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French companies showcasing their offer in Romania and Poland

Daniela VLADICA - 15-avr.-2015 15:24:31
  BUSINESS FRANCE, the French Agency for International Business Development, is organizing, in partnership with DACHSER, a trade promotion mission for a group of French companies in Bucharest and Warsaw  from April 27 to 30. The event, organized every 2 years, is designed to provide in-depth understanding of local opportunities within the Romanian and Polish markets in the sectors of finishings, second fix and DIY. It aims to create a platform for B2B meetings between the French companies and managers or representatives of local importers, distributors, DIY operators enabling thereby the commercial penetration of the French offer. Throughout this event the French representatives will unveil to the local companies their new products and technological innovations. The French delegation includes companies such as : AMPHORA   – manufacturer of innovative consumer products for comfort range, such as blow dryers for clothes, electric shoe-dryer, electric shoe polysher and fireplace range such as like self-cleaning ash vacuum cleaner. BOUILLARD   – producer of flowerpots, plastic hanging flower pots, flower boxes, planters, watering cans plastics, plastic planters. CITY GREEN  – supplier of furniture for gardening and balcony; offers stylish concepts and materials to transform your balcony or terrace into an elegant, inviting, comfortable and practical space. The company is  distributing alsothe No Mosquito brand (bracelets and clip) based on the technology of impregnation of essential oils. HB FULLER   manufacturer and marketer of adhesives and other specialty chemicals. HARMONY BETON  – producer of decorative concretes for interior and exterior use. PELLET ASC   – specialist in bathroom and toilet Comfort and Safety, of bathroom accessories for the general public or institutions. SENIDECO –    manufacturer of decorative coatings of different textures: silk and cotton imitations, plain wood pannels, embossed leather, stone or masonry imitation, micro-cement. SILVADEC  – European leader in wood composite, creator of outdoor spaces. SOCADIF –  develops specific OEM lines for customers, both food distributors and specialized distributors – hand tools and other product lines like : Gas accessories, Hydrotherapy, Washing machine accessories, etc. The Romanian companies interested in the French offer are invited to contact :  Daniela VLADICA,  or 021 305 67 83. BUSINESS FRANCE    is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes French companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the V.I.E international internship program. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who works with a network of public and private sector partners. DACHSER   is one of Europe’s leading logistics providers, offering customized solutions for specific supply chain management. Its  customers come from numerous sectors of industry and commerce.

French cybersecurity firms increasingly successful in fast-growing market

Sorina MOLDOVANU - 30-juil.-2014 14:52:22
Interview : Thibaut Barde, UBIFRANCE’s Project Manager for Digital Trust & Cyber Security, In 2013, there was a 12% year-on-year rise in cybersecurity attacks, with nearly 60% of them causing either brand damage or direct revenue loss to businesses. This, coupled with highly publicized commercial and government breaches of IT security, has increased the demand for cybersecurity services. French companies are strongly placed in this growing market and their advanced solutions are in demand.     The 12% year-on-year increase in cybersecurity attacks that affected businesses in 2013 (Source: IBM 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index ), regrettable as it may be, translates into the fact that the IT-security sector is experiencing sustained growth in this segment of the market. High-profile cases, such as the cyber-attacks on US retail chain Target, have raised awareness among business executives.   While US-based and British companies dominate current business in this sector, client entities are looking for alternatives in order to alleviate their worries of government intrusion. In this respect, French specialist companies are a strong contender in the eyes of many professionals and executives working for SMEs and start-ups, but also at established, larger groups: these clients are leveraging the French know-how stemming from top R&D centres and universities.   In 2013, the French cybersecurity sector was valued at more than $2 billion. The French network-security sector offers a wide range of services, including B2B IT solutions meeting strategic challenges, and comprises many world champions such as Atos, Orange, Sogeti, Bull, Cassidian and the cybersecurity division at Thales.   Thanks to their advanced technical research laboratories, more particularly in cryptology and encryption, French players are recognized worldwide.  According to Thibaut Barde, UBIFRANCE’s Project Manager for Digital Trust & Cyber Security, “T he reason for cutting-edge technology [thriving in France] is the quality of French universities in the field of engineering, which is known globally. Research laboratories associated with these universities train the best engineers of tomorrow.”       Secure IC SAS is a shining example of a company that has been working with top graduates having come out of the French educational system in order to become a thought leader in cybersecurity. Its platforms provide the highest level of security on a client entity’s embedded systems, preventing hacking and reverse engineering as well as protecting intellectual property and proprietary data. In 2013, Secure IC SAS won a Sesame Award for innovation in the manufacturing and testing of IT products.   French start-ups and SMEs have developed out of a strong domestic talent pool and many have decided to join forces under the HexaTrust label, which regroups 20 hi-tech SMEs that are keen to offer a co-ordinated, total service package to their clients.  T hese software vendors and integrators provide a full range of products and services dedicated to the protection of the critical infrastructure of businesses and institutions from cyber-attacks. The HexaTrust umbrella group’s portfolio of current and potential clients is diverse and growing, including businesses and public-sector agencies of all sizes.   Due to the dramatic increase in the level of sophistication and intensity of cyber-attacks, public- and private-sector investment in cybersecurity is growing fast and is expected to rise by nearly 10% per year between now and 2017. This trend illustrates the promising opportunities that exist for a large business looking for a new market, or for a dynamic SME scaling up a new product.   Thibaut Barde of UBIFRANCE Paris explains that, “France’s distance from recent scandals [involving the international and covert collection of data by various government agencies, as revealed in the media] is favourable for French players since awareness on the use of data takes place at a global level. This has helped to build the profile of the industry and has generated increasing concerns for [the security of] personal data, which is a real asset for the French in particular: it is important when it comes to ​​data-storage companies, among others.”   Many French companies in the sector are choosing to develop an international business outlook. French players have strong opportunities to seize in this market thanks to their technological expertise, combined with the diversity of products and services they can offer.   UBIFRANCE is here to help, with a strong presence at next year’s Infosecurity Europe trade event, where there will be as many as 15 French companies looking to expand their presence into the British market and other European markets. Infosecurity Europe will take place from 2 to 4 June 2015 at the Olympia exhibition centre, in central London (UK).   For further information about the trade show, please go to:   For further information about UBIFRANCE, please go to:       Further information about French companies:   > Electronics and IT   > Telecommunications and Space

Bilant T1 2011 - AGROTECH

Pavel AMBROSI - 08-avr.-2011 09:59:40
Luna martie a fost marcata de doua actiuni de succes de promovare a produselor alimentare frantuzesti, echipa AGROTECH avand placerea sa sprijine 19 companii in demersul lor de prospectare a pietei romanesti. Vinurile din Franta in turneu la Bucuresti Intr-un context de reviriment al importurilor de vinuri in 2010, 8 producatori si comercianti francezi de vinuri au participat la degustarea organizata de Misiunea Economica UBIFRANCE pe 3 martie la hotelul Novotel din capitala. In jur de 40 de vinuri din Alsacia, Bordeaux, Burgundia, Cotes du Rhône, Languedoc Rousillon si Val de Loire au putut fi degustate de catre peste 50 de reprezentanti ai importatorilor si distribuitorilor de bauturi, achizitori ai retelelor de comert modern, food&bar manageri de hoteluri si restaurante, cat si reprezentanti ai presei de specialitate. Aceasta actiune are rolul de a consolida pozitia vinurilor franceze pe piata vinurilor de import,  valoarea importurilor de vinuri din Franta progresand cu 50% in 2010, fata de 40% pentru ansamblul vinurilor straine. Franta este leader pe segmentul importurilor de vinuri linistite imbuteliate si al vinurilor efervescente cu o cota de 33% si respectiv 53% in valoare.  Exportatorii francezi de vinuri prezenti la degustare  : Domaine « Blanchard » , Union « Blasons De Bourgogne » , Domaine « Boudau » , Cave « Les Faitières » , Domaine « Muhlberger » , Cave « Orsan Vignerons » , Maison « Rivière Fils » si « Sélection Patrick Clerget » . Pentru a descarca catalogul exportatorilor francezi de vinuri  click . Misiune de afaceri pentru exportatorii francezi de fructe si legume Cea de-a doua actiune, organizata intre 24 si 25 martie, a fost dedicata sectorului de fructe si legume. Ea a permis celor 11 companii participante, din care 6 comercianti de cartofi insotiti de reprezentantul Federatiei comerciantilor de cartofi din Franta (FEDEPOM), sa cunoasca structura de organizare a pietei romanesti, cat si asteptarile consumatorilor si importatorilor de fructe si legume. Programul misiunii a cuprins o prima zi de vizite a pietei de gros, a magazinelor din comertul traditional si modern, a platformelor logistice ale importatorilor si ale retelelor de retail. A doua zi a fost rezervata intalnirilor B2B cu peste 20 de importatori si achizitori de fructe si legume. Companiile franceze care au participat la aceasta misiune : Blue-Whale , Pomanjou , Pouliquen , Primarco , Sofruce  si Federatia comerciantilor de cartofi ( FEDEPOM ) cu membrii sai: Agromex , Campeol , France Potato Board , Novexport, Parmentine , Pommies . Pentru a descarca catalogul exportatorilor francezi de fructe si legume click . Imagini de la cele doua evenimente sunt disponibile in rubrica "Imagini" din meniul "Presa".  Echipa AGROTECH multumeste tuturor invitatilor romani care au fost prezenti la aceste doua evenimente.  

Eveniment dedicat comertului de fructe, legume si cartofi

Pavel AMBROSI - 14-mars-2011 08:52:09
In zilele de 24 si 25 martie 2011, echipa Agrotech din cadrul Misiunii Economice UBIFRANCE a Ambasadei Frantei la Bucuresti va însoti, in cadrul unei  misiuni comerciale, o delegatie de exportatori francezi de fructe, legume si cartofi.  Programul primei zile include vizite de teren (magazine, piete de gros, platforme logistice), in timp ce cea de-a doua zi va fi dedicata întilnirilor B2B cu importatorii si achizitorii de fructe, legume si cartofi ai retelelor de comert modern din Romania. Grupul este format din 6 membri ai Federatiei franceze a comerciantilor de cartofi FEDEPOM ( Agromex , Campeol , France Potato Board , Novexport, Parmentine , Pommies ) si 4 exportatori de fructe si legume ( Blue Whale , Pomanjou , Pouliquen , Primarco ). Persoane de contact : Pavel AMBROSI – E-mail : ;  telefon : 021 305 67 90 Cornelia IONESCU – E-mail: ; telefon : 021 305 67 89
Business France - Romania  sprijină societățile franceze în proiectele lor de dezvoltare pe piaţa din România, din faza de export până la implantarea locala. Biroul din Romania face parte din reteaua mondiala Agenției Franceze pentru Export Business France , organism central al dispozitivului public pentru susținerea dezvoltării internaționale a întreprinderilor franceze. Echipa Business France Romania este formată din 10 experţi specializați pe urmatoarele domenii : -      AGROTECH  : produse şi technologii agroalimentare -      INDUSTRIES & CLEANTECH : infrastructura, transport, industrie şi mediu -      ART DE VIVRE ET SANTÉ : moda, habitat şi sanatate -      TECH & SERVICES : tehnologii noi, inovații și servicii   Rolul Business France - Romania : -     informarea companiilor france

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