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SEE UPSTREAM 2016 Conference & Exhibition

Romina ILIE - 17-févr.-2016 15:28:38

  SEE UPSTREAM 2016 Conference & Exhibition  (JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, 27-28 April 2016), the flagship program of Industry Media Vector and the Petroleum Club of Romania since 2009, builds upon over ten years of national oil & gas events, deep industry experience, and acknowledged reputation for top quality in the energy industry.   SEE UPSTREAM 2016 is where oil & gas managers from Romania and the CEE & SEE regions, international and Romanian experts, officials from government regulatory bodies, consultants and various O&G businessmen meet to share ideas and debate advanced scientific and sustainable technical solutions for the energy sector.   Main focus This unique upstream meeting of corporate and government interests focuses on critical exploration industry business issues, with emphasis on emerging company strategies, technological, commercial and business development issues, and exploration and development ventures and opportunities for oil companies in Southeast Europe and the Black Sea region.   Why attend the SEE Upstream 2016 As the industry heads into another challenging year for offshore oil and gas, it is critical to keep a strategic focus on upcoming opportunities around projects, development costs and the supply chain. -Excellent opportunity to meet the officials who have a big say in the field -Listen and learn from the front line experts how to overcome technical and operational challenges in demanding plays -Find out more about ground-breaking innovations and connect with leading providers of products and services Come to the SEE UPSTREAM 2016 in Bucharest, Romania, to explore all those opportunities and discover how Romania can fulfil its geostrategic potential as a viable gas exporter to SEE & CEE countries using its Black Sea reserves!   For more details, please find attached the conference kit . If you consider attending, please confirm firmly your participation by filling in the registration form ( last page of the conference kit ) that needs to be sent back to the organizers by e-mail or fax no later than April 25. Use the promotional code BF2016 when registering and benefit from a 10% discount.   If you decide to join one of the panels, please send the topic and the title of your presentation to the organizers as soon as possible, and they will contact you promptly to discuss your participation as speaker.   Contact details : Speaking opportunities, sponsorship, general enquiries : Costin NEAGU, Executive Director Petroleum Club of Romania, mobile: +40-723-624468 , Registration : Marius VLADAREANU, Marketing Manager Industry Media Vector, mobile: +40-749-220636 ,  

France is the second largest exporter of equipment and services for the oil and gas sector…

Romina ILIE - 19-janv.-2016 19:30:47

France is the second largest exporter of equipment and services for the oil and gas sector with no production on its territory « France doesn’t have significant O&G resources», says Agnès Hagyak,  Project Manager for Oil & Gas in the Paris head office of French export-support agency Business France, interviewed by Business France Radio. Despite this lack of resources, French companies have managed to do well in the industry, on both upstream (exploration, production) and downstream (refining) levels. France is even the second largest exporter in the world. The French industry can rely on major companies like Total, NG (natural gas) or Technip but also on many small and middle size companies (more than 500) covering many important services within this industry, like water treatment, telecommunications, software and security equipment. These companies’ goals are now to find more oil and gas clients around the world, find the right areas with interesting potential, and offer technologies adapted to new environmental and producing requirements. And among these targets are the countries of the Gulf. « In this part of the world, we have both upstream and downstream sectors, explains Agnès Hagyak. There are many things to do there.» As a matter of a fact, ADIPEC, the International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference held in Abu Dhabi in November is « a very good opportunity to find potential partners and direct clients, according to Agnès Hagyak. This show is also a way for the French to promote their services directly to customers. They must play their card well abroad. » ADIPEC, official website: / Companies exhibiting at ADIPEC: Companies in the oil and gas industry are on

Romania Gas Conference & Exhibition 2015

Romina Ilie - 23-oct.-2015 17:23:32

  Romania Gas Conference & Exhibition 2015 JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel 11 & 12 November 2015    Romania Gas Conference & Exhibition 2015 ( JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel , 11 & 12 November 2015) is an event dedicated to the natural gas industry in Romania, designed for leading oil and gas executives and consultants, corporations, national oil & gas companies, independent companies, government and licensing officials. The event focuses on providing a detailed analysis of the national natural gas market, the activities and plans of major players, and the trends of the industry. It will address several issues, including the Black Sea potential, and the special importance of the interconnection of Romanian Gas National Transport System with the similar networks of the neighbouring countries, in the context of the ongoing Ukrainian crisis.   Why attend the Romania Gas Conference 2015 Thought Leadership – access critical information for your company to develop activity or initiate operations within the exploration of conventional & unconventional resources. Networking – access to key political leaders, operators, contractors, consultants, investors and energy experts. Marketing – promote your companies’ services through our popular sponsorship opportunities Business Development – gain key contacts whilst obtaining key industry information to develop your business alongside forming alliances and partnerships.   Come to the Romania Gas Conference & Exhibition 2015 in Bucharest on 11 & 12 November to explore all those opportunities and discover how Romania can fulfil its geostrategic potential as a viable gas exporter to SEE & CEE countries using its Black Sea reserves!   For more details, please browse .   Please feel free to contact Mr. Costin Neagu ( tel.: +40-723-624468) for supplementary information.

Oil and Gas: France is one of the world leaders

Pavel AMBROSI - 11-avr.-2014 07:08:36

There is Total and then there are the others. That is how some people blindly underestimate the Oil & Gas sector in France. Fortunately, the French landscape for this sector is far richer than that. “What people need to know is that the French offer is positioned among the leaders worldwide,” explains Agnès Hagyak, Project Manager for Hydrocarbons at Ubifrance. France’s para-petroleum sector includes over 400 enterprises and creates 55 000 jobs that are “highly qualified at the technical and scientific level,” according to Agnès Hagyak. In terms of exports, France even has the 2nd biggest para-petroleum sector in the world , behind N° 1, the United States. France equals Norway and the United Kingdom. French suppliers account for 90% of their total turnover in exports. Total and GDF Suez, among the major players in the world, naturally draw a lot of attention. Yet there are also many French companies that are not as well known, but who deliver high performance internationally. “France’s para-petroleum sector includes over 400 enterprises and creates 55 000 jobs that are highly qualified at the technical and scientific level” Many of them are SMEs who display a very high level of technical expertise. These companies are a hotbed of creativity. When it comes to covering needs in technologies, in equipment and services required for exploring, producing, transporting and refining hydrocarbons, the French offer is considered as top-notch. French know-how is especially recognized in the area of offshore and deep water drilling, in fact, for any sort of high sea platform. French companies, thoroughly international, can easily position themselves on very specific niches. They are not at all afraid of customizing their solutions. Quite the contrary! For example, there is the Bardot Group, An SME with international presence, specialized in para-petroleum equipment. In particular, it makes tooling with technical polymers and structures that are soldered by robotic equipment, along with the development of the means to attach and assemble these structures. With such expertise on this niche market, Bardot Group has managed to work on sites in Angola, Texas, Brazil and Malaysia. And BARDOT is hardly the only French company capable of such international success. Nexans, is a specialist in making cables required by the sector. Expert in electrical engineering (automated solutions, instrumentation and command system) CEGELEC works very successfully on international projects. There are still other players in the market: Air Liquide, Bureau Veritas, Entrepose projets, Ponticelli, all renowned companies.  

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