 Mail : Twitter :  @BF_Nordics Linkedin :  Business France Nordic  


Business France - 12-févr.-2016 16:35:19

What if we were to cast aside current preconceptions of France? Creative France chooses to surprise, by immersing you into a landscape abounding in hidden treasures with unexpectedly ingenious features. To one side, a typical French-style garden reflects France’s recognized excellence and expertise. On the other, a France of creativity, innovation, disruptive technology, strong commitment and collaborative partnerships emerges. A French-style creative culture does indeed exist, fostered by a unique approach combining cutting-edge technology, savoir-faire and art de vivre, realism and innovative applications. This combination reflects change in a society inspired by its roots but driven by its entrepreneurial spirit. The flagbearers for this creative culture of surprises, technology, poetry and effective inspirations are mostly young businesses seeking a design edge. From an idea to its application, French creativity demonstrates its power to enrich our daily lives, to improve the quality and sustainability of products and services, and to play its part in advancing society. In this landscape, a musical instrument stands alongside surgical pliers, an exoskeleton meets an amphibious boat, and a wall plate hangs beside a photovoltaic film. French design embodies this bold blend of culture, economy and industry, by finding a creative balance all of its own that is recognized the world over. This creative melting pot owes nothing to chance, channeling its extraordinary ability and versatility into envisaging and initiating dialogue across different professional cultures. Projects both big and small presented in this exhibition showcase an impressive human adventure and reveal a message of optimism and confidence. Powered by Business France Download: catalog Creative France, Le Bourget 2015 Official website:     //

Sustainable city: the 3D-demonstrator Astainable®

Amelie Argenti - 29-oct.-2015 15:19:50

The winner of the call for projects issued by the French Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Treasury Department (DGT) in 2014, the consortium of Eiffage, Egis and Engie, presented on Monday October 19 the urban design digital tool "Astainable®" aimed at exporting French knowhow in sustainable city development under the Vivapolis brand. Based on the 3D-model of the city of Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, the Astainable® digital tool displays a wide range of French solutions adapted to the needs of the city and contributing to reducing the ecological footprint while considering all the particularities of the local territory. Astainable® incorporates 350 French technical, industrial and engineering solutions in the areas (such as ecological transport, energy, smart city, responsible water and waste management and sustainable construction).   The pressure on sustainable cities can be explained by three urgent needs: - environmental, as a consequence of global rapid urbanization with an additional 2.5 billion citizen dwellers by 2050 ; - social, derived from the urban migration triggered by the economic growth; - economic, which requires faster and cheaper constructions. Source : Eiffage Astainable identity card: click here

La French Tech

Amelie Argenti - 23-oct.-2015 16:59:33

WHAT IS “la French Tech ”? “La French Tech” refers to all the people working for or with French startups , in France or abroad. This ecosystem is made up of entrepreneurs, obviously, but also investors, engineers, designers, developers, associations, bloggers, media, big companies, and government agencies… All the players who are working towards startups’ growth and international promotion. “LA FRENCH TECH”: a Vibrant Ecosystem For some years now, French Tech has as a group shown incredible dynamism, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, and other talented people. Areas of the French Tech Medical technology (medtech), green technologies (cleantech), biotechnology (biotech), finance (FinTech) or in industrial enterprises… To find and contact French companies on in the area of new technologies and innovation: clic here Website :

The story behind Créative France

Amelie Argenti - 22-oct.-2015 17:01:25

Créative France is the story of accentuating the ‘creative’, both literally and figuratively. It’s the story of a different approach, of the spark ignited by phrases and by words and images. It’s the story of an airliner that gains a second deck, of a coding school that becomes a nexus for learning, of a pastry that is coveted like a precious jewel. It’s the story of a strong visual identity that is at once bold, elegant, prominent, modern, dynamic, surprising, flexible and unifying. It’s the story of a creative, unconventional campaign that highlights our country’s full range of strengths, skills and savoir-faire. And for good reason – France is at the forefront of technology, design, industry and education, to name but a few sectors.      It’s the story of France today: solid fundamentals enhanced by an outstanding ability to innovate and a constant push to break new ground. Equal parts playful and serious-minded, France bucks convention while reaching for the top. France has appeal… and creativity! For more information on Créative France , please visit:    

Om oss
Business France är en organisation som har till uppgift att stödja franska företags internationella verksamheter och stärka Frankrikes attraktionskraft. Business France skapades den 1 januari 2015 och är en sammanslagning av franska exportrådet (Ubifrance) och myndigheten för utländska investeringar i Frankrike (Invest in France Agency). Organisationen arbetar med följande tre huvuduppdrag: - Franska företags internationella utveckling och export - Främjande av och stöd till internationella investeringar - Frankrikes attraktionskraft och bilden av Frankrikes ekonomi, företag och regioner Kontoret i Stockholm har 16 medarbetare som samtliga är experter på sina områden och talar både franska och svenska. Vi publicerar rapporter och studier, erbjuder ett stort antal skräddarsydda tjänster, såsom förmedling av affärspartners och kontakter, marknadsanalyser, information o

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