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VEGEPOLYS : International Cluster

Pavel AMBROSI - 02-mars-2016 09:00:19

4 000 companies – 30 000 jobs – 450 researchers – 2 500 students – 25 higher training courses Born on the territory of the Pays de la Loire, the French state gave the label "competitiveness cluster" in July 2005 to VEGEPOLYS. As a competitive cluster with worldwide reach, VEGEPOLYS is open to the world, is developing its own international network and making partnerships with other French and non-French clusters. VEGEPOLYS is founded on a historical tradition of production in the Pays de la Loire region of France. The pedoclimatic conditions in the region and the vitality and know-how of its companies have attracted national and local government support for several decades, enabling the region to become the leader in the specialised plants field. The Pays de la Loire region is alone in Europe in bringing together in a single geographical area both private enterprise and public research and training establishment a major European force in the plant world, on which VEGEPOLYS is based. Making businesses more competitive The creation of value does not just involve product innovations, but also all other kinds of innovation: human resources management, production processes, marketing, logistics... VEGEPOLYS’ role is to organise and provide an impetus, in order to identify common problems and lead project groups. These activities take the form of workshops and strategy meetings. International events VEGEPOLYS’ reputation is growing thanks to its presence at numerous events with its partners, and its actions toward key players: • Participation in international exhibitions in France : SIVAL, Salon du Vin, Salon du végétal • Participation in well-known international shows abroad : Hortifair, Fruit Logistica, IPM Essen, VitaFood, IBMA • Participation in international congresses worldwide: In Vino, JAS, HIE, MexicoBio, SHE, Hydrangea... -           Official website : -           Business France and VEGEPOLYS jointly organize international partnership Missions . More information: -           VEGEPOLYS   : The specialized plant sectors : -           French companies on : Agri-food Sector > Horticulture and Timber, clic here     Agri-food Sector > Fresh fruit & vegetables and processed vegetable products, clic here    

Producing the best wine is not enough...

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  “In 2015, the global wine and spirits market is still good and France remains one of the best wine producers and exporters in the world”, according to Christophe Commeau, head of the wines and spirits department at Business France, interviewed this week by Business France Radio.   France at the heart of a global competition France has more and more competitors like Italia and Spain but also Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It’s a worldwide competition; “to survive on the global market, producing the best wine is not enough”, asserts Christophe Commeau, even if “in the future, consumers will drink less but much better”. The best wine at the best price  That’s why over the past few years, French companies, producers, makers and traders, have started to increase the quality of their products and now export the best wine at the best price.  France three main strengths To face this competition, France can rely on many strengths from its variety to its quality and its price. With Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, South of France, Alsace, Champagne, sparkling or sweet wines, France has “so many wines for a small country at (so) many prices”. Development of the organic wine market Also, French companies have been developing one main novelty, underlined by Christophe Commeau: “800 hundred French wine makers are now doing organic wine”. A necessary new trend, as so many countries now want to import this type of wine.  New wines for Asia and Champagne for the UK A strategy linked with France ability to find new opportunities and create wines for new markets like Asia, and especially China. “We have to prospect and organize wine tastings in Asia but not only”. USA remains a big consumer and our closest neighbors are our biggest clients; especially the UK, France first market, thanks to the Champagne demand. “French wine on this market is more and more sophisticated”.  France role on the wines and spirit global market goes beyond. Every year, France organizes wine tours in the biggest trade fairs, master classes and training for cellarmen and sommeliers to learn how to pair correctly French wines with local food. “Exporting and promoting wine abroad is good but we need to train as well the professionals of the sector.”  More information about French companies here  

French know-how in agro-tech among the very best in the world

Pavel AMBROSI - 07-août-2014 16:27:44

  With the mechanization of farming and other advances in technology, France has demonstrated its know-how in developing high-performance agro-technology solutions worldwide.   France is the second largest importer and the fifth biggest exporter, in international markets, when it comes to farming-industry technologies, which ranks the country as one of the major players in the sector, with 9% market share worldwide.   “French companies are recognized and quite present internationally,” explains Tatiana Miron, Export Advisor for the Agriculture & Food sector at UBIFRANCE in Paris.   France has 230 companies that export farming equipment. Most of them are SMEs (60 % of the total). Among them are companies such as Grégoire Besson, Kuhn, Exel Industries and Manitou.   “Overall, 70 % of French production in farming equipment is exported,” points out Tatiana Miron.   When the exporting company is French-based, experience shows that there is a lot of goodwill among locally based farmers and other businesses. For example, in South Africa, exports of French-made farming machinery increased by 6 % between 2012 and 2013. Local farmers and business people started noticing the Kuhn, Manitou, Pellenc or Berthoud logos hard at work in the countryside, up and down the country. “These companies found the right distributors and they are focused on specific niches, ones whose needs they really understand,” explains Tatiana Miron.   In a completely different business segment — that of equipment designed and manufactured for the food industry — “France is still the reference throughout the world,” says Tatiana Miron. “When the exporting company is French, doors open more easily.”    With an international market share of 5.40 %, France is ranked fifth in this industry segment, behind Germany and Italy, two leaders in the market for food-industry equipment.   Innovative, flexible and well-adapted to their export markets, French-based businesses are able to meet local demand effectively. “The French offer is well-positioned for producing machines and implements for industrial preparation of food and drinks,” says Tatiana Miron.   France is also strong in baking/pastry equipment, in biscuit making, but also for specialized implements designed for meat. According to Tatiana Miron, “All of these specialties are growing at an exponential rate. France is displaying all its ability to innovate. Flexible and well-adapted to each market, French companies have become highly specialized.”   This certainly is the strategy that the major French players (and brands) in the sector — such as Bongard, Serac and Cermex — have adopted. They combine an in-depth knowledge of various export markets with a high level of responsiveness in order to bid successfully for contracts, responding quickly to calls for tender. This competitive edge is what has allowed these specialist players to reinforce their presence in several market niches, and to continue expanding internationally.   For further information about French companies in the agri-f oods sector, please go to:   Livestock, Meat, Processed meat products   Fishery and Aquaculture products and processed   Agricultural equipment and Food processing, Packaging

So French, so good ! France adds zest to its gourmet exports !

Pavel AMBROSI - 10-juil.-2014 15:46:23

What else could you expect from France, where gastronomic quality is so vital? Yet cultivating taste buds the world over also pays off in economic terms; French Gourmet as a sector is worth 7 Billion Euros, covering 250 categories, amounting to 16% of the French food industry’s total exports. 1200 companies, 90% of them SMEs, are actively seeking and opening up export markets. What French people consider as “typical”, the rest of the world perceives as symbolizing culinary art that can only be “Made in France.” Christophe Monnier, the expert for the Gourmet sector at UBIFRANCE, describes a high-end market with a broad range of dynamic diversity. He starts with baked goods, biscuits and chocolate , accounting for 50% of French gourmet exports. In the vast feast of consumables to be delighted in, two characteristically French trends stand out. First, there is an absolute respect for authentic flavor and tradition – neatly summed up by the French word terroir . Each gourmet product has its unique story, and that is how they need to be marketed. Secondly, with health concerns and awareness coming to the fore, carefully prepared organic and eco-friendly brands coming from France engender recognition and trust all around the world.   Major players in the gourmet sector like Valrhona (high quality chocolates), Rougie (famous French foie gras), Bridor (French bakery), Boirons ( fruit and vegetable coulis) and many other French companies are learning to be more reactive in providing service for their foreign accounts, to be more organized in responding to demanding foreign markets, in following up on orders quickly. Reliable logistics is the name of the game. Experts at UBIFRANCE like Christophe Monnier help up to 830 prospecting companies leverage their efforts in such programs as Saveurs de France , where French exporters demonstrate their know-how in new markets, such as in Latin America or in Asia. He also sets up highly selective – and profitable -- encounters with Purchasing Agents.   Naturally, French suppliers devote their greatest effort to the French domestic market, eventually moving on to satisfy demand in French-speaking zones. Yet growth in 2013 was hard to come by in countries such as Switzerland (0.4%) and Belgium (4.2%), which offer relatively saturated outlets. Encouraged by the French emigration to London, more intrepid companies crossed the channel to the UK (8.9%). The companies in the know moved beyond these traditional markets. This is where double-digit sparks fly, with Austria (17.1%) and Russia (13.5%) providing substantial growth in 2013. In fact, the further exporters go, the bigger the rewards are. In Asia, China weighed in at 33.3%, Singapore at 14.3% and Hong Kong at 12.8% growth. As far as the Middle East is concerned, companies marketing gourmet to Dubai and Saudi Arabia were rewarded by a growth rate of more than 20%.   According to Mr. Monnier, there are three prestigious showcases for French talent. He mentions SIAL and EUROPAIN known to be   venue s where deals get done, especially for consumer products. The ultimate culinary event has to be the Cuisine Summit at SIRHA in Lyon. All the French know-how is mobilized to create an exceptional experience in 40,000 square meters, capped by the prestigious prize, the “Bocuse d’Or”, a televised cooking competition among the world’s most renowned chefs representing their countries. Only creative excellence, fabulous ingredients and culinary brio stand a chance of winning!   Further information about French companies – Gourmet Sector :   > Bakery, Grocery, Baked Goods, Miscellaneous


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You are... A profesionnal looking for new business opportunities You are willing to... Expand your international business in fast growing next-door markets Come to our Forum dedicated to SOUTH EASTERN EUROPE , a growing region with a population of 65 million inhabitants, organized for professionals from France, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Rep. of Macedonia (FYROM), Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia . OPPORTUNITIES BY BUSINESS LINE : • Workshop “Roads infrastructures” • Workshop  “Railway infrastructures: high speed and rehabilitation of stations” • Workshop “Health and pharmacy: stakes and tendencies” • Workshop “Specialized distribution: referencing in the Agro-food industry” • Workshop “New tendencies in the telecommunications and audiovisual sector“ • Workshop “Automotive : the Supply Chain decrypted by its largest actors” • Workshop “European Funds : the instruments for the successful financing of the projects in the region” • Workshop “Access to the market, keys to the success“ • Workshop “Technical training in the industry : challenges and initiatives“ • 2 conferences from France’s famous publicist Jacques SEGUELA : « Fils de pub 2.0 » and « Merde à la déprime, oui à la francophonie »   For more details : or Full program : click here

Pavilionul Franței la târgul INDAGRA 2013

Pavel AMBROSI - 22-oct.-2013 09:45:35

Ca și în anii precedenți, Pavilionul Franței va reprezenta cea mai mare participare de grup străină la Indagra: 28 de companii pe o suprafață comună de 250 mp Pentru lista participanților, va invităm să consultați comunicatul din anexă. Vă asteptăm la târg !  

Pavilionul Frantei la targul Indagra 2011

Pavel AMBROSI - 14-oct.-2011 15:24:03

Pentru a 6-a oara consecutiv, Ubifrance organizeaza Pavilionul National al Frantei in cadrul targului de agricultura INDAGRA ce va avea loc intre 19 si 23 octombrie, in centrul expozitional Romexpo de la Bucuresti. 30 de companii franceze vor pune la dispozitia vizitatorilor produse si servicii din domeniile : - cresterea animalelor (genetica bovina si ovina, echipamente specifice): ARDES , BRETAGNE INTERNATIONAL , CHAROLAIS HOEFFEL , CK – INDUSTRIE , GENETIQUE OVINE de France , INTERLIM GENETIQUE SERVICE , SODALEC , SOFRANA , SPACE - seminte si horticultura, malt  : ANAHO , EURALIS , MAISADOUR SEMENCES , PEPINIERES COULIE , PLANDOREX , SOUFFLET AGRO ROMANIA - masini si echipamente agricole :  AXEMA ,  DANGREVILLE , DOSATRON INTERNATIONAL , EURO-PULVE , FEROTEC , SONAMIA MONROC , TOY RENE - irigatii : 2IE INTERNATIONAL , IRRIFRANCE GROUPE - sere : RICHEL SERRES de France - echipamente pentru manipularea cerealelor : DENIS ,  PRECIA MOLEN , PRIVE - echipamente pentru sortarea si ambalarea fructelor si legumelor : MAF AGROBOTIC - asigurari : GROUPAMA ASIGURARI Catalogul expozantilor este disponibil in anexa. Ne gasiti in pavilion C1 (fostul pavilion 15) standurile 8 - 13. Persoana de contact : Cornelia Ionescu E-mail : Telefon : 021 305 67 89

Echipa AGROTECH (produse si tehnologii agro-alimentare) faciliteaza relatiile comerciale intre Franta si Romania sustinand companiile franceze din domeniul agro-alimentar in dezvoltarea lor pe piata din Romania, cat si sprijinind companiile romanesti în identificerea partenerilor de afaceri francezi sau produselor specifice din Franta. Business France ajuta companiile franceze sa beneficieze de oportunitatile comerciale internationale prin furnizarea de informatii legate de piata din Romania, de consiliere personalizata, cat si prin asistenta oferita in identificarea potentialilor parteneri locali. In fiecare an, echipa AGROTECH organizeaza intalniri B2B dedicate unor produse sau grupe de produse. Acestea reprezinta platforme ideale pentru companiile franceze interesate sa-si prezinte produsele potentialilor cumparatori romani. Echipa AGROTECH va sta la dispozitie pentru mai multe detalii :   Pavel AMBROSI E-mail : Tel : +40 21 305

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