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VEGEPOLYS : International Cluster

Pavel AMBROSI - 02-mars-2016 09:00:19

4 000 companies – 30 000 jobs – 450 researchers – 2 500 students – 25 higher training courses Born on the territory of the Pays de la Loire, the French state gave the label "competitiveness cluster" in July 2005 to VEGEPOLYS. As a competitive cluster with worldwide reach, VEGEPOLYS is open to the world, is developing its own international network and making partnerships with other French and non-French clusters. VEGEPOLYS is founded on a historical tradition of production in the Pays de la Loire region of France. The pedoclimatic conditions in the region and the vitality and know-how of its companies have attracted national and local government support for several decades, enabling the region to become the leader in the specialised plants field. The Pays de la Loire region is alone in Europe in bringing together in a single geographical area both private enterprise and public research and training establishment a major European force in the plant world, on which VEGEPOLYS is based. Making businesses more competitive The creation of value does not just involve product innovations, but also all other kinds of innovation: human resources management, production processes, marketing, logistics... VEGEPOLYS’ role is to organise and provide an impetus, in order to identify common problems and lead project groups. These activities take the form of workshops and strategy meetings. International events VEGEPOLYS’ reputation is growing thanks to its presence at numerous events with its partners, and its actions toward key players: • Participation in international exhibitions in France : SIVAL, Salon du Vin, Salon du végétal • Participation in well-known international shows abroad : Hortifair, Fruit Logistica, IPM Essen, VitaFood, IBMA • Participation in international congresses worldwide: In Vino, JAS, HIE, MexicoBio, SHE, Hydrangea... -           Official website : http://www.vegepolys.eu/en/home/ -           Business France and VEGEPOLYS jointly organize international partnership Missions . More information: renaud.zurfluh@businessfrance.fr -           VEGEPOLYS   : The specialized plant sectors :   http://export.businessfrance.fr/Galerie/Files/Divers/VEGEPOLYS_specialized-plant-sectors.pdf -           French companies on youbuyfrance.com : Agri-food Sector > Horticulture and Timber, clic here     Agri-food Sector > Fresh fruit & vegetables and processed vegetable products, clic here    

Eveniment dedicat comertului de fructe, legume si cartofi

Pavel AMBROSI - 14-mars-2011 08:52:09

In zilele de 24 si 25 martie 2011, echipa Agrotech din cadrul Misiunii Economice UBIFRANCE a Ambasadei Frantei la Bucuresti va însoti, in cadrul unei  misiuni comerciale, o delegatie de exportatori francezi de fructe, legume si cartofi.  Programul primei zile include vizite de teren (magazine, piete de gros, platforme logistice), in timp ce cea de-a doua zi va fi dedicata întilnirilor B2B cu importatorii si achizitorii de fructe, legume si cartofi ai retelelor de comert modern din Romania. Grupul este format din 6 membri ai Federatiei franceze a comerciantilor de cartofi FEDEPOM ( Agromex , Campeol , France Potato Board , Novexport, Parmentine , Pommies ) si 4 exportatori de fructe si legume ( Blue Whale , Pomanjou , Pouliquen , Primarco ). Persoane de contact : Pavel AMBROSI – E-mail : pavel.ambrosi@ubifrance.fr ;  telefon : 021 305 67 90 Cornelia IONESCU – E-mail: cornelia.ionescu@ubifrabce.fr ; telefon : 021 305 67 89

Echipa AGROTECH (produse si tehnologii agro-alimentare) faciliteaza relatiile comerciale intre Franta si Romania sustinand companiile franceze din domeniul agro-alimentar in dezvoltarea lor pe piata din Romania, cat si sprijinind companiile romanesti în identificerea partenerilor de afaceri francezi sau produselor specifice din Franta. Business France ajuta companiile franceze sa beneficieze de oportunitatile comerciale internationale prin furnizarea de informatii legate de piata din Romania, de consiliere personalizata, cat si prin asistenta oferita in identificarea potentialilor parteneri locali. In fiecare an, echipa AGROTECH organizeaza intalniri B2B dedicate unor produse sau grupe de produse. Acestea reprezinta platforme ideale pentru companiile franceze interesate sa-si prezinte produsele potentialilor cumparatori romani. Echipa AGROTECH va sta la dispozitie pentru mai multe detalii :   Pavel AMBROSI E-mail : pavel.ambrosi@businessfrance.fr Tel : +40 21 305

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