France is the second largest exporter of equipment and services for the oil and gas sector…

Romina ILIE - 19/01/16

France is the second largest exporter of equipment and services for the oil and gas sector with no production on its territory

« France doesn’t have significant O&G resources», says Agnès Hagyak,  Project Manager for Oil & Gas in the Paris head office of French export-support agency Business France, interviewed by Business France Radio.

Despite this lack of resources, French companies have managed to do well in the industry, on both upstream (exploration, production) and downstream (refining) levels. France is even the second largest exporter in the world.

The French industry can rely on major companies like Total, NG (natural gas) or Technip but also on many small and middle size companies (more than 500) covering many important services within this industry, like water treatment, telecommunications, software and security equipment.

These companies’ goals are now to find more oil and gas clients around the world, find the right areas with interesting potential, and offer technologies adapted to new environmental and producing requirements. And among these targets are the countries of the Gulf. « In this part of the world, we have both upstream and downstream sectors, explains Agnès Hagyak. There are many things to do there.»

As a matter of a fact, ADIPEC, the International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference held in Abu Dhabi in November is « a very good opportunity to find potential partners and direct clients, according to Agnès Hagyak. This show is also a way for the French to promote their services directly to customers. They must play their card well abroad. »

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